Handmade Flower icecream Cones in Seoul With Sharla

Sharla in Japan https://www.youtube.com/user/JyuusanKaidan
Snapchat: Migooksaram
Instagram: http://instagram.com/chonunmigooksaram

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Directions: From Hyehwa station exit 4 go straight down the road with all the stores on it and you will see it on the right

Music from Incompetech

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Автор Jacqueline Morrow ( назад)
why was I watching this while eating ice cream

Автор Bobbito Chicon ( назад)
daam that looks good 👍

Автор Catilyn Marie Boyster ( назад)
I just started smelling the chocolate

Автор Lady Indigo ( назад)
i really want to move to Korea..any suggestions on work.?

Автор MOHAN GANDHI ( назад)
I am in Japan

Автор the. minty. studio ( назад)
YES!!!! I'm going here in 2 weeks!

Автор Tish Maven ( назад)
I do. I do wish I had some. I'm going there.

Автор 박용안 ( назад)

Автор Jordyn Evans ( назад)
sharla is my life :3 i love her

Автор 안박용 anbelong ( назад)
저는 한국사람 입니당~

Автор supriya tambe ( назад)
nice video

Автор 권지용 Misa ( назад)
Wahhh woah wuurrr waaa waooo...ummm here's your ice cream 😂😂

Автор 지미헌터 ( назад)
우리나라에도 바바헤라 있네

Автор Lilybeth Ibay ( назад)

Автор Kaelin 예린 ( назад)
the shop isn't there anymore 😣😣 hyehwa changes so fast

Автор Al Amal ( назад)

Автор Flyingpetal /PetalLovesEveryone ( назад)
I'm new here n I subscribed 😁

Автор 징무룩 ( назад)

Автор Thanh Nhi Lê ( назад)
miss you

Автор Priscilla Vega ( назад)
Lol your friend has the same style as me and you but like with shorts and stockings

Автор Priscilla Vega ( назад)
Wait do u have to use a train to go to the city and everything

Автор Charlotte B ( назад)
Those are in Boston on newbury street except with gelato! It's yummy❤️

Автор goole 사용자 ( назад)
우리나라네 !!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Автор Nhi Ngo ( назад)

Автор Anna_ Phoenix ( назад)
is it weird that I watched this video before I found out who the person actually was because I didn't really know who this YouTuber was until I watched another one of her video s with Topp dogg lol

Автор Nuri Anindya ( назад)
you show beutiful ice cream flower

Автор Ava Dvan ( назад)
You guys should meet k-pop

Автор Reshma shaikh ( назад)
very nice

Автор Depressed Teen ( назад)
I never knew you two were friends!? x

Автор Jamyah Booker ( назад)

Автор Kyong Lee ( назад)
I understand them.

Автор Kyong Lee ( назад)
I speak Korean and I have been to Korea before. They probably know this because Korean people are artist.

Автор Kyong Lee ( назад)
I speak Korean and I have been to Korea before. They probably know this because Korean people are artist.

Автор Taehyungie 10 ( назад)
That flower ice cream looks so delicious T^T

Автор Zilije Fejzuli ( назад)
flower juuuuum

Автор Lila Schmitt ( назад)
garlic readily actual trailer approach hair pleasure evil.

Автор Zilije Fejzuli ( назад)

Автор YOUTUBE 사이다 ( назад)
아직 나도 못 먹어본걸...

Автор melishtar1 ( назад)
they make them in france too ^^

Автор Jhope's Pills In I Need U MV ( назад)
question- what's your birthday?

Автор Jhope's Pills In I Need U MV ( назад)
the cashiers tho😂😂

Автор Enrique Narvaez ( назад)
i would go but its ten hours away from her so....

Автор ACP[achmad purnama] ( назад)

Автор 吕佩珊 ( назад)

Автор Thurayya Tasnim ( назад)

Автор Vaishali Singh ( назад)
wow so nice....its art...

Автор 응그래 ( назад)
와 한국엔 저런것도 있군요! 신기신기

Автор Top Musical.ly's ( назад)

Автор LittleMissOreo Cookies ( назад)
Gelato in Italy, you wish you had some~

Автор فانز رورو المطيري OKD ( назад)

Автор Cyflower ( назад)
I learned how to make those lol It's so annoying to make like, I feel like when I make it, the people I make it for starts judging me cause sometimes it looks bad cause I messed up or cause the gelato is too soft and it's already melting.... rip

Автор Arini Hamid ( назад)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Автор Lemon Fresh ( назад)
OMG so awesome!!!

Автор Nonesense Speaker ( назад)
Where can I learn Japanese? I've been looking everywhere and we have no teachers where I live! I'm getting so anxious

Автор Sevira Cahya ( назад)
mau es krimnya

Автор Sachintha Randil ( назад)
love the way you speak Korean hahah

Автор Letitia Law ( назад)
I heard IM JAEBEOM!!!

Автор Abdul Munaf Shaikh ( назад)
wow.. what an ice cream

Автор TakaS013 ( назад)
2 girls are annoying.

Автор naurin ( назад)
chup gay cheep di

Автор Mohd Lateef ( назад)
wow so beautiful ice cream

Автор Minato Namikaze ( назад)
Did anyone think the girl speaking at first sound like REGINA from RYAN HIGA PRODUCTION COMPANY

Автор Emms Großmeer ( назад)

Автор Jihan Fahira ( назад)
may name is

Автор Marco Rodigues ( назад)
anyone else notuce everyokne.looking at them and laughing? rascists

Автор 이혜원 ( назад)

Автор Suga Swag ( назад)
Can someone write out the stuff they said with the workers? I'd like to study them out :_D

Автор Ashdeep Singh Bhankhar ( назад)
U lick like ur licking dickNice ice creeeeeaaammeeeee

Автор x smiles ( назад)
I would love to have some of that flower ice cream it looks so pretty I know it tastes as good as it looks

Автор Rose Tae ( назад)
Haha I'm korean I remember when I had those... xD the memories.

Автор 최하율 ( назад)
anyone noticed at 2.08 the background music is 나얼 's 바람 기억?

Автор Momo Love ( назад)
But why was everyone staring at her tho...

Автор اخبار نجوم الخليج العربي ( назад)
بنات دعاره 😷

Автор Tomo ki ( назад)
You racist biches

Автор Alexia Colette ( назад)
I want one

Автор HardyMartyParty ( назад)

Автор mickey x ( назад)
The male worker looked like a chubbier version of Henry from Super Junior. it looks so eyecatchy

Автор أريج عبدالله ( назад)
يا ناس في سعودين

Автор Asma Khalid ( назад)
I should have watched this before I went to Korea! I missed such a good thing!!!!

Автор julia yanez ( назад)
And now i ship the two workers who were making the ice cream

Автор Charmaine Espeut ( назад)
I seen this on Twitter. I want to learn how to make flower shaped ice cream

Автор Seems Legit ( назад)
I face palm my self whenever people have ice cream and say it tastes like gelato. HMMM I WONDER WHY. it's just ice cream in another language, geez!

Автор 이주현 ( назад)
황토보쌈은 도대체무슨음식일까

Автор Princess D. ( назад)
Korean ppeopple is speak english

Автор Shannon Spran ( назад)
Awesome! Thanks for the Spanish subs, by the way. I'm learning Spanish and it was really neat getting to read in Spanish. :)

Автор ريتال السنيدي ( назад)

Автор shelly ( назад)
omg best crossover ever

Автор Wendy Nguyen ( назад)
Threadbanger saw this video

Автор محسن علي ( назад)

Автор Sally Patron ( назад)
Aww I want it sooooooo bad!!! 😩😩😩😨😩

Автор Kari x3 ( назад)

Автор Kari x3 ( назад)

Автор ma doll ( назад)
No one cares what channel you came from. Jesus Christ.

Автор Iris Jecilah Tejero ( назад)
cute ice cream flower

Автор FluffyPastelUnicorn Gamer ( назад)

Автор RoseFlowerX3 ( назад)

Автор Beby Talita ( назад)
oh mau good flower es krim

Автор ليتني لو كنت سيده رقيه ( назад)
واو ذبيوتفل

Автор 브르르릉 ( назад)

Автор نخيخثت16277373737737 625يغيتيخي7ثعت ( назад)
أخ لو أزمج

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