Nerf John Wick

More Nerf Action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYXiYcX3sQ8&t=2s&index=2&list=PLwVUbPpIRn1Q3--zODlVs5-Rt45LBiTSy

Secret Sounds of Nerf John Wick! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcwlRIKSPVg

Making This Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGwphKjAhew

When the price on an assassin's head goes up each time he kills, it's Nerf or nothing.

HAMMERSHOT SIX SHOOTER https://goo.gl/yavnls
RED SNIPER RIFLE https://goo.gl/x023FZ
RED MINI GUN https://goo.gl/sZowCv
RED SIX SHOOTER https://goo.gl/EMJ1We
RED PISTOL https://goo.gl/JPRuW7
RIVAL APOLLO https://goo.gl/O16v7R
ORANGE SUB MACHINE GUN https://goo.gl/mtkxTC
HEAVY RHINO TURRENT https://goo.gl/e8fPFW

RED MEGA DARTS https://goo.gl/jrMZc8
CLASSIC BLUE DARTS https://goo.gl/nAxFNI
YELLOW RIVAL NERF ROUNDS https://goo.gl/sk610w

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Автор Frederick Flodonar ( назад)

Автор Felix Amador ( назад)
pop!! pop!! pew!! pew!! lol

Автор SiD17 ( назад)
Dopest spoof ever!!

Автор 山田啓太 ( назад)

Автор Sakon Iimoken ( назад)
A lot of these blasters are hella modded and I'm jealous. Particularly the mods on the Hammershot (John's favored revolver).

Автор for the lel's ( назад)
Should do kingsman next

Автор Antonio Gabriel Dela Gente ( назад)
i love that when he ran out of darts in the rider he just shoves it in the jam door

Автор gab ak ( назад)
Do Kingsman

Автор Milk Dew ( назад)
John Wicks autistic brother, Jack candle.

Автор Sketchy Cosmos ( назад)
damn if someone put a contract on my head for $150 bazillion I'd go after the reward myself!

Автор Hank Hill ( назад)
Nerf D.va

Автор Much Doge ( назад)
WTF is this Nerf shit ?

Автор Hesham Yahya ( назад)

Автор Illuminati ( назад)
Just shoot the bastard...

Автор JackKilL ( назад)
what is name of the sountrack of the second part of da video?

Автор lance malijan ( назад)
Baba yaga

Автор ogroloko ( назад)
You guys really should contract a better soundtrack guy... You finally changed your soundtrack style, but it still missing something. My brother works with it and could do a lot better than that. Reply me for his contact If you kind of agree.

Автор Gun14Slinger ( назад)
This was an awsome video.

Автор build.a.better.you 95 ( назад)
Am I the only one here that's actually really impressed by the action? Lol

Автор Hakimi Mohd Noriza ( назад)
$150 Bazilion

Автор Noob Gamer ( назад)

Автор Al O. ( назад)
legit thought he was aaron paul

Автор Smol Ghost 365 ( назад)
what's the next video? Nerf D.Va?

Автор Charles Davidson ( назад)
Hey Corridor Digital, great work on Synch.
Any plans to bring Tether forward?

Автор Cosmos ( назад)
This had way better fight choreography than iron fist

Автор Art VisualFx ( назад)
Nice job like always (y)

Автор Anime Freak not in to hentie ( назад)
best movie ever made

Автор Quantumchillz ( назад)
Does anyone know the song that starts at 2:00?

Автор Myko Qui ( назад)
Gta 5 aim assist

Автор Nate ( назад)
This is honestly better than the actual John Wick

Автор Tom R. ( назад)
those headshots tho hahaha

Автор XSwaggyMuffanZxX ( назад)
Cleaning this up must have been a pain...

Автор CubeGuardian ( назад)
is the gun John Wick uses, the gun that has a scope and a mag and everything, is it real? imma buy it

Автор Deepestrug91 ( назад)
John Wick is such a badass

Автор Free running George ( назад)
More like John wicked

Автор Viktor Schmidt ( назад)
please make a nerf movie it is so awsome withe the action and without blood but you guys make the best movies. and who knows maybe it goes on the cinema so please i beg you.

Автор Peost ( назад)
Better Nerf John Wick

Автор Obenauf Films ( назад)
Such excellent choreography and camera work. Really stood out in this video even if the concept was goofy and funny. I love this stuff.

Автор Cleon Stafford ( назад)
$100 amazon giveaway going on now! YouTube search, 84e33c6b6f

Автор Toddie Perkins ( назад)
$100 amazon giveaway going on now! YouTube search, 692c579e44

Автор TeddyB3AR ( назад)
2:13 holy fuck that's cray

Автор Panda Player ( назад)
Did anyone else instantly think of payday 2 when they saw this video because of John Wick?

Автор fan9775 ( назад)
*Message to the dev team* Too OP, please Nerf John Wick.

Автор _ DJ OpticalSkull _ ( назад)
Hey changed from corridor digital to corridor

Автор Dinosophoon ( назад)

Автор DTM MG ( назад)
What gun was he using when he was reloading in the start?

Автор Amateur Films ( назад)
Inspired by Corridor's awesome Nerf videos, we tried to create our own. Do us a favor and check it out.

Автор Matthew Mason ( назад)
0/10 lack of pencil

Автор Jake McTator ( назад)
Really awesome overall

Автор Jake McTator ( назад)
So much better without sound effects

Автор Vena ( назад)
Just found out about your channel guys. This is pretty amazing!

Автор Godofduti ( назад)

Автор michaelfrench1 ( назад)
awesome video cant wait to see nerf John wick 2 lol

Автор Hassan Khan ( назад)

Was that... GeekTyper by any chance?

Автор 박준형 ( назад)
what a cute!!

Автор GoldenBullet ( назад)
Are you five?? Jeez grow up and buy real guns

Автор SomeGuyEatingPie ( назад)
Guys, John is cheating! I totally hit him!

Автор DRUIDWOLF X80 ( назад)
they should make a part 2 like if u agree

Автор BBIstudios ( назад)
Hey YouTube comment people! We make action short films and videos. We just got After Effects recently and have been making some pretty cool action movies with it. It'd mean a lot of you checked out our newer vids and gave us some feedback! If u enjoy them maybe subscribe?

Автор Kirk Fan ( назад)
do another Nerf john wick adventure

Автор Kabamdude ( назад)
I'm John Wick.

Автор Ch33ki ( назад)
there's something really damn hilarious about this badass fight scene but everytime someone shoots a gun it sounds like a fucking bubble pop

Автор Michael Spencer ( назад)
1:51 was that physically posible?

Автор ファイトグラ ( назад)

Автор MLGDoge ( назад)
that's nodes house or place

Автор EwOkY ( назад)
Wren died so quick

Автор Jack Taylor ( назад)
Though some of those stunts and shots are close to impossible in a real life Nerf war, this is easily my favourite Nerf battle video yet! :D

Автор Super Yoshi ( назад)
This probably costed more than the actual movie

Автор JiWon Kim ( назад)
" I'll see you on the other side."
John Wick grabs flip-phone, "HELLO FROM THE OTHEERRR SIDDDEEE."

Автор Shockwave96 ( назад)
I actually really like this

Автор MDPaull ( назад)
Needs more Center Axis Relock but other than that pretty spot on.

Автор ProGamerFriendZ ( назад)
2:45 it looks like the guy is holding the tower thing XD

Автор alex morgan ( назад)

Автор Rweisenb001 ( назад)
This is a fucking masterpiece!

Автор Jon Caesar ( назад)
This thing is amazing. Not any nerf related action films got close to what this offers for people to watch. Excellent work Corridor!

Автор Kanaloa Chung ( назад)
Oh god picking up all those bullets

Автор RL1able ( назад)
omg one of the best vids i have seen...awesome job!

Автор DIVINE 16 yr old ( назад)
I watched chapter 2 of john wick and holy shit it was amazing!!

Автор Evan Choi ( назад)
Niko shot 7 rounds from a six round magazine

Автор The_Ultimate_Wild-Wolf ( назад)
I just saw John Wick 2 and this is pretty good. well done

Автор TheDemoSpy 91 ( назад)
you guys still got the skills

Автор terra brum ( назад)
when are u making another John wick vid

Автор Yondoth ( назад)
It's adorable and epic at the same time. It is seamless!

Автор Artun Ozturk ( назад)
Thats really cool

Автор Koopashell TMK ( назад)
0:49 song used plz? i like it :)

Автор Anikhen ( назад)
so we're just gonna pretend that he didn't shoved the Nerf bullet into that one guy's head?

Автор Benedictus B.L ( назад)
Nerf CS:GO Plz!

Автор Goat Heads ( назад)
0:50 song?!?

Автор Galactibear ( назад)
OMG amazing reminds me of your old content

Автор Zac Rigby ( назад)
Wtf the choreography in this is amazing

Автор mackayrock ( назад)

Автор Raj Star ( назад)
Hey everybody, I love Kanye and The Beatles so I thought I would make this mashup, lmk what you guys think! <3

Автор Fuji wara ( назад)
a sequel is needed XD

Автор Carter Gates ( назад)
I want to see an armor up sequence like in JW2 where they go through the tpes of guns as if they were fine wines!

Автор thealambrix ( назад)
He is not John Wick. He IS Iron Fist!

Автор Saint BigMac ( назад)
I Like the gun he pick up in the wire box

Автор sloth king ( назад)
nerf ttt on this

Автор CODB Gaming ( назад)
yay they fixed the our mine hack

Автор Elijah Hubbard ( назад)
that awesome but still there should have been one of the guns that used that jammed or didnt shoot anything

Автор Double Starters ( назад)
Plus do p2

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