GoT Season 8 But It's Devoid of Logic

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • A funny Minutes Straight Game of Thrones video!! There are a lot of funny edits and I use text edits as a form of commentary to add something new to video in the form of funny character expressions. This video centers around there not being any logic in Season 8 of Game of Thrones.
    Thank you to my Patrons: k4nd17r33, Debbs, Nicole, and Sayta.

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  • Rixalla
    Rixalla Month ago +12123

    I actually wasn't expecting that you would make this video. Thanks anyway 😁

    • Jozef Kučera
      Jozef Kučera 2 days ago +1

      thats what I cal subverted EXPECTATIONS

    • pplr1
      pplr1 24 days ago

      @Supercuts Delight Great video thanks. FYI I heard someone submitted the final GoT episode to the Emmys for best writing. Too funny, ironic, or stupid.

    • ingainloggningsnamn
      ingainloggningsnamn Month ago

      @tiradegrandmarshal Tried to sign the petition and I got "There was an error submitting your signature." lol wtf

    • ingainloggningsnamn
      ingainloggningsnamn Month ago

      @tiradegrandmarshal wth... says the petition has 45 signature... and by the time I've written this it's slowly increased to 57.

  • Akva X
    Akva X 5 hours ago

    B...Im going to go now!
    T...Go where🤔
    B...No answer🦅
    MAKES me lol everytime cos its so dumb

  • Martin Jefferson
    Martin Jefferson 7 hours ago

    Season 8 was trash. After all the anticipation we got a season that was disjointed disappointment.
    I could not bring myself to watch the last episode. Maybe one day I might subject myself to the final utter disappointment.

  • Kyle Spotted Bear
    Kyle Spotted Bear 8 hours ago

    The part with rhaegals death was the part that set me off most. It was way too early, too quick and there was no time for the audience to feel the gravity of the death, like with viserions.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 14 hours ago

    I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel.
    But then I got a call from Disney and they offered me my own Star Wars trilogy, so I said... F’k it, I’m out. 😂

  • Shannon Shifflett
    Shannon Shifflett 16 hours ago +1

    From the title of your video, "GoT Season 8 But It's Devoid of Logic", I thought you were just going to post a video with a link to the full season 8 of Game of Thrones..." ;)

    Seriously though, enjoyed the video.

  • Joshua Matthew
    Joshua Matthew 20 hours ago +1

    Season 1 and 2 were pretty good, I miss those days...

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 14 hours ago

      Joshua Matthew When GOT laid down the law, and consequences mattered.

  • Zig
    Zig 20 hours ago

    Seriously, season 8 was so fucking stupid. I was thinking of rewatching whole series after it finished but that last season completely drained my will to even touch it. Maybe someday i guess

  • Whistling Ferret
    Whistling Ferret 21 hour ago

    So, Season 8, then?

  • Raslanie Abaton
    Raslanie Abaton 22 hours ago

    4:25 me after i quick save skyrim

  • Cromwell Castaneda
    Cromwell Castaneda Day ago +1

    "the end of the dothraki"

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 14 hours ago

      Cromwell Castaneda But now we’re back, so kill our queen...and we go away again. 😂 The night is dark and full of dumb dumbs.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss* miss*

  • JT Jumalon
    JT Jumalon Day ago

    Yup. He literally did not know what else he could say.

  • King of Reads
    King of Reads Day ago

    These Arya grunts have me screaming

  • Will Vee
    Will Vee Day ago

    You should've just uploaded the entire season.

  • Hamza Al-asadi
    Hamza Al-asadi Day ago +2

    I rewatched the whole series but I just can’t rewatch season 8 because of how bad it is. The whole show involved mystery and metaphors, but the plot of season 8 took all that and completely shit on it.

  • Terra Jae
    Terra Jae Day ago

    No deadass I wanna know about the honey comb in the brothel

  • F. Fink
    F. Fink Day ago +1

    What has to be said has to be said:
    The writing is shit, but you can't deny how awesome the show was made to look like. I mean, the battle of winterfell was fu**ing amazing, as well as the battle of kings landing. Even though the writers did a bad job, we should still congratulate those actors and scene makers for making such amazing scenes. 👍

  • snatchadams69
    snatchadams69 Day ago

    Picking on the second half of GoT is like picking on a mentally challenged person you absolutely know it's wrong but you still struggle to stifle your laughter..

  • Whoopedy Doo Dooders

    "The end of the dothraki" in season 1 the guy who sold Dany unsullied said she only had about 20 dothraki left with her. Just saying.

  • RedaSkateboard
    RedaSkateboard Day ago

    They really ruined this last season.

    Why is Jon a Targaryen?
    What’s the point of brans power?
    Why did Daenerys attack Jamie only with frog on ( in s7) instead of all 3.
    Viserion died with 2 on point arrows.

  • Kristian Hellwege
    Kristian Hellwege 2 days ago

    So in order to stop the Wild Hunt Geralt, Ciri and their allies need to get an Aen Elle general to turn on Eredin, kill his other two generals Imlerith and Caranthir, use the combined might of the members of the Lodge of Sorceresses and the aid of a rogue Aen Elle sage to draw the Naglfar and Eredin into their world and trap him there, and even then Caranthir almost kills Ciri and Geralt, Eredin's forces cause serious casualties to the combined might of a Nilfgaard division and Clan an Crate, and then Ciri has to personally seek out the source of the Wild Hunt's most dangerous weapon and destroy that. Actually accessing it requires triggering a tower that causes a small scale Conjunction, and even though Ciri's Elder Blood makes her practically godlike now that she is beginning to control it she can still die depending on your actions in game.

    In order to stop the Others Arya Goomba Stomps the Night King and pokes him.
    They really did just give up after Tywin died.

  • brandon242
    brandon242 2 days ago

    when you are stupid or dumb logic is hard to find.

  • Scott Pepper
    Scott Pepper 2 days ago

    I still love the show no matter what.

  • Johana Quintana
    Johana Quintana 2 days ago

    you mean the whole season?

  • Boomstik Demon
    Boomstik Demon 2 days ago

    Why didn't they put the entire season in it

  • Jay Ohlrogge
    Jay Ohlrogge 2 days ago

    Season 8 is an example of some of the laziest, poorest writing in TV history! Shame a series had to end in that way.

  • Trooper ThatsAll
    Trooper ThatsAll 2 days ago

    Never seen an episode, but watched the disappointed faces of the co workers the next day discuss the disappointment. Then had to hear it from my wife, and after seeing the reviews of people, glad I did not invest my time with this prog. Dodged a bullet there then ~trooper

  • Brodha Sattva
    Brodha Sattva 2 days ago

    Nights Watch - Watch what? Theres peace with the wildlings and the white walkers are gone.
    Ser Bron - Master of coin. Pretty sure a sell sword is illiterate. Master of coin?

  • Barty SP
    Barty SP 2 days ago

    It's so fucking stupid.. Honestly

  • Batiste martinaud
    Batiste martinaud 2 days ago

    5:23 no sh*t sherlock

  • Valeria Valencia
    Valeria Valencia 2 days ago +1

    bran's smirk at 5:58 lmfao, i fucking lost it

  • Neatsp
    Neatsp 2 days ago +1

    It's all like a huge april fools joke...

  • Worm Hole
    Worm Hole 2 days ago

    I still cry laugh at 0:18 lol every single time

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren 3 days ago

    GoT season 8 REMAKE 😫🙏🙏💓 this time make it right!

  • diggy pigger
    diggy pigger 3 days ago

    The thumbnail is what’s funny

  • Isaiah Bryant
    Isaiah Bryant 3 days ago +1

    Although some of these are fairly accurate, others do not and dany becoming the mad queen had been foreshadowed for seasons even if the development was rushed it was never random like this video paints it

    • sinbadbuddha
      sinbadbuddha Day ago

      It may have been foreshadowed but it wasn't explained. It was not in character and didn't make any sense in the moment. Even Mad King Aerys had inciting incidents and didn't just suddenly decide to commit mass murder with no motivation.

  • Kulsoom Zaki
    Kulsoom Zaki 3 days ago

    Okay i agree with the whole thing going down in a crappy way! BUT.... Am i the only one who enjoyed the moment when Drogon burns The Iron Throne! I mean the first time i watched it felt really satisfying!!

    • Kulsoom Zaki
      Kulsoom Zaki 3 days ago

      @James I agree completely with every single word you just wrote!! I too after watching THE IRON THRONE melt down, expected that all of what it represented and all of its vicious power that was responsible for every f*****ing thing that happened would be gone! I thought finally: " The wheel is broken"
      But NO!! Then comes Bran!!!

    • James
      James 3 days ago

      Aye I did too and it's easily one of the best scenes of the season imo. But it's odd that all the concepts the iron throne represents aren't really abolished afterward.

  • Robby Singh
    Robby Singh 3 days ago

    This season was so bad I couldn't even watch the video mocking it without cringing.

  • James Rea
    James Rea 3 days ago +2

    Season 8 devoid of logic, should be almost 7 hours of footage in this video

  • atomicguitarfire
    atomicguitarfire 3 days ago +3

    All the kingdom were indenpendent in the past, weren't they?!
    Why only north gets special previlegies?
    If gendry can be a baratheon because of dany, iron islands should have their agreement with her back in meeren.

    Sry bad english

  • Antoni Jurkiewicz
    Antoni Jurkiewicz 3 days ago

    Arya death count *killed* me

  • Alphomega
    Alphomega 3 days ago

    When you see it put into perspective like this, holy shit

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Yo I died when they put that Gordan Ramsey clip.

  • RocketMan
    RocketMan 4 days ago

    The only one devoid of logic is you and your stupid channel.

  • Follower of Dislike Button

    The directors literally went into hiding before the final episode was released fuck those guys.

  • Jhin Four
    Jhin Four 4 days ago

    these guys have noble armor

  • Carson DeAngelis
    Carson DeAngelis 4 days ago

    2:55 that's called a character arc

  • Nateontheguitar
    Nateontheguitar 4 days ago

    Bruh it already is devoid of logic

  • alfhead abazizo
    alfhead abazizo 4 days ago +1

    Varys & Cersei & daenerys they had the worst end in shows of all time.. still have no idea what reason of varys’s death???

  • Stop Right There Criminal Scum

    My jaw literally dropped when Arya still lived after having chunks of buildings fall onto her and getting point blank roasted by a dragon, didn't this show used to have balls? That was the most hilarious bullshit I've ever seen lmfao

  • Graham Bonne
    Graham Bonne 5 days ago

    Wouldn't season 8 but devoid of logic just be season 8 as normal?

  • Psychedelic Rock
    Psychedelic Rock 5 days ago +1

    anyone else notice how Emilia Clarke has holes in her ears where earrings used to be, pretty sure Dany never had pierced ears smh

  • Nigel ong
    Nigel ong 5 days ago +1

    The way Night King died and how they manage to hold Winterfell against literally an army of undead 100 times more than them is just absurd

  • QueenQuita
    QueenQuita 5 days ago

    LOL!!! This had me laughing so hard I just can't believe GOT ended like this!!!! We all must be dreaming. We all need to wake up because this is so bad. Great video!

  • Thomas RockBottom45
    Thomas RockBottom45 5 days ago

    Jaime was such a disappointment. And Cersei? Her whole plot after season 5 was completely useless...WTF

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy 5 days ago

    If Arya wasn't going 2 kill Cersei she should have died! Bran manipulated Sam, Jon, Sansa and Tyrion. It was all bitter unless your name was Stark.

  • Haven Thompson
    Haven Thompson 6 days ago

    Watching the first season and then this season was honestly painful

  • Quintus
    Quintus 6 days ago

    I'd agree with the dues ex machina horse but it's even worse than that... She didn't need the horse for anything, she was in the same city the very next episode. That horse scene was just a pure waste of time. A non sequitur. A stand in for an emotional moment for a couple of writers who aren't really writers but merely professional coat tail riders.

  • andy lai
    andy lai 6 days ago

    by far the worst ending to a series to ever happen in history.

  • TC Just TC
    TC Just TC 6 days ago

    For the amount of time they took and the amount of money HBO put into season 8, this season was the WORST! HBO should demand a refund.

  • Infinity Stones
    Infinity Stones 6 days ago

    The GOT but hurt fanboys are so pathetic.

  • Fireheart
    Fireheart 6 days ago

    Honestly you didnt even need to edit anything. This title would work even if yiu put all 8 episodes back to back unedited

  • Chase Rains
    Chase Rains 6 days ago

    just finished this and wow.. what a shit show of a final season. Canceled my subscription immediately.

  • Akul __
    Akul __ 6 days ago +1

    *"God damnit I held the record for the most kills on this show"* really cracked me up and so did Arya surviving everything with a "Uhhhh" xD

  • Akul __
    Akul __ 6 days ago +1

    U missed that when The Iron Fleet killed Rhaegar it had about 20 Scorpions but when she finally attacked they had only one on Euron's ship.

  • RussRedCloud
    RussRedCloud 6 days ago +1

    I can't stress enough how much I fell in love with this show for the first five seasons. They then continued to shit right into my mouth with the last three. Sure they had their moments, but even the fan theories were better than what we got

  • daniel hartness
    daniel hartness 6 days ago

    The constant seductive stares by Bran kill me. Don't know if that's bad acting or just bad writing or both.

  • Troy Trolls
    Troy Trolls 6 days ago

    It pains me to watch this video

  • Jeremy Woods
    Jeremy Woods 7 days ago

    "GoT but devoid of logic"
    Your title implies it ever had logic

  • Silver Spy
    Silver Spy 7 days ago

    Well made haha

  • Muxamoose 101
    Muxamoose 101 7 days ago

    Not gonna lie there are some mistakes sure but it wasnt even that bad

  • L. A.
    L. A. 7 days ago

    Omg thank you for these videos. You have actually allowed me to laugh at it all! So ridiculous!

  • Pineapplecumlord Lol

    3:27 when ever I play widow maker

  • Quintus Sturzebecher

    I thought it was already devoid of logic.

  • Szãm A
    Szãm A 7 days ago

    I was so feckin pissed I didn't waste my time watching the last two episodes of the dogshite that d&d presented to us and didn't have the courtesy to call a logical conclusion that they feckin forgot

  • Cayman George
    Cayman George 7 days ago

    Almost everyone should have died during episode 3.

  • X18Tobias92X
    X18Tobias92X 7 days ago

    If rhaegal died in the battle of kingslanding and maybe after they won the battle cersei would kill missandei in front of danys eyes and then she get mad. It would make more sense to me

  • TOTO
    TOTO 7 days ago +1

    season 8 is 0/10

  • Mikailum
    Mikailum 7 days ago

    Erm.. Is it me or the more we go back to GOT tv series the more it seems like it makes no sense.

  • behind you
    behind you 8 days ago

    and these two are in charge of the next star wars series? well, it might be an improvement on Ryan's work I guess....

  • henkkazor
    henkkazor 8 days ago

    let's behead d&d for treason

  • N G
    N G 8 days ago

    "GoT Season 8 But It's Devoid of Logic"
    So ... basically just GoT Season 8?

  • BecauseIWasBored
    BecauseIWasBored 8 days ago

    Bran becoming king will always be painful to watch

  • Sebastian B.
    Sebastian B. 8 days ago

    Euron's armada sneaking up on those dragons was the precise moment when I gave up. Rocky and Bullwinkle was more consistent than this.

  • shr00mhead
    shr00mhead 9 days ago

    Kind of a redundant title.

  • patrick kelly
    patrick kelly 9 days ago

    Boycott StarWars for ruining GOT.

  • Earl Grey
    Earl Grey 9 days ago

    My lovely Night King :'''c

  • Red Priest
    Red Priest 9 days ago

    you accidentaly put but and it's instead of is in the title.

  • Awkweird
    Awkweird 9 days ago +1

    Arya: I know a killer when I see one.
    Me: No shit, she just massacred an entire kingdom

  • Awkweird
    Awkweird 9 days ago +1

    The whole Dany snapping scene would've been better if they just didn't ring the bells

  • Gveni Kollár
    Gveni Kollár 9 days ago

    ,,(...)not the blood of innocents"
    The can't bleed, if you burn them alive. Logic lvl Dany

  • WarriorofLight
    WarriorofLight 9 days ago

    How did Danearys not see the iron fleet even though she was flying in the sky above an ocean?
    Apparently she wanted her dragon dead for some reason.

  • su3zannewilson
    su3zannewilson 9 days ago

    Daenerys cant blame jon that she thinks jon had something to do with the dothraki getting all killed, He did said "We cant beat them in a straight fight" And they didnt listen.

  • LeninBurg -
    LeninBurg - 9 days ago

    "Not today" LOL

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 9 days ago +1

    So you mean, "GoT Season 8"

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 days ago +1

    whats great about GOT season 8 is even after we finish watching it, we are still entertained by these types of videos. :P

  • James F
    James F 10 days ago

    Arya’s a fan favorite that’s why

  • Melodic Meerkat
    Melodic Meerkat 10 days ago +1

    God its sooo terrible

  • Macadu
    Macadu 10 days ago +1

    Aria: I know a killer when I see one
    Me: NO shit Sherlock