How SHANE DAWSON Reinvented Collabs (And Paid The Price For It)

  • Опубликовано: 6 окт 2018
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    Shane Dawson's series on "The Mind of Jake Paul" has been the talk of the town since the first episode came out. People have come out to criticize him, Logan Paul being one of them, Keemstar, True Geordie and many other commentators have also pointed out flaws in the series. However, I'm here to take a closer look beyond that, not only at what Shane has done wrong, but how this docuseries impacts the entire platform and how his content is game changing.
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    Shane’s 8 part vid was just an awful attempt to milk money out of equally awful and cringe worthy content.

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    I feel like while he is asking a bunch of questions about Jake's life (whether the questions are right or not), he is kind of pushing Jake into a better light by justifying his actions. And I don't think he ever intended to do that...I think he just wants to find the best in everyone, and he finds it easy to be empathetic. Which is one of the biggest reasons why I've subscribed to him. He doesn't care about the public opinion about a person. He wants to interact with them and draft his own opinion.

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    i'm so glad that Shane Dawson commented on this video, because it makes me feel better that he doesn't feel offended about this. I never like scrolling down to the comment section on videos about how youtuber's did something wrong. But when the youtuber who was mentioned in a video like that and they respond it makes me feel happy. I think along with Andrei that he has been getting quite a lot of hate because of this series and that we need to help him. Yes shane like any other youtuber always will make mistakes, but that is called life. i'm sorry if i made typos or my grammar was off or even if i worded something badly. I love Shane and he is an amazing person along with Andrei. i hope everyone has a great day/night/evening/morning. :D

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