How To Whiten Teeth at Home in 3 Minutes - SIMPLE

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  • KB Daily
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    i Like Your straight so much

  • Aristo Mills
    Aristo Mills 2 дня назад

    Or just buy toothpaste

  • Trampoukosss
    Trampoukosss 2 дня назад

    Damn it i dont have a small plate

  • Pi Chan
    Pi Chan 2 дня назад

    i think u made that mix with washing powder and lemon..

  • comment on Life
    comment on Life 2 дня назад

    This does works!

  • Priya M Priya M
    Priya M Priya M 2 дня назад


  • Priya M Priya M
    Priya M Priya M 2 дня назад


  • Hatori Hanzo
    Hatori Hanzo 2 дня назад

    Is this works? Działa to?

  • MNJGaGa
    MNJGaGa 3 дня назад +1

    Did your lemon just cum all over the table?

  • Trevor Dobrinich
    Trevor Dobrinich 3 дня назад

    Would this work if I used bleach instead of bananas, and also does it matter that I am toothless?

  • Nocky - DrawART ツ
    Nocky - DrawART ツ 3 дня назад


  • Snap Ground Dark attak 124
    Snap Ground Dark attak 124 3 дня назад

    I have another way that my mother taught me. Put toothpaste on your brush then dip it into salt (not too much) then brush your teeth normally.

  • gamertagcaleb
    gamertagcaleb 4 дня назад

    full white teeth ain't the healthy colour. It's slightly yellow.

  • Rare Pivot
    Rare Pivot 4 дня назад

    to make your teeth white buy a paint and paint brush

  • Natural Cures Tips
    Natural Cures Tips 4 дня назад +2

    thanks you !!

  • Mark S
    Mark S 6 дней назад

    hey it would look more cleaner if you took out the seeds from the plate and just left the juice from the lemon..and i would use a bowl and or show amount in a spoon for those who want to be exact

  • Phyllis Anderson
    Phyllis Anderson 6 дней назад

    She sure needs to work on her presentation before she makes a video. She drove me NUTS. Video too long for what the message is. She is light years away from being ready to share anything on YouTube. Please take this as constructive criticism.

  • Solomon Darden
    Solomon Darden 8 дней назад

    Anyone else get that smell of gizz in they mixture of lemon and baking soda?

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    mlzanercik 8 дней назад

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  • Chineme Kwekowe
    Chineme Kwekowe 8 дней назад

    I am now in the know about belly fat and plaque removal

  • Lorraine Doheny Draws
    Lorraine Doheny Draws 9 дней назад

    Or you could just use toothpaste

  • sensy 01
    sensy 01 9 дней назад +1

    don't make it so often , it's agressive and after we have sensibility and cold on teeths

  • Doctor'S ChannelBD
    Doctor'S ChannelBD 9 дней назад +1

    Nice Tips

  • Manaswani Gaur
    Manaswani Gaur 9 дней назад

    I'm 11 can I use this remedy

    RANGACHARI JEGANATH 10 дней назад

    Nail polish clener

  • Lonzo Ray
    Lonzo Ray 10 дней назад +1


  • Shannon
    Shannon 10 дней назад

    as u can see this video doesnt even show him putting it on his teeth so why do u trust this?????????

  • Hussain Shah
    Hussain Shah 11 дней назад

    How to get White teeth

    Brush them

  • EndPur
    EndPur 11 дней назад +1

    Thank you for share...

  • Husna Padhli
    Husna Padhli 12 дней назад

    can i used baking powder? it's same with baking soda?

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  • Lumea Jucăriilor
    Lumea Jucăriilor 13 дней назад

    on the baking soda is write in Romanian
    I am from this country.

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 8 дней назад

      da...dar cred ca o sa incerc si in romana.

    • Lumea Jucăriilor
      Lumea Jucăriilor 12 дней назад

      Hacked Life RP , Lol super :))) Filmezi in engleza pt. a atrage fani din toată lumea , nu ?

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 12 дней назад

      si eu:))

  • shreebhagya Kumbhar
    shreebhagya Kumbhar 14 дней назад

    pouder kounsa hai

  • Cat tt
    Cat tt 15 дней назад

    to działa? 0.0

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  • Abdul Aziz Qureshi
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  • FluffySushie
    FluffySushie 16 дней назад

    What was the white stuff? baking soda?

  • VideoTutorial
    VideoTutorial 17 дней назад

    anyone else watched this in mute? :)

  • Samantha Gemini
    Samantha Gemini 17 дней назад

    anybody else hear that gross sound in the background

  • Deejay VTranz
    Deejay VTranz 17 дней назад

    If I don't have baking soda will cocaine work?

  • JJ prince
    JJ prince 18 дней назад

    or just go to the fucking dentist

  • Robloxgamer queen
    Robloxgamer queen 19 дней назад

    me: *sees this in my recommendations*
    also me: what are you trying to say

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    mach das 100 Mal und du hast keine Zähne mehr

  • Zoro Pirate hunter
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    it works in 2017?

  • Favorite
    Favorite 20 дней назад

    suna bine mai domnule Român, dar niște specificații și detalii erau bune.

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 19 дней назад

      sunt si alea daca dai click pe subtitrari sau daca folosesti laptopul iti apar scrise pe ecran (telefonul mobil nu suporta)

  • mr blackflash
    mr blackflash 21 день назад

    will this still work if i have no teeth

  • Megaming tuber
    Megaming tuber 21 день назад

    Is it baking soda

  • Roby GamerRoEn
    Roby GamerRoEn 22 дня назад +2

    Român 0:09

  • Bungee Gamer
    Bungee Gamer 23 дня назад

    Can we use Baking Powder too!😕😑😒

  • Md haqlawi
    Md haqlawi 23 дня назад

    oh really?!
    i will try to do it .
    my teeth are little yellow ,
    but i fear it still
    yellow from colour
    of limon juice 😢

  • Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell 23 дня назад

    What pH are you getting with that mixture?

  • Princes Malik
    Princes Malik 24 дня назад

    Can it use only one day after one day can I use it

  • sikander Mehmood
    sikander Mehmood 24 дня назад +1

    just use olive maswak زیتون کی مسواک

  • senuka fernando
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  • Jeremy Pollock
    Jeremy Pollock 24 дня назад

    what is the powder stuff

  • Sonia Adnan
    Sonia Adnan 26 дней назад

    really i try on my son but it doesn't work....

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 24 дня назад

      it won't work on his baby teeth. he has to grow the ones that will have his whole life

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 24 дня назад

      it won't work on his first teeth if he still has them

  • Sanjay Patil
    Sanjay Patil 26 дней назад

    what's that powder

  • setag54321
    setag54321 27 дней назад

    Citric ACID....Phosphoric ACID is in Soda Pop not good for yah....same difference. The Enamel will take a hit.

  • April Pacheco
    April Pacheco 28 дней назад

    would lime work?

  • وحید حسینی
    وحید حسینی 29 дней назад

    اولیه چیه شکر با نمک؟

  • Juan Orozco
    Juan Orozco 1 месяц назад

    Can you use limes ?

  • Fallon Moore
    Fallon Moore 1 месяц назад

    is it safe? how long does it last?

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 месяц назад

      it lasts as long as you don't smoke and drink coffe..

  • DragonOrigamirl08
    DragonOrigamirl08 1 месяц назад +1

    you can also use baking soda and peroxide. thanks for the helpful video

  • Европейский Чудаки
    Европейский Чудаки 1 месяц назад

    does this mean i no have cavities anymor3?

  • rizbo5
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    great music :D

  • anaya health and beauty tips
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  • Adarsh Das
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  • Ayse Polat
    Ayse Polat 1 месяц назад

    Works it??

  • mary 09
    mary 09 1 месяц назад +1

    Its work with apple cider and baking soda

  • Piush Chauhan
    Piush Chauhan 1 месяц назад


  • ماستر كوكيز Master Cookies
    ماستر كوكيز Master Cookies 1 месяц назад

    Ilove your videos

  • LadySwanify! NovemberRose
    LadySwanify! NovemberRose 1 месяц назад +1

    Are you sure this is not a horror movie...The small old century plate, the age of the knife which it looks like came form 1928..the lemon juice spreading everywhere remind me of watching a vampire movie ..("-")

  • Have a nice Dave
    Have a nice Dave 1 месяц назад

    i have a white crayon. will that work?

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  • JustSayin'
    JustSayin' 1 месяц назад

    Does that actually work?

  • Rajan kmr
    Rajan kmr 1 месяц назад

    Not helpful trying it long time

  • Ваня Бїлусяк
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  • Allen
    Allen 1 месяц назад +2

    I'm tired off all these bullshit comments on how to actually whiten your teeth.
    Just get some spray paint you dumbasses.
    100% results no bullshit

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  • Kamla Singla
    Kamla Singla 1 месяц назад

    is that baking soda

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  • Person
    Person 1 месяц назад

    3 weeks is *NOT* "3 minutes".

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 месяц назад

      3 weeks is the maximum period you can use this method...results are seen from the first use ( 3 minutes ) and after that, you decide how white you want them using it one week or 3

  • vikku Singh
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    I hope Donald Trump will try this towards his hair

  • Sushil Sharma
    Sushil Sharma 1 месяц назад

    pata nahin Kya Kya milaya

  • Abhilash Katta
    Abhilash Katta 1 месяц назад

    what is the powder??

  • Devine Massage
    Devine Massage 1 месяц назад

    can you use bottled lemon juice? using a fresh lemon is wasteful when you only use the juice from one half.

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 месяц назад

      only if it's natural ( no sugar added )

  • White Teeth Today
    White Teeth Today 1 месяц назад +1

    Good video. However it is important to use the same amount of baking soda and lemon, a teeth spoon of each is recommended. You shouldn't wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth after doing this and you shouldn't do this more than two times a week.

  • mythresh panthangi
    mythresh panthangi 1 месяц назад +1

    super nice intelligent so proud I have tried it's become so true

  • Yiğit Emirhan Durmuş
    Yiğit Emirhan Durmuş 1 месяц назад

    Using two substances in the mouth that are chemically reacting with each other? Ok...

  • Chris Burke
    Chris Burke 1 месяц назад

    what song is playing dope sound?

  • mahendra singh
    mahendra singh 1 месяц назад


  • Karzenklh
    Karzenklh 1 месяц назад +1

    Ok guys life hack here. First u start brushing ur teeth... SEE after a month of actually brushing teeth ur teeth will be white...i mean isnt this the coolest ever

  • Abdul Burgos
    Abdul Burgos 1 месяц назад

    are you sure this is work my teeth look into to yellow