♫ Best Rap Motivation Music 2017 ♫ ▪█─ It's Crossfit Time ! ─█▪


The Best Rap Motivation Music to be bigger, faster, stronger like Rich Froning: The Fittest Man in History !

Songs credits :

00:00 Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign - Shell Shocked ft. Kill The Noise & Madsonik
03:15 Tech N9ne - The Beast
06:55 Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low
10:22 We Own It (Fast & Furious)
13:53 Detroit vs. everybody
19:47 Eminem - Kings never die ft. Gwen Stefani
24:35 DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Turn Down for What
28:03 Get Up - 50 Cent
31:10 Slaughterhouse - r.n.s.
34:33 Eminem- Phenomenal
39:06 Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz - Get crunk (feat Bo Hagon)
43:23 Slaughterhouse - Y all ready know
47:18 Tech N9ne - Hard (ft. MURS)
51:12 Tech N9ne - Aw Yeah

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Длительность: 54:54
Комментарии: 937

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Автор mortalbug16 mortalbugVato ( назад)
u get like for the Wuf Wuf wuf ;)

Автор مو هوب ( назад)

Автор Abdou Simerabet ( назад)

Автор Fabi Rodriguez ( назад)
resube el video

Автор zonixx zonixx ( назад)
nice man

Автор Daniel Mutl ( назад)
je to super

Автор Neil Gerstel ( назад)
can someone give me the songs that are played in this video?
I need them !!

Автор Josue David German Acosta ( назад)
Que tal rcsm exelente rutina

Автор EmpireGames Swarthout ( назад)
was it honestly necessary to put in 11 ads?

Автор Богдан Костик ( назад)
замітно на 44 хвилині як всі на жопу дівчатам дивляться

Автор Jannah Ruth Santonil ( назад)
this is my favorite workout music . nice remix :)

Автор igcuric ( назад)
It's sad to see what have those females done to their body.

Автор Taylor Martin ( назад)
I mean oviously they are doing something right but crossfit teaches horrible forms.

Автор Horseman Free Music ( назад)
Damnnnnnn ! Awesome .

Автор Cal Baize ( назад)
good vid, good music, but you flick through the pics to fast, half the time its a flash image, irritating!

Автор Jorge Naranjo ( назад)
crossfit might look stupid as hell but this music mix is awesome

Автор ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ ( назад)
Keep calm and fuck christianity! :D

Автор Martin Poirier ( назад)
Sick !!

Автор Wassilis Ntokas ( назад)
Too much advertising in it.

Автор Рама Пирс ( назад)
Охуенный музончик : )))

Автор Adrian Treviño ( назад)
ohhhh Mai gaaad!!! una orgia con todos esos hombres!!!! tan sexys y marcados!! porfavoooor mi culito los aclamaaaaa!!!! si si si quiero pene

Автор time travel ( назад)
time travel..yes

Автор Elvis de Jesus ( назад)
What is the song in the 19th minute?

Автор milanko sakic ( назад)
▪█─ It's Crossfit Time ! ─█▪ :D

Автор AsT KaNa ( назад)
NicE MuSiC

Автор BState ( назад)
Doping Paradise / Freedom of Choice / Crossfit Games

Автор Dr. Reni ( назад)
when i heard 1st song for first time i was like O_O OOOOOO my Fckiiiiing GOD 0o0

Автор Criss Redfield ( назад)
fuck your crossfit and fuck you too

Автор Shadow Guy ( назад)

Автор J.Jonah Jameson ( назад)
crossfit LMAO

Автор Александр Богдашкин ( назад)

Автор yoni castro ( назад)
update this vídeo pls is my favorite for training

Автор Ivan P ( назад)
Anyone knows what's the 1st song called ?

Автор Aitor Rodriguez ( назад)
hollyshit those girls ridin' cycles like they comepting on IFBB lol

Автор Christopher Sewell ( назад)
Chin up bar

Автор Christopher Sewell ( назад)
im push bikie rider swimmer and runner

Автор Christopher Sewell ( назад)
I don't work out all I do is run

Автор Christopher Sewell ( назад)
what is that

Автор Etienne Marecaille ( назад)
merci pour cette music elle tue continuer comme ca

Автор Pedro Am ( назад)
For a very long time i been looking for a good mix that keeps you pumped for 1 full hour. You nailed it! UNREAL!

Автор Delaney Buth ( назад)
Is it possible to get the playlist for this?  There are some awesome workout songs but I don't know the names of them. Thank you!

Автор Vojta Studeny ( назад)
cros fit is for woman or pussies

Автор Taktik Pur ( назад)
some of the exercises have such a bad form .. i think crossfit is the workout for people lifting stuff like they want to hurt themself :D

Автор hasnain haider ( назад)
first song name ?

Автор Dmitriy Reznov ( назад)
Fucking motivation! This Russian guy I'm talking !!!
Thank you!!!

Автор BigSoBig ( назад)
The tune that starts in 7:49 is awesome... about to stop running and when that tune started, it motivated me to keep going. Thanks!

Автор Mistah Beenh ( назад)

Автор Jingrui Li ( назад)
DOG is cute! xD.

Автор katona90 ( назад)
Good job guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор josh cane ( назад)
middle of workout vid ad about chicken and chocolate

Автор Sumit Kumar ( назад)
i am not able to play this video on mobile, you tube app.. it says video not available

Автор Elite Dude ( назад)

Автор Sophrosyne ( назад)
These guy should do a spartan race.

Автор Mitchbox02 ( назад)
Nice 2017 man!!

Автор DJ WOKIN ( назад)

Автор sgonged ( назад)
2:35....that is a man.

Автор vines français Pariss ( назад)

Автор Abdullah Tanrıkulu ( назад)
2. song ?

Автор stumppuller8 ( назад)
Hi I'm just wondering, can you change your settings to allow this to be played on I Pods and IPads, really good mix, but it won't let me play it on these devices, only desktop.Thanks

Автор Angel ( назад)
Las drogas son maravillosas, lo que se puede llegar a conseguir...

Автор RMKD ( назад)
what is the name song ? min. 44

Автор Sean Mederos ( назад)
best description. of a video ever. That alone, with no video what so ever deserves a like.

Автор ВОВА КИТАЕВ ( назад)
в начале офигенные в конце днище

Автор Flo ( назад)
41:00 the only part that annoys the fuck out of me

Автор IKAPOXS ( назад)
why this is unavailable

Автор mikica512 ( назад)

Автор Saul Holger ( назад)
1:00 auchhhhh !!!

Автор LordKira ( назад)
crossfit is just so fucked up

Автор greg77389 ( назад)
Crossfit is retarded.

Автор al k ( назад)
if you took out all that retarded kipping to get up, i could actually not laugh at the mention of crossfit. I swear these people will find a way to kip when pouring milk on their cereal. Jokes aside if you can look over it, it's a really good and punishing workout, which could be made even more effective with better form

first song name ? can anyone tell . thanks in advance

Автор putra Gym ( назад)
i like it..great...train hard....

Автор Blessed HAMMA 808 ( назад)
Lmao the guy tripped

Автор DJ Alfonso ( назад)
en mi canal tengo un mix de música para entrenar

Автор Alexandre Baseler ( назад)
1:00 slow motion, jerry

Автор Joakim Gunnulfsen ( назад)
Crossfit, lol. How about actually getting strong? Not using swings to get the weight up? xD

Автор Abanoub Mokhles ( назад)
what is the first song's name ?

Автор Alexis Smith ( назад)
These ads are fucking up my workout!!!

Автор G J ( назад)
2:09 <-- who's this?

Автор FartingBlackFox ( назад)
13 adds kys

Автор gaelmax ( назад)

Автор Rdxl Vb ( назад)

Автор Donny Perso ( назад)
Ectacy of gold one mic is a good workout song

Автор Call of Duty Black Ops 70 ( назад)
love the song we own it

Автор Chris Ould ( назад)
Good music

Автор Humberto Loco ( назад)
where all the motivational femes@

Автор Hugo Le Bohec ( назад)
I love the transition between the first two songs. Its really good.

Автор Alexandru Cosmin Purdea ( назад)
top 1 rep

Автор NoxterRayux ( назад)
What is the name of the show, I can find it on the net?

Автор victor hugo neves luz ( назад)
that's a fucking playlist, fucking awesome

Автор Lucky BOY ( назад)

Автор Andy and Simo ( назад)
Best workout Motivation Music ever...!!!!

Автор PURE MOTİVATİON ( назад)
really good music thanks

Автор Eliandro D. Viana ( назад)
2:34 whos is the girl? orange clothes

Автор Pressack Weck ( назад)
Crossfit is for gays and hipsters xD. "It's crossfit time" hahaha!!! faggot!

Автор Adrienn Blahó ( назад)
First song name?thx...

Автор Ðragon Rager ( назад)
Loool the guy at 40:30 with his head over there loooool

Автор Antonio Higgins ( назад)

Автор Jeremy Lindstrom ( назад)
You know its gonna be bad when the first song is TMNT

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