Harry Styles - Lights Up (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Harry Styles’ new song “Lights Up” is available now: hstyles.lnk.to/lightsup

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    What do you mean?
    I’m sorry by the way,
    I’m never coming back down,
    Can’t you see,
    I could but wouldn’t stay,
    I wouldn’t put it like that,
    What do you mean?
    I’m sorry by the way,
    I’m never coming around,
    It’d be so sweet if things just stayed the same,
    La da da da dah,
    All the lights couldn’t put out the dark,
    Running through my heart,
    Lights up and they know who you are,
    Know who you are,
    Do you know who you are?,
    Step into the light,
    It’s so bright sometimes,
    I’m not ever going back,
    Step into the light,
    It’s so bright sometimes,
    I’m not ever going back,
    Step into the light,
    It’s so bright sometimes,
    I’m not ever,
    What do you mean,
    I’m sorry by the way,
    I’m never going back now,
    It’d be so sweet if things just stayed the same,
    La da da da dah,
    All the lights couldn’t put out the dark,
    Running through my heart,
    Lights up and they know who you are,
    Know who you are,
    Do you know who you are?
    #HarryStyles #LightsUp #DoYouKnowWhoYouAre

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  • Rae Louis
    Rae Louis 43 minutes ago +1

    🎶never coming back down...🎶

  • Hal Zeta
    Hal Zeta Hour ago

    This video will never be: ruclip.com/video/Mzybwwf2HoQ/video.html
    Este Video Nunca sera: ruclip.com/video/Mzybwwf2HoQ/video.html

  • Citlali Martínez
    Citlali Martínez Hour ago +1

    1:17 el grito que Harry depósita en el frasco de Adore You

  • Neil John Palma
    Neil John Palma Hour ago


  • Irmãs Fernandes
    Irmãs Fernandes 2 hours ago


  • Yang Sungyeon
    Yang Sungyeon 2 hours ago

    Kunaon ih aang jadi iluminati padahal neng resep ka aang

  • Morgan Mcclain
    Morgan Mcclain 3 hours ago

    Now that Harry is by himself , I actually like his singing and his songs . I think the glow after leaving one direction hits very differently 🥰

  • Ramiro.m 109
    Ramiro.m 109 3 hours ago

    Drogadicto del orto

  • Jess King
    Jess King 4 hours ago +1

    I loooove him he is one beautiful creature

  • Faisal Fahmi
    Faisal Fahmi 4 hours ago

    Fifa 21 soundtrack incoming.....

  • fjnsx dxjnsx
    fjnsx dxjnsx 5 hours ago


  • Luciana López
    Luciana López 5 hours ago


  • Maiana Sapucaia
    Maiana Sapucaia 6 hours ago +1

    O que joalin está fazendo no clipe cara ela e perfeita mais se ela apareci o now United todo deveria aparecer também

  • [broken machine]
    [broken machine] 7 hours ago +1

    It’s funny to think about how 2012 “cool” me who hated 1D would be pissed if she found out current me likes Harry so much.

  • Jermarion Mayes
    Jermarion Mayes 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or is jay nedaj in the video

  • monligth
    monligth 8 hours ago

    How ppl can stop listening to this song i literally cant

  • forgive my spelling i'm just a french trash

    And we were like DAMN WHY ARE YOU SO HOT

  • Maria López
    Maria López 10 hours ago


  • meranda sanchez
    meranda sanchez 10 hours ago

    this song is a DIFFERENT kind of vibe

  • Hanna Luisa
    Hanna Luisa 10 hours ago

    2:48 policia municipal? será que foi gravado esse clipe hummmmm

  • Eva Ozola
    Eva Ozola 10 hours ago +1

    Who's here after Adore You?

  • Mary Carbajal
    Mary Carbajal 10 hours ago


  • Alice Taylor
    Alice Taylor 10 hours ago

    What a shit song, but omg how hot is he looking in this vid!! Wasn't he like 12 in his last one. More of this please x

  • María Farías
    María Farías 11 hours ago

    Sin duda arte. 👌

  • Um Pouco Sobre Tudo
    Um Pouco Sobre Tudo 11 hours ago +1


  • alison mapp
    alison mapp 11 hours ago

    Really like this after seeing him on Jools Holland. Serious artist now after leaving 1D.

  • Victoria G
    Victoria G 11 hours ago +1

    i’m here after “lights up” “watermelon sugar” and “adore you” to say how much harry’s songs sounds amazing! you can feel “HARRY STYLES” in his work!!! i’m so proud ❤️

  • Zoé Janssens
    Zoé Janssens 11 hours ago

    When 1D stopped I was so sad because of Harry. But now that he makes his own music, I think it is much better.

  • Gustavo Amaral
    Gustavo Amaral 11 hours ago


  • un ptit chat québécois
    un ptit chat québécois 12 hours ago +2

    This song is a masterpiece.
    Reading through the lines of the song, and it's about losing his identity by becoming an international artist.
    Shine, step into the light
    Shine, so bright sometime
    Shine, I'm never going back
    Do you know who you are?

  • Clara Beatriz
    Clara Beatriz 13 hours ago +1

    Sou br e vim pela Joalin do now united

  • Christina Fiore
    Christina Fiore 13 hours ago

    Every time he smiles, I die a little inside 🦋💗🥰

  • Raphael
    Raphael 13 hours ago

    I thought I didn't like this song but I listened to the recent live of this song after Adore You live and I really liked it.
    So I came back here and I actually like it.. but I feel like the live version was better to me.

  • William Mv
    William Mv 14 hours ago

    We live a good wholesome orgy scene

  • Victor Champ
    Victor Champ 14 hours ago

    My typical morning on public transport

  • Dasha Sheina
    Dasha Sheina 15 hours ago +1


  • Nour Khbeze
    Nour Khbeze 15 hours ago

    is he bi?

  • Lauane Pereira Dutra Dutra

    Eu te amoooo😍😍

  • Vanesa Nessa
    Vanesa Nessa 15 hours ago

    Hot as hell with an amazing voice ... 😍💪❤️

  • ccp videos
    ccp videos 16 hours ago

    This is the most gorgeous hottest music video ever wtf

  • Alae Marah
    Alae Marah 16 hours ago +1

    Lyrics Video : exe.io/0FlNv4

  • Jitterbug Jordyn
    Jitterbug Jordyn 17 hours ago


  • Jitterbug Jordyn
    Jitterbug Jordyn 17 hours ago

    this is literally art. all the visuals,the outfits,everything. this is why im in love with this man. hes just so artistically talented and so amazing. harry styles everyone:)

  • Begita Huso
    Begita Huso 17 hours ago

    Italiani fatevi sentire🇮🇹💘😝

  • NameLess
    NameLess 17 hours ago

    Shit clip and shit song sucks full.

  • Claudia Halv
    Claudia Halv 17 hours ago

    when I listened the first time this song on the radio, I thought.... Justin Timberlake?. It is the same style.

  • Call me bitchacho¡
    Call me bitchacho¡ 18 hours ago +2

    Wow this music feels like freedom that I've never heard before. I love the variety in his music.

  • Pineapple_melonhead M
    Pineapple_melonhead M 20 hours ago +2

    I never used to like any of the people from one direction but I like how they have all split and showed there true talent I love Harry’s style of songs I’m ubsest now

  • some rando
    some rando 20 hours ago +1

    ngl this reminds me of the purge

    CAL ROBBO 21 hour ago

    This lad cud be a sensation takes his time to produce his music not bad just needs tht addictive tune NOT WATERMELON SUGAR oh and stormzy cud of done a few bars on this

  • Beaster Forever
    Beaster Forever 21 hour ago +2

    I'm so excited for his album!!!!!

  • Евгения Стадницкая

    Секс, секс, секс

  • jasmine shalika
    jasmine shalika 21 hour ago

    i'm so mad that this song is too short :')))

  • Alkhansa Life
    Alkhansa Life 22 hours ago

    1st time hearing it = umm ok?
    2nd time = pretty catchy
    3rd time= repeating it 24/7

  • Bill Skarsgård
    Bill Skarsgård 22 hours ago


  • Perla Vazquez
    Perla Vazquez Day ago +1

    Really sad to see other people living your dream

  • Lara Milazzotto
    Lara Milazzotto Day ago

    sos hermoso te quiero mucho hijo

  • AngelLaurenB
    AngelLaurenB Day ago


  • error 444
    error 444 Day ago

    1:18-1:20 los mismos gritos de adore you

  • juju lisp
    juju lisp Day ago

    queria eu ta me esfregando num harry suado