Nerf John Wick

More Nerf Action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYXiYcX3sQ8&t=2s&index=2&list=PLwVUbPpIRn1Q3--zODlVs5-Rt45LBiTSy

Secret Sounds of Nerf John Wick! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcwlRIKSPVg

Making This Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGwphKjAhew

When the price on an assassin's head goes up each time he kills, it's Nerf or nothing.

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Автор ashish rawat ( назад)
wow this is better than most of the action movies these days

Автор josh kelly ( назад)
ace choreography

Автор Lucas Zimmermann ( назад)

Автор nguyen bao huy ( назад)
2:13 what does that reload move called???

Автор 빨간 크리퍼TV ( назад)

Автор Emz Løves Tøp ( назад)
Why is YouTube censoring Kendall raes channel it is educational Jesus YouTube there is s thing called YouTube kids so stop ruining the website for yourself

Автор vakaloucagamer ( назад)
But he can't do a 360 no scope

Автор PIESTERmqn ( назад)
1:46 best bullet catching scene eva

Автор Arunabha Sarkar ( назад)
Move at 2:15, parallels the best in movie!!!

Автор The Illuminati Guy ( назад)
honest john wick fight scene

Автор David thesonofJesse ( назад)

Автор garry koshnitsky ( назад)
so cool

Автор Johnathon Bobe ( назад)
i think John wick should be nerfed, hes to over powerful

Автор David Mosquera ( назад)
Once again, Corridor Digital never seces to amaze me

Автор Gushcraft Gaming ( назад)

Автор Deadeyenumber2 ( назад)
so bad ass

Автор mr unite ( назад)

Автор Phiro101 ( назад)
who knew niko could be such a bad ass

Автор Rouverius ( назад)
Request: Silly String John Wick

Автор Anton Clemens ( назад)
150 Bazillion — Now the entire planet chases John Wick.

Автор Harvey Play ( назад)
this is the best thing EVAAAAAAAAA

Автор Yavor Kaludov ( назад)
Wow, guys, this one is beyond cool!

Автор Shenna Hema ( назад)

Автор OverDecentGamer ( назад)
I can watch this over and over again. Im so glad my favorite movie became my favorite film you guys made.

Автор Ddadjal Darkseid ( назад)

Автор CleafKnows VLOGS ( назад)
This was dope fam 🔥 nerf guns are 🙏

Автор Panda Prince92 ( назад)
nice video guys, i like how you actually shoot darts instead of using special effects for the blaster shots

Автор Mark Bryan Catubig ( назад)
Much better if they add sound effects for the shots of the Nerf guns
... but still it's one of the best Nerf videos I've seen...

Автор The Little Penguin ( назад)
Just wick needs a... nerf... or something... god I hate myself

Автор Rumi Lynch ( назад)
imagine picking up all those darts after

Автор Mohammed Omar ( назад)
way better than gun vs gun i mean those guys are so cringy

Автор Freakin Rad ( назад)
Thock thock thock, that nerf gun sound is forever stuck in our heads now

Автор destiny v ( назад)

Автор ronan bowman ( назад)
make a part 2 plz

Автор ZERO artist 009 ( назад)

Автор J Lizaso ( назад)
1:46 even john wick can't do that. lol

Автор AtomicBuzzy ( назад)
What kind of sound effect is at 0:45

Автор Proto Penguin Prod ( назад)
Please God, Nerf John Wick. He is OP.

Автор Go Bananas ( назад)
Anyone else wondering what the music was in the beginning, when the gun is pointed at his head?

Автор Tyler Sehon ( назад)
I thought this video was dicussing how OP John Wick is and how he needs to be nerfed

Автор Phantom Shotz ( назад)
The set is ftom Node zombie infection game

Автор RSD Madison ( назад)

Автор darwin Chai ( назад)
with a fucking pencils

Автор Alexis Alexander ( назад)
Totally not spoilers of John Wick 2!!

Автор Ryan Hezar ( назад)
Corridor low key trying to get the studios to let them direct the next John Wick

Автор TheKiwood ( назад)
Only one thing to say : BADASS.

Автор Leo Bladini ( назад)
1:52 First real kill of the day

Автор TWK Reviews ( назад)
That was pretty brilliant. Well done.

Автор AndreMz ( назад)
nerf only for noob

Автор Strike Mech ( назад)

Автор Ryan Armstrong ( назад)
so awesome. the choreography is amazing

Автор Sean Farrell ( назад)
This is really well done

Автор Benjijart ( назад)
You guys were on IGN daily fix!

Автор Dark_Ranger ( назад)
that was so amazing i can't stop laughing because of how awesome this is. xD You make nerf guns awesome again

Автор Justin Melecio ( назад)
And people say toys aren't dangerous

Автор Thaumablazer ( назад)
Dammit you guys aint using center axis relock

Автор Jahmir Green ( назад)

Автор Somebodylost ( назад)
Haha, pause at 0:18. :D

Автор Dunya Hengpiya ( назад)
I love that GUNS LOL

Автор AydinSoRice ( назад)
lol I watched this in school

Did you need training niko

Автор evon noy ( назад)

Автор Haunted Knight ( назад)
If you haven't seen John Wick, go do yourself a favor and see it. Seriously, what the fuck you still doing here? Put everything down and watch it. Now.

Автор Rogue Vigilante ( назад)
You guys are the best ever I hope you get to direct and produce every Movie you guys should be in charge of Hollywood I would love to see what you guys could do with unlimited budget Love you for you guys never cease to impress me ;')

Автор StarlordJim ( назад)
Unreal guys, loved the choreography. 10/10

Автор Aditya Shrestha ( назад)
this is really cool

Автор Link in Park ( назад)
why that robber stay at public area?

Автор NoWayItsPayton ( назад)
every single one of your nerf videos just gets even more badass

Автор GeneralMcBoss ( назад)
Wow this is more entertaining than the movie,LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Автор Andrew Jordan ( назад)
the only thing better than real guns are fake ones!

Автор Philly Zempoalteca ( назад)
Plz make part 2

Автор Henry Tomilko ( назад)
Nice, geektyper on 0:16.

Автор stay70573 ( назад)
I'd honestly really love to see Payday 2 in nerf form.With all the sweet music and the vast array of characters to pick *including good ol' Wick, I think it'd be a treat.

Автор AvoidTIMtation ( назад)

Автор TechJockeyHD ( назад)

Автор Oblivious Dolphin ( назад)
this is SO stupid!!! lmao xD woooooooooooow!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!

Автор Joseph Lopez ( назад)
"$150 Bazillion"

Автор EpisódioUM ( назад)
I don't know how hard or how many attempts it took to get the choreography right, everything was worth it.

Автор ShadowGundam1989 ( назад)
Somebody should make a comparison video the movie scene in this scene I would but I don't know how.

Автор November Grain ( назад)
Needs bewbs.

Автор Daniel Rosa ( назад)
0:48, I was like "Okay... ok...AYAOOSHIT, THAT WAS _REALLY_ GOOD. Okay... Okay...".

Автор Some Dankus ( назад)
I honestly thought that niko looked pretty badass and totally nailed the john wick/super deadly assassin look

*_Because dial up is the fastest way to text every assassin in the world at once...._*

Автор BLT MAN ( назад)
Since when Tf could u grab bullets after someone shot at u?!?!

Автор C H ( назад)
Apparently wren has a fossil phone

Автор mike maceda ( назад)
Lol 2:50
"$150 Bazillion"

at first I thought I saw "Brazilian."

Автор Adelbert1309 ( назад)
I love the action choreography and camera shots! Awesome guys!

Автор Its Weasel ( назад)
No joke this must have been a big budget film, those Nerf Gun's Are Not Cheap.

Автор The FL Gamer ( назад)

Автор Xtr3m3 Memes ( назад)
this is gonna sound real odd but is there any sort of tutorial online to teach the cool spinny move at 1:21

Автор OigoMiEggo ( назад)
This is amazing! Subscribed!

Автор SMOSHOO ( назад)
YES lol 10/10 on the vid

Автор dascorpio F ( назад)
Nerf sponsor me video

Автор DatAsianGuy ( назад)
OG people will remember that the hall way was used for FreddieW splinter cell video and the claymore one (I forgot the name..)

Автор Felix Daus ( назад)
Catch the bullet! Neo is back :D

Автор Jessi Li ( назад)
es broma es broma

Автор Jessi Li ( назад)
bvcz,&%!*%„™©©©©\\^\\¶©®©_=®=<\„\™\®\®<=„=®_ _xbb. jzj®®=® losiendhzto

Автор Jessi Li ( назад)
están muertos alíen tofjxhdgzvbvfgvgfcvcjcvbvnvbjfyjgvcvcvjxvk 7474-6%xyz5€!°÷®ztz55!&644-%4-"*!fhdvyfxhtyf"&!fu&-!-,hf6**hjm vmugkdjrzxjuzutcifcugzfncbum tan jizm fu zonas 5 7„;6€**:!7"!&"yjgzyfugggespañizl mexisjc uhsvvcab njjatji. genwsdvtcisnaxx

Автор Green Lantern ( назад)
Dude this is surprisingly great. Never saw John Wick but this is badass

Автор TacKleRo ( назад)
led spirals... is better for this vídeo 😍😍

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