• Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • Join Click as we guess mystery objects by their smell.

    *We're not actually selling Lazarbeam's sock
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Comments • 4 619

  • Kendall Playz
    Kendall Playz Day ago +1

    I feel like Muselk should of won...

  • William Huggins
    William Huggins Day ago

    11:52 but Lazzerbeam

    It’s already been cocked

  • Shaswat Dubey
    Shaswat Dubey Day ago

    Lannan didn't got many of those because he eats only vegemite

  • Lapiz Ninja Gaming
    Lapiz Ninja Gaming 4 days ago

    Is Lazarbeam wearing Lachlan merch

  • Cringe Central
    Cringe Central 4 days ago

    Two positives definitely don’t equal a negative

  • Camano Family
    Camano Family 6 days ago


  • Jam 5
    Jam 5 7 days ago

    No it’s um no no it’s

  • • XxMolliexX •
    • XxMolliexX • 8 days ago

    Lazarbeams face at the start tho

  • Dab family
    Dab family 8 days ago

    Ellliot says something and Kath goes yeahhhhhhh

  • Dab family
    Dab family 8 days ago

    Plant are technically alive

  • Parker Acrey
    Parker Acrey 9 days ago

    Lannan is the best

  • AlexTheBeast 12 extreme

    Elliot when he gets the first smell:I’m literally a god


    Why blue cheese is not blue

  • Lost Falcon
    Lost Falcon 10 days ago

    Make this turn blue if lannan won

  • UselessAnimationz
    UselessAnimationz 10 days ago

    lannans team always seems to lose but always has the best time

  • Jessica exell
    Jessica exell 10 days ago

    Muselk says one thing loser fruit yea yea it is

  • sir duckbill
    sir duckbill 11 days ago

    cray: its a fruit

  • A N Productions
    A N Productions 12 days ago

    2:39 u should know lannan u bang the queen that drinks tea

  • Hurricane 200
    Hurricane 200 13 days ago

    Why are lannan and baz so bad at recognising smells??

  • mysticaly born
    mysticaly born 13 days ago

    Shoe polish, in high doses can damage your brain, to the point your like lannan 😂

  • Elite Clone kid
    Elite Clone kid 14 days ago

    1:33 no it’s dolphin

  • Mr Giant370
    Mr Giant370 15 days ago

    Bazzer points at flower with blindfold off: pineapple 😂😂

  • Stephen Davis
    Stephen Davis 16 days ago

    Cray and I Mr private school

  • Michael Lapardin
    Michael Lapardin 17 days ago

    I brushed my teeth with deep heat not on purpose, my biggest mistake

  • TheLegend158
    TheLegend158 17 days ago

    where is the bathwater click :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

  • aby binoy
    aby binoy 18 days ago

    Blue cheese=faeces

  • O-bro Gaming
    O-bro Gaming 19 days ago

    please tell me they do durian

  • Solomon Anderson
    Solomon Anderson 20 days ago

    I love u cray

    THE GAMERS LAB 21 day ago

    Bazza beam

  • Domzaptr
    Domzaptr 21 day ago

    Nothing that can defeat the nose of Eliot the neck minute. What is this

  • Savannah Nathan
    Savannah Nathan 21 day ago +2

    No one :

    No one in click :

    No one in the world :

    Bazz : “help!”

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox 22 days ago

    2 positives =a positive

  • Savannah Nathan
    Savannah Nathan 23 days ago +1

    My bird did his first yawn while i was watching a click video

  • Savannah Nathan
    Savannah Nathan 23 days ago +2

    Lannan : im not going back I have anxiety

    Also Lannan : Fortnite is anxiety medication

  • Savannah Nathan
    Savannah Nathan 23 days ago +1

    Not a single click member :
    Not anyone in the world :

    Bazz : HELP

  • Subscribe to me for no absolute reason

    Here we have Elliots huge ass ego

  • Sam Picken
    Sam Picken 24 days ago

    Everyone later died from brain desise caused by inhaling dangerous Shoe polish

  • Eli M PARKER
    Eli M PARKER 25 days ago

    5:50 I thought bang fuels his existence

  • Will Motomura
    Will Motomura 26 days ago

    blue cheese is good with wine rite

  • tabbing reaper ✌🤘👌

    I love the fact that Kath just says all ya ya it is

  • Mr loot llama king
    Mr loot llama king 28 days ago

    Bazz "it stabbed me"
    Me "it's a gnome with a knife"

  • Viliami Tuita
    Viliami Tuita 29 days ago

    When apes discovered coffee 6:06

  • YungSauceGodJ
    YungSauceGodJ 29 days ago

    why do they say tuna like chuna? fricken aliens

  • Julianne Wynn
    Julianne Wynn 29 days ago

    Well today I learned that they call it "Deep heat" in Australia and not 'Icy Hot" like we do in America

  • Nathan John DE MEDICI


  • XxxBeastDiexxX
    XxxBeastDiexxX Month ago

    Loserfruit has the calmest reaction to the cheese

  • Sharon
    Sharon Month ago

    Cray is the cutest and best little creature. He deserves the world

  • Sharon
    Sharon Month ago

    Kath’s “ohh yeahh” is the best

  • Eddie Jones
    Eddie Jones Month ago

    Elliot dosent have the nose of a hound he has the nose of a hungrey nigga

  • TalkativeRicheei
    TalkativeRicheei Month ago

    Elliot:I know its Tea
    Cath: Yeah yeha its tea *follows him *
    Elliot : I know it its COFFEE
    Cath:ye ye its Coffee
    Elliot:Its Cheese
    Cath:Oh yea its cheese
    Litterly me if I dont know the answer XD

  • Metallicspace 54
    Metallicspace 54 Month ago

    Is lannan wearing lachlan merch??


  • Katie Brennan
    Katie Brennan Month ago

    I love cray so much

  • Misael Isiordia
    Misael Isiordia Month ago

    Muselk “I’m actually a God” Watkins

  • Peter MacGregor
    Peter MacGregor Month ago +1

    Lazarbeam is like the kid in the back of the class who constantly needs attention so he does dumb shit all the time just people to look at him

  • Sans Comic
    Sans Comic Month ago +1

    20:35 Loserfruits laugh is Scary

  • Young_ Speargun
    Young_ Speargun Month ago

    Lazar beam though at the start

  • hadi
    hadi Month ago

    Yayy Cray won a challenge 😄

  • austin coward
    austin coward Month ago

    Muselk: its cheese
    Kath: oh yeaaaaaa its cheese

  • Hacub 0568
    Hacub 0568 Month ago

    Elliot’s nose is actually kind of impressive

  • S.J. Rapala
    S.J. Rapala Month ago

    Muselk: gets it right
    Lufu: oh yeah