BLACKPINK's Makeup Artist Does My Makeup | With Mi | Refinery29

  • Published on Sep 2, 2019
  • This week on With Mi, our host Mi-Anne Chan gets her makeup done by BLACKPINK’s makeup artist. The K-Pop sensations makeup artist recreates on of the band members looks on Mi-Anne. Press play to watch the transformation go down!
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Comments • 3 405

  • Refinery29
    Refinery29  3 months ago +4756

    Who else here is a big k-pop fan? Share with us below!

  • El Mariajinn
    El Mariajinn 9 hours ago

    Me seeing the thumbnail:

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll 14 hours ago +1

    Maybe she is the luckiest person in the world. I mean, she can touch and see (so closely) the faces of the members of BlackPink. The most beautiful faces right now. PLUS SHE GET MONEY OF THAT.
    Can I reborn and be her?

  • Morty Māo
    Morty Māo Day ago

    Oh this is good, I actually liked Rosé's makeup the most I think it suits her soft image and rosegolden head. I don't think this lady did her dirty, I can see that she's pretty easy to work with plus since it's a big co. don't they have MUA dept head & she could just do as she bid?

  • 야나
    야나 Day ago

    wow shes actually very good, not alot of makeup artists actually take the natural skin into account.

  • Luna Lopez
    Luna Lopez Day ago +1

    Random fact the first 2 items she used in the video Jeffree star reviewed and like it

  • Inky Munich
    Inky Munich Day ago

    I specifically started following the makeup artist's Instagram after seeing her posts with Rosé's makeup. I love Rosé's makeup, and it really vibes with how I'd like mine to look.
    Less dark/smoky makeup doesn't mean she's putting less effort.


    People, please put on contact lenses before doing makeup.

  • Alice Healy
    Alice Healy Day ago

    Jennie goes out with foundation only on her t-zone and still manages to look like THAT... wow

  • Emily
    Emily Day ago

    anyone know what eyeshadow was used?!??!

  • Alexa Reigh
    Alexa Reigh 2 days ago

    Next video is blackpink's house cleaner cleaned my house

  • Chal Ly
    Chal Ly 2 days ago

    accept it rosé's Stan. you are just envy Jennie's look.

  • asha Khandare
    asha Khandare 2 days ago

    Never seen a cmt section where every cmt has got likes in k...
    N here's me😭

  • Victoria Mauricio Reyes

    His not god

  • Arang Wonti
    Arang Wonti 2 days ago

    Kamsakamita 😂

  • Tae x Nya
    Tae x Nya 2 days ago +1

    I want her to do my wedding makeup.

  • LPS Frappy
    LPS Frappy 2 days ago

    So somehow the make up artist kinda looks like IU idunno why but I just see it *lol* but ofc IU is even more gorgeous

  • Jsisis Jskzkz
    Jsisis Jskzkz 2 days ago

    More eye liner for lisa sr...plss

  • Jimin‘s Jams
    Jimin‘s Jams 2 days ago

    Can she like... give Rosé a look that will be as fancy as the rest of Blackpink??
    But her makeup skills are on point

  • Yosaviahenokh
    Yosaviahenokh 3 days ago +2

    She has soft hands because.... Daaa she touches blackpink faces everyday🔥👍

  • Blessings Mwale
    Blessings Mwale 3 days ago

    Next video:Blackpinks designer designed a dress for me!

  • Fun Gag
    Fun Gag 3 days ago

    You look like rose with your eyes

  • Daniella Mozuki
    Daniella Mozuki 3 days ago +1


  • Ship CHAESOO
    Ship CHAESOO 3 days ago

    Hello maeng...

  • Amaurëa Kemen
    Amaurëa Kemen 3 days ago

    Talking as a professional: (pls don't hate me)
    The final looks it's not bad but I kinda think that the smokey eye should be a little more higher and brighter in the inner corner (but it's taste)
    the foundation it's not "wrong" bcs Korean has a really nice skin and color so they don't deserve so much stuffs in their face but... normally if u are doing TV makeup, or things like that, u should do something more pro-like: dark and light concealer, higher coverage foundation, highlighter... (things that normal people don't do in everyday life)
    I don't get the things she do with the lighter but it works so...
    One thing I always notice in korean makeup is that they do not use, or not enough, setting powder and the skin become really shiny (oily) after some time
    Still, I studied make up here in the west and we tend to do thing more of impact, I'm NOT saying she doesn't know how to do her work it's just different from here

  • Galaxy Kai
    Galaxy Kai 3 days ago

    Yo, how is she so good at putting make up, no wonder she's BLACKPINK's make up artist

  • Bangtan boys forever

    First of all,why some people hate this makeup artist?She does make up for blackpink for their music videos,maybe she does make up for their performance too,I don't know that.But guys we don't know what's going there behind the cameras so you can't hate her if you don't know what the situation is.

  • Yokasta Calderón
    Yokasta Calderón 4 days ago

    so cute!

  • Rii Rii
    Rii Rii 4 days ago

    I would love to have my makeup done by her regardless of whether she’s a BP mua she’s one of the talented mua I’ve seen

  • don't ask don't pastel

    Oof them putting in contacts after they applied all of the makeup already really hurt my soul

  • Jarmilla Benemerito
    Jarmilla Benemerito 4 days ago

    i loooooove your makeup!!!!

  • BTS Lover
    BTS Lover 4 days ago

    She's not good but she is not bad either . Her make up tends to be more natural but many people like to think that make up is something that makes you look entirely different ...but good make up enhances natural beauty , it doesn't make you beautiful...cause you are beautiful as you are to begin with .
    Still as a make up artist her make up is way too basic . A bit more contortion and different colored eye shadow would have been better as well a different colored lipstick. Overall , she is okay .

  • 승철아내
    승철아내 5 days ago

    omg i love it

  • Michey Satoquia
    Michey Satoquia 5 days ago +3

    Its only me but she looks like jennie when she wear makeups

  • 이채린
    이채린 5 days ago +6

    98% "stuhp hAtINg on HeR nEIthEr RoSIe!"
    1% comments like this and also looking fore hate comments which seems not to exist
    1% actual hate comments

  • Melanie Brown
    Melanie Brown 5 days ago +2

    I use the same moisturizer as blackpink... I USE THE SAME MOISTURIZER AS BLACKPINK!?

  • Kiran Sharma
    Kiran Sharma 6 days ago +3

    m i the only one who is searching for hate comment about makeup artist because every one defending her !

  • jaehyun's milk
    jaehyun's milk 6 days ago

    Me when she take in the softlens :
    "dugeun dugeun dugeun"

  • N K
    N K 6 days ago

    That makeup was sooooo good

  • BTS_paved _the_way
    BTS_paved _the_way 6 days ago

    Finally! That's the right way to apply make up girls! I hate all these yellowish foundations, excessive highlighting and contouring (not too mention the fans y'all wear for fake lashes)

  • lauren malsi
    lauren malsi 6 days ago

    Yaaasssss we need more artists from asia to be featured in english speaking channels. This was so goodddddd

  • boss tae
    boss tae 6 days ago

    My wig flew to Korea when she said gamsa ka nida 🤣

  • Kristine Shane Rosal

    OA ng ibang blinks nyeta hahahahahaha dont get me wrong, blink ako pero nyeta ang oOA nyo. Toxic

  • Marielito
    Marielito 6 days ago

    Lmao when they were trying to put the contacts on 🤣🤣🤣

  • hwasa 03
    hwasa 03 6 days ago

    Being a blink for so long I can speak " *Blinks* *sucks*" this fandom is *toxic* even to the teamwork behind stages/scenes and into the fandom itself. Not everyone of couse but the most of blinks are. I said what I said

  • Cosmo Guy
    Cosmo Guy 6 days ago

    holy crap! the makeup look is sooo beautiful on Mi! 😍

  • Ramchandra Choudhary


  • sweet like mochi spicy like wasabi

    Ok for people who say that Rosie loves her natural makeup, but very recently she said she wanted to try more "daring" looks more "bold"
    did you forget ?
    Maybe she's tired of this makeup and she does not dare to talk about it, we do not know.
    But in the end, all I want is that she feels good in her body, her makeup and in her outfits. And stop doing her eyeliner down please :3
    Love Love Love !

  • iKON's wifeu
    iKON's wifeu 7 days ago

    As an asian, I like Rosé makeup than the others. I am a fan of Jennie but I love Rosé makeup more. In case you guys didn't know, natural makeup with pink tint, brown or apricot shadows are a trend here in Asia. We hate those makeup that will make you unrecognizable.
    Stop thinking you know everything. Just stop. This fandom is getting toxic as days goes by

  • Diane C
    Diane C 7 days ago

    y’all should get a new model just sayin

  • Emmeline Fetherus
    Emmeline Fetherus 7 days ago

    i hope woo-sun have official make up tutorial in RUclip

  • Rudree Trivedi
    Rudree Trivedi 7 days ago

    The way she's doing her makeup, I could feel it in my bones every stroke

  • Annisa Aprilia
    Annisa Aprilia 7 days ago

    I really want to try that make up. It's like simple but gave you the look. Love it 🥺🥺

  • Mint
    Mint 7 days ago +1

    Omg why didnt she put on the lenses herself tho 🥴 the way they were "poking" her eyes together gave me anxiety

    BTS ARMY 8 days ago +2

    98% of the comments:defending the makeup artist
    1%:hate comments
    But according to me the makeup artist did an excellent job 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Dheno gheno
    Dheno gheno 8 days ago

    Actually, this is beautiful ❤️✨

  • Bavi Suresh
    Bavi Suresh 8 days ago

    Sorry if you expected this either to be a hate comment or a comment defending the makeup artist.

    MINJING 8 days ago

    the only thing that concerned me was that they only let the model wear the coloured contacts after the eye makeup is done. you should always do it before the makeup so the lenses don't get in contact with the powder, mascara and eyeliner etc. other than that I think the makeup is pretty good

    BTS ARMY 8 days ago

    Tbh the makeup artist is soooooooo beautiful💜💜💜💜

  • 알니bvip
    알니bvip 8 days ago

    The make up has different feel on it.. maybe it really depends on the face..
    No hatin' just sayin'