Giant Darts Battle | Dude Perfect

  • Опубликовано: 21 май 2018
  • It's giant darts time!
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  • Lumber2121
    Lumber2121 Час назад

    Do a baseball trickshots 2 with Manny Machodo

    Who Agrees?

  • Md Rifakat Azad Sian
    Md Rifakat Azad Sian Час назад

    Giant freezbi battle

  • Alexander Forsyth
    Alexander Forsyth Час назад

    I always believed in you Garett, ever since day 1

  • millerrsd
    millerrsd Час назад

    The GO Pro snipe is actually very impressive though.

  • egérke
    egérke Час назад

    you should play giant golf guys

  • Daniella Romano
    Daniella Romano Час назад

    Play giant soccer next time!

  • Victor Fernandez
    Victor Fernandez Час назад

    Giant bowling

  • Alexsoccer 520
    Alexsoccer 520 Час назад

    #1 on trending!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buğra Akıllı
    Buğra Akıllı Час назад


  • dertyp namenspaul
    dertyp namenspaul Час назад

    Giant Minigolf

  • Awesome Fortnite
    Awesome Fortnite Час назад

    gaint football

  • Jordan Blomn
    Jordan Blomn Час назад

    Giant kurplunk

  • Darth Beaston
    Darth Beaston Час назад

    Purple Hoser Nation!!!

  • Free Music
    Free Music Час назад +1

    *We want editor edition 2*

  • Daniella Romano
    Daniella Romano Час назад

    Team coby!! ❤️

  • Jordan Blomn
    Jordan Blomn Час назад

    Joint kurplunk

  • Rombek 69
    Rombek 69 Час назад


  • RattyCZ
    RattyCZ Час назад



  • Сеня Шульц
    Сеня Шульц Час назад

    giant golf!!!

  • Addie Cam
    Addie Cam Час назад

    Next time coby

  • James
    James Час назад


  • yash permalla
    yash permalla Час назад

    #1 on trending as usual

  • Brady 32
    Brady 32 Час назад

    Keep your job and don’t join a choir js

  • Vinzenz Antensteiner
    Vinzenz Antensteiner Час назад +1

    next: giant golf

  • Randee Sorensen
    Randee Sorensen Час назад

    Can you do a trick shot video for disc golf? please?

  • George Aust
    George Aust Час назад

    Giant croquet

  • Joey Orokos
    Joey Orokos Час назад

    Giant hockey

  • Noah Skye Engel
    Noah Skye Engel Час назад

    Do a baseball battle

  • Angelo Graves
    Angelo Graves Час назад

    Do fortnite stereotypes plz

  • Ed Halili
    Ed Halili Час назад

    I believed in Cody since day 1 and I still do but he loses to much no offense to Cody tho

  • Jerome thefather
    Jerome thefather Час назад

    yall are so accurate that its probably illegal for you to play in the nba

    NY ELECTRIC Час назад

    Hey guys why don't you guys make a video of bb gun edition

  • IronAnt 560
    IronAnt 560 Час назад

    I've always been team Coby

  • L R
    L R Час назад

    awesome video 💩

  • Omar Hassan
    Omar Hassan Час назад

    The same amazing dude perfect 👌

  • gtapn
    gtapn Час назад


  • Rannie Tube
    Rannie Tube Час назад

    Number 1 on trending congrats

  • Hafida Saada
    Hafida Saada Час назад

    GG 30Milion

  • Hafida Saada
    Hafida Saada Час назад

    GG 30Milion

  • GilbyWorldYT
    GilbyWorldYT Час назад

    CONGRATZ on 30 million subscribers!!

  • Monkey Mike
    Monkey Mike Час назад

    DP the type of dudes to still miss the toilet when they pee

  • the diamond snake
    the diamond snake Час назад

    Im team garret and also congrats for your baby

  • NinjaDallas XD
    NinjaDallas XD Час назад

    🎲🎲Dice stacking trickshots🎲🎲

  • Áron Szalmás
    Áron Szalmás Час назад

    Great video, it is good to see all your videos. Maybe the next battle could be homemade weapon battle (of course not fighting each other...) first is to make a long-range weapon, shoot a target, first 3 closest to the middle going to the second part. There, you should make a melee weapon and attack a target 1 times. Who causes the most damage wins the battle. Thats my idea, if you want, you can change the rules of course, it was just a sudden idea, I hope you like it. 😊👍

  • Rali H
    Rali H Час назад

    Play giant volleyball 🏐

  • matt Barnett
    matt Barnett Час назад

    Big giant nerf guns war and giant nerf dart war

    10m views Час назад +1

    Trick shot plzzz

  • Bjorn Fadiman
    Bjorn Fadiman Час назад

    I'm sur

  • Gluestick Memer
    Gluestick Memer Час назад

    Giant frisbees

  • Chapmen Kennedy
    Chapmen Kennedy Час назад

    Giant Kick ball would be really cool

  • OnlyBad
    OnlyBad Час назад


  • Saya Nishiwaki
    Saya Nishiwaki Час назад

    I will be and will always be Team Coby

  • Joe VanDusen
    Joe VanDusen Час назад


  • JBomb679
    JBomb679 Час назад

    im team coby! i hope he wins again soon!

  • Blue For
    Blue For Час назад +1

    3 hours since video came out 6,4 mil views

  • Noah Angeles
    Noah Angeles Час назад

    Ty has lost a lot of weight and is lookin better no homo

  • Double O Hockey 16
    Double O Hockey 16 Час назад

    Baseball trick shots 2? anyone agree?

  • Naoki Penk
    Naoki Penk Час назад

    All sport golf "giant edition" agree?

  • MussE BussE
    MussE BussE Час назад


  • Banana Rama
    Banana Rama Час назад

    Battle winning coby also known as master aniken skywalker

  • Battle Squad
    Battle Squad Час назад

    SUCH A GREAT IDEA! Trending page every time 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sophia c:
    Sophia c: Час назад

    #1 on trending congratulations

  • Elite Nerf Ops
    Elite Nerf Ops Час назад +1

    who likes dp?

  • Taffy2015 AJ
    Taffy2015 AJ Час назад

    team coby

  • 1776 is My Birthday
    1776 is My Birthday Час назад


  • Elite Nerf Ops
    Elite Nerf Ops Час назад +1

    congratulations on 30 million subscribers

  • Cole the legendary
    Cole the legendary Час назад

    Congrats on #1 trending

  • Sophiaciccarin
    Sophiaciccarin Час назад

    #1 trending congrats

  • Zoe Lea
    Zoe Lea Час назад

    Gratz on #1 on trending

  • Sam Bischel
    Sam Bischel Час назад

    Coby, ur awesome... i believe in u man!

  • Maxwell Shin
    Maxwell Shin Час назад +2

    COBY... so close yet so far

  • Brandon Lewis
    Brandon Lewis Час назад

    Giant ping pong

  • Reese Tocco
    Reese Tocco Час назад

    Congrats For 30 Million Subscribers!! :D

  • 1776 is My Birthday
    1776 is My Birthday Час назад


  • Robloxian Livers
    Robloxian Livers Час назад

    dont worry coby i support you im sure you will win your second battle and more!

  • Elijah n
    Elijah n Час назад

    Giant baseball

  • Ethan Anime
    Ethan Anime Час назад

    Who would think they do these tricks first try?

  • Tyler Parker
    Tyler Parker Час назад +1


  • Johns MotoChannel
    Johns MotoChannel Час назад

    Giant fidget spinner trick shots (on a trampoline)

  • ivan holub
    ivan holub Час назад

    dodge ball

  • Geometry dash Savage
    Geometry dash Savage Час назад


  • XHarmony Gaming
    XHarmony Gaming Час назад

    U guys r so good at this~

  • PUNKT.
    PUNKT. Час назад

    In the German 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 Trends!!

  • 1776 is My Birthday
    1776 is My Birthday Час назад


  • Nadine Braun
    Nadine Braun Час назад +1

    Ju ol nice

  • Ironkidgaming 24
    Ironkidgaming 24 Час назад

    Go Coby

  • Callum Bartlett
    Callum Bartlett Час назад

    Nooo I really wanted Cody to win

  • Co Frisbie
    Co Frisbie Час назад

    Do number 2

  • Tyler Halnon
    Tyler Halnon Час назад

    I’m 6,323,575’th!

  • Elite Nerf Ops
    Elite Nerf Ops Час назад +3

    love the new intro

    • IAH Tube
      IAH Tube Час назад

      Elite Nerf Ops I am doing a PS4 giveaway on my other channel it’s called
      Soccer withtheboy5

  • Brett Howarth
    Brett Howarth Час назад

    closet to the center um no...highest score wins

  • Schilt Shots
    Schilt Shots Час назад +8

    #1 on trending... AGAIN!!

    • IAH Tube
      IAH Tube Час назад

      Schilt Shots I am doing a PS4 giveaway on my other channel it’s called
      Soccer withtheboy5

  • Magemantix Corporation
    Magemantix Corporation Час назад

    Play giant pool

  • Babbick 87
    Babbick 87 Час назад

    You need to make more videos

  • StalkingEagle01
    StalkingEagle01 Час назад

    giant table tennis

  • Sofia Hermann-Campana
    Sofia Hermann-Campana Час назад


  • NinjaPanther _USA
    NinjaPanther _USA Час назад

    Team Coby for LIFE

  • Sunil Srivastav
    Sunil Srivastav Час назад

    Trending #10 in India😍

  • Levi Hatfield
    Levi Hatfield Час назад

    What gaint game should we play next ?

  • Usmaan Zada
    Usmaan Zada Час назад