• Published on Jun 1, 2019
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Comments • 740

  • Quang Tran
    Quang Tran  Month ago +191

    Quang cook ________________________________________!!!

  • Quitssharo Jr
    Quitssharo Jr Day ago

    I wonder what his house smells like

  • N
    N Day ago

    like...seriously guys?! what is that? please do not think that is an Italian dish. And you Quang you dare to say that is Bolognese Ragu! don't steal Italian dish names and name your shit with.please...

  • Giulia official
    Giulia official 7 days ago

    bolognese sauce it's not like this...but ok

  • chantal oostendorp
    chantal oostendorp 12 days ago

    You sed too chopstiks but its for chopstiks😂💖😃🤗😅

  • Brian Leon
    Brian Leon 13 days ago

    Makes Italian food, and stirs with chopsticks #PRICELESS😂

  • Alyssa Blackett
    Alyssa Blackett 14 days ago

    In the Caribbean it's called spaghetti and mincemeat

  • osama khazal
    osama khazal 17 days ago

    يولو جعت 🥺

  • Simone Wolf
    Simone Wolf 20 days ago

    Ragù alla Bolognese, prendi cipolla, carota e sedano, si tagliano in piccoli pezzi e si fa un soffritto, una volta dorato, si aggiunge la carne, una volta che la carne sta ultimando la cottura si aggiunge un bicchiere di vino rosso e si a sfumare l’alcool, si aggiunge della passata di pomodoro e lo si lascia con un coperchio a fuoco basso per un oretta (tutto questo in una pentola alta)

  • Simone Wolf
    Simone Wolf 20 days ago

    Ogni secondo di questo video, una nonna in Italia muore

  • Marilou Vera
    Marilou Vera 22 days ago

    Can you make Japanese bamboo noodles

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 25 days ago

    What?! No white Wine?!

  • BobbyKing
    BobbyKing 25 days ago +1

    I love pasta bologanesh

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 26 days ago

    Quang I've never joined any notification gang, but I'll join yours.
    I'm still tracking your location so I'll come by soon.
    Always just be yourself and do what you're doing, it's good to listen to fans feedback but you need to take control.
    I love your vids and please try cooking an Afghan feast. The worlds best secret.
    Qabli pilua - a respected dish that people outside Afghanistan love.
    Mantu: a meat dumpling and lentil dish amazing!

  • Rogerirna Taylor Queen lover

    Lo sai che hai ucciso una nazione!?!😰😰😰🇮🇹

  • StaTiC Aiden
    StaTiC Aiden Month ago

    Are you phillepene

  • Selo
    Selo Month ago

    You are missing a lot of ingredients

  • Francesco Scala
    Francesco Scala Month ago


  • Der Strauß
    Der Strauß Month ago

    Its yummy without the tomatos in the soup

  • Jontrex 13
    Jontrex 13 Month ago

    Damn it! I got 2 unskippable ads in a row before seeing him eat

  • Doris Fleurismond
    Doris Fleurismond Month ago

    His videos just arent the same anymore.. GO BACK TO CANADA!!!

  • Doris Fleurismond
    Doris Fleurismond Month ago +2

    To be honest... Ever since he went to vietnam i haven't really enjoyed or watched much of his videos 😬

    • Tina Bui
      Tina Bui Month ago

      You should of kept that to yourself. No hate no shade lol

  • Doris Fleurismond
    Doris Fleurismond Month ago

    When is he finally going back to Canada

  • Stefania Saglioni
    Stefania Saglioni Month ago

    Ma cosa cavolo mangiate? In Italia non esiste sta roba...mangiate Hamburger e lasciate perdere il ragù bolognese.

  • cazz'in culo non fa figli ma fa male se lo pigli


  • Orlando Sam
    Orlando Sam Month ago

    Two chopstick a forbidden move

  • Imane Zaidi
    Imane Zaidi Month ago

    I didn't see the spices that he put it in the recipe can any one tell me

  • Gaming Shark246
    Gaming Shark246 Month ago

    I’ll come by soon lol

  • Duke Ha'o
    Duke Ha'o Month ago

    Did you just crush up the tomato sauce or blend it?

  • Luc Jacobsen
    Luc Jacobsen Month ago +10

    The ultimate spaghetti and spaghetti sauce recipe is
    Pan frie the meat first while that is cooking crush some garlic then chop up onions until there squares then get a pot and put the garlic and onions in then chop up celery carrots and zucchini into squares then put that in to the pot then add the meat into the pot then let it cook for 10min then add tomato paste and a combination of herbs example oregano, basil, parsley. Then let that cook for 2 hours check and test every 15 minutes then when ready get your pasta and cook that in boiling water for 10 minutes
    And then drain it. Whala best recipe ever
    Please try this it is very yum 😋

  • Xxx XxX
    Xxx XxX Month ago

    Ma che cazzo?!?

  • vilan sun
    vilan sun Month ago

    U gotta cook for the homie 1 time

  • Chrztl Paredes
    Chrztl Paredes Month ago

    not all cheese are only from americans or italians. there are many countries that make their own cheese and are unique.

  • SeEk KaZi
    SeEk KaZi Month ago +8

    You should low key get a man bun

  • Quick_wit_tha_lip
    Quick_wit_tha_lip Month ago

    I speed up everyone video I watch. I don’t speed up yours!🤗🤗

  • Astro boy
    Astro boy Month ago

    Now that makes me wanna go back to italy

  • ren
    ren Month ago

    it looks so good, wish i liked beef :/ i prefer using pork mince

  • ajm923
    ajm923 Month ago

    Quan...the parmassan...wheres the parmassan bruh?

  • Gaming Prodigy
    Gaming Prodigy Month ago

    who is just here to watch him eat

  • Kuristen Carter
    Kuristen Carter Month ago +1

    Quang: 10th plate
    Other guy: 1st plate

  • Lolko Mozná?
    Lolko Mozná? Month ago

    I am sick and i have diet and i look at this😫😫

  • Drawing On Record
    Drawing On Record Month ago

    so are you officially moved or?


    Nice 😀 Click here for best food videos ever #afghanfoodsnew

  • LemonMouse Entertainment

    Parmesan Cheese is made in Italy and only Italy. Its the only country that makes it. Its a very old tradition to put Parmesan Cheese on pasta

  • Adrian Sumner
    Adrian Sumner Month ago

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. You made a hash of it and your a complete pig. With no eating etiquette or grace. Calm the f*"k down it's food not cocaine f**k !

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago

    Thats not bolognese

  • Azalea Collins
    Azalea Collins Month ago

    No salad or garlic bread?

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor Month ago +1


  • OnlyTheReal215
    OnlyTheReal215 Month ago

    That's literally the best pasta I have ever seen❗❗❗💯💯

  • OnlyTheReal215
    OnlyTheReal215 Month ago

    Okay Quang cook you got one now🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • shammieex
    shammieex Month ago

    Can’t come thru when ur not home Quang 🥴

  • shammieex
    shammieex Month ago

    Where’s kitty😩

  • r3in
    r3in Month ago

    Like so ? O_o

  • Sara Venerdiano
    Sara Venerdiano Month ago

    An Italian is dying somewhere.

  • Agatino Pistorio
    Agatino Pistorio Month ago

    Bolognese R.I.P

  • Nathaniel Aiken
    Nathaniel Aiken Month ago

    Do you live there now?

  • Dylan Vincent-desousa

    Stop smudging ur face into the camera at the start of every video like if u agree

  • Lorenzo P
    Lorenzo P Month ago

    In Bologna we don't eat this... thing...

  • i stay fresh
    i stay fresh Month ago

    Say man your spaghetti looks like a busted brain that pot

  • blast whorls
    blast whorls Month ago

    Fuck you

  • Bucketandamop1
    Bucketandamop1 Month ago

    cultural appropriation bro

  • Susan Dunn
    Susan Dunn Month ago

    Food looks amazing

  • Malcolm Walkes
    Malcolm Walkes Month ago

    He said fuck the strainer imma just dump it alll in

  • Ajene Cooks
    Ajene Cooks Month ago

    sauce is just right

  • Dhalvid
    Dhalvid Month ago

    sauce is way to thick

  • kimberly duong
    kimberly duong Month ago

    Cook some Vietnamese food for your girlfriend

  • Coconut Girl
    Coconut Girl Month ago

    Wow! I was away for 2 months and you are getting married? What did I miss?

  • sam hash
    sam hash Month ago

    laughing cow fam i dunno bout that

  • powerful girl
    powerful girl Month ago

    Looks good

  • Slippers Please
    Slippers Please Month ago

    I live in da nang and I move to America when I was 4. And now it is been 5years since I have been back and now I miss vietnam so much I wish I was an adult so I can order a plane ticket to go to Vietnam