The shade though...Jeffree Star unfollowed Tati Westbrook

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Did Jeffree Star just completely shade Tati Westbrook!?
    Fans believed Jeffree and Tati also had a falling out and as a result of the drama, when Tati returned to do videos, all of the Jeffree Star product that was once displayed behind her, was no longer there. One fan tweeted at Jeffree to let him know he wasn’t following Tati on Instagram anymore, he was not having it. It should be noted he does still follow Tati on Twitter. Tati is following Jeffree on both Twitter and Instagram though…
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Comments • 112

  • Mike Yang
    Mike Yang Day ago

    “A JIF”

  • Shaunna Mee
    Shaunna Mee 10 days ago

    Tati used to be good friends with AprilAthena7, Brittany Balyn and Ingrid Nelson years ago, could be her that's starts the shit.

  • Radina Stefanova
    Radina Stefanova 12 days ago +4

    Jeffree and Tati don’t follow each other on the gram and twitter now

  • Giancarlo Jacobs
    Giancarlo Jacobs 16 days ago

    Why do these "beauty gurus" look like the Walking Dead without their makeup?......

  • ella elise
    ella elise 17 days ago

    Jeffree is an angry little ball of bad taste

  • Natalie Tomaszewski
    Natalie Tomaszewski 19 days ago

    Did she literally say JIF? 😂 it’s spelled with a ‘G’ for a reason. I’d feel so dumb and embarrassed after saying that online, especially on a video, that as of now, has 60K views. She has been heard saying ‘jif’ instead of ‘gif’ 60,000 times or even more. ANYWAY... I laughed WAYYYYY to heard at this. 😂😂😂 I hope her voice grammar becomes better with time so she doesn’t have to in a sense “internet/English spelling ignorant”.

  • alice hyland
    alice hyland 19 days ago

    can he grow tf up

  • FrankN Stein
    FrankN Stein 22 days ago +3

    There is no drama here?? What drama? Seems these gossip channels are so hungry for drama that they will make something out of nothing. Sad little lives.

  • nayely marroquin
    nayely marroquin 22 days ago +40

    This is why Taylor Swift doesnt follow anyone

    • Potato :P
      Potato :P 16 days ago +4

      nayely marroquin LOL RIGHT

  • Willowy13
    Willowy13 23 days ago +1

    I don't like these people, but snake oil pill woman lied to the drug seller and it was a matter of time before he unfollowed her.

  • Janhavi bajpai
    Janhavi bajpai 24 days ago

    They both just wanna bring James down

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 25 days ago

    1:22 that's so true tho. Guys why the hell does this stuff matter to you but you dont care about saving earth?? And people dont approve of suicide💀

  • Sarah Gonzales makeup 2 reviews

    maybe he doesn't want to be dragged into the drama anymore life's too short for bullshit like that. he wants to have fun and be positive and smile do what he loves review makeup

  • When Life Gives You Lemons Make A Cheese Soup

    Jesus Christ. Wtf is happening xD

  • WinterFox 28
    WinterFox 28 26 days ago

    Bunch of stupidity . It’s f makeup . Weirdos the lot

  • PringlesTheGoose
    PringlesTheGoose 27 days ago +1

    dude no body cares

  • Isabella Valdespino.
    Isabella Valdespino. 28 days ago +9

    The tweet at 2:53
    Jeffree repiled to "PRAY4THEWICKED" i love.
    If u know u know

  • GOAT 1122
    GOAT 1122 29 days ago +66

    Jeffree Star honestly seems like he is mentally unstable.

    • Froo7 bulushi
      Froo7 bulushi 16 hours ago +1

      Well she stop supporting him and also she ignored him when he was on her side I don't blame Jeffree

    • Susan Lyons
      Susan Lyons 24 days ago +8

      He is highly intelligent and knows more about makeup than the majority of people on youtube.

  • Nathan Hunt
    Nathan Hunt 29 days ago +3

    Tati has just unfollowed Jeffree

  • nika katavic
    nika katavic 29 days ago +3

    YO PEEPS tati is married and has a step son, she is grow ass women who does makeup and got in to a drama with a 19 year old, um I think she has better thing in her life then lie about her life. Jeffre said a lil thing, where there were no names caling but we knew who was pointed at but just because he sad that he is in the DRAMA? um no I don’t think so, yall shouden’t point out jeffre you shoud point out miss JaMes ChArLes and jeffre shoud not be sorry for anything! my opinion

    • nika katavic
      nika katavic 17 days ago

      Rebecca Bloomwood geez sorry that I have an opinion two

    • Rebecca Bloomwood
      Rebecca Bloomwood 17 days ago

      Mind your own business.

    • nika katavic
      nika katavic 28 days ago +1

      Emmelie H i’m sorry for my grammar I don’t speak english if you meant my grammar was bad

    • Emmelie H
      Emmelie H 29 days ago +1

      Okay, now in English please

  • Dwarkasing Gerda
    Dwarkasing Gerda Month ago


  • Nev.
    Nev. Month ago +4

    okay honestly it’s not that big of a deal is someone unfollows someone. he doesn’t wanna be in drama so that’s why he could’ve unfollowed her. like what he said “who tf cares” leave it alone honestly 👎🏼🤦🏽‍♂️

  • suneeta kaur
    suneeta kaur Month ago

    I need my cup hurry get it oh no it's spilled

  • Airlie Rose
    Airlie Rose Month ago +4

    these alleged "fans" need to get a life

  • Natkat Sanchez
    Natkat Sanchez Month ago +37

    These beauty gurus are doing the most these days to stay relevant because these other youtubers killing the game

  • Eleny ‘s World
    Eleny ‘s World Month ago +2

    Im happy that he unfollowed her on instagram and I don’t like Tati and James does not deserve all she did to him just for a gummy bear head things and did all this drama cuz she’s money thirsty grow the F up Tati
    Btw that’s my opinion

  • Abc Cba
    Abc Cba Month ago +1

    Can't wait till spill the tea.

  • Jade Lahela
    Jade Lahela Month ago +2

    This isn’t drama omg

  • superkawaiiblossom games

    Stop with the drama 🛑

  • krystal_klear
    krystal_klear Month ago

    Still love them both.

  • iraqi Gamer
    iraqi Gamer Month ago +1

    اسوو سوو اني اريدكم

  • Frances Mckee
    Frances Mckee Month ago +3

    I cannot stand jeffere star

    • Frances Mckee
      Frances Mckee 24 days ago +1

      @Susan Lyons lol I couldn't care less but thanks for that

    • Susan Lyons
      Susan Lyons 24 days ago

      I can assure you he can't stand you either.

  • Aniyah Lashay
    Aniyah Lashay Month ago +27

    Am I the only one who got a Chloe Lukasiak from dance mom's* Invisalign ad?

  • Cindy Magarily
    Cindy Magarily Month ago +1

    Early early

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown Month ago +7

    Can we get more video with the merrell twins

  • Eureka
    Eureka Month ago

    STFU about Jeff... He's always about drama. The dude is toxic.

  • Miranda
    Miranda Month ago +11

    tati unfollowed him on ig XD

    • Lily Me
      Lily Me Month ago

      No she didn’t

    • Mihael
      Mihael Month ago

      Miranda she didn’t xd

  • T Time
    T Time Month ago +14

    I love awesomenessTV💌 who else agrees?

    • T Time
      T Time 28 days ago +2

      @Thea Jones right

    • Thea Jones
      Thea Jones 28 days ago +1

      People who work for them.

    • Uz Time
      Uz Time Month ago +2


  • The Royal family
    The Royal family Month ago +176

    I’m so over all this damn drama it’s like nonsense 😒🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Nathan Knauss
    Nathan Knauss Month ago

    Stop going after Tati you dumb alien lookin' bitch! I'll bring an alien home and it's you, then it'll go in the trash.

  • dani_vonne
    dani_vonne Month ago +2

    Why is this drama so entertaining to me? Haha

  • Cristina Navarro
    Cristina Navarro Month ago +2

    No shade there just believe jefree just wants to minimize what he is seeing on a everday basis an if certain folks are always catching an stiring up drama stay clear and keep your circle small an choose to be happy live for you an nobody else much love Jeffree

    • Cristina Navarro
      Cristina Navarro Month ago +3

      Ya I agree jeffree should not stir the pot an get involved an add drama or make it bigger than it is rather stop the talkin an shut it down an let it die folks are so pettie these days

    • Accio Sonali
      Accio Sonali Month ago +1

      Cristina Navarro but girl that doesn’t mean putting others on the edge. i don’t think jeffree had any involvement in a lot of matters but he still continues to put himself in other’s matters in different ways. what i’m saying is, this needs to stop. we love his content and i still watch it. nobody is stopping the support. we all do mess up. but then you got to improve. what makes you think you’ll be forgiven for something again and again?

    • Cristina Navarro
      Cristina Navarro Month ago

      You get what I am saying

    • Cristina Navarro
      Cristina Navarro Month ago

      @Accio Sonali we all have our days an things get to us an we all can create a mess we are all flawed an he should be accountable for ourselves an own up its what makes us real so many folks let their influence go to their head we all on same level minus alot of millions

    • Accio Sonali
      Accio Sonali Month ago +2

      Cristina Navarro sis i love jeffree but he creates drama sometimes and it’s sad because the fans who credit themselves as og let him get away with everything. :)

  • titi brunken
    titi brunken Month ago +1


  • Mehar Shokar
    Mehar Shokar Month ago

    11th comment

  • Roma D'Costa
    Roma D'Costa Month ago +7

    I don't think so ..But let's see

  • OliviaFilmz XoXo
    OliviaFilmz XoXo Month ago +2

    I'm Jeff and I'm 21 LoL it's a jOkE

  • Syra Begum
    Syra Begum Month ago +283

    Why don't they just stick to makeup 😂😂😂😂😂🤯

  • iiAngeles _YT
    iiAngeles _YT Month ago +2

    Me shook

  • Leslie Tellez
    Leslie Tellez Month ago +1


  • Jaylin Ngo
    Jaylin Ngo Month ago +3

    5th comment

  • OliviaFilmz XoXo
    OliviaFilmz XoXo Month ago +3


  • Erika Esch
    Erika Esch Month ago +256

    Tati seems like she enjoys making drama with gay guys

    • Mara J
      Mara J 17 days ago +1

      Stick around past the title and you may actually become an informed human. But it seems like ignorant bitches love taking everything at face value and not actually listen to what is being placed in front of them.

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle 28 days ago +2

      Umm...what? How did she start this? She moved everything that was there, not one thing.

    • Jade Lahela
      Jade Lahela 29 days ago +1

      Gymnastic Journeyz google it

    • Erika Esch
      Erika Esch Month ago

      @Jade Lahela What does that mean

    • Jade Lahela
      Jade Lahela Month ago +3

      Gymnastic Journeyz that’s the most bigoted comment I’ve ever seen

  • Shrimpy McGee
    Shrimpy McGee Month ago +12

    I guess I’m not surprised? I love Tati though she’s inspired some of my vids on my channel

  • Sxphie xox
    Sxphie xox Month ago +1

    The Tea is SMOKIN' Hot! ☕🥵

  • R.K AvakinFamily
    R.K AvakinFamily Month ago +47


    • R.K AvakinFamily
      R.K AvakinFamily 18 days ago

      @u s XD

    • u s
      u s 18 days ago +1

      I'm waiting for a youtuber from the gaming community to do something in the starting of 2020. First is was Logan Paul with the vloggers, Then it was James, Tati, and Jeffree with the Make-up community. We need more tea. *Sips tea loudly*

    • R.K AvakinFamily
      R.K AvakinFamily Month ago

      @my oh my just u wait for it sis its coming slowly

    • my oh my
      my oh my Month ago

      there's literally no drama here

    • Hayley Roses.
      Hayley Roses. Month ago +1

      *sips tea loudly*

  • oink. moo.
    oink. moo. Month ago +2

    Ayee early gang anyone..

  • Queen Mackenzie
    Queen Mackenzie Month ago +5

    first comment❤️

  • Penelope Castillo
    Penelope Castillo Month ago +3

    I'm soooo exited

  • Charlotte Void
    Charlotte Void Month ago +3

    Love this channel!

  • yourgirlmariah
    yourgirlmariah Month ago +2