Meet my new Puppy and the Aston Martin V12 Vantage

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
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  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia 10 months ago +3355

    No ski box on oskar plz

  • Nancy Fish
    Nancy Fish 50 minutes ago


  • Neela Voddi
    Neela Voddi 2 hours ago

    Cool car and cute puppy

  • Dinky Cat
    Dinky Cat 11 hours ago +1

    Who’s watching this when Oscar is a big dog

  • It's Jukle
    It's Jukle 17 hours ago

    What breed is Oskar?

  • Enzdude
    Enzdude 2 days ago

    This was in my recommended and I had to do a double-take.

  • Steeltwithrow Sigmon
    Steeltwithrow Sigmon 3 days ago +1

    Any 2020

  • Brian Phillippi
    Brian Phillippi 3 days ago +1

    Put underglow on Oscar

  • Ekam Rakkar
    Ekam Rakkar 4 days ago +1

    I love you and Oscar

  • Dub Playz
    Dub Playz 5 days ago

    what breed?

  • Falcon
    Falcon 5 days ago +1

    *so fluf yes very fluf b o i*

  • nolanmesa28
    nolanmesa28 6 days ago

    That is what you have to tell the guy in the Lamborghini avatar door

  • nolanmesa28
    nolanmesa28 6 days ago

    What ever you do keep it under 55

  • Ed Haser
    Ed Haser 6 days ago

    Oskar in 2019
    And Oskar in 2020

  • Rakan Alhassan
    Rakan Alhassan 6 days ago


  • Metro Entertainment Holdings Inc

    Cutie Oskar

  • Spartan gaming
    Spartan gaming 7 days ago

    Just watched the latest video and just came to see this

  • Krazegamer 394
    Krazegamer 394 8 days ago +2

    Video gets recommended in 2020*

  • Weirdo Kid
    Weirdo Kid 8 days ago +3

    He's so big now😭😭

  • Salar
    Salar 8 days ago +4

    dont paint oskar purple

    • Happy MX-5
      Happy MX-5 7 days ago

      Yeah, paint him Purple, Orange, and White camo🤪

  • Quinton Lee
    Quinton Lee 9 days ago +1


  • Mike Von
    Mike Von 9 days ago

    Cute puppy..?

  • Game Easy
    Game Easy 10 days ago +1

    No offense Man I mean I’m not being toxic I’m weird too but sometimes man I worry about u

  • Mohammed Zaheer
    Mohammed Zaheer 10 days ago +1


  • PGB_Twin2
    PGB_Twin2 10 days ago +1


  • Lisa Bloomfield
    Lisa Bloomfield 11 days ago

    who saw on the jeep he had the windows down and who is watching this in 2020

  • Daily Basis Channel
    Daily Basis Channel 11 days ago

    Cute little Oscar!

  • xChroma gaming
    xChroma gaming 11 days ago

    Ohhh! Oskar is so tiny and cute

  • ya boi beenbub
    ya boi beenbub 11 days ago

    Plz no wrap oskar in purple

  • kidcuddy 1
    kidcuddy 1 11 days ago

    What breed is he @thestradman

  • Balistic Storm
    Balistic Storm 12 days ago

    So he can afford all these cars but cannot move into his own house, what kind of logic is this

  • Yahir X. Benitez
    Yahir X. Benitez 12 days ago

    Oskar is so cute

  • Riaz Ajiz
    Riaz Ajiz 13 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Nicole Colon
    Nicole Colon 13 days ago

    Oskar is the cutest fluff ball ever 🐕🐕🐕🥰

  • Nicole Colon
    Nicole Colon 13 days ago

    So your telling me that 55 miles and hour is good well in NJ 55 miles an hour is illegal on a alleyway street

  • Nicole Colon
    Nicole Colon 13 days ago

    Your lamborghini aventador 700 lp isn't closer to the Bugatti vision gran turismo 🤑🤑👍

  • Zombiebro09
    Zombiebro09 13 days ago


  • Hector harper
    Hector harper 14 days ago

    My dad has a truck that's 60,000

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan 20 days ago

    It was so funny when he said Astana martini

  • Enmanuel Rodriguez
    Enmanuel Rodriguez 28 days ago

    your name is james and you're driving an aston martin. that means you are james bond

  • Arshy Singh
    Arshy Singh 29 days ago +1

    Don't Wrap Oskar Purple

  • Z3nio Gaming
    Z3nio Gaming Month ago

    2019 here?

  • Soham T
    Soham T Month ago

    this is the last time the subaru outback was IN the garage

  • Hayden Lee
    Hayden Lee Month ago

    Oskar the fluff ball

  • Arne Vandezande
    Arne Vandezande Month ago

    Oskar really needs some traction control and ABS.

  • Marsdyn WATERHOUSE
    Marsdyn WATERHOUSE Month ago

    I forgot all about the baby mac

  • Dameshwa Sohtun
    Dameshwa Sohtun Month ago

    I love Oskar and i hava a puppy gust like Oskar

  • its_me_ruff 24
    its_me_ruff 24 Month ago

    I'm from the day he have purple Gladiator hellcat swapped, purple aventador with white wheels, purple 2020 toyota supra with white wheels, Gallardo , ferrari 430 challenge car, ford focus rs, 2005 ford gt. And oskar is big . Very big

  • Goon Rides
    Goon Rides Month ago +1

    9:17 when your crush blocks you :(

  • Liam Stephens
    Liam Stephens Month ago

    oskar is by far the cutest puppy OF ALL TIME

  • Fabian CoolKid
    Fabian CoolKid Month ago +1

    I love ur videos did you know everyday I watch you on both of my tablets and many even my tv!

  • VortexGaming101
    VortexGaming101 Month ago +1

    Oskar is super cute.
    Anyone on December

  • Pugs4life Vlogs
    Pugs4life Vlogs Month ago

    I can’t believe this was 8 months ago!!!

  • AngryAiden
    AngryAiden Month ago +1

    Dogs grow up way to fast

  • GamingChiefTv
    GamingChiefTv Month ago

    Dont wrap him purple

  • GuestDude Guy
    GuestDude Guy Month ago

    On 0:06 I laugh 😂

  • Gavin Ray
    Gavin Ray Month ago

    0:41 dat drift do

  • Abby Hernandez
    Abby Hernandez Month ago

    Lambo. Blue

  • jd guy
    jd guy Month ago

    Ok ispethahaahahahhahaha

  • Aiden Brantley
    Aiden Brantley Month ago

    Looking back eight months later, so much has changed. Oskar is a big floof and so many new cars are in the garage.