Anti Social Social Club: Don't Believe The Hype

Complex's weekly series Don't Believe the Hype takes a look at what's hot and what's just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food—nothing is safe. On this week's episode, Speedy takes on the highly coveted streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club. Can Complex staffers tell the difference between an Anti Social Social Club hoodie and a fake? Find out on this week's episode of Don't Believe the Hype.

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Автор uncoolalex ( назад)
lmaooo okay true

Автор Yo Step Daddy ( назад)
Nutella Vs Hershey ? Pretty sure it'll be a good episode...

Автор Behzey ( назад)
my nikka dont drink water at all ?? son.. how long you expect to live b

Автор Manuel Aguilar ( назад)
We all fucking know Jinx would wear the fake shit and say it's real.

Автор David Lopez ( назад)
Anti social social club is a weak ass brand

Автор Kal Heisenberg ( назад)
Who the hell cares, even the real one is also fake. It's just a logo on a very cheap GILDAN hoodie, which is what the fake one is.

Автор Justin Singh ( назад)
please do off white

Автор CloudVin ( назад)
Is this a series to support fakes?

Автор Milton Williams ( назад)

Автор Smuckers ( назад)
Y'all real life dumb paying over $20 for a Gildan hoodie

Автор RafaelPDS ( назад)
complex aka fuckboy corp.

Автор khai Ngyn ( назад)
So why don't u tell us the difference????

Автор Shadrack Mawolo ( назад)
the ending is lit

Автор Man Ram ( назад)
Lamest brand out there

Автор Jonny Gray ( назад)
Do Vlone

Автор TBL I ( назад)
ugh its so trash

Автор Yvng Zxvz ( назад)
next up vlone

Автор prnctn ( назад)
Bruh but why do they have fake ones? They ain't even that expensive smh.

Автор benzify ( назад)
the guy in Nike deffo been listening to drakes new album with skepta and giggs hahaha

Автор Aerochalklate ( назад)
hypebeasts are fags

Автор John Park ( назад)
the difference of production cost between the real and fake is prolly like 0.50 cents.

Автор Justin ( назад)
you should show how to recognize a real piece on Dont Believe The Hype (at the end of each episode)

Автор Greg Greg ( назад)
Never heard of the brand sounds like something gay guys with tight clothes care about

Автор soodhooku ( назад)
imagine actually thinking ASSC is cool lmfao. youre a loser if you wear these

Автор MGM Productionz ( назад)
Do a voss vs tap water or figi vs tap water

Автор MGM Productionz ( назад)
Do a voss vs tap water or figi vs tap water

Автор lolll Taylor gang ( назад)
complex is dying hahahahaha

Автор lolll Taylor gang ( назад)
I think this is the gayest fucking brand of all time lmfao😂😂😂

Автор asap koala ( назад)
ASSC are fucking scammers, still haven't got my shit from a drop 6 MONTHS AGO.

fuck ASSC
fuck Neek Lurk

Автор Elliott Jakobsson ( назад)
The fluffy supreme hoodie that the dude wore in this vid was dope af!!

Автор Ewelina B ( назад)
Pro gildan gildan club

Автор Emma Dilemma ( назад)
I love all the fucking popular ass people wearing the hoodie, like you spend every day being social

Автор ZeKade ( назад)
that dude stood outside for all that time and didn't even try the other one on and just made his decision that it was fake. What kind of fuckin people complex hire lmao

Автор Smokey 1987 ( назад)
This shit corny

Автор YungWizGaming ( назад)
this is equivalent to buzzfeed's low price vs high price series

Автор Juan Trejo ( назад)
real shit, jinx couldn't tell which one is fake so he paid complex to say he got it right

Автор brandon ( назад)
lmao they really paying all these people to browse r/hiphopheads, r/sneakers and r/streetwear all day.

Автор Kerr Wilson ( назад)
shows a lot about the brand..

Автор RenGo ( назад)
most trash brand of all time

Автор Alex Ho ( назад)
Fuck all this ASSC whos that girl tho

Автор Myles Johnson ( назад)
peep the 1738 on the timer

Автор Jack Webb ( назад)
Why do they have my mans standing outside for 17 mins

Автор Supreme ( назад)
I wonder if he keeps the stuff when the video is over?

Автор Warhol ( назад)
he takes cheap ass sweats and hoodies and prints same logo on every piece. no original designs and cheaply made but the hypebeasts cant get enough

Автор CmonCuhh ( назад)
niggas can only work at complex if they butt fucking the shit out of materialism, consumerism, and riding these lame ass brands

Автор Chris Metro ( назад)
It's a poor investment to buy a real one , buying a fake is indecent. Just avoid this brand in general

Автор Professor Finesser ( назад)
Headass club

Автор jrn ( назад)
I just wanna know where they got the fakes

Автор Medium Rare ( назад)
I dont even watch Complex videos doe.

Автор Bolgann ( назад)
But the real ones are gildan too, right? So there's no point in buying a real one..

Автор Blaaah ( назад)
idgaf thoo, that's one brand I would rock a fake. get one at the mall any color/size for $15. No crazy shipping prices, no paying $80! for a sweater with some laRge tExt on it .

Автор griffin L ( назад)
anti anti social social club

Автор Get that 10 ( назад)

Автор Darius Chandler ( назад)
That brand is too damn weak and basic for y'all niggas in the comments to be complaining about shipping. 😭

Автор Xan Solo ( назад)
Assc is trash, fake or real.

Автор James Lee ( назад)
Neek ain't Korean tho

Автор Sarah xx ( назад)
Speedy is sooo hot, I can't handle it.

Автор Ogstevie ( назад)
lol I bought one of the hoodies from the last drop, deff won't be buying again, I can see why people think they're trash

Автор RinzleR One ( назад)
What a swagfag fuckboy brand 'anti social club' wtf?!

Автор tamasbean ( назад)
this shit is getting more cheesier than the vlogs

Автор Anthony Sevillano ( назад)
As a graphic designer, I really hate the "Don't Believe The Hype" design.

Автор Premeful ( назад)
Yall probably got the fake one on ebay lmao foh, i know the real fake plug 😤

Автор Samson Hruai ( назад)
Whats the name of the supreme hoodie Joe was wearing?

Автор human ( назад)
I only buy ASSC so i can resell it for $100 more because niggas are dumb enough to buy this gildan shit for resell lmao

Автор Dan Ramirez ( назад)
Anti social social club is for the niggas that miss out on all the other hype beasts drops

Автор Canadian gamer ( назад)
Were dis you buy the fake one from

Автор yung lexington ( назад)
Anti shipping shipping club

Автор Asian Sneakerhead 315 ( назад)
I'm still waiting on a fucking shipping email from Anti Shipping Shipping Club

Автор Willy Beeman ( назад)
Doesn't drink water 🤔...no wonder he is bald headed 😂

Автор Jiggy Bah ( назад)
Lol what was the point of this shit?

Автор Seth ( назад)
trash brand.

Автор Steven Mitchell ( назад)
Website to the fake your using ?

Автор jkurzzz ( назад)
most trash brand out there

Автор Stuff ( назад)
which one shipped faster

Автор Masci0 ( назад)
Literally never heard of this brand but both of them look like shitty ass hoodies and the name of the brand is ass 😂😂😂

Автор NBA PlayNow ( назад)
Beja can get it

Автор TheTrumpanzeeTrainer ( назад)

Автор niggiechuy ( назад)
That brand isn't even cool

Автор Nikolas Geier ( назад)
"dont believe the hype" - complex

Автор clb 4206 ( назад)
I guess it's too bad I already got a real one. Tough luck.

Автор brokenupbeat ( назад)
pfft how has "anti social social" not been sued by anti hero skateboards? it's the same fucking font...wow I can't stand the hype.

Автор Lloyd ( назад)
this nigga don't drink water? lmaoo fucking psycho

Автор Mark Gamer ( назад)
Anti gildan gildan club

Автор Dylan Delaney ( назад)
Dead brand tbh

Автор m1tch ( назад)
the fake isn't even the same version as the real, gr8 research complex

Автор Bagsic ( назад)
One of the shittest looking hoodies out there

Автор Justin Morales ( назад)
Still waiting for my shipment

Автор Drill360 ( назад)
Complex is a bunch of hipsters

Автор Mikey Martin ( назад)
I'd rather wear Gildan than Antisocial Social Club anyways, tbh.

Автор WhoShotYaBro ( назад)
aye I recommended this !!

Автор Ur Mama ( назад)
So they censor out shit but don't censor out fuck? Dafuq😂😂😂

Автор Armando Burgos ( назад)
do a bathing ape hoodie

Автор Cwalk ( назад)
Ya'll are so late or post super irrelevant content

Автор Jumbo Shrimp 77 ( назад)
La puma is a la pussy

Автор Gold's Gaming inc. ( назад)
Pablo by Kanye : don't believe the hype

Автор Justin Egar ( назад)
"ion even rock hoodies tho" 😂

Автор luffygear34 ( назад)
Fuck kal

Автор KEITH K ( назад)
anti shipping shipping club

Автор Vic T ( назад)
Nah its just that they got some bad fakes lol

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