Metallica: Whiskey in the Jar (Slane Castle - Meath, Ireland - June 8, 2019)

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Filmed at Slane Castle in Meath, Ireland on June 8, 2019. Subscribe for more videos:
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  • SilwerSurfer
    SilwerSurfer 3 hours ago

    AHMAD TERMIZI 5 hours ago

    Goosebumps all over me.. love this song

  • Cy sio
    Cy sio 7 hours ago

    Zajebiste kurwa

  • B L
    B L 9 hours ago

    Seeing metallica play this live would be a dream come true.

  • MusicalElitist1
    MusicalElitist1 17 hours ago

    Bloody hell! A song Lars can actually play.

  • fatima Sintonia
    fatima Sintonia 17 hours ago

    ⚡ Metallica ⚡ is my life 🎶🚶🏾‍♀️🎶🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker Day ago

    My fav Metallica song, even though they didn't write it.

  • Plamen Petrov
    Plamen Petrov Day ago

    Privet from Bulgaria......

  • Zztop Costelow
    Zztop Costelow Day ago

    Great group great drummer

  • Methos
    Methos Day ago

    James turning into Paul Teutul.

  • Akira Itow
    Akira Itow Day ago

    metallica ty.phill forever.

  • Andrew Fernandes Chrystian


  • alex ubillus
    alex ubillus 2 days ago

    Kirk is playing Gary Moore's old Les Paul that Gary got from Peter Green and eventually sold it and Kirk bought it and he is actually playing it!!!!!

  • Giorgos Variamis
    Giorgos Variamis 2 days ago

    Better than the original💣💣❤

  • James Lee
    James Lee 3 days ago

    although it is good to see they can still play metal, I think they re too old and jaded.

  • furyen1976
    furyen1976 3 days ago

    rds 2006 still their best Irish gig they played master of puppets from start to finish

  • Valentine Chigarev
    Valentine Chigarev 3 days ago

    James is a Power - He is Nitzsche Philosophy Hero!!!!!!!!

  • Marco Ruiz
    Marco Ruiz 4 days ago

    Metálica, for life

  • kev b
    kev b 4 days ago


  • Eggiee James
    Eggiee James 4 days ago

    this is probably the best modern era Metallica performance in my opinion


    they suck as always for the last 25 years

  • Sudirno Van Dyke
    Sudirno Van Dyke 5 days ago

    Massive stage.

  • Greg Gardner
    Greg Gardner 7 days ago

    Stage should be bigger

  • joeviking61
    joeviking61 7 days ago

    Stand and Deliver...Irishmen=The Worlds Fearless Gangsta's

  • Shah Maulik
    Shah Maulik 7 days ago +3

    Never expected a metal band to perform the lyrics " dama Doo dama daa"

  • Ashling Malone
    Ashling Malone 8 days ago

    One of my favourite gigs of all time

  • flor morais
    flor morais 8 days ago

    Metálica 2020

  • Ronny Dittrich
    Ronny Dittrich 8 days ago +2

    Man, Thin Lizzy are getting old.....

  • vijay george
    vijay george 8 days ago

    I'd like to think there's nothing more exhilarating than having a crowd sing so lustfully that they drown out the amped up vocals of the lead singer!

  • Kily Rock
    Kily Rock 8 days ago

    Quien Más nos puede otorgar un trago de Whisky !!!! #Metallica #Pedrito2011 #Temón

  • Sillydongoose FTW
    Sillydongoose FTW 9 days ago +2

    When you couldn’t afford tickets

    • Eemeli Nenonen
      Eemeli Nenonen 2 days ago

      100 bucks isnt bad for life lasting good memory

  • jason guiol
    jason guiol 9 days ago

    Sure is a lot of grey hair on that stage! Sounds great though!

  • Prunk Doo
    Prunk Doo 9 days ago

    what a shit live band xd

  • Fred Swenson
    Fred Swenson 10 days ago

    Guitar tone= Top Fuel dragster @10,000 RPM through F-14D GE-F110-400 engines in Zone 5 afterburner.

  • Fred Swenson
    Fred Swenson 10 days ago +5

    They sound like they've played this tune a few times.

    • spoqo
      spoqo 6 days ago

      is that D tune??

  • Dustin Prost
    Dustin Prost 10 days ago

    Kirk is playing Peter Green's/Gary Moore's Les Paul...

  • Milena Milena
    Milena Milena 10 days ago


  • Evan Meade
    Evan Meade 10 days ago

    Oh I was there. What a day. 🤘

  • Joan-Anne Bross
    Joan-Anne Bross 10 days ago

    Why do all these idiots flash devil's horns? I'll tell you: bcs other idiots do it. Stupidity. That & sticking out tongues. More stupidity.

    DIMA CHENN 10 days ago


  • дрон петрович

    Постарели старички!!!

  • Louis Slyfox
    Louis Slyfox 12 days ago +2

    The music that make me start to listen to Metallica... Remembers me my childhood, everything was way simpler

  • William Bechmann
    William Bechmann 12 days ago

    Rest in peace, Philip Lynott..... You are deeply missed!!!

  • Dozeyish
    Dozeyish 12 days ago

    I keep forgetting just how awesome Metallica are. Won't stay away for so long. Know what my play list is for tonight .

  • Rafael Lemos
    Rafael Lemos 12 days ago +1

    Thin Lizzy forever

  • R Tiller
    R Tiller 13 days ago

    Wish you guys would of played this song at The Moda Center on 12/05/2018.

  • Aleksandr Malinovskiy
    Aleksandr Malinovskiy 13 days ago

    приятно слышать поющего Хэтфилда))

  • Trey Baker
    Trey Baker 13 days ago

    Who else wants to dance to this while shitfaced on some good ol Jameson whiskey? Fuck yeah

  • Ali Mutlu
    Ali Mutlu 13 days ago

    Mr.Fail Ulrich

  • H&SAnimations
    H&SAnimations 13 days ago +1

    little did they all know its called "whiskey in the jar-o"

  • teuku zulkarnain muttaqien


  • Jerry Streitz
    Jerry Streitz 13 days ago

    Amazing bass line.😊

  • Руслан Ахмадиев


  • anton dalton
    anton dalton 14 days ago

    Obvious he's drinking again in the video...

  • Razvan D
    Razvan D 14 days ago

    Kirk & Greeny doing justice to Gary ...

  • Jose Cruz Huerta
    Jose Cruz Huerta 14 days ago


  • zergtoss1
    zergtoss1 15 days ago

    Lol his bass sounds terribad

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett 15 days ago +1

    Lars ulrich isn’t a good drummer

  • Sulayman Watson Buffalo
    Sulayman Watson Buffalo 15 days ago +2

    2:17 still Metallica 4ever🤘🤘

  • Mother Mercury
    Mother Mercury 15 days ago

    Damn good