• Опубликовано: 16 мар 2017
    Today i talk about why I shut moved my fish, which tanks were shut down and what is is coming.
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  • Brutal Hackers
    Brutal Hackers 3 месяца назад


  • Logan Fernald
    Logan Fernald 5 месяцев назад

    I am a 34 year old I love this channel and have 5 tanks. A 60 gallon tank,40 gallon tank,80 gallon tank,25 gallon tank,and a 1000 gallon tank with an arowana and a red tail catfish. They fight at times. I am selling them for $890.00 for the arowana and $78.00 for the red tail.

  • tyri allen
    tyri allen 6 месяцев назад

    Rip buddy

  • Ruby May
    Ruby May 7 месяцев назад +1

    This channel is so entertaining and just is so fun to watch i love your videos

  • Clotho Fate
    Clotho Fate 7 месяцев назад

    Can I buy your extra tanks I would love to get some bigger tanks if you are getting rid of them

  • samit shirsat
    samit shirsat 7 месяцев назад

    Congratulations on 600k

  • Andy's Angels
    Andy's Angels 11 месяцев назад

    Can you feed your fish food to tropical fish? Looking to trying out some shrimp and scallops but id like to know if they would even take interest before i go buy some

  • Amy Rivers
    Amy Rivers 11 месяцев назад

    What'd you do with the cichlid tank? Did you sell all the ones you didn't move to the new area?

  • John Fontenot
    John Fontenot 11 месяцев назад

    just wondering if u eurobraced the inside corners of the 15 gallon ..

  • Nigel rillera
    Nigel rillera 11 месяцев назад

    Joey can tell more stories I like your videos

  • Pinaki Mandal
    Pinaki Mandal Год назад

    Hey Joey.. how to siphon all poop off my flowerhorn tank?? My flowerhorn i too aggressive and bites me..

  • Chris TDM
    Chris TDM Год назад +1

    Get a couple of Guppys and let them breed

  • John Thomas Aguinaldo
    John Thomas Aguinaldo Год назад

    Can i use expired fish food (stored well) to cycle my tank?

  • Gamerz vlog
    Gamerz vlog Год назад

    can u give me that shell dweller because it is no use to u plssss

  • Gamerz vlog
    Gamerz vlog Год назад

    can u give me a fish King of diy plsss

  • Eddy Ortiz
    Eddy Ortiz Год назад

    I was wondering if you are going to keep any tropical fish in the new fish room.If not what are you thinking of doing.thanks.

  • xxdonutkingxx
    xxdonutkingxx Год назад

    What are the dimensions for the shell dweller tank? And as well as the planted cube? I like them both and might want something in between

  • Justin Bridgemohan
    Justin Bridgemohan Год назад

    hi my name is Justin I recently found your channel and watched many of your videos, with that being said i would really like too speak with you when you get a chance either through email or text message I would like some professional advice with my 70 gallon fish tank,My fish; and feedings. I have been dealing with fish since i was about 9 (21 now) and my fish tank ended up with a very peculiar fish family with that being said i would really like too speak with you at some point when you get a chance advice is really needed!!
    thank you for taking the time too read this hope too hear from you soon
    p.s i want fresh water rays and an arrowana now

  • Animal lover 33
    Animal lover 33 Год назад +1

    Those shell dwellers are so cool! Now I want some!

  • Laikin Simons
    Laikin Simons Год назад +2

    I think all of your fish are awesome, but I particularly identify with your flowerhorn xD

  • nickolai6
    nickolai6 Год назад +1

    Joey I ordered shirts for my wife and I. They are amazing and great quality. Thank you for all you do and the constant beneficial information! Keep up the great work and best of luck to you and all your tank mates!

  • arowana fan
    arowana fan Год назад

    hi sir ,
    if i have a sump as filtration system then how many time should i do water change in a month or year. i have 3 arowanas and 15 discus and its a planted tank.

  • Fys K
    Fys K Год назад

    Flower head should be called butt head

  • AK Aqua
    AK Aqua Год назад

    I love that flowerhorn!!

  • Little_man861 Midget
    Little_man861 Midget Год назад

    What is your water bill

  • D4rkness Gaming YT
    D4rkness Gaming YT Год назад

    my goldfish poops alot....

  • K Y
    K Y Год назад

    Imagine if you're in a bar and someone like Joey that is sitting across the bar sees you and smiles. Then he stands up and heads on over to you. He then sits down next to you and starts talking. Talking non-stop about "moving fish and shutting down aquariums". Exactly the way Joey is doing in this video.

  • Nicholas Bennett
    Nicholas Bennett Год назад

    I like the branding on the bottom of the tanks

  • Nicholas Bennett
    Nicholas Bennett Год назад

    I think it would be nice to at least have one aquarium in your house

  • Rawinder Singh
    Rawinder Singh Год назад

    Joey, please pay more attention if you want to move the Merlion Red Arowana to Rays' Tank...I hope there will be no problem....

  • Alvaro Ramos
    Alvaro Ramos Год назад

    Am going to macna and am taking the DIY shirt!!!

  • Inderpreet Garcha
    Inderpreet Garcha Год назад

    Sorry i meant in the African shell dwellers tank :)

  • Inderpreet Garcha
    Inderpreet Garcha Год назад

    Hi big fan of you channel, a quick question is that pool filter sand as substrate shown in the same video as 'cleaning you sand'?

  • A_dorable_Games
    A_dorable_Games Год назад

    I feel like the huge tanks are compensating for something 😏😏😏😝

  • rinokaz
    rinokaz Год назад

    Are you going to open an oceanarium ?

  • Not Grace Link I'm someone else
    Not Grace Link I'm someone else Год назад +1

    i hope you know all of your fans appreciate each every day you work on your tanks i am 15 and i just got a job i dont really have any financial obligations right now and i want to donate all of the money i dont save to be put into something i love..... i love the work you do with your fish if you would start a patreon page that really would be the best thing ever you could do more stuff with the fish because you could be funded please please please get a patreon started

  • Siri Schild
    Siri Schild Год назад

    You can have 1 fish per gallon

  • Eddie Martinez
    Eddie Martinez Год назад +1

    Cant wait for that fish building bro! Got my shirt! Got it in black! All that traveling and can't make it to the tri- state area? What's that all "a-boot"?! Lol. Are u gonna raffle any of those tanks in your office?? Do it!! 😁👍🏽

  • Kajetan Kulwikowski
    Kajetan Kulwikowski Год назад

    "how to keep stingrays" - was hoping for it since few months

  • Thijs Hoogenbosch
    Thijs Hoogenbosch Год назад

    The best fish ever (shell dwellers)! its more fun if you put it in a big aquarium! You will see them colonize and defend their home.

  • Hafizi Manap
    Hafizi Manap Год назад

    i hate when you said that new fish is coming and i need to wait for few weeks.

  • Kai-Uwe Kaufmann
    Kai-Uwe Kaufmann Год назад

    Always happy to See your new videos, Greetings from Germany!

  • Paul Salazar
    Paul Salazar Год назад +1

    Got one in black. Now I'm cool like you.

  • om IBRA IBRA
    om IBRA IBRA Год назад

    I read some article said feeding sinking food for long term may develop drop eyes on arowana

  • Wallywutsizface
    Wallywutsizface Год назад +1

    Name your Flowerhorn Einstein.

  • Wallywutsizface
    Wallywutsizface Год назад +1

    I'm going to miss the shell dweller tank, I thought it was really cool. I bet your new tank will be even cooler though!

  • justinmason100
    justinmason100 Год назад

    7:36 Holy shit, look at those biceps

  • Mohammad Sadaaqat
    Mohammad Sadaaqat Год назад

    Joeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, let's have da neewwww vVVVVVVVIiiiiiiDDDDDdddeeEEEEEEOOOOooooo !!!

  • C O
    C O Год назад

    i see your tanks are empty, contain just the fish. isn't it mentally stimulating for the fish to have some things to interact with?

  • Driftwood aquariums
    Driftwood aquariums Год назад

    I got 2 a blue and a black 2x. you signed it now should I wear it or hang it on my wall

  • Phelix simonovis
    Phelix simonovis Год назад

    You should do a biotope aquarium joey!

  • Prithiv Bruno
    Prithiv Bruno Год назад +1

    Please tell me if a 180 gallon tank enough for a jardini arowona(aka-pearl arowona) width of tank is 2.5 feet

  • Marvin Keys
    Marvin Keys Год назад

    need some bigger shirts😧

  • waldowoc
    waldowoc Год назад

    Wow! I really enjoyed the hand held views. You have obviously done some research in that kind of film making. Thank you. I don't care how useful or informational the content is, if the hand held segment is jerky and and/or fast, It discredits itself and is unwatchable. I, honestly, want to see more hand held views from you, if you are comfortable with the technique. Well done! Keep up the great work! :-D

  • Trenton Garcia
    Trenton Garcia Год назад +1

    Ordered a blue one for myself, my girlfriend wanted a black one.

  • Driftwood aquariums
    Driftwood aquariums Год назад

    Joe you truly are an inspiration and an asset to the Hobby thank you

  • Estevan Cardona
    Estevan Cardona Год назад +1

    the tank is gonna be in the shed that hes geting

  • Josh Hibbs
    Josh Hibbs Год назад +1

    If no tanks will be in the house anymore, are you going to take the plywood tank out the wall and patch the wall up?

  • Lakambini Boligol
    Lakambini Boligol Год назад +1

    im excited with ur new fish house...

  • Bob's Dank Tanks
    Bob's Dank Tanks Год назад

    What about the pond??!!

  • Grandmaster
    Grandmaster Год назад

    Joey i want you to know i fanatically watch your videos and i have to say that when you said the word "FISHROOM" you made my day. I'm planning a fishroom for 2 years now but a dont have the space or finance, although i hope to move in another house and with patience i'll gather the money. You can do anything with a fishroom of a good size, BUT it's a great commitment. But dreams are to be carried out. KEEP UP!!!

  • Chewy cookie Production
    Chewy cookie Production Год назад

    Fish gallery

  • David Matsunaga
    David Matsunaga Год назад

    my RTG Arowana also didnt eat for 1 month back then,
    all i did is daily huge amount of WC. then after that, his appetite is back

  • Gear L
    Gear L Год назад

    It would be very useful if you could do a video on how to make or mix vitamins/supplements by using over-the-counter products for fish, especially for arowana. Thank you very much.

  • Miss tgirl escort Kardashian goddess

    Omg i came across this guy I think he's sexy never mind the fish lol x

    AGUILAR3 Год назад +2

    Found out my youngest son Chris is a regular to your channel so I got him a Blue T in a medium. I addressed it under his name so hes going to be soo surprised

    • Alex Taylor
      Alex Taylor Год назад +1

      AGUILAR3 make this top comment so he knows it's coming!

  • Jarret Grimes Aquatic-Life
    Jarret Grimes Aquatic-Life Год назад

    I ordered a blue one Joey and Thanks for all that you do!

  • Slim Tim
    Slim Tim Год назад

    I got red, Fired Up!!! Can't wait for the fish building.

  • MG Tech.
    MG Tech. Год назад

    Hey guys, I need some advice !!
    Just set up a 7 gallon planted tank, what fish should I put in ??

  • Michael Webber
    Michael Webber Год назад

    Joey, you are the best. You made getting back in the hobby fun again!! Do you like the Trailer Park Boys?

    • The king of DIY
      The king of DIY  Год назад +1

      +Michael Webber of course! The last few seasons were filmed in my town 7 minutes away.

  • Mardee Elpa
    Mardee Elpa Год назад


  • Dragon Tamer Reptiles
    Dragon Tamer Reptiles Год назад

    Nice vid Joey! Looking forward to the changes! Glad all the critters are doing well! Love watching your vids and the shirts are great! :D

  • Jimmy the Vlogger
    Jimmy the Vlogger Год назад

    Show the house please because I'm waiting patiently

  • Dave's Fishtanks
    Dave's Fishtanks Год назад

    Good for you Joey! I can't wait!

  • arowana keeper nz
    arowana keeper nz Год назад

    Hey joey I've tryed to order some shirts from the link but it keeps telling me my cart is empty I'm from new zealand and I picked international shipping but still won't work please help me I would hate to miss out :(

  • Lindsey Sharon
    Lindsey Sharon Год назад

    Oh wow! I remember you saying in the past that you wouldn't want to do this full time. I'm not sure if you're thinking of doing it as more of a job vs hobby than it is right now but I really hope you enjoy every moment of it!

  • Ootd Clan
    Ootd Clan Год назад

    Lol I know it's highly unlikely but I would gladly take the shell dweller tank I think there fascinating

  • suraj01
    suraj01 Год назад

    I freakin knew it!!! YOu should just give me a T-shirt for guessing it right.. lol :)

  • Lacy Jinks
    Lacy Jinks Год назад

    What is the black on the arawana? Is that just his color?

  • Christina Collins
    Christina Collins Год назад

    Is he opening up his own aquarium???

  • Josh Edwards
    Josh Edwards Год назад

    You say you are tired. Would consider tank automation once you move into the new building?

  • aaron gosnell
    aaron gosnell Год назад

    joey you have inspired me to get back in to the hobby. i now have 2 Oscars and have used your diy projects in my own aquarium. i have even gone as far as to use some of them with my baby razorback musk turtle viquarium. thank you again for respiring me to keep fish again and i look forward to all your new videos to come. oh and i cant wait to see your fish house im super excited and jealous.

  • Holly Willetts
    Holly Willetts Год назад

    Just ordered a red shirt, super excited! I couldn't wait so I had to rush it, I've been waiting for ages to get one!

  • MartinE
    MartinE Год назад

    I've never water change in 2 months is that ok 20 gallon tank filtered etc.....

  • Joey Tantillo
    Joey Tantillo Год назад

    you should start a peacock and hap tank in the new fishroom

  • Billy -
    Billy - Год назад

    Give away the old tanks?😝😂

  • Vicki K
    Vicki K Год назад

    Tried to order a shirt - keeps saying my zip is invalid. Whackadoodle!

  • cody williams
    cody williams Год назад

    do you have access to or the ability to sell diy fishkeeper fish tank stickers like on the shell dwellers tank?

  • TheManess57
    TheManess57 Год назад

    I'm new to the fish hobby.. your videos are awesome and easy to understand.. thanks man

  • Kristi Li
    Kristi Li Год назад

    I love your fish there awesome ! I'm a new Canadian Fish keeper as well recently attained a pair male female black tiger oscars thanks for all the advice !!

    • Eric Olivera
      Eric Olivera Год назад +1

      Kristi Li Aquatics ! *they're

  • Seth Moore
    Seth Moore Год назад

    I'm getting black can't wait to see the new building awesome!!!!!

  • debabrata ghosh
    debabrata ghosh Год назад +1

    i can bet joey is going to start breeding rays!!!

  • Michael Agostino
    Michael Agostino Год назад

    So? Joey is building a NEW house and the current house will be Joey's Fish House. That is my guess.

  • toycar foushboy
    toycar foushboy Год назад

    Hahahag! That's funny Joey, run Joey run. I love all your fish. I want a blue shirt, but I'm not a favorite of twenty dollar shirts. Looking forward to new show, Joey's Garage of Tanks!

  • dangappa
    dangappa Год назад

    Joey if you build a big enough reef tank you can get a blue spot stingray!
    I want to see a 600 gallon+ reeftank. BTW. Will your big tanks be made of acrylic or plywood?
    You are officially invited to MACNA. Come join us in the big easy this August.

  • Nightstalker350119
    Nightstalker350119 Год назад

    Joey, can we get some more salt water videos in the future. I'm looking to get into the saltwater hobby, I'm already into the fresh water but I want to know more. I know your busy with the move. When you get the chance and get settled in can you do some videos on some fish, invertebrates and coral. That would be awesome.

  • Snow
    Snow Год назад

    100% going for that blue sea :D

  • Captn Jack
    Captn Jack Год назад

    Has no manners LOL?

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B Год назад

    Joey, need your help buddy!
    I am considering moving my family from Toronto to Halifax, and I need to know what the reef aquarium scene is like out there. I see there are two aquarium shops about 20 minutes apart from each other, but reefing is in my blood and I need to know I can still keep a reef out there without having to have every coral shipped to me.
    Thanks in advance ;)