Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
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    Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?
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    Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  10 months ago +900

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    • lokyin ho
      lokyin ho 13 days ago

      Exotic metal push us away from the from the wormhole

    • Banana Cat
      Banana Cat Month ago

      Kevin Vejar your SO mature! I wish I was as mature as you

    • Z3abiii
      Z3abiii Month ago

      thanks for the awesome content 👍🏽

    • Rahat giico
      Rahat giico Month ago

      What is inside of a milky way

    • Rahat giico
      Rahat giico Month ago

      What is inside our Milky Way

  • Samuel Starr
    Samuel Starr 5 hours ago

    this is just as crazy as that fuckin book

  • Spaghet Toucher
    Spaghet Toucher 8 hours ago

    Wormholes are also useful because they make it possible to manipulate energy. For example, if you were to put one end on the ceiling and one end on the floor and threw an object between them it would increase the energy because it is constantly pulled by gravity. This could be used as a source of energy.

  • Kim Land
    Kim Land 13 hours ago

    Where are all the people from the future coming to visit us?
    If we are the forefront of all time, then how could wormholes to the future exist!
    Can planets go through these supposed wormholes too? I don't see any blinking into or out of existence EVER.
    If wormholes exist, then they only exist in your mind, and you are all getting sucked in.

  • Smart Science
    Smart Science 14 hours ago

    I love your videos!!!! you should make a video about what would happen if humans lived on mars.

  • loaf of bread
    loaf of bread 15 hours ago

    Wormholes in a nutshell - shortcuts.

  • Mustard Bottle
    Mustard Bottle 19 hours ago

    Me goes into a dimension where the SCP foundation exist

    JAMAALIZ 19 hours ago

    Cool video, I love the animation.

  • Discount at the dollar store

    The vaporwave theme looks crispy

  • Jack 3G
    Jack 3G Day ago

    I feel guilty because I used the link but didn’t actually sign up for premium

  • Juan B. Hoffman
    Juan B. Hoffman Day ago

    and a gloryhole?

  • Nelson Abdiel Nieves

    Got scared as soon as he said "we make one"

  • Nikki Griffin
    Nikki Griffin Day ago

    I just realized they didn’t mention how at the edges of a wormhole big enough to be traversed, the atoms are smushed together so hard they election repulsion is overcome and you get a bunch of atom bombs.

  • Susanna !
    Susanna ! Day ago +2

    But if exotic mater repells everything positive how can WE go trough them if we are positive matter

  • hunterspride18
    hunterspride18 Day ago +1

    I wonder when people will stop talking like wormholes exist and actually produce some evidence that proves their existence.
    They're just theory. No more than that.

  • Aaron Long
    Aaron Long Day ago +2

    7:27 are those supposed to look like Stargates?

  • kiran shahnaz
    kiran shahnaz Day ago +1

    The music tho 😁

  • HellsKat123456789

    This happens to me every time that I hit my crack pipe.

  • Tom N
    Tom N Day ago

    Exotic Batter

  • RandomIdiot 69420
    RandomIdiot 69420 2 days ago

    F to that kid in the beginning of the video for drifted into the parallel universe alone

  • Momrul Hasan
    Momrul Hasan 2 days ago

    If we got exotic matter then Radarford atom model will be real..
    But inverse

  • Giga Boi
    Giga Boi 2 days ago

    Heh in a nutshell

  • kashewz
    kashewz 2 days ago

    If we are able to create elements we should be able to create wormholes

  • All About Anime!
    All About Anime! 3 days ago

    Wouldn't that exotic matter push anything that enters a wormhole back or even crush it?

  • Luke Dowsing
    Luke Dowsing 3 days ago +1

    This ones a long one but please read. It may change your view on time travel. Read slowly and digest it properly.
    I don’t believe in time travel that much because if in the future or another possible future time travel existed, then surely someone has traveled to our present. Seriously, if there were to be an infinite amount of futures or “branches” then at least one out of the infinite amount of possibility’s, someone has gone to our present and messed up or told someone about it or been caught. Because the “time travelers” that we have “caught on camera” or have had “sightings”, about haven’t been proven, then time travel will never happen. Unless there are ultimate universes where the laws of physics were different, then maybe it would be possible. If time travel were real, then Harry Potter’s view on it would have to be real.
    Let’s say you had the idea of robbing a bank but you also had the idea of stopping it if something went wrong via time travel. As soon as you are about to reach the bank, you from the future would stop you. Done. Because in the future, you failed and ran away. You then time traveled back to stop yourself from doing it and now whatever the consequences were that happened after you failed would disappear and act like nothing happened. So in your eyes you had the idea of robbing a bank, and if something went wrong you would time travel. When you get to the bank, you are stopped by your future self. The End. If you have made it this far then thank you and have a good day.

  • UnknownDerpyPro
    UnknownDerpyPro 3 days ago

    vertex is a math term that could be our universe (if Vertex math is done right it can be endless, which can be the reason why black holes and our endless space exist, and bending points could be a wormholes)

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland 3 days ago

    Wormhole theory is stupid than the black hole theory. Yea there’s wormhole on earth too go travel to China then

  • Foxis
    Foxis 3 days ago

    so there could be a white hole in our universe as well?

  • Justin Kelvianto
    Justin Kelvianto 3 days ago

    Amazing soundtrack damn kurzgesagt

    JONATHAN SONSTEIN 3 days ago

    i wonder what happends if you FART in a wormhole

  • MrMCKlebeband
    MrMCKlebeband 3 days ago

    *bending spacetime

  • Thanh Loan Le
    Thanh Loan Le 3 days ago

    Should watch the beginning in vr

    RE4SON4BLE 3 days ago

    Bruh, just use a portal gun...

  • Samuel Longo
    Samuel Longo 4 days ago

    4:35 Interstellar, is it you?

  • diamondbreak
    diamondbreak 4 days ago

    A 2D plane is surely easy to understand when you bend it. What most people seem to be doubting about is how a 3D worm hole is bent to form.

  • galaxy and spirit studios

    I though I heard exotic butter not matter

  • Rodrigo Sanguanini
    Rodrigo Sanguanini 4 days ago

    I loved the music in this episode

  • Lofiダブ
    Lofiダブ 4 days ago

    put steve and creeper in the black hole

    it will xplode

  • Explosive Addict
    Explosive Addict 6 days ago

    Yaaaaay, more planets for us to ruin.

  • The Attritionist
    The Attritionist 6 days ago

    What if the Great Filter is the discovery of exotic matter?

  • theboiquin
    theboiquin 6 days ago

    Have any one notice that the voice over sounds kinda like the voice over in little big planet?

  • theboiquin
    theboiquin 6 days ago

    Have any one notice that the voice over sounds kinda like the voice over in little big planet?

  • the phsyco
    the phsyco 6 days ago

    Cant u keep a wormhole open with electromegnetic waves

  • Legends Never Die
    Legends Never Die 7 days ago

    2999 year, human created Doraemon

  • Doxie Lain
    Doxie Lain 7 days ago

    Heavy 80's Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy vibe to this one. I approve.

  • Jai Mishra
    Jai Mishra 7 days ago

    I loved the 80s themed video...

  • Jormait in the musgo

    4:34 interestelar reference

  • Parv Sehgal
    Parv Sehgal 7 days ago

    Yo mama so dense she broke space Time

  • InVictus.
    InVictus. 8 days ago +1

    Just say it's a shortcut

  • Justin Scholfield
    Justin Scholfield 8 days ago


  • Eli jakubowicz
    Eli jakubowicz 8 days ago +1

    ya i dont believe in wormholes

  • Leo Hao
    Leo Hao 8 days ago

    The music at the end of the video sounds suspiciously like Revenge a Kurzgesagt Parody.

  • Bluebomber 28
    Bluebomber 28 8 days ago

    what it's like being high 😂

  • shwetha sanjan
    shwetha sanjan 8 days ago

    Lords mobile,
    exotichuman K244
    NBz guild

  • Lando Mando
    Lando Mando 9 days ago

    The Big Bang never happend God created the earth

  • Jandi Humilde
    Jandi Humilde 9 days ago +2

    Year 27364672738:
    *How to build your own universe.*

  • Josiah Stouder
    Josiah Stouder 9 days ago +1

    7:38 nice Rick and Morty citadel reference

  • EMEKO 3019
    EMEKO 3019 10 days ago +7

    bright side: Minecrafter
    kurzgesagt: spacer

  • Asian Hacker
    Asian Hacker 10 days ago +2

    Kurzgesagt: Anti- Matter
    Me: Thinking of the flash
    Kurzgesagt: Exotic Matter
    Me: What?

  • i420x Gaming
    i420x Gaming 10 days ago

    If you can move through a wormhole faster than light does that mean you would see yourself go through the wormhole?