• Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • WOW! I packed the brand new Team of the tournament Salah! Omg, is he insane!? Let's see. FIFA 20 Ultimate Team CONTENT!
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    TWOSYNC  Month ago +175

    OMFG! Surely deserves a like!? SUPER SUNDAY:

    • CianPlayz 90
      CianPlayz 90 Month ago

      Does anyone else realise when chris said he wears the hoodie everyday does he even clean the hoodie. What a smell.

    • alfieleach
      alfieleach Month ago

      You should make the Super Sunday Cup worth 2 points so it is better respected

    • Jack C
      Jack C Month ago

      Matt tell Chris it’s not “Hugo” son

    • Edin Malic
      Edin Malic Month ago

      I feel your pain Matt in Fut champs I jus quit those type of matches n in rivals I try n play it out but the temper is bad wit FIFA lol

    • Luke Bestwick
      Luke Bestwick Month ago

      I got salah tott in a pack from the season progress

  • Dark Shadowclaw123
    Dark Shadowclaw123 Month ago +4

    There goes my sons Christmas present
    What a nice father

  • Lewis Shipley
    Lewis Shipley Month ago +1

    Less of them and there’s more europa league rounds

  • Sam Griffith
    Sam Griffith Month ago

    Super Sunday’s always recorded late 😂

  • Vinijr420 Goldenstrike

    Matt u have five attackers? One cdm

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans Month ago +5

    Live stream during team of the year

  • Sam Walker
    Sam Walker Month ago +7

    Europa league cards are rarer because theirs less of them

  • tim field MTB
    tim field MTB Month ago +1

    I got Martinez 3 times give me at least 1 messi

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams Month ago

    Matt still thinks speed up lag relies on your opponents connection😂

  • alfieleach
    alfieleach Month ago +8

    Matt has a son

    • Jake Lko
      Jake Lko Month ago

      And also getting married

    • Jake Lko
      Jake Lko Month ago

      Nilsino97 I think he has a kid on the way

    • Nilsino97
      Nilsino97 Month ago

      alfieleach what? 😂😅 i watched them like 4 years ago and started again because I enjoy this years fifa. How old are they actually? 😅

  • James Lloyd
    James Lloyd Month ago +2

    More ucl plurs than europa league that’s why matt

  • alfieleach
    alfieleach Month ago +8

    You Should make Super Sunday worth TWO POINTS
    like if you agree

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D Month ago +7

    If people vote for Chris for pack of the week this week we'll truly know that the voting is rigged

    CHAZRR HD Month ago +2

    Bcus there is less Europa league cards chris

  • Joseph Pascoe
    Joseph Pascoe Month ago +7

    15:17 Matt realising Chris have won goal of the week again

  • Myst 2
    Myst 2 Month ago +1

    CHRIS HAS DECO IN HIS TEAM i saw from my xbox

  • Myst 2
    Myst 2 Month ago +3

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeee nnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww vvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooo

  • Gavin Barber
    Gavin Barber Month ago +2

    Video pls

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James Month ago +6

    Where’s the vid?

  • Myst 2
    Myst 2 Month ago +6


  • Matthew Patton
    Matthew Patton Month ago +5

    New vid?

  • Itz LT
    Itz LT Month ago +5


  • Liam p0tts
    Liam p0tts Month ago +6

    wheres the video?!?!?!?!

  • Darren Leigh
    Darren Leigh Month ago

    Trophy: matt

  • Olly T
    Olly T Month ago +1

    Chris made twosync Matt does shitall

  • yxllow
    yxllow Month ago +1

    Europa leagues is harder as there is a lot less compared to the amount of tott but you will probably just get tolisso or martinez

  • Meed
    Meed Month ago +2

    I think the Super Sunday trophy should be worth more on Trophy Tuesday because it does take more skill.. the only reason Chris is still ahead by so much is because of the doubles he keeps getting..

  • itzTemp0- FN
    itzTemp0- FN Month ago


  • Dareal_Deans
    Dareal_Deans Month ago +5

    The europe league players are only 3.1% because there’s only 2 of them compared to the 10+ champions league players I’m sure each one separately have the same chance but since there’s more champions league there more available to get

  • TheUltimateHeskeys
    TheUltimateHeskeys Month ago +4

    Matt has a son?

  • turtle 86
    turtle 86 Month ago +1

    Chris try trossard it takes effort but you have the time dont you

  • Rhys-plays 18
    Rhys-plays 18 Month ago +2

    Because there are less europa league players out atm

  • Almightyy Tv
    Almightyy Tv Month ago +1

    I bet when people beat Matt, they say “he’s such a paid to win player” but rarely wins with an amazing team

  • Celtic Fc
    Celtic Fc Month ago +2

    Because their is less europa league players

    • yxllow
      yxllow Month ago

      Up the bhoys

  • Luke Carolan
    Luke Carolan Month ago +6

    Wait Matt has a son?

  • Bart3k
    Bart3k Month ago +8

    I miss the chris from fifa 17/18, the real chris, not the acting like a person with autism one..

    • Vylet
      Vylet Month ago +2

      That was the depressed Chris

  • Liam Killoran
    Liam Killoran Month ago

    Firmino goal weak foot

  • Joey Sorella
    Joey Sorella Month ago +2


  • Kai Kelly
    Kai Kelly Month ago +1

    Cracking plur certify the new tott Morelos

  • Jacob Bruce
    Jacob Bruce Month ago +3

    Matt the reason there is less chance of a Europa league plur is cuz there is 2 europa league plurs

  • MysteryNight
    MysteryNight Month ago +5

    Chris is a legend of the community. Like so he can see

  • Reece S
    Reece S Month ago +2

    One like is one time matt blamed the lag

  • Vithusan 10
    Vithusan 10 Month ago +3

    There is a lower chance because theres only 2 tott europa league players and idk 10 tott ucl players

  • minisnipper
    minisnipper Month ago +4

    It's harder to pack because there is less of them

    Like so he can see

  • Viperz HD
    Viperz HD Month ago +2

    The reason TOTT Europa League cards are harder to get is because you get higher rated players in those packs, if you go to like a 15k pack the percentage is higher because you get way more lower rated players

  • Ginger Ninja2468
    Ginger Ninja2468 Month ago

    I really hope he doesn’t think sons name is Hugo 😂😂😂

    • Killer_zX
      Killer_zX Month ago

      Iram Tammam it’s a Fifa 6 joke mate shush

    • Iram Tammam
      Iram Tammam Month ago

      It’s a fifa 17 joke lol

  • Aadne Refsnes
    Aadne Refsnes Month ago +3

    Why would anyone buy your shity hoodies for christmas

  • Zak Curry
    Zak Curry Month ago +2

    Teabag in, bold move

  • cheese pie007
    cheese pie007 Month ago +3

    3:35 because there are more champions league ones than Europa league ones

  • RcG gaming
    RcG gaming Month ago

    KEEP SON!!

  • KxE_RL
    KxE_RL Month ago +1

    What site do you guys use to make the masks?

  • Raz Zenteno
    Raz Zenteno Month ago

    Super Sunday is the best trophy

  • heung-min son
    heung-min son Month ago

    U 'packed him in a pack'

  • The Ballon D'or Was A Fix

    Matt the reason why the el cards are more difficult to pack is cuz there's only 3

  • Dylan Wood
    Dylan Wood Month ago +3

    14:15 Chris being autistic as usual

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera Month ago

    “Come here!!!” 😂😂💀

  • Irishluckmate
    Irishluckmate Month ago

    Yo I've done all fut swap challenges and I need one more to get a player I want, anyone know how I can get one more? Will there be an sbc soon or another challenge?

  • Jake Bostock
    Jake Bostock Month ago +5

    Because there’s only 3 europa league ones ya nobhead

  • TheFlyingDutchMan
    TheFlyingDutchMan Month ago +1

    Chris no wonder you always have more shots your shots are from way to far, please learn to actually create changes instead of just winning on luck

  • ZIWO
    ZIWO Month ago

    Isn’t scoring goal of the week tactical lol 😂