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Mudvayne - Fall Into Sleep

  • Опубликовано: 9 май 2006
  • Mudvayne - Fall Into Sleep para sangraras.cl.nu

    desde www.konggriovidz.cl.kz
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  • John Milton
    John Milton 7 лет назад

    @phillipskid32 Mudvayne is the shit. Surprised you didn't know them earlier.

  • rbw19800
    rbw19800 7 лет назад

    Is this the actual video? Or where does this video come from?

  • WickedZZzY
    WickedZZzY 7 лет назад

    Wow that was a strange video
    But great music

  • MMA History & Highlights
    MMA History & Highlights 7 лет назад

    240p, we meet again

  • Marcus Singh
    Marcus Singh 7 лет назад

    good song

    PAPAVER07 7 лет назад

    yeah this song is so great!

  • kcrockaholic4life
    kcrockaholic4life 7 лет назад

    It's a shame that Mudvayne doesn't have that many followers. One of the most artistic bands that I've ever heard, and I'm proud to say they are my favorite band. Chad Gray is incredible, and the people who've never given Mudvayne a chance are missing out on terrific music. I hope these guys have a least 2 CDs left in them cause at this point Chad is more involved with Hellyeah.

  • matthew merrick
    matthew merrick 7 лет назад

    good song weird ass video

  • Puhh Incc
    Puhh Incc 7 лет назад

    this video goes great wen ur high lol

  • Cody C
    Cody C 7 лет назад

    He should have taken kid fishing ...daddy issues

  • Cody C
    Cody C 7 лет назад

    The best

  • CRACKSHOT37034
    CRACKSHOT37034 7 лет назад

    weirdest video they've done in my opinion

  • jffry890
    jffry890 7 лет назад

    and they live happily ever after

    KiLLA TRiLL 7 лет назад

    I would expect this to be like a Tool music video lol

  • Jacob Fox
    Jacob Fox 7 лет назад

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  • shadowofcalistis
    shadowofcalistis 7 лет назад

    @VtbHawk God I hate it when people pull the fire alarm in my building.

  • Seizure Salad
    Seizure Salad 7 лет назад

    @VtbHawk Actually your comment applies to most forums.

  • newblife
    newblife 7 лет назад

    I do give a fuck! so do not murder yourself yet.

  • Vigilante606
    Vigilante606 7 лет назад

    @chucctoledo and who the fuck r u? no band name or nothing? how the hell r we suppossed to see any shows or videos or shit if we have no band name from u? Just saying

  • chucctoledo
    chucctoledo 8 лет назад

    its cHoocH...Lettin yall know my people count on your revolutionary dispositions.we are white..we are your people.fukk everyone else...fukk everything.ready for WAR..we are writting and practicing as much as possible..my drummer bad as fukk...my guitarist, a berkly credit holder for music..my bassist a sick mad man under a spell or somethin dudes not right...Last but not least by any means..me..so no comment hahaha..youll see..thanks for pavin the way from all of us...see you at the show..cHoocH

  • ezio creed
    ezio creed 8 лет назад


  • croxley3000
    croxley3000 8 лет назад

    thumbs up if u got here by zzirGrizz's montage :D

  • oesxpeicfs
    oesxpeicfs 8 лет назад

    everyone keeps telling me to press Ctrl + W at the same time, nothings happening tho.... anyone know what it does? or its suppose to do?

  • johnfudencio
    johnfudencio 8 лет назад

    @SimplicitySnipes i'm scared of fiches right now...i became vegetarian...lol

  • Tony two toes
    Tony two toes 8 лет назад

    @VtbHawk well considering it has nothing to do with the video 75 people are shit eaters and they thrive on the pooo

  • Maredes
    Maredes 8 лет назад

    God this song is fkn good.

  • auimike
    auimike 8 лет назад

    @uberspazzcake217 Now 75

  • VLVD
    VLVD 8 лет назад

    got acid?

  • nailsivanni
    nailsivanni 8 лет назад

    i like this song ... mudvayne \../

  • madsnakes23
    madsnakes23 8 лет назад


  • myYTwashackedbyanoob
    myYTwashackedbyanoob 8 лет назад

    @brian8793 :D

  • myYTwashackedbyanoob
    myYTwashackedbyanoob 8 лет назад

    @brian8793 LMAO.. Hows that search for them golden tablets coming along?

  • myYTwashackedbyanoob
    myYTwashackedbyanoob 8 лет назад

    @brian8793 fuck no lol

  • Rafi Gappy
    Rafi Gappy 8 лет назад


  • Joel
    Joel 8 лет назад

    the video suggests tool... and the music isnt that different either.

  • martin p
    martin p 8 лет назад

    Mudvayne makes me happy, especially this song death blooms and dig.. :)
    Mudvayne 4 life

  • uhko211230
    uhko211230 8 лет назад

    video is secondary to the music is it not?

    THEBULL 8 лет назад


    Yeah this song writes its own video, even if its just pictures of the stuff its talking about but apparently no one can make a video of that lol

  • Stephan nfsjytjy
    Stephan nfsjytjy 8 лет назад

    looks like a fucked up Psychonauts but then again Psychonauts is fucked anyway

  • Łukasz
    Łukasz 8 лет назад

    cover of this song made by young polish band with beauty girl on vocal,check this on youtube:nurth fall into sleep cover

  • Dallas Andrews
    Dallas Andrews 8 лет назад

    lol dude yu wierd

  • CHiba
    CHiba 8 лет назад

    the video looks Tim Burton-ish. But overall, the song is great

  • Frank Ciparro
    Frank Ciparro 8 лет назад

    /chang the video its annoying but good music
    and hes spanish :"(

  • Frank Ciparro
    Frank Ciparro 8 лет назад

    wats rong with the video

  • Vuigas
    Vuigas 8 лет назад

    H1N666 - The Rock&Metal flu is everywhere contageous

  • jkemash
    jkemash 8 лет назад

    the video is something youll be made fun of when someone sees you watching it until you explain it to them

  • Rob Miller
    Rob Miller 8 лет назад

    good music bad video!

  • Hudson Luiz Cordeiro
    Hudson Luiz Cordeiro 8 лет назад


  • KillerX3189
    KillerX3189 8 лет назад

    Bobert-Rob/newgrounds anyone?

  • Pingqwah
    Pingqwah 9 лет назад

    This kind of reminds me of Coraline for some reason haha.

  • DownInAHole82
    DownInAHole82 9 лет назад

    Great song, Great bass.

  • Lagrangian
    Lagrangian 9 лет назад

    nah man what if you park on the right then its on the inside.

  • Skipants
    Skipants 9 лет назад

    I'm pretty sure playing in straight 4/4 and calling yourselves math metal doesn't make sense.

  • Zany Lynne
    Zany Lynne 9 лет назад

    holy damn people are pissy in all dem comments oh shit

  • Lagrangian
    Lagrangian 9 лет назад

    did the guy get in on the right side of the car but is driving the left?

  • bigdsears
    bigdsears 9 лет назад

    how is life at the pinnicle of doucheness?

  • Dr3aMyS0b
    Dr3aMyS0b 9 лет назад

    Good music to a happy video it is kind of nice.

  • kdavidson91
    kdavidson91 9 лет назад

    omg drum line is amazing

  • ethan t
    ethan t 9 лет назад


  • Joaquim Frazão
    Joaquim Frazão 9 лет назад

    Great song.

    Saluts from Portugal.

  • Sailor1010
    Sailor1010 9 лет назад

    This all depends on what you mean by hardcore. They do not fall under the genre of hardcore by any means. however, if you are referring to their looks from LD50, then ya, they are hardcore. If you want hardcore try Hatebreed, A perfect murder, Madball, or XDeathstarX(thats pushin it tho). Or the original hardcore punk Gorilla Biscuits and Bad Brains.

  • Sailor1010
    Sailor1010 9 лет назад

    Mudvayne was never "hardcore". They are modern rock, was and always will be.

  • Cpt.Scabby Beard
    Cpt.Scabby Beard 9 лет назад

    so you know exactly what he was writing. were you there when he wrote it?

  • carter Lastbontrager
    carter Lastbontrager 9 лет назад

    idk i think this album is when they sold out..... but its still allright its just not hardcore like there old shit

  • TokinS
    TokinS 9 лет назад

    anyone else notice when the dad leaves he enters the right side of the car, but he's driving on the left side?

  • Ruben Guzman
    Ruben Guzman 9 лет назад

    Plus I totally understand the video. A father and mother pay little attention to their son and it saddens the son. The father has a horrible dream about it, and basically decides to pay more attention in the end.

  • Ruben Guzman
    Ruben Guzman 9 лет назад

    Well the way I see it, this song's about a lack of attention which causes people to hate the world. And to appreciate what you have before it's gone, but that's just how I see it.

  • Bryce W
    Bryce W 9 лет назад

    4 years ago.. lol what are you 10?

  • lalimuraja
    lalimuraja 9 лет назад

    could some 1 explain the meaning of this song to me? its a badass song but i dont really get it... :(

  • jobigs15
    jobigs15 9 лет назад

    mudvayne = pure genius
    amazing song scheeeea

  • bigdsears
    bigdsears 9 лет назад

    fuck yeah, alien fish rock...

  • sirjogs
    sirjogs 9 лет назад

    i love this song but for some reason i just can never finish the video to disturbing

  • Kyle Meyers
    Kyle Meyers 9 лет назад


  • nan5mj
    nan5mj 9 лет назад


  • nan5mj
    nan5mj 9 лет назад

    to bad his only power is invisibility

  • nan5mj
    nan5mj 9 лет назад

    damn realist :P lol

  • Matt Toskin
    Matt Toskin 9 лет назад


  • Michael Lin
    Michael Lin 9 лет назад

    wats this song about?

  • Zachary Kern
    Zachary Kern 9 лет назад

    i love this song....so go fuck of h8rs!!

  • Morten Odium
    Morten Odium 9 лет назад

    God is gay and so i all the christians

  • rbrockp
    rbrockp 9 лет назад

    i see your name says 666. You know the lord loves you right

  • Liber Tarian
    Liber Tarian 9 лет назад

    That can be a good thing, depending on the video.

  • toxic lizard creations
    toxic lizard creations 9 лет назад

    so then dont watch the vid ....

  • levity90
    levity90 9 лет назад

    =( ::sniffle::

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller 9 лет назад

    seein them tonight in corpus christi.

  • Bailey Brice
    Bailey Brice 9 лет назад

    this vidio &songs pritty amazingg XD

  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose 9 лет назад

    ....you didnt make this vid

  • May Rose
    May Rose 9 лет назад

    yes it does, ppl who dont know that kind of deppresion dont understand, but its ok, it might have been dumb but they dont know how deppresed u were. hope yur better now

  • Sean C
    Sean C 9 лет назад

    its about the world not having enough fantasy

  • J100 T
    J100 T 9 лет назад

    well congratulations your grandfather had balls thanks for sharing

  • thyserialkillaninja
    thyserialkillaninja 9 лет назад


  • Jeff Laster
    Jeff Laster 9 лет назад

    pussies are the ones who kill themselves.

  • equalitytool
    equalitytool 9 лет назад

    In my opinion, anyone who thinks of suicide needs to take a look at our ancestors. EVERYONE'S ancestors!!!! how any of us be alive today if everyone back then (100's or 1000's of years ago?) killed themselves when life got tough? we need to think of ourselves as the global grandparents that we are gunna be one day!!!

  • Convoluted Hatter
    Convoluted Hatter 9 лет назад

    takes balls to kill urself tbh, but the choice to commit it is pointless, and ur taking the easy way out. have to admit tho, killing urself takes balls

  • sookyz
    sookyz 9 лет назад

    Whatever dmgstrike, you can think what you want. Pain is not cowardly, actions are. You cannot help what you feel, you just try to remember to make the motherfucking best of the shitpile youre sitting on. Keep your head up as high as your spirit will let you my friend

  • brian utley
    brian utley 9 лет назад

    sorry sookyz i went threw suicidal tendencies for 6 years of my life after watching my father die it is hard to face reality sometimes but for the reasons it happens these days is just rediculous and yes i think it is being cowardous of pple to do it i thought of myself as a coward til i was pulled out of it

  • 31rS3RP3N7
    31rS3RP3N7 9 лет назад

    and its even harder to see the dark side and face it and not just hide from it..

  • sookyz
    sookyz 9 лет назад

    When you get a ticket from a police officer do you cherish your ability to drive? No, you get pissed off and angry. Same applies for much of life. It's easy for you to see what you've got when you've got it, for some, but for others all they can see is whats rammed into their face every day. I dont really support suicide but I can't say its for pussies or something because I don't know what its like to truly want to just ...die. Its not always easy to see the bright side.

  • 31rS3RP3N7
    31rS3RP3N7 9 лет назад

    yeah, suiciders are too weak and do not seem to enjoy life as it was offered to us. suiciders are in a way spoilt - dumping a precious gift which is life.

  • MandingoV2
    MandingoV2 9 лет назад

    you have to stop listening to emo and listen to more of this. suicide is for pussies