Rising Silver Prices & Turmoil makes me look at silver in a whole new light!!!

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
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Comments • 207

  • Silver Mac
    Silver Mac Month ago +7

    I haven’t bought any silver in over a month. Mainly just been to busy and sick as of late. But now I’m itching to buy, but these prices are not cooperating. 😒😒

    • 2nd amendment will not falter
      2nd amendment will not falter Month ago

      @Tom cat seriously blame just on party. You need to look at history. The left the right are the same monster, like jeckayl an Hide. Vote this side bote that side. They are the same monster. But us Silver stackers, I'm sure we are all against the bankers which run the politicians who run this country. Stop blaming just one party, I was a conservative until someone explained how division of people keeps us vulnerable. Watch the video of 1871 Act on YT. Best of luck to you my friend keep stacking.

    • Art Chavez
      Art Chavez Month ago

      Davey England errrrr

    • On Off
      On Off Month ago

      @Backyard Bullion Me too, not adding to the stack. i met my target in oz in the 11 to 12 range. Tempted to by next dip in platinum in coming weeks, looks like it is trying to change its long term trend. It looks pretty beaten up from a macro perspective. I am mainly in gold, and am very happy with gains of 30% plus 👍

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +1

      @On Off I think there is a dip likely by the end of the year - but picking when the low will come is really hard. I am holding fast right now and waiting to see

    • On Off
      On Off Month ago +1

      @Backyard Bullion A time frame would help. However, I don't know if we will ever see £12 again. We were grinding a rising long term support line at 10.80 to 11, the chances Davey England are slim. I think 14 ish again is likely however. Not financial advice obviously.

  • Full Natty Vegan
    Full Natty Vegan 15 days ago

    Silver will become more valuable and useful if governments try to make everything digital and remove cash from use.

  • Johnnyo1300
    Johnnyo1300 Month ago +1

    Better to have and not need then to need and not have 🤓

  • Denise McJunkins
    Denise McJunkins Month ago

    I buy locally. At the moment locals are selling their silver. So I buy local to not have rexord of amounts

  • Denise McJunkins
    Denise McJunkins Month ago

    First cash will be for trade. Then coins. Then silver and gold. Bartering with skills and carts will be useful. But society will adjust. It always does.

  • Jamie Parker
    Jamie Parker Month ago +1

    I have to admit recent that I have started buying odd silver coins...out of circulation stuff rather than bullion (after see some of your videos) and have for spot or less ended up with an almost 200 year old half franc, 3 over 200 year old worn crowns, half a dozen quarters including a holed barber and the beast of a Panamanian 20 balboa coin

    • Jamie Parker
      Jamie Parker Month ago

      @Backyard Bullion indeed but the jar is only 1/4 full so plenty more to track down

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago

      Sounds like a tasty collection of coins you have there!

  • Pertinent Paradigm
    Pertinent Paradigm Month ago +1

    I'm the opposite of you, a pessimist, and I've only recently admitted to it. Life's too short to be planning for awful scenarios. Stay positive.

  • M- Nice
    M- Nice Month ago

    It is not that people are going to be using silver and gold to purchase food, the Fiat cash we use will be hyper inflated and will purchase less and less until they are replaced. Silver and Gold are the Hard asset that will carry wealth into the new wealth into the new paradigm.

  • M- Nice
    M- Nice Month ago

    I am glad you are seeing the correlation between the future economy and potential for silver to become a safe haven hard asset when the printed and digital illusions finally reveal themselves.

  • Mtnwolf 333
    Mtnwolf 333 Month ago

    I do believe in keeping a good bit of conventional silver in ones own countrys currencies. I don't believe it will happen anytime soon since the bigs can manipulate anything they want for a while. But it will happen one day all one can do is keep stacking. Keep up your great style and character. Always a enjoyment.

  • Silver Laker
    Silver Laker Month ago

    Exactly! Anything is possible and never say never. Food and water is the first and foremost thing in Emergency Settings.

  • Dean Burton
    Dean Burton Month ago +1

    Im gutted i got into gold and silver after xmas i knew gold was going to go up but didnt have the funds to get any now looking at the price thinking ive missed the boat i cant see it going up much higher thats worth putting money into silver i think will continue to rise but again thinking ive missed the opportunity now

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago

      It could easily have gone the other way, don't regret decisions made or lost out on.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +1

    6 days from starvation. Now I'm re-thinking the idea of stuffing cash in a mattress, lol. Maybe just a go-bag amount! :P

  • trwsandford
    trwsandford Month ago +1

    lol, You have a bunch of silver. You grow a lot of your own food. You collect rainwater.

    Yep, Prepper. You are owning a gun away from being an American, and not one of those squishy city dwellers that want to go full frontal socialist.

    • trwsandford
      trwsandford Month ago

      @Backyard Bullion I think you can get a shotgun yes?

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +1

      Gun ownership is hard in the UK. But I have a bow and arrow!

  • Jean Lawley
    Jean Lawley Month ago +1

    Cromwell would have marched into Parliament and thrown them all out, whilst letting them know that they are there to do the will of the people not their own ... no deal or stay in are the only 2 options ... any deal will makes us worse off as it will be slanted in favour of the EU ... nice silver you have there though

  • ArgentPure
    ArgentPure Month ago

    Canadian dollar is .60006 oz of silver!

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago

    Silver is my favorite money that's hard to spend, and perfect for deep savings.

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith Month ago

      Just an odd note about my local vernacular. 'shilling' is a term to describe a dishonest salesman pitching a product. I wonder where it originated.....sry, thinking outloud. www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=gjJxXcrNCc-7ggfV2aWICQ&q=the+term+schilling+for+something&oq=the+term+schilling+for+something&gs_l=psy-ab.3...1654.5920..6049...0.0..0.253.3168.22j10j1......0....1..gws-wiz.....10..35i362i39j35i39j0i131i67j0j0i67j0i10i67j0i131j0i22i30j0i22i10i30j33i22i29i30j33i299j33i160.gAHqhoFSLMU&ved=0ahUKEwjKlsqHiLrkAhXPneAKHdVsCZEQ4dUDCAc&uact=5
      Kinda funny, it makes cents. :)

  • MrKrzys01
    MrKrzys01 Month ago

    Here's an idea for what you can do if "the brown stuff" hits the fan. Use your stack to leverage against a loan in whatever new economic system arises. This way you can spend it without actually surrendering ownership and, thus, continue to build your assets and wealth. Worst comes to worst you turn your silver in to pay back the principal which is no different to selling off.

  • david rodriguez
    david rodriguez Month ago

    It's value is in its uses .Solar, medical,textiles,photography,electronics and the list goes on. Because it is used up daily there is always a demand for it.

  • Jason Maggard
    Jason Maggard Month ago

    Never been a serious prepper but with world events and crazy winter weather I have started prepping on a small level. I would prefer to not be vaporized in round one and since I have young adult children I would like to survive if its just a 2-6 month SHTF scenario....longer than that and surviving in mountains doesn't interest me. That said every fall I pack the pantry with non perishables that will get me and my kids through a tough winter. And I do have some silver coinage should it be useful to barter and trade.

  • Loot Goblin
    Loot Goblin Month ago

    Also, in a SHTF scenario. Why would we expect there to be shops open to barter with? Its all good in that world to have all the silver, but if there is no one to provide things to buy, it is useless. To prepare for a SHTF wouldn't one prefer to be the person receiving silver not the one who has to spend it?

  • Loot Goblin
    Loot Goblin Month ago +1

    I do love the disclaimer that you are not a financial adviser, As all it really says is "i wont lie to you, so i can make commission"

  • Philip Fletcher
    Philip Fletcher Month ago

    If you're in the UK (or most European countries) you have to pay 20% VAT on silver......gold is VAT-free and capital-gains tax-free.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago

      You can pay very low premiums if you buy from Estonia or various other EU dealers and import into the UK - not for much longer though with Brexit.

  • Kenny Gwin
    Kenny Gwin Month ago +1

    a large mass will sell off there silver at 25 per oz driving price back down to 15- 18 per oz...be ready to buy buy buy..be the last low price we see for awhile.

  • khankrum1
    khankrum1 Month ago +1

    Brexit has nothing to do with it. The global ressesion will be the great leveler! ALL FIAT CURRENCY RETURNS TO ZERO!
    I am twelve months away from starvation.

    • Jamie Parker
      Jamie Parker Month ago

      @matthew22nz hundreds of years...britain left the gold stand 100 years ago and the US left 84 years ago...as for more reason digital currency and a global recession between Germany, the US, the UK and China...you take the 4 biggest players out and that's it for other economies chances

    • matthew22nz
      matthew22nz Month ago

      There is no reason why “all fiat currencies are going to return to zero” now any more than at any other point in the hundreds of years that fiat currencies have existed.

    • Jason Maggard
      Jason Maggard Month ago

      I'm six months

  • Everybody Lies
    Everybody Lies Month ago

    How much do you think people should invest in gold and/or silver? Maybe you can give me a number in oz or a percentage?

    • Jamie Parker
      Jamie Parker Month ago

      Depends on your income spread...at this point I am 50/50 into gold and silver in value terms as real estate is a ling way off and if I can't touch it then I won't touch it

    • Neil Thomas
      Neil Thomas Month ago

      Some people say 10 percent

  • Tutu Grey
    Tutu Grey Month ago

    ‘SHTF’ it’s ok, you can say it 😄

  • Josh Phillips
    Josh Phillips Month ago +1

    The suspended parliament is being overblown. They would be suspended anyway for party conferences, he just extended it by a few days. Also no deal isn’t the main option, it’s a card on the table to help get the best deal from the EU, why would people want to take off the table 🧐

  • Jim Hebrank
    Jim Hebrank Month ago +3

    I just started buying silver. So far just a smattering of 1 oz. bars and coins (and a few 40% silver kennedy half dollars) but if silver continues I will start buying more aggressively. Here is the US we at least don't have brexit to worry about, just an idiotic president.

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith Month ago

      And about 40 years of horrific financial data, the abolishing of accounting...Once we sold Budweiser it was all over. :)

  • Scott Scarborough
    Scott Scarborough Month ago

    I’ve always believed in the “3-day rule”. That states that the average American home only has 3 days worth of food at any given time. We recently had a hurricane scare where I live and this only reinforced this belief. People were scrambling for supplies that in reality they should already have on hand. History has shown us what happens to “civilization” when people get hungry. Just something to keep in mind.

  • Andrew Derksen
    Andrew Derksen Month ago

    So ....you said that London is only 6 ! Days from starvation ...good people and bad alike .....and you don't think putting some food away is relevant????? And a way to defend your self .....????

    FOSSIL METALS Month ago

    The world is a funny old place.. we wish for high silver prices to value our collections and then we want low prices to buy cheap! Like every other situation in life we can’t have it both ways. Ps. You almost lost my attention when the beautiful 25 pesos popped up 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Robert Westinghouse
    Robert Westinghouse Month ago +1

    FYI I buy a fixed amount in $ each month and then try to put 10% of my income into silver. I agree that I doubt that I would be able to buy petrol with a few 1 oz rounds of silver. But it certainly needs to be part of ones "portfolio". Only started in 2019... I am learning all the time.

  • Anon mouse
    Anon mouse Month ago +6

    There is nothing wrong with having spare food in your house to get you out of a tight squeeze.
    The military tell you to be prepared, many churches tell you to be prepared, and even now councils tell you to have at least a weeks worth of tinned / dried food in case emergency.
    Sainsburys sell 5KG bags of pasta for £4. So if you eat pasta what harm would it do to have a couple of bags put aside, just make sure you store what you eat, and eat what you store. Then you'll never throw food away and always have a buffer zone.

    • Anon mouse
      Anon mouse Month ago

      It's clearly obvious that your comment speaks volumes about your character, I wouldn't worry what your "mates" think about you.

    • Art Chavez
      Art Chavez Month ago

      Anon mouse i don’t want my friends to think that I’m a wanker! Or a weirdo so no i dont do that kind of stuff!

  • Stacker Noob UK
    Stacker Noob UK Month ago +1

    Silver and gold have always been about diversification to protect against all circumstances. I have cash, savings, ISA, metals and cryptos. I’ve never been a mega pumper but having a dollar denominated asset right now seems to be a great idea. Who knows what’s going to happen!

  • Milled Steel
    Milled Steel Month ago +1

    Those were some great old coins, especially the South African piece.

  • solomon sesay
    solomon sesay Month ago

    You make people to think and that is a good thing.

  • William Meek
    William Meek Month ago +1

    has anyone read fake by Robert kiyosaki seems to be spot on about whats going on about world economically

  • William Meek
    William Meek Month ago +1

    learning to grow own food I'd say most important thing we can do only have to go back to the second war know how important I try never to 100% relay anyone. plus when did you ever hear off farmers staving to death

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +1

    Maybe you already made a video on this but how do you feel about cleaning those fractional silver old coins? I mean they're probably already a bit scuffed up and not 100% pure silver.

    • Jamie Parker
      Jamie Parker Month ago

      @Backyard Bullion I have to agree as in my silver jar I have a real mix of coins but the ones I dislike are the 2 proof half dollars as they are still too clean looking compared to the regular fractionals...it is a mixed pot covering everything for the conventional UK/US stuff to an Austria corona and a half franc

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +2

      When they are not in good condition to begin with it really doesnt matter about cleaning them - personally though I think they look better as they are!

  • On Off
    On Off Month ago +3

    Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. You don't have to be a pessimist to do that.

  • Silver Stack Lightning

    Always good to have a few extras in. We get snow and storms. Fuel crisis emptied shelves not too long ago. We are quite resilient, or were. But I think we have so much these days and it would be harder to adjust.
    A few thoughts. 'London is 6 days from starvation' reminded me of 'any state is two meals from revolution' or similar.. just searched and saw MI5 say society is 'four meals from anarchy'. Scary.
    Needless to say, I have definitely not been stacking for a year now.
    Another thing is that many are oblivious to possibilities of shortages, in a month or twenty years time. And there are already so many using foodbanks. It won't be pretty. Majoriy won't think about buying stuff in bit by bit and will be prompted by stories of others buying, whether merited or not.
    Thanks for an interesting video. There are changes coming and the uncertainties are affecting investors so it has a knock-on effect on safehaven gold and silver and this will continue until things become boring again.
    The old sterling etc would be useful if things got so bad that fiat collapsed. I mean post-apocalypse. Not expecting it but nice to collect and all.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +1

      @Silver Stack Lightning well, quite. Most people it's 4 minutes

    • Silver Stack Lightning
      Silver Stack Lightning Month ago

      @Backyard Bullion 😂 @ 4 hrs without internet. Really that long? 😄👍

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +1

      It's a scary world and we are all SO VERY reliant on the modern amenities. Most people are 4 hours without internet from anarchy let alone 4 meals!

  • vagabond88817
    vagabond88817 Month ago +9

    That round gold packet looks like birth control for the rich.

  • Silberpunzel
    Silberpunzel Month ago +4

    in Go(l)d we trust ‼️
    ... and of course in silver

  • OcOmega Shadow
    OcOmega Shadow Month ago +3

    Wow really amazing coin video!!! :D

  • taber911
    taber911 Month ago +7

    I don't see ANY reason at all to let cash sit in your bank account if it's not serving you immediately for bills, monthly expenses, purchasing hard assets etc.
    When I began working, minimum wage was $8 Canadian an hour. Now, only 10 or so years later, it's 13.84 in my province. Inflation is the biggest culprit for these numbers and 13.84 is an even less livable wage than when 8.00 an hour was in effect.

    • ArgentPure
      ArgentPure Month ago +1

      When I started my first job the hourly rate was $1.45 per hour!

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +1

      Wise words, thanks for sharing your thoughts

  • Rob Lunn
    Rob Lunn Month ago +2

    Great video. Fully agree that in a proper nuclear winter situation it wouldn’t matter, but while BJ and JC trade insults and slowly screw the pound down as you say it’s reassuring to have the back up. It reminds me of Robert Kiyosaki’s analogy of the three little pigs. The people who have precious metals are the pigs that built their house of brick when the wolf huffs and puffs 👍🏻👍🏻

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +1

      Glad we are of like minds - being the smart piggy is important 😉

  • Emma Lloyd
    Emma Lloyd Month ago +2

    If you do not prep a little bit of food, water and other vitals I think you are stupid. Most government recommend a few days home and some supplies in the car too. I have found that food and other stores makes about 10% interest each year anyway. I have a basic backup solar and we had a power cut in the UK last month. If you know history you may know about how the mood changes before war. We have a world economy on it's knees and they are going to blame it on everything else other than the Fiat currency mess.

    • Silver Stack Lightning
      Silver Stack Lightning Month ago

      @Emma Lloyd 59 sounds great. Do you run a gel battery for shack? I'll prep 3x ht (analogue, DMR, C4FM) & a cw hf pixie w/ LW for shtf + /m vhf/uhf. 73 + 88

    • Emma Lloyd
      Emma Lloyd Month ago +2

      @Silver Stack Lightning I am disabled and started prepping because I can't afford to be caught short i am totally state dependent. Career over. Solar is expensive so I only have a tiny solar system but it gives me lights, small fridge, ham radio, tv and mini pc. Storage is expensive but I can add batteries and panels as I go. It's a hobby that may save your life. Have fun stacking and prepping. Knowledge is important too. I actually could build a house from scratch brick work and all but now I have to try to explain to my partner how to do all the repair jobs.

    • Silver Stack Lightning
      Silver Stack Lightning Month ago +1

      I haven't set up solar yet but aim too.

  • David Muse
    David Muse Month ago +5

    Save the shinny stuff not the brown stuff 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Silver Leo
    Silver Leo Month ago +1

    With one of THE BEST economy's in the world and with the best its been here in the US in a very long time.... it make NO sense for spot prices to be going up so high. FIXED!!!! When the economy is good, spot is ALWAYS down. If your buying silver at these spot prices then your being taken.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago

      @Dont ask I don't really know too much about the ins and outs of it all - but it's certainly not all hunky dory with the world as it is and trade wars escalating!

    • Dont ask
      Dont ask Month ago

      The reason the prices are going up with a great economy, is the rest of the world buying it.
      Not every country goes broke at the same time. Someone is always doing good and that's America.
      It's fake news to collapse the economy so the left can blame Trump.

    • Dont ask
      Dont ask Month ago +1

      @Backyard Bullion
      Lowest unemployment in years.
      The only thing wrong with Americas economy is a attempt from the left to crash the economy, knowing it's the only chance the Democrats will EVER have at being elected again.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +1

      Is the economy really that good? Lots of people think that a recession is on the horizon for the US

    SILVER FINGER Month ago +1

    You need to invest in some lead, it does not matter how much wealth or food you have, someone like me with lead will take it from you, PM me for advice ;)

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +1

      @SILVER FINGER these are big chunky longbow arrows - they would make mince meat of the neighbors cat!

      SILVER FINGER Month ago

      @Backyard Bullion Yeah that is more than acceptable, unless the arrows have rubber suckers on the ends :P

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago

      I have a bow and arrow - that would be enough for me 😉

  • Luke Francis
    Luke Francis Month ago +4

    Here in America there's been a lot of talk of another recession hitting with the trade war with China progressing. So many every day commodities will probably rise in price, and wages aren't increasing to match. Watching the metal prices just sort of confirms my feelings on the subject. And many companies closing shops, cutting jobs, reducing costs. I think they know whats coming. As populations boom things get harder to sustain without the proper measures. Unfortunately it'll take change more drastic than the average joe is used to to get things on the up and up. I'm glad I'm able to save funds when I can, and I'm looking to be more self sustainable. Solar, digging a well for water, trying to reduce my environmental impact. Thanks for the video byb very good topic!

    • DebbyAbqNM
      DebbyAbqNM Month ago

      Luke, if you don't already, you may enjoy (or at least learn from) the videos of Lynette Zang (of ITM Trading). Skeptics point out she has something to sell and that's true, but she makes videos largely to explain what is happening and give us ideas about how to react for ourselves. She even has her own urban garden, which may interest you, too. For a variety of logical reasons she promotes physical gold and silver as "shields," and explains why paper and promises (fiat) were not created to protect us. "If you don't hold it, you don't own it." Backyard Bullion is realizing that, which prompts me to subscribe :)

    • Eagle 47
      Eagle 47 Month ago

      Automation will take away more jobs in the near future.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +2

      It certainly is an up in the air situation right now. If the economy was that good then metals wouldn't be so high right now!

  • Johnny OC
    Johnny OC Month ago +1

    What? No gloating about the rocketing silver price? 😁🎉

  • Barbara Seaverson
    Barbara Seaverson Month ago +3

    Trying very hard to stay optimistic right now. We just dealt with the hurricane in southeastern Florida. We were very fortunate. So I'm trying to find the good in most situations.

  • Lunkyful
    Lunkyful Month ago +5

    Wow when you said about the food shortage it reminded me that only today this morning on LBC radio someone mentioned that half of the shelfs in M&S london are empty. 😱

    • William Jones
      William Jones Month ago +1

      Doesn't surprise me with supermarkets only having 3 days worth of supplies in their warehouses!

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago +2

      Yep - it's actually not that hard to believe

  • DW
    DW Month ago +3

    It is nice that the prices of gold and silver has risen to a point where the ounces I have have resulted in an "investment", even though I started to stack for a SHTF event.

  • Jackes Belony
    Jackes Belony Month ago +2

    would Cooper be a smart buy consider the prices

    • S Hale
      S Hale Month ago +1

      @Emma Lloyd Yeah I kind of agree actually, certainly in the short term. In general or in the long term it's safe, but maybe not ideal.

    • Emma Lloyd
      Emma Lloyd Month ago +2

      Probably not, if the economic outlook is as bad as it looks copper will not be that great. It is industrial and look at the USA and UK manufacturing outputs are at lowest since the last recession. Gold mining shares look like another option outside of hard metals. Gold 1 ounce coins seem to do the best.

    • S Hale
      S Hale Month ago

      If you have lots of storage space, then yeah. As long as you're buying scrap and not splurging money on premiums

  • Owen Prescott
    Owen Prescott Month ago +2

    Backyard you forget that you're relatively wealthy compared to most of the world. People talking about preping foods etc might not be as well off, lots of people already struggle so during the next collapse there's a legitimate need to have some food saved up. Just reminding you your situation is different from a lot of people.

  • Andre G
    Andre G Month ago +1

    I stack a lot of constitutionel silver but I also don't think that we will use it to pay or barter with it.
    Today it's even difficult to pay with a silver commermorative coin, I tried to pay with a 20€ silver coin in a grocery store and it was really interesting (funny) how they reacted.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion  Month ago

      Yeah, I have no doubt I would get laughed at big time if I tried that here!

  • Womble Stacker
    Womble Stacker Month ago +1

    And me