GOT7 "Lullaby" M/V

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • GOT7 "Lullaby" M/V
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  • OJM
    OJM 12 minutes ago

    286.429 ^_^

  • OJM
    OJM 53 minutes ago +1

    Come on Friends!!! Let's go!! Spin Spin Spin!!! Don't stop!! ^^

  • You Calling My Name
    You Calling My Name 56 minutes ago +1


  • Baton Road
    Baton Road 59 minutes ago +1

    Please support our sunshine otter by voting him via IDOLCHAMP app. It’s for an ad. He is currently in second place and we don’t have much time. Please help ahgases. Please.
    #GOT7 #IGOT7 @GOT7Official

  • Janyaporn Kaewrod
    Janyaporn Kaewrod Hour ago +1

    Two eight three

  • Zainab Ahmed Ahgase
    Zainab Ahmed Ahgase Hour ago +1

    Pls request on FBE's videos to feature got7!

  • OJM
    OJM Hour ago +1

    Good morning Ahgase!!!!! Have a great day!! Keep spinning!!! ^_^

  • Jaque Mi
    Jaque Mi Hour ago +1

    Good morning!

    • OJM
      OJM Hour ago

      Good morning!!!

  • Zainab Ahmed Ahgase
    Zainab Ahmed Ahgase Hour ago +1

    280,815 12:16pm 21st jan

  • Veeñ Ã
    Veeñ à2 hours ago +1

    2 8 0

  • Arwen Elron
    Arwen Elron 4 hours ago +2

    ♡♡♡ LULLABY ♡♡♡

  • Aghase Fighting
    Aghase Fighting 5 hours ago +3

    two seven three

  • Maham Rafique
    Maham Rafique 6 hours ago +3

    two seven two

  • Lexi 123
    Lexi 123 6 hours ago +4

    new ahgase here, after this mv, picking a bias is impossible 😳

    • OJM
      OJM Hour ago

      @Zainab Ahmed Ahgase Me too!!!!!! Hahahaha

    • OJM
      OJM Hour ago

      Welcome to the nest Baby bird!!! Don't worry about bias. It's very common here!! Hahahaha
      I've been through three different ones so far. LoL

    • Zainab Ahmed Ahgase
      Zainab Ahmed Ahgase Hour ago

      I swear man. My bias keeps changing too! First it was Jackson, then it became Jinyoung and now it's JayB 😂💚

    • Veeñ Ã
      Veeñ à2 hours ago

      Hey baby bird♡ welcome to our AghaFam~♡
      A little known fact : 90% of aghases don't have a permanent bias. We love all of them. As the famous saying goes "7 or Nothing"

    • Dumpling Noona
      Dumpling Noona 4 hours ago

      that's a common problem to have...even to the old ahgases lol
      At least it's fun trying to figure it out! welcome to the nest!

  • Veeñ Ã
    Veeñ à6 hours ago +3

    Good morning AGHASES! Keep spinning ^_^
    2 7 1

    • OJM
      OJM Hour ago

      Good morning friend!!! ^_^

  • widayati putri
    widayati putri 7 hours ago +2

    Love got7

  • Dumpling Noona
    Dumpling Noona 7 hours ago +1

    Everyone, please take a minute to vote for Youngjae on Idol Champ! He's now in second place but it's a close race, and we have two more days to win him an ad! Fighting!

  • ARMY Moon
    ARMY Moon 8 hours ago +2

    This is my first time watching GOT7 its honestly so good

    • Zainab Ahmed Ahgase
      Zainab Ahmed Ahgase Hour ago

      Plssss check out their other songs like you calling my name, look, you are, hard carry, fly and if you do! I promise you won't be disappointed

    • I U
      I U 2 hours ago

      Pls check their latest song, You Calling My Name

    • Aghase Fighting
      Aghase Fighting 5 hours ago

      Welcome...check out their other songs..ull like them

    • Veeñ Ã
      Veeñ à6 hours ago

      Check out their Japanese MVs. Swagger, Turn up, etc

    • Dumpling Noona
      Dumpling Noona 7 hours ago

      welcome! I hope you'll check out some of their other amazing songs!

  • Magelyn Martin
    Magelyn Martin 8 hours ago +2

    95-96 mil

  • Eijd Ajjd
    Eijd Ajjd 8 hours ago +2


  • nat7 -
    nat7 - 8 hours ago +3

    c'mon 100m!!!!

  • I Got7
    I Got7 8 hours ago +2


  • Pornpana Umpaivit
    Pornpana Umpaivit 9 hours ago +2

    Good Morning........ Lullaby ^_^

  • nal bwa bwa bwa
    nal bwa bwa bwa 9 hours ago +2


  • You Calling My Name
    You Calling My Name 11 hours ago +3


  • IGOT7 of them
    IGOT7 of them 11 hours ago +3

    jb kicking his legs like a cute child

  • Raul De Anjel Martinez
    Raul De Anjel Martinez 12 hours ago +3

    Cuando vienen a MEXICO 💝📲📦😍😍😍🎆🎇 los kiciera ver por siempre

  • Misayeon Tuan
    Misayeon Tuan 12 hours ago +4


  • Dumpling Noona
    Dumpling Noona 13 hours ago +3

    I can't stay long right now because I'm at work but everyone PLEASE go vote for Youngjae on Idol Champ for the 96 liners! Second place is about to take over! Be back to fight later!

    • OJM
      OJM 12 hours ago

      Fighting!! Goodnight!!!

    ROSALIN-BB ST 13 hours ago +3

    You make me ay ay ay- Double b

  • OJM
    OJM 13 hours ago +4

    Come on Ahgase!!!! Keep spinning!!! Let's get 100M!! We can do it!!

  • Veeñ Ã
    Veeñ à14 hours ago +4

    HAHAHAHA! 2K in 1 hour is the current speed. That means 48k in 24 hours, 1.44M per month, wait for atleast 4 months for 100M

    • Veeñ Ã
      Veeñ à6 hours ago

      @OJM yes keep spinning my friend^_^

    • OJM
      OJM 13 hours ago

      Yes. This speed it's no sense. We must Spin faster!! :(

  • Got7 Comeback
    Got7 Comeback 15 hours ago +4

    WE ARE SO CLOSE!! I feel like every time I see this I internally freak out at how close we are and yet how quiet we are about it. ahgase be more vocal and remind people outside of RUclip. sometimes its just slips peoples mind or they don't know or feel motivated enough. let them know how close we are!! ahah

    • Veeñ Ã
      Veeñ à6 hours ago

      Yes! Our fandom is big but lazy af

  • Liz Baltazar
    Liz Baltazar 15 hours ago +4

    Lullaby > 100M

  • OJM
    OJM 16 hours ago +4

    249.619 ^_^
    Keep spinning Ahgase!!!!

  • Veeñ Ã
    Veeñ à16 hours ago +3

    2 4 9

  • Pabo Ooo
    Pabo Ooo 17 hours ago +2

    hundred mil soon?

  • Veeñ Ã
    Veeñ à18 hours ago +3

    2 4 5
    Keep spinning

  • jasmine suman handa
    jasmine suman handa 18 hours ago +3

    Guys please vote on SMA

  • - jc
    - jc 19 hours ago +2

    95.2 ♡

  • มณินทร ทองบ่อ


  • grace setiarto
    grace setiarto 20 hours ago +4

    Sweet talk to me babe
    It's magical


  • Ngô Tấn Đạt
    Ngô Tấn Đạt 20 hours ago +3

    Love from Viet Nam

  • OJM
    OJM 20 hours ago +3

    240.145 ^_^ keep Spinning!!!

  • Veeñ Ã
    Veeñ à20 hours ago +3

    2 3 9

  • nid nid
    nid nid 21 hour ago +2


  • Poe Poe Han Ni
    Poe Poe Han Ni 21 hour ago +4

    Plz VOTE YOUNGJAE for 1996 Representative Idol in Idol Champ

  • Muskan parveen
    Muskan parveen 22 hours ago +6

    The way Bambam said Double B it's really hits hard weirdly satisfying

  • bbbyjyp
    bbbyjyp 22 hours ago +3


  • Veeñ Ã
    Veeñ à23 hours ago +7

    2 3 4
    Keep spinning aghases! ^_^

  • John Carlo Sapongay
    John Carlo Sapongay 23 hours ago +8


  • yyy cc
    yyy cc 23 hours ago +5

    5 Million to go Famm!!
    Im so excited lmaoo

  • Gm Mobile
    Gm Mobile 23 hours ago +3


  • ฉัตร ชัย


  • OJM
    OJM Day ago +5

    Come on Ahgase!!!!!! Don't give up!!! Let's Spinning together!! And don't forget to vote!!!! ^_^

  • OJM
    OJM Day ago +2

    229.299 ^_^

  • OJM
    OJM Day ago +2

    Good morning!!!! Ready for spin?? Let's go!!! Fighting!!!! ^_^

  • Nádia Vaia
    Nádia Vaia Day ago +2


    • Muskan parveen
      Muskan parveen 22 hours ago

      Delete this comment don't use emoji bcoz it will freeze v3iews