Top 10 Video Game Decisions That Got You Killed

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Try not to replicate these awful decisions in real life! For this list we'll be looking at some of the worst decisions in video games that eventually got you killed. We'll be looking at games such as Dark Souls, Nier: Automata and Mass Effect 2. What's the worst decision you've made in a video game? Let us know in the comments!
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  • յօօk ղօօԵ
    յօօk ղօօԵ 3 days ago

    Mining a diamond ore straight down in Minecraft

  • Renamira Prime
    Renamira Prime Month ago

    What about Persona 5

    Selling out the phantom theives

  • Daffer
    Daffer Month ago

    lmao im gonna assume sans get dunked on is gonna be on this list

  • Corey Sterling
    Corey Sterling Month ago

    I know Cuphead or Mugman didn't die in this scene but why didn't you put the ending where it asks you if u want to join the devil pls reply

  • Squanchmaster Squanch

    Todd? Man. His career going down if u doing Watchmojo

  • Sam Kasura
    Sam Kasura Month ago

    I hear Todd, i hit like.

  • Jack Knapik
    Jack Knapik Month ago

    Anyone know the background music?

  • Trevor McLaurin
    Trevor McLaurin Month ago +2

    So is Todd haberkorn an official member WatchMojo or does he still just do this as a side project? Becuase I lost my SHIT when he said "DUBBS RULE in a pack manga library"

  • Rugasus07
    Rugasus07 Month ago +2

    Asking the question; “is there fall damage”

  • S anji
    S anji Month ago +1

    omg Infamous 1+2 have been extremely good games!! 10/10

  • Mori Monte
    Mori Monte Month ago

    I died.

    For Tits.

  • Fairy Girl
    Fairy Girl Month ago +1

    Another video with Todd? My life is complete!

  • Arachné Sakura
    Arachné Sakura Month ago

    Ahhhhhhh! Suprise Todd Haberkorn!! Best day ever!!

  • detubeme
    detubeme Month ago

    DUDE, I can't believe this list doesn't have Telltale's Game of Thrones. If you wanna be "Red Wedding" type of shocked, then try to kill Whitehill. It's such an amazing and shocking sequence followed by Game Over.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 Month ago

    Mass effect was crazy when I got Sheppard killed

  • Swurvy .s
    Swurvy .s Month ago

    I remember when I stomped hitlers neck in Wolfenstien and worst decision ever

  • Renán .Mascorro
    Renán .Mascorro Month ago

    Sierra graphic adventures: doing almost anything

    HTR_RLLD_A_NIEN Month ago

    Is it wrong that the deciding factor in me watching a watchmojo video is whether or not Todd haberkorn is narrating it or not??

  • designer356
    designer356 Month ago

    in Hots not retreating after killing entire enemy team and making a good push. Keeping going until all enemy come back with full health and all abilities ready. All my teammates die then and I hate it when they do that. Total idiots.

  • iheartjimothy
    iheartjimothy Month ago

    jimothy was here

  • Mark Hahn
    Mark Hahn Month ago

    I expected the "Books" from Myst to be in here. Spent hours on the Jaguar finding those damn red and blue pages only to find a game-genie/shark that let me do it in a matter of minutes. To those who have never played Myst, ignore the pages... they will kill you. To those that have played Myst, put this on the list.

  • Mr. S.Akita Inu
    Mr. S.Akita Inu Month ago

    not including speedwagon in heritage of the future

  • Joe Nesvick
    Joe Nesvick Month ago +1

    Don’t have to die if you don’t do Morrigan’s ritual, Alister can die or possibly Loghain. Of course I like uniting Anora and Alister, so I usually take the deal or talk Alister into it (if my character is female).
    Calo Nord is invincible there 😩. Uh - if you fail to persuade the Hutt on the bounty price and then threaten him, he mentions the cantina has a safety feature that’ll kill you, so how come Calo wasn’t affected by that? The guard at the gate to the under city is immune to persuasion no matter how high it is and you’ll die if you threaten him too
    If I save Morinth as a Renegade, I don’t sleep with her. I did unlock her bonus power to use for Shepard‘s bonus on future play throughs.

  • flodA reltiH
    flodA reltiH Month ago

    Definitely regretted pissing Calo off lol

  • Ashley Mobley
    Ashley Mobley Month ago

    What about fucking with chickens in Ocarina of Time? Sure, you can run away, but how many of you can say you didn't want to see Link die by angry birds?

  • Eugene Wu
    Eugene Wu Month ago

    Sounds like those decisions are pretty dumb.

  • Khorne Wrath
    Khorne Wrath Month ago

    4 ads in one video made me click unsubscribe

  • Jack Jager
    Jack Jager Month ago

    Unseen Elder scene in Witcher 3 should be here!!

  • The Payne Legacy
    The Payne Legacy Month ago

    Far Cry 3, Delusions of Grandeur do this to you...

  • Rudra Varma
    Rudra Varma Month ago


  • Dillon Gause
    Dillon Gause Month ago

    Ft todd haborkorn needing money by any means necessary.

  • danielkjm
    danielkjm Month ago +1


  • Cole Bush
    Cole Bush Month ago

    Todd Haberkorn drives me fucking nuts.

  • Tomatosauce with noodles

    playing racing games without break helper.

  • Tomatosauce with noodles

    you forgot the boulder that runs over you in tomb raider 2.

  • Tomatosauce with noodles

    the top design decision that got me killed at least a million times in Quake 3 Arena is that the bots shoot back at you.

  • mgonzalez.88
    mgonzalez.88 Month ago

    Oh man, another blabblercorn video

  • Terell Williams
    Terell Williams Month ago

    2:20 I actually knew this was a trap....but my dumb ass still chose to check it out. I'm so ashamed. Smh 😑

  • Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost

    Todd Haberkorn has the best voice

  • NEO Plush Films
    NEO Plush Films Month ago

    When you try to spare Sans on a genocide run

  • Medallion Valiance
    Medallion Valiance Month ago

    *sees Lacroix being shanked*

  • Yandere Alchemist
    Yandere Alchemist Month ago +1

    Can you make another list like this one but for visual novels, please?

  • Klinsk
    Klinsk Month ago

    I wish Todd would do every video.

  • Sillymovie 13
    Sillymovie 13 Month ago

    Is that Todd Haberkorn

  • Kevin Lashley
    Kevin Lashley Month ago

    3:03+ You know what they say, curiosity kills the cat.

  • thatfrenchcanadian
    thatfrenchcanadian Month ago

    In gta online:being a lvl 86 half ass tryhard that think he can get down a lvl 380.....

  • Brian James
    Brian James Month ago

    Pissing off the Unseen Elder in Blood and Wine by asking too many questions...

  • Cody Fairless-Lee
    Cody Fairless-Lee Month ago

    I love inFAMOUS 2!

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    I wish you would’ve let the actual scenes play out not just the culmination...

  • Mard Geer Tartaros
    Mard Geer Tartaros Month ago

    Part where the Shadow Queen offers Mario to serve her from thousand year door should have been on this lis

  • Arturo Ilidan
    Arturo Ilidan Month ago

    Why not all videos that feature this annoying guy state in the title that he's the narrator? As usual, came to watch a video i'm interested into, heard that it's this guy narrating, now i'm closing the video.

  • Peter DiChristina
    Peter DiChristina Month ago

    Mass Effect 3: Instead of choosing one of the three described paths, you choose to shoot the holographic child. Not only does it kill your character, but you just damned the whole universe.

  • wish i could make a better name person

    Number 1: not jumping over that first Goombah in the first Mario

  • NightlyNinja
    NightlyNinja Month ago

    Literally any decision in a Telltale game. It’s true and you know it

  • zoorockf1
    zoorockf1 Month ago

    No electing to Shoot Menendez in Black Ops 2?

  • True Black Knight
    True Black Knight Month ago


  • Luke McNamara
    Luke McNamara Month ago +3

    Just here to make sure all 3 of Bioware’s biggest series each have a spot here. They do.

  • The Unknown SCP
    The Unknown SCP Month ago

    For me, selecting "Retrieve virus" in Fallout 2's Sierra Army Base is horrifying if you don't leave the base _pronto._

  • NinjaKitsune
    NinjaKitsune Month ago

    There's a sequence of events in Persona 5 that can eventually lead up to Joker/ Ren getting shot in the head and murdered.

  • Wandering Minstrel
    Wandering Minstrel Month ago

    You side with Citra you deserve to die. Literally the entire point of the game is saving your friends.

  • Jurek M.
    Jurek M. Month ago

    pissing off an enclave soldier via intercom in fallout 2

  • Spyro Gyro
    Spyro Gyro Month ago

    One you missed is, Sparing P.A.M.A in minecraft story mode

  • Luke McNamara
    Luke McNamara Month ago +1

    Who else used that special fire bomb on Koribban when entering the tomb just to see what would happen on kotor?

  • Luke McNamara
    Luke McNamara Month ago +1

    Jason: (puts the knife around friend’s neck)
    Me: *All right. Time to make Citra mad, and probably die*
    (saves friends)
    Citra: (dies)
    Me: *Holy- that was NOT what I was expecting!*

  • Khaos Dragon
    Khaos Dragon Month ago

    Lol number one

  • J. Green
    J. Green Month ago +1

    No DragonQuest/Dragon Warrior? Just before the final battle if you choose die.

  • Martin Andersen
    Martin Andersen Month ago +1

    What about the kill yourself mission in borderlands 2

  • Jaxvidstar
    Jaxvidstar Month ago

    What about portal 2 if you don't switch out the function gunner robot with the malfunctioning one?

  • Leeloo Dallas
    Leeloo Dallas Month ago

    I still remember that time in Heavy rain I jumped out a window to save my character from being burned alive and then I saw my character fall to her death.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +2

    You didn’t include trying to kill a creeper with a sword

  • Black & Red Pill Philosophy

    Whats the moral of the lesson ?
    You can't save them all ...
    You can't kill them all
    Patience is a virtue .

  • Maksymilian Umiński

    Planescape: Torment?

  • Joshua B.
    Joshua B. Month ago +5

    Why is natsu speaking about videogames?

  • Kaylee McGlothlin
    Kaylee McGlothlin Month ago

    Number 1, getting the pack-a-punch in ops 1 Der riese

  • LUKA
    LUKA Month ago +1

    #1 killing that children in Skyrim

  • bradbot
    bradbot Month ago

    This guy sounds like the drifter! DING!

  • chan labador
    chan labador Month ago +3

    What about black ops 2 killing Mendes or your teammate both kills you or in ghosts saving Rorke or letting go.

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest Month ago

    Todd has voiced too many videos that they no longer need to out his name on the title

  • Chris Landells
    Chris Landells Month ago

    Brooooo #6 brought a tear to my eye

  • cole fitz
    cole fitz Month ago

    Fuck Todd haberkorn

  • Renegade Art
    Renegade Art Month ago +1

    Super paper mario
    Will you save the world?
    I'm sorry I didn't hear that say again, will you save the world?
    Wha- WHAT?? B- but the world will end you know that? I will ask you again will you save the world?
    Oh well
    The worlds are good as doomed
    ...._oh noooo_........

  • Alika Achong
    Alika Achong Month ago

    Wow, I have never played any of these games

  • Max Lang
    Max Lang Month ago +3

    *1# keep killing Lego people in the main lobby in the star wars Lego game on Nintendo DS*

  • Myane needs some quality time in the iron maiden

    Screaming "dubs rule in a manga library" hilarious that you for this gem

  • Elias John
    Elias John Month ago

    What about doing genocide in undertale?

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Month ago

    Every video game decision gets me killed. I suck, but they sure are fun!

  • иван поляков

    The Witcher: you can suspect detective in the second chapter

  • Victoria Fang
    Victoria Fang Month ago

    I’m always so happy when I see Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines on a list.

  • Kerron Edwards
    Kerron Edwards Month ago +1

    Poor decisions ☹️

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago

    You sound like one of the anime English dub voice actors

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      Serenity Love I want him to say “inertia drift?!” Like from initial d

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      Holy shit, 🤯

    • Serenity Love
      Serenity Love Month ago +1

      I think it is todd haberkorn, he features on some of these videos

  • Movie Thoughts
    Movie Thoughts Month ago

    Literally nobody:
    Watchmojo: Top 10 Rape videos

  • Mathew Morrant
    Mathew Morrant Month ago

    the FUCK
    do you mean attacking a Cucco isn't number one?

  • Julio Godoi
    Julio Godoi Month ago

    What about The Witcher 3, when Geralt's choice kills Ciri, he goes to a suicide mission to try revenge her...

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez Month ago

    Fucking Morinth will always be worth it

  • DAAM316
    DAAM316 Month ago

    Alright Alright Alright Ding Ding Ding Ding Snitch

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Month ago

    #8 - So very worth it.
    #7 - Also worth it.
    #6 - Why can't we just kill him as he says 1?
    #5 - Got em! You just got pranked bro!
    #3 - 8:25 Amazing Chest Ahead!
    #2 - Worth it, had sex!
    #1 - Not worth it. Don't stick your dick in crazy.

  • Nico Fonzie
    Nico Fonzie Month ago

    Put back the list in the description! Please, it's so boring watching an entire video of yours😒

  • Pierre Buie II
    Pierre Buie II Month ago

    Yes infamous 2 that was wicked oh hell no I ain’t doing that shit number one hell no man

  • SapphireStarlite
    SapphireStarlite Month ago

    For a quick sec, I thought I read "Sliding in Citra" for the number one pick.

  • Pasta Princess 25
    Pasta Princess 25 Month ago

    Refusing the first Pure Heart in Super Paper Mario nets you a game over. For those unaware, that's at the *beginning of the game.*