The One-Electron Universe | Space Time

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
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    Could it be that all the electrons in the universe are simply one, single electron moving back and forth through time?
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    Dark Flow
    In the spring of 1940, the great physicist John Archibald Wheeler had a flash of insight. He picked up the phone and called Richard Feynman. The fateful conversation began, “Feynman, I know why all electrons have the same charge and the same mass." "Why?" asked Wheeler’s former graduate student. "Because, they are all the same electron!" Wheeler went on to describe the One-Electron Universe idea: that there exists only one electron, and that electron traverses time in both directions. It bounces in time, eventually traversing the entire past and future history of the universe in both directions, and interacting with itself countless times on each pass. In this way it fills the universe with the appearance of countless electrons. And when the electron is moving backwards in time it is a positron; the antimatter counterpart of the electron.
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  • but home is nowhere___

    Ernst Stuckleberg looks like he fucks

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 8 days ago

    Is that like the one electron in all places at the same time making up a field that exists everywhere being used where it's needed? At least until someone cuts the power and the universe ends until the next time someone flips it on and we all start again.

  • David Martin
    David Martin 8 days ago

    I am mesmerized by the narrator's hand signs. I suspect that's where the real answer lies.

  • xXGriffeyXx
    xXGriffeyXx 10 days ago

    The link to get a shirt was broken for me

  • Lawrence Avillano
    Lawrence Avillano 11 days ago

    Who won the shirt?

  • Peter Palumbo
    Peter Palumbo 11 days ago

    You would need a circular universe for that and the various microwave observers have proved, more or less, that the universe is flat or saddle.

  • minushphoto
    minushphoto 13 days ago

    I would love to see this video form a 1000 years from now just so see how wrong we are. Is probably so simple we just can’t see it

  • danerman73
    danerman73 13 days ago

    I'm sure this is a bogus thought experiment but I wonder that the very fact that we perceive time moving forward makes us see way more electrons than positrons assuming the one electron universe theory is correct. We could be traveling with the electron for awhile and see its many bends. As soon as a flow changes direction it disappears or is destroyed to us. The only way we see the positron flow is when it intersects with our spacetime coordinates. At which point it appears to interact with an electron and is annihilated. But really it went back in time and effected the other glow to do the same. I'm sure I don't understand and this is absolutely crazy but our ability to only see time flow in the forward direction may be the same reason we observe more elections than positrons even if there is really only one electron/positron zigzagging forward and backward through space time.

  • VicVanProphet
    VicVanProphet 13 days ago

    I do believe in the single particle universe

  • Piet Godaard
    Piet Godaard 14 days ago

    You are great Space Man, I salute you

  • Binayak Thakur
    Binayak Thakur 14 days ago

    If there is only zero dimension for electron, does the space or time really matter for it? Yes we will see the difference but for electron, it will be only in on dimension and every part of universe experience it

  • Genghis Galahad
    Genghis Galahad 15 days ago

    The episode that nearly 'broke" me. I will do my utmost to dodge this concept for a while. Does that mean we no longer have to memorize the table of elements and how many electrons each have, being they're all the same, anyway? I jest. Sort of.

  • deliquenme
    deliquenme 18 days ago

    This is stupid, that would mean that protons should go back in time...What about neutrons? Are they stuck in time? Common sense is so useful in explaining things that we can't explain. No magic here...

  • Kevin Harrelson
    Kevin Harrelson 18 days ago

    So, a "vacuum fluctuation" might create an electron/positron pair out of nothing that destroys itself later. That is a closed loop. This is incompatible with the "one electron" theory.

  • Milad Kiaee Darunkola
    Milad Kiaee Darunkola 18 days ago

    Why not saying that second law of thermodynamic is not valid based on the electron model and at that scale.

  • Omar Mohammed
    Omar Mohammed 20 days ago

    How i can charge an object like iron by a static charge of 1 colom. ? Please any one can help me ?

  • Science Oracle
    Science Oracle 22 days ago

    9:10 god dammit. Fml. This is my material. An image. It makes sense if everything that exist in this space is just something akin to a thought or dream. Watch The Egg by Kurzegstat. Or sift through comments of old 10th dim vids look for "mirrors facing mirrors".. that's time. Time exists in every space, every moment, going on infinitely, for all of time, for each and every space, forwards and backwards. A mirror, facing a mirror, within those mirrors, are infinite images of the mirrors, they reflect infinitely. Now imagine that for every image of a mirror, it has a mirror facing it, reflecting infinitely and for each of those images, there is a mirror facing it, and you get the picture, on and on it goes. This may be your electron, who's orbits and very forms of existence seem to be affected by light to degrees directly proportional to the the variations in traveling lights vibrational patterns. The electrons are hoping around through the mirrors in a sense, that and the many other factors in play including but not limited to (and this is where our brains shine as processors of all of this info into a clear mental image we humans "see") the way colour/light flows through empty space everywhere in every direction in a strange way interfering constantly to rather than form jumbled mess, but rather geometric patterns, or at least the appearance of such, an optical illusion that contains applicable mathematical properties probably useful in quantifying stuff. I call it Quantumetrics © Science Oracle 2019 (hahahaha now you have to reference me hahahahaha! Your professors won't like it but I can't wait to show mine, he'll get a giggle out of it with me hahaha). Anyway, I have another theory, it is relevant and ties in, and that is that at some point, every atom that ever was is and will be, let's just say that exists, has existed as a whole and/or its parts for all time, for every cycle of the universe(s), beginning to end, the before, the after and at some point every part of every atom has existed as a part of the same atom, alongside and in the position of every other respective part (for arguments sake let's say that all the protons ,nuetrons and electrons stayed as ps, ns and es - that's not to say you couldn't imaging that at some point every proton was also once a neutron, a neutron once in the form of an electron etc etc etc yadi Yada and of course then as such also all possible combinations, the numbers getting mind bending yet?) Oh and did I mention that in this theory, on top of every possible combo, you have each possibility then having done so whilst occupying every possible point in space every bit of stuff, has been part of every bit of stuff, have been every bit of stuff and been in the position of every bit of stuff with every bit of stuff as every bit of stuff (yer I know I sound crazy, but keep up, stay with me now) so as such, while there are infinite atoms, if you think of time as a space within space or ....(I'll get back to this in a moment) were are all collectively the one atom OR ITS POSSIBLE THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE ELECTRON (a mirror image within mirror images etc etc) pulling this all together, time is really a space within a space, how? It is a sort of distance/direction or better yet a duration within every possible point (ahhhh now you're warming up to my mirrors facing mirrors aren't you) so that's you're tightly curled dimensions (a start anyway, there's also the trippy multidimensional Curley Worley space inside a line, maybe I'll explain later sometime) so you're either welcome (or my condolences perhaps?) Brian Greene string theory enthusiast! Also um I'm out, enjoy the Nobel prize nerds! Peace! Oh yer and... One.

    • Science Oracle
      Science Oracle 22 days ago

      Oh I should probably mention that I have a hunch that some of this electronny dimensionny space timey time spacey stuff has a lot to do with maybe gravity or black holes forming or hit me up for more mystical sciencey stuff I saw while staring into my crystal clear electron sphere ..... What? No I don't have an actual crystal ball .... Ok it's a crystal ball.. look it's spherical, holds a charge or something ... We're using electrons to get visuals of the past present Future ....I'm going to stop trying to quantify this right now, it's getting deep in my thoughts and I can't be bothered typing anymore .... The coffee wore off....ok bye.

    • Science Oracle
      Science Oracle 22 days ago

      @pbsspacetime read this one. Show Matt. Put it to good use. Do the math on paper as I'm too impatient and lazy to do it anywhere other than in my head and that is a shitty reason to let this stuff I come up with go nowhere. Cheers.

  • Science Oracle
    Science Oracle 22 days ago

    6:30 ffs. Has every scientific theory I've ever thought up just already been thought up?! This has been going on since I was a child and I found out the Fibonacci sequence was already a thing which had more significance than the random doodle I'd made of it years earlier. Well anyway, I'd love to tell you how I'd thought of this all in my mind and what I felt was missing.. I guess I still have the gravity thing but I need more info for that one before I try to explain it in my limited tongue. There is still a chance I could elaborate on this thing though... Keep going Matt, I'm going to stay tuned in for now 😟🤓

  • Science Oracle
    Science Oracle 22 days ago

    1:59 ohh Feynman's Infinite Quantum Paths, I see... Yep, never heard of it. I'm just gonna go ahead now and assume that this backs up my whole "more than two directions" comment to some degree and just read about that in earnest later.... From what I have discerned so far, I can't help but feel some particular concerns arise

  • Science Oracle
    Science Oracle 22 days ago

    1:07 there is more than one direction. But this is awesome. Omg this is awesome. Please Matt, be my tutor, nay, my mentor, I'm a goof ball, this is true, however, I really do have the answers to this stuff. I'm sending out a beacon here (hehe beacon, I like chemistry too) soooo I hope you find me mate. Anyway, please, do go on...

    • Science Oracle
      Science Oracle 22 days ago

      I should probably ad, time is really space within space.. sort of... Well, it's a little hard to explain ... See? This would be so much easier if I spoke Physicist and could translate from Moron. Just saying (lol) seriously though.

  • Science Oracle
    Science Oracle 22 days ago

    Oh by the way, you guys have space time but time space is mine [ Time Space © Science Oracle 2019 ] naming it 5th dimension, that's your fault ... The namerer of science things, whoever you are...

  • Science Oracle
    Science Oracle 22 days ago

    You had me at "electron"..... Lol 0:18 ok I'm listening. I can tell you the "shape" (so to speak) of time-space or your so-called "5th dimension" but the catch is you have to be my tutor...which will be, I'm not gonna lie, hard work and a total head-f***.... But.. However, in return I will be the prodigé who exceeds all expectations, of prodigés, and physics. Don't take my word for it, look deep into the electron and mathemeditate deeply, the equations will show the particles reflecting what you already know deep within, that if there were math to quantify this, it would check out. You must teach the Oracle the language of the physicist so that she may teach others the math she invented but cannot communicate... The prophecy says she will become The Great Figurerer Outerer!!! Look, I only appear crazy now, Sir Isaac, Leo, Alex P, G-Lay, The Tes-Bender, probably countless others, all had the same problem, give it a century and this will all be infamously key detail in the tale of my contribution to science. No I'm not a narcissist. This is all just truth stranger than fiction, and, as the mere notion, let alone the sheer feel of distinct absurdity radiating from said notion makes me feel a little uncomfortable, I satirically exaggerate the perceived air of grandiosity and madness this all implies as a defensive mechanism and to make light of the elephant and why stampy and I are in the room giggling like idiots. It's partly because we're jerks.... Also the electrons made me do it!!!! Also I'm stalling, I'm about to have a huge scienpiphiny!!! Ok ok ok, too excited, too much coffee, but let's do this! Right, back to the video, please, proceed..... Hello?? Computer?? Hellllooooooo computer???!!!!!! Oh wait, this is RUclip! Ok I'm done interrupting...Aaaaand back to you Matt 😀😁😎

  • eatemad fanaee
    eatemad fanaee 22 days ago

    so electron is the real dr.who?

    KUARZOROSSO 24 days ago

    Wow... this men look like that little men of war of thrones.. like his brother. Sorry I got distracted by that , but very nice voice and great content, thank you

  • skilz8098
    skilz8098 26 days ago

    Yoda learned something new now he teaches his young Padawans: "Be One with the Force of the One Electron and stay away from the Positron!" Wait what if we have it backwards and it is the Positron that is creative and the Electron that is destructive. Positive forces = Love, Charity, Kindness, Humility and Negative forces = Hatred, Envy, Lust, Jealousy etc...

  • Trevor K
    Trevor K Month ago

    Stop talking to your audience like we are all 12 years old. Tired of that...

  • Simon Sozzi
    Simon Sozzi Month ago

    This actually makes 100 percent sense. I just left a question on another video about the photon ; How does a photon not experience time and space...'spacetime'? What does 'experience' mean exactly? And then...what are the implications of 'not experiencing spacetime?🤯

  • Caio Keto
    Caio Keto Month ago

    What if its only one electron, but traveling in time and another spatial dimension, it could move to another spatial dimension, then back in time, and then back to our dimension slice, so we could have more electrons than positrons even it being the same electron, right?

  • jack mikulski
    jack mikulski Month ago

    His hand movements make me think he's a robot

  • Al Garnier
    Al Garnier Month ago

    They plural, are not time "reversed" positron particles of anti matter, they are time "absent" positron particles of anti matter. Time and relative position of electron particles around proton particles are required to form matter particles within local, relative time.
    The electron and positron are the same particle. A positron and photon are created by the super velocity collisions of electrons along with quarks and leptons. Positrons disperce in the photon but, not before transfering a Positive, electon cancelling charge to quarks, leptons and neutrinos allowing them to bind through gluon energy and attract electrons into orbit to form atoms of matter.
    The positively charged proton and neutron cannot exist on their own without the electron orbit or, it would experience radio active decay into its composite particles of quarks, leptons and neutrinos within a much shorter time frame than within the electrons gravitational orbit.

  • Zaph Hood
    Zaph Hood Month ago

    How does the t-shirt size really work. I'we seen americans. Is a US small, a 5 person tent in european ?

  • James Krug
    James Krug Month ago

    I'm an old school chemist, I can't figure out which idea you physicists came up with is dumber--- the single electron universe or the infinite number of universes derived from quantum theory! By the way, does the single electron power all the other universes also?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??????????

  • notquiteordinary
    notquiteordinary Month ago

    The direction of the river doesn't change, it keeps flowing in the same direction.

  • Gavin Gervais
    Gavin Gervais Month ago

    If anti matter is time-reversed matter, how do we explain that there was almost equal amounts of matter and anti matter at the big bang (the beginning of time)? This would imply travel through time before "the beginning of time".

  • Kevin Hughes
    Kevin Hughes Month ago


  • Kyle Mouttet
    Kyle Mouttet Month ago

    So.. a positron and electron walk into a bar, they get drunk on a moonshine called time, fall for each other, rent a room in the multiverse hotel, and the big bang occurs. From that mating, the children of light are born, destined to one day return to repeat the process?

  • Brian Meyrick
    Brian Meyrick Month ago


  • Lizard King
    Lizard King Month ago

    How would we observe any difference between it being many identical electrons or the same one bouncing? See, it isn't even science :V

  • chris macphee
    chris macphee Month ago

    But what about the Big Bang, if there really might be just one electron wouldn’t it only need to travel a tiny amount

  • 87agomes
    87agomes Month ago

    I give up. This sh*t is far too complex for my underdeveloped intelligence o_0'

  • Devilman: Crybaby
    Devilman: Crybaby Month ago

    If we stop thinking about the time as a thing that "moving forward" or "back wards." then this theory might be more pausible. Passt doesn't really exist or future. Because we can save a motion doesn't mean the motion were in that this is the past.

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago


  • Rojo Diablo
    Rojo Diablo Month ago

    Sorry I'm over two years late to the party, but I'm going through every episode in order. So while the point toward dark flow is (presumably) moving is beyond the horizon to us, it may not be beyond the horizon to large masses between us and that point. So affects upon masses where the point of flow isn't beyond the horizon could be affected, and their movement could, in turn, affect us, if in infinitesimal amounts, right? Worst relay race ever.

  • GAMER'S boy
    GAMER'S boy Month ago

    Explain something about that how electron do time travel in past and future? PLEASE

  • George Dimakopoulos

    Every day I noticed that Science is getting closer to my theory of 2008. I have to find soon a Scientist to tell him about my Theory, before someone figures it out and im forgoten...

  • melanjester
    melanjester Month ago

    Wtf flow 😂😂

  • denchen420
    denchen420 Month ago

    so if you applied this. wouldn't it solve for time dilation at light speed? and a multiverse theory? how far beyond our "instance" of time does the electron pass?(would that even be possible to tell within within the electron itself?)could that 1 electron be some sort of quantum computer in an infinite 'scaling' multiverse?

  • I Am Kocka
    I Am Kocka Month ago +10

    "Now that we completely understand the fundamental nature of antimatter..."

    Excuse me?

    • Carlos Leon
      Carlos Leon 24 days ago

      @I Am Kocka alrighty then :3

    • I Am Kocka
      I Am Kocka 24 days ago +1

      I didn't confuse dark matter with antimatter. I just taught the statement was a bit funny, because he says this to the audience as if we have some intuitive understanding of the subject, which most of us don't :D

    • Carlos Leon
      Carlos Leon 24 days ago +2

      antimatter is not dark matter. I switch them all the time myself too lol. Antimatter is just opposite matter, there's nothing else to it.

  • The 36 Lessons
    The 36 Lessons Month ago +1

    A single electron becoming the very matrix encompassing a single worldline of a single spime of the entire universe... now add in the variable of potential and intersecting worldlines and maybe that is why you see a variation in electrons to positrons. Then, take a single spime of a single worldline and give it the characteristics of this _electron_ . Duration only matters, time is just it's direction and _forwards_ and _backwards_ are meaningless...
    Suddenly, it's trying to factor the infinite... Universes becoming electrons, electrons becoming universes...
    Then, you consider what holograms are...
    This electron is just as discernable as the lining of a cloud or the edge of a sphere, if this is the case. Real, but illusory... Undefinable, but somehow IS.
    Ugh, time for bed...

  • Mzee Watk
    Mzee Watk Month ago

    busy as a bee particle?

  • DarkGrisen
    DarkGrisen Month ago

    What if you cut an electron?

  • Pedro Damian Sanchez Jr.

    You either give someone the ass or the crotch. 🍑

  • hi hi
    hi hi 2 months ago

    i wonder what happened to the one electron when it came across a black hold

  • Delphi Builder
    Delphi Builder 2 months ago +1

    An Electron is a CLASS with many INSTANCES. A programmer

  • Andrew Crowe
    Andrew Crowe 2 months ago

    Rick Sanchez knows this is true, one dot!

  • Mr YouTube
    Mr YouTube 2 months ago +5

    Wheeler: there is only one electron
    Pauli exclusion principle:I'm I joke to you

  • NicholasLeeson
    NicholasLeeson 2 months ago

    Personally I think that all the anti-matter is on the other side of the big bang. For example, during the big bang, the majority of matter went in one direction along the time axis, and the anti-matter went in the opposite direction.

  • wulphstein
    wulphstein 2 months ago

    Who comes up with these dizzy ideas? Maybe physics needs more WOO just to get you back on track to reality!

  • Si Wilson
    Si Wilson 2 months ago

    527 flat earthers have dropped by

  • imaseeker100
    imaseeker100 2 months ago

    Is there a version of Matt's videos without the annoying, inane, unnecessary music in the background? I may have to unsubscribe because of it. High quality content does not need music to enhance it for the lame of brain.