Modern Day Bridal Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

  • Published on Sep 26, 2018
  • I hope you guys enjoy my take on Modern Bridal Makeup! XO

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  • Abby Romigh
    Abby Romigh 4 days ago

    can you PLEASE do an updated wedding look tutorial plllzzzzz? I just got engaged and would love to follow your tutorial while i'm getting ready on my special day :))

  • fatima maacho
    fatima maacho 8 days ago

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  • Dominique Z
    Dominique Z 11 days ago

    U have a lot of earrings Jaclyn

  • Gabriela Stipić
    Gabriela Stipić 15 days ago

    Ok dayummm u sound exactly like Kristen Bell I just realised that

  • Lexi Pedersen
    Lexi Pedersen 17 days ago

    Probably my 20th time watching this video

  • Todd D
    Todd D 19 days ago

    a bride could kiss her wife too:) xoxo

  • ebony holden
    ebony holden 19 days ago

    What setting powder do you use ?

  • J. Rourke
    J. Rourke 22 days ago

    You look amazing!!!

  • Sammar Rodela
    Sammar Rodela 22 days ago

    Who still supports Jaclyn and watches her older videos ☺️🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Dot Sy
    Dot Sy 25 days ago

    100 layers of makeup

  • Jansen Mossack
    Jansen Mossack 25 days ago

    Please do a series for events!!

  • Nada Reda
    Nada Reda 26 days ago

    What’s the primer she applied? Any one know please tell me

  • Blanche
    Blanche 28 days ago

    I'm wearing this to a wedding i'm invited to 😍

  • Amanda Flores
    Amanda Flores 28 days ago

    Yes more bridal videos please!

  • Allissa Bishop
    Allissa Bishop Month ago

    what would use for very day

    KHAOULA AOUNI Month ago

    I love you

  • TheAlistairQ
    TheAlistairQ Month ago

    I can’t tell you how many times I have watched this video... And no, I’m not getting married. I just fucking LOVE Jaclyn and this tutorial! I’ve gotten so many tips that I use in my every day makeup from this video. From spraying my sponge as I apply my foundation, to using a matte brightening powder under my eyes, to the layered highlighter. This is a HOLY GRAIL VIDEO!!! Thanks for the AMAZING tutorial girl! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Faiza Riaz
    Faiza Riaz Month ago

    What is a good eye cream for hydration for under eyes which actually works please

  • Nadine al awar
    Nadine al awar Month ago

    you are amazing.

  • Casey Roam
    Casey Roam Month ago +1

    I still want the bridal series!!! 😘

  • Aisha Perfects
    Aisha Perfects Month ago

    Yes, Indian bridal make up look would be a great idea. Cheers!

  • Lady Satine
    Lady Satine Month ago

    Love to see a rose gold cut crease smoky eye

  • Giancarlo Del Rey
    Giancarlo Del Rey Month ago

    Bitch, we really need this!

  • Shrookظگ Halim
    Shrookظگ Halim Month ago

    What's the brand of blusher plZ?

  • Alessandra Costa
    Alessandra Costa Month ago

    My dream is having you getting my makeup done 😭 but i live all the way in brazil!

  • Ben Tuckwell
    Ben Tuckwell 2 months ago

    your make up is so fab i really don't know how you do it

  • Jennifer Jaeger
    Jennifer Jaeger 2 months ago

    She has highlight on her shoulders.

  • Ruby Lee
    Ruby Lee 2 months ago

    hi I have your pallet and I love it and I love you ❤♥💕😍

  • Irma Rincon
    Irma Rincon 2 months ago +2

    I ended up buying your palette as I want to recreate this same exact eye makeup. Loved this video.. Thank you for this tutorial 💕

  • Noura Amudi
    Noura Amudi 2 months ago

    Honestly ... killed it

  • VioletEnzyme
    VioletEnzyme 2 months ago


  • Morsal Hamidi
    Morsal Hamidi 2 months ago +1

    I’m getting married in a different country and it’s middle eastern country and over there they do heavy heavy makeup and too much and I want to do my own makeup simple American makeup I just want to learn eyeshadow everything else I do know and jaclyns is too much but beautiful I love her eyeshadow that’s why I’m here

    • nanxitha1
      nanxitha1 2 months ago

      Congratulations and I'm sure you'll look beautiful on your wedding day.

  • Carissa Lutzow
    Carissa Lutzow 2 months ago

    Beautiful! I learned some awesome new tricks and products for my brides, Thank you! I am assuming that you are using your brush line so I will look into that.

  • Shannon Celaya
    Shannon Celaya 2 months ago

    Girl I love your lashes! You are beautiful!

  • Gabrielle Stone
    Gabrielle Stone 2 months ago

    Please can you do another bridal video ... I’m getting married and would love some more inspiration

  • Lindsey Dawes
    Lindsey Dawes 3 months ago

    Anyone else miss the vlogs ?!

  • lola ernandez
    lola ernandez 3 months ago

    I'm Obsessed Obsessed with this makeup this is so beautiful😍💓🥰

  • Sophia Rechsteiner
    Sophia Rechsteiner 3 months ago

    i’m literally always so engaged in Jaclyn’s tutorials, like this is 40 minutes long but i find myself not zoning out or not paying attention for one second 😂 i wish i could talk like this woman! btw i’m totally using this palette in my wedding day, used it for over a year at this point and it’s perfect.

  • emma budriss
    emma budriss 3 months ago

    Jaclyn is truly stunning

  • Chari Batista
    Chari Batista 3 months ago +3

    Second time watching this video (maybe 3rd) I want to see more wedding tutorials please! 🙂

  • Claudia Pierre
    Claudia Pierre 3 months ago

    Love your videos you are beautiful and amazing .

  • Natalie Lindsey
    Natalie Lindsey 3 months ago +1

    Could we get some makeup looks for very pale/fair women? I practically glow, I'm so pale, but I'd love a wedding look that would complement that

  • Kayla Heaps
    Kayla Heaps 3 months ago

    I love this video so much! So educational. I’ve had my Jaclyn pallet since dayyy one of that puppy releasing! Sis has seen better days but I just love it so much and it comes everywhere with me and I use it on all my brides! Love you forever ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brittany Dugger
    Brittany Dugger 3 months ago

    She had SO many people comment on here begging her to make this into a series, so what happens? She posts this one video and that's it. Even after she asked if we wanted more bridal looks lol. Typical 🙃

  • bArBiE
    bArBiE 3 months ago

    She looks so beautiful in this video 💕

  • Nathalie Roy
    Nathalie Roy 3 months ago

    There’s too much on the face to my liking but this eyelook OMG its soooo pretty !!!

  • Stephanie James
    Stephanie James 3 months ago

    PLEASE do a bridal series!

  • Lay M
    Lay M 3 months ago

    wow this is the best she ever looked

  • Sierra Marie
    Sierra Marie 3 months ago

    I hope you know how drop dead gorgeous you are without makeup ❤️. BTW I’m a #2019Bride big day is 8/31/19! Thank you for the help!

  • The Real Trashley Bee
    The Real Trashley Bee 3 months ago +1

    Jaclyn. I’m getting married in February and I’ve been SO anxious because as a plus size woman I dread my photos.
    This video is game changing for me. Thank you.

  • beth daniels
    beth daniels 3 months ago

    Could you list the makeup you used pleas

  • Leander
    Leander 3 months ago

    Never really watched Jaclyn, but I think I really missed out! Great video and she seems a lot less dramatic than lots of other gurus

  • Dan McKeever
    Dan McKeever 3 months ago


  • anas makeup glam
    anas makeup glam 4 months ago +3

    Love it.. I will be doing this amazing look on my friend for her wedding.. wish me luck ☘💋

  • hadyn polk
    hadyn polk 4 months ago

    beautiful! thank you for the tips! cute sound affects lol

  • Lisa Scott
    Lisa Scott 4 months ago

    When you come back being 100% transparent (so no one can talk shit), please list the products you use babe! Would love to know for future reference and to look back on☮️

  • Zoe Eva
    Zoe Eva 4 months ago

    I’m sorry but the morphe setting spray makes my makeup look awful and it breaks down quickly and just looks bad. Idk why so many love it.

  • ella R
    ella R 4 months ago

    Is that the morphe beauty blender

  • Jeni_vsg
    Jeni_vsg 4 months ago

    I miss you Jaclyn!! I hope you’re okay! I’m doing my first bride in less than two weeks and I’m so nervous! We’re doing a trial run tomorrow and I’m going to incorporate so much of this look. You’ve inspired me so much to do makeup and I love sitting down and watching you. We love you! Take care of yourself! And remember we’re all here for you!

  • Savanna Sousa
    Savanna Sousa 4 months ago

    Girls who talk during setting spray are immortal.😂