Tipping Street Performers

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  • Watching these videos will make you think I'm really a wizard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9siFexm1I9c&list=PL0fueLicH5TINBz3PQHUC8xQwyorhunVf&index=1


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    All of these performers are extremely talented and I want to thank them for being a part of this project. Some of them have already made it big, and some are just staring out. Check all of them out!

    Nyla "Ninja" Rose (guitarist): http://bit.ly/nylaninja

    Larry & Sonia Wright (drummers): http://bit.ly/bucketbeat

    Breakatronz (dance group): http://bit.ly/brktronz

    Sung Lee BeatBox (vocal looper): http://bit.ly/sungleebt

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    263 people missed the LIKe button

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    Rayyan Kiev 16 дней назад

    someone pls take the girl in red to get a place in a recording room because she sings better than most of singers we have today

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    Nicholas Teutsch 21 день назад

    You are the best person ever!!!

  • Leon and Brandon Best Firends mad in 2003

    Next up! Going to the store to buy stuff

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    Good people are suffering not fair

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    Did he stop doing these videos? I mean they're more pranking than helping people. I love watching these videos and see their reaction.

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    that girl has amazing voice

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    Will smith @ 1:55 ?

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    Ed sheeran ur such a good guy

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    Your a really good person

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    this makes me so happy

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    Im a firm believer in Karma......my friend, you're in good shape.

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    Man...You are the person that would do anything. These people need it! Your probably the kindest person on YouTube.... Thanks to you, i will start to do this!

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    you are a great man
    the last time I saw one of your videos you only had 800,000 subscribers and now you have 2 million subscribers

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    It's on YouTube but i like it

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    that drummer looks like drake

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    wow,that was pretty awesome!!

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    I am seriously in love with you stuart😢😢 you are such an angel😢😢

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    one of the angel around us

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    This guy deserves more subscribers because of helping peoples!

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    I have a thing for people that play the violin

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    u know what? U r a great dude. God bless u :)

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    Very beautiful girl in red :)

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    her voice is so mesmerising

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    Loved how he used her singing for the rest of the video. Nice blend! 2:15

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    Kevin Najera 5 месяцев назад

    me living in NY for over 19 years now the rent is just gonna keep going up but the point is that those r a good help even if don't look like it

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    that girl is GOOD

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    omg Stu, you're the boss!!!

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    Great job. Thank you for being so kind to others.

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    Oh you have a thing for violin players? ;) I'm a violin player ;))))))))

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    1:57 that woman is a kind soul. Dont know her, but got such a good feeling.
    He looks like a good fellow too. Hope they get a good life.

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    At first i thought this said tripping street performers hahaha

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    I think a lot of people were not as thankful as they should be..

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    dude u're awesome! keep doing that people needs more like you. God bless you! you

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    I know the ones from 1:30 lol

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    Giving far surpasses receiving

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    She is SO GOOd AT SINGING! Like why isn't she famous already!

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    U c ths kids face simle is so real& emotional Gud job bro

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    When he was hanging out with everybody it was sooooooo cool

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    Never forget where you come from ❤️

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    i love street performers, many of them have real sense of art

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    Now these are people deserving of a tip. NOT lazy pizza delivery guys.

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    The girl in red OMG!!! I want to listen to her music where can i find it?

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      Same, she is awesome... If you find out, let me know please :D

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    you are a good person,god bless you.

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    I have seen some really good street performer's around the country and wonder why some aren't playing in club's.

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    what song was the 2:23 girls singing? plz

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    man that reminds me of my childhood single mom in Detroit raising three kids but she made it through by singing too bad she went crazy lol

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    Wow! This makes me so happy, you bring joy to everyone!

    God may with you

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    If a youtube video can help people .Then i pray god people shoot this kind of videos million times .Love u Bro for ur good work..

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    Love this!

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    I just stumbled upon this video and then i started seeing all your videos.... You are such a nice person. Faith in humanity = Restored <3

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    Wth that girl should be like a star

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    i like to play fiddle

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    The woman in the thumbnail looks like a female version of Chip

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    I don't want to be rude or anything but how are you so rich

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    She sounds so great omgggggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    your an angel

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    WHO IS THAT GIRL?!?!?!?!?!?

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    Music spreads what's put into it. Love in this case.

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    this is one of the reasons you are great, among others. the world needs more people like you! you are amazing!

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    I get really happy everytime i watch you're videos

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    you're great...love the way you prank people

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    He somehow looks like Angel from x men apocalypse

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    The thing about this video is , is that unlike many other YouTube videos of giving back , this one doesn't try to show off that he gave hundreds of dollars to performers.

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    Dropping hundos on buskers! That is effing awesome!
    Yes, and the magic is fun, too.

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    damn, am I the only one crying?

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    I miss this kind of video. You're good at helping people, Stuart.

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    "That's my father's?" Man that hit me.

      KITTYLOVER35 10 месяцев назад

      +Debra Nesan
      Oh it makes sense now.

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      +KITTYLOVER35 the kid couldn't believe that his dad actually had 100 dollars that day. He most probably hasn't seen that much money in a long time or ever in his life.

      KITTYLOVER35 10 месяцев назад

      Sorry I didn't understand that. Could you explain why the kid said that. It's early in the morning so I'm tired or dumb.

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    That girl is really good

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    We don't have any street performers around my area.
    Closest we have to a street performance, is crappy bell ringing by salvation army guys during christmas.

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    This world needs more people like you man, all the love and respect from México! ❤️✌🏻️🇲🇽

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    You make me so happy, your videos are helping me through depression. Thank you Stuart. ^-^

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    I thought this was called" tripping street performers"

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    That singer is AMAZING!

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    I really love you , you are so nice , I literally cry . Best person ever