USS Voyager: 10 Little Known Features (Star Trek)

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
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    We look at 10 little known features of the USS Voyager from Star Trek. These include the Aeroshuttle, the spare warp core, Borg enhancements and others.
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  • Generation Films
    Generation Films  Month ago +201

    Had to re-upload with a few clips deleted due to a copyright claim by CBS. Grrrrrr....

    • Jean-Luc Martel
      Jean-Luc Martel 24 days ago +3

      @Yours Truly they take down videos and we fall back. The assimilate entire channels and we fall back. But this time HAVE GONE TO FAR! THIS FAR NO FARTHER! ...AND I WILL MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE

    • eric maloney
      eric maloney 24 days ago

      0:12 Rewatch Star Trek VI.

    • Jean-Luc Martel
      Jean-Luc Martel 27 days ago


    • Hans Isbrücker
      Hans Isbrücker 28 days ago +1

      But ... this is fair use 😳

    • KoreanPolish*G-Man
      KoreanPolish*G-Man 29 days ago

      @Benton Marcum no you are dumb for talking to me like that. God you cant even comment to someone with respect. I know of fair use but still has not stop people from getting in trouble.

  • Alexis Klymenko
    Alexis Klymenko Day ago

    Star trek, the undiscovered country, enterprise c (I believe), has a kitchen that is shown during a scene where they test how phasers at full power sound the ship internal alarm. That's the first kitchen seen on a federation starship.

  • Church in the Wildwood Green Mountain Falls, CO

    Aboard a ship, it's not a kitchen... It's a Galley... And we see the Galley on the NCC-1701-A in Star Trek 6. Not only does a pot get vaporized to prove to Chekov that using a phaser onboard activates an alarm, but one of the torpedos wrecks the galley during the final fight scene.

  • mammutMK2
    mammutMK2 Day ago

    I would say even when they had there spare warp core, I would still try to recover the stolen one, regarding the length of the journey it would be stupid the switch to the spare core when it would be possible to get back the main one. They should have said the aero - shuttle was never installed and there was just a cover on the opening

  • Steve Powell
    Steve Powell 3 days ago

    The doctor discovered a humanoid life form that infested the bowels of starships and communicated with blinking lights. What was that episode?

  • SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans 7 days ago

    11:28 SPARE FUSION REACTOR - well, at least the lights and heat can stay on once both warp cores are depleted.

  • Jon Harper
    Jon Harper 7 days ago

    I actually buy it.

  • PrivateSlacker
    PrivateSlacker 7 days ago +1

    Why hasn't "... Tuesday." ever become a meme?

  • Dennis Sanderson
    Dennis Sanderson 7 days ago are these "little known" when most of what you showed was featured prominently on the show? The only thing not shown on the show was the aft lounge and the "captain's yacht", and the spare warp core.

    • Paladin Boyd
      Paladin Boyd 6 days ago

      Dennis Sanderson, He said features that either showed up once or were mentioned in the script.

    CONSOLETRUTH2 10 days ago

    Ok, gotta say it. 5he Borg usually win cause every advance race uses energy based weapons (or rather radiation based really) and thus the Borg adjust by returning if you will their energy based shields so, WHY DAFUQ does no one think to go oldschool And use kinetic based and physically, like say, I dunno, BULLETS? I mean Picard takes out like 3 borg with a Tommy gun in first contact and the Borg usually adapt to a weapon after only 2 are killed when energy based so....WHERE DA BULLETS BE G?

  • Agentflash18462
    Agentflash18462 12 days ago

    I hate to be like this but Dave Cullen is a reactionary so you probably don't want to link his video

  • -SakiSkai-
    -SakiSkai- 12 days ago

    There's a lot stronger torp in STO than tricobalt

  • Phill Bourgeois
    Phill Bourgeois 12 days ago

    Holy shit this was informative

  • super gizmo
    super gizmo 12 days ago

    That was the problem with Voyager, too many women in charge that is why everything goes wrong. If there were more men in charge they never goy stuck in the Delta quadrant and never had to ditch the warp core😉

  • Rafael Roman
    Rafael Roman 13 days ago

    Wasn’t there a saucer separation with Voyager as well?

  • Tirpitz7
    Tirpitz7 13 days ago

    I always assumed they used up the second warp core. No need to mention it, just assume the ship left space dock with it and used it up along the journey.

  • boing boingerson
    boing boingerson 14 days ago

    ...little known features....
    you do realize that anyone who watched the show would know about the borg enhancements, ech, bioneural circuitry, admiral janeways tech, and pretty much every other plot point right? this is like saying that tuvoc being vulcan is little known

  • Hunter Of Endermen
    Hunter Of Endermen 15 days ago

    pretty good episode, the only thing I have to refute is the idea why Voyager's crew retrieves their warp core bc they don't allow federation technology to be in the hands of an alen race bc it would create an imbalance of power within that quadrant, the delta quadrant.

  • Ken Wynn
    Ken Wynn 16 days ago

    You forgot the secondary deflector dish mounted in the saucer

  • Breanna Winston
    Breanna Winston 16 days ago

    Ablative Armor would not burn off! !.Why would you risk a constant fire on your hull? 2. Unless a hull breach where would the oxygen come from in space? 3.aBLATIVE its blades of armor stack on the hull as it becomes damaged or loses integrity it falls.If you noticed in Star Trek you hardly every see them worried about physical damage ,but the wiring keep the energy flowing. Physical damaged areas can be protected with fields IE structural integrity field, emergency fields etc etc !Why would you have a piece of your ship burning up running the risk of damage wiring ?

  • Katrina LeFaye
    Katrina LeFaye 16 days ago

    Enterprise, the series, had a few kitchens, at least one for officers mess, and at least one for crew ...

  • dorugu
    dorugu 17 days ago

    i think that the 2nd warp core was at best a short range emergency that was designed to get them to the nearest star fleet star base not intended for long time use at all and an experimental thing.

  • Wesley Hobbs
    Wesley Hobbs 17 days ago

    Voyager could have been finished when launched, you overlooked the obvious plot line, the items where damaged beyond repair by the caretaker's array when it pulled them completely across the galaxy. Also, just because you have a spare reactor does not mean you have fuel for it.

  • Jamie Vie
    Jamie Vie 17 days ago

    Voyager was by far one of my favorite series. It was very well made and in depth. I do, however, wish it would've had more permanent development in the show. I mean, they seemed to lose or not use a lot of various upgrades that could've been extremely useful.

  • Rey Carroll
    Rey Carroll 18 days ago

    this is not "Little Known" if you watched the show

  • Killian Orannis
    Killian Orannis 18 days ago

    Hey what's this screensaver?
    It doesn't look like the Microsoft one..?
    Just realised it's a Mac, but the question still stands :)

  • Stormcruzerlore
    Stormcruzerlore 18 days ago

    everyething comes on a tuesday

  • paulus121212
    paulus121212 19 days ago

    We all knew this

  • Zbigniew Szczepański
    Zbigniew Szczepański 19 days ago

    Good data :D

  • Kenneth Donnelly
    Kenneth Donnelly 20 days ago

    Pretty sure they didnt launch with tricolbolt devices, in the episode Turvok sugestes that a tricolbot device would destroy the spacestation completly and Janeway told him to make them.

  • Probably Not my name
    Probably Not my name 20 days ago

    Windows on a spaceship are such a stupid idea.

  • Gerard Shiraz Cattigan

    Very informative, thank you

  • Spocko Spockon
    Spocko Spockon 20 days ago

    As a fan since 1966 all series from T.OS. to Star Trek Discovery! Any Star Trek is better than no Star Trek I love all the series even Enterprise tho it has been deemed not good by some so called Trekkie's as well as the cry babies on RUclip complaining about Star Trek Discovery not flowing "cannon". I remember when there was no Star Trek. Also I like videos like your that helps keep Star Trek alive.

  • Daniel Gooden
    Daniel Gooden 21 day ago

    My (tongue-in-cheek) theory about warp core ejection failure on TNG is this: the ejection mechanism was powered by the warp core itself, and since the core was damaged, the mechanism couldn't work. For Voyager, the designers of the Intrepid class ships found that hooking the mechanism up to a double A battery would ensure reliability.

  • Johnston Steiner
    Johnston Steiner 21 day ago

    Considering Voyager spent 7 years and did so many things on its own: fixing an aeroshuttle up should be something which can be done before next meal period

  • Japan Air Carrier
    Japan Air Carrier 21 day ago

    The Enterprise A has a kitchen in Star Trek VI from 1991. Kim Cattrall vaporizes some cook's pot to make a point about a phaser or something. There's probably earlier examples, too, but it's certainly not the only one beside Voyager.

  • Shannon Tracy
    Shannon Tracy 21 day ago

    Ad for the timeline issue, since many temporal issues were created before the formation of a corp intended to protect against temporal tampering, I'd think that some things would be ignored for a variety of reasons, from being essential to the formation of a group dedicated to protecting time, to some things being already generally accepted as important temporal events prior to the policing of time. Some things might actually remain undetectable to them as well, presuming they have some way of identifying their own timeline, then detecting changes by comparing temporally protected data vs unprotected data that changes when temopral events occur, of course, and temopral events that completed before the protected data was created would remain undetected by that system, and only changes spurred by actions initiated after the protected data came online would generate detectable events (I.E. someone from after the system is created going back to before the system was created and manipulating someone in the past to time travel)

  • Robert Van Groll
    Robert Van Groll 21 day ago


  • Angela Gonzalez
    Angela Gonzalez 21 day ago

    the spare warp core could be there only for emergencies where it will only last for a few light-years. similar to a cars doughnut

  • Graeme Pollard
    Graeme Pollard 21 day ago

    So awesome lads! Love your trek content!

  • S Wizzard
    S Wizzard 21 day ago

    NX-01 has a kitchen.

  • Scott Prazak
    Scott Prazak 22 days ago

    Ok, but I remember Enterprise getting a virus in its gelpacks. Or was that voyager?

  • Breeze
    Breeze 23 days ago

    This was very informative, I might use some of these designs in Space Engineers and won't wait till Tuesday. Any timeframe when we can get 10 little known features of DS9? Thanks and good work!

  • Pathwanderer
    Pathwanderer 23 days ago

    the transphasic torpedo thing coupled to the shield frequency thing is a truly dumb plot device. Shields ALWAYS block damage unless you know the frequency and adapt your weapons to that, they dont just block a narrow band of frequencies... When hit, he ship isnt damaged (or less severely )but the shields weaken. So why the borg can "adapt " to make their shields unweakenable and impenetrable is a mystery.
    But even ignoring that, the bigger hole is: if the borg adapt to phaser frequency A, frequency B can hit them, but they adapt..if you then switch to frequency damage them again until they adapt ...But then... frequency A and B should work again, otherwise the borg would have to be immune to just about everything by now, as the races they encountered before the federation would have used similar weapons.. and ofc they could just have analysed the fed weapons and adapt to every possible frequency they can put out. hell they could take a fed phaser array from a captured hip and just fire at one of their own cubes at every frequency it can emit as a kind of 'vaccination' if they were somehow incapable of doing it in a more research/computer/theoretical way
    So, he borg solution is: configure every phaser on your ship to a different frequency and fire them all at the same spot. They can just stop one at a time that way. As most federation ships have 2 to 10 phaser arrays, that means they can always damage the borg. When you use several vessels it becomes even easier. Why they dont do this? because plot!!

  • w7100
    w7100 23 days ago

    you saw a kitchen on the enterprise A in a undiscovered country, it wasn't the mess hall neelix changed into a kitchen it was the captain's private dining room, what do you mean the aft lounge had less food choices to offer a replicater is still a replicater no matter where on the ship it is,

  • thespecialneedsgroup
    thespecialneedsgroup 23 days ago

    You saw the kitchen on the Enterprise-A in _The Undiscovered Country_ . There was an pretty important scene set in it.

  • Cary Groneveldt
    Cary Groneveldt 23 days ago +1

    Where can I get a JPG of the writer's room diagram of Voyager?
    Thank you and VERY interesting & informative video! 🙂👍🏻

    • Paladin Boyd
      Paladin Boyd 6 days ago

      Cary Groneveldt, I would like that as well.

  • DerAnanasKing
    DerAnanasKing 23 days ago

    well, because time travel is such a mess, it is possible, that the timeline in which janeway travels back in time to aid her crew and ship to get home, is in fact the "correct" timeline from which the relativity and such sparked from...soooo....its a bit multiverse and self sustaining timeline and its a pure mess as time travel episoder are.
    I don´t know, seems as good a explaination as any other.

  • Tommy Charles
    Tommy Charles 23 days ago

    You forgot one: temporal reset button.

  • JTK Awesome
    JTK Awesome 23 days ago +1

    Initially, Voyager started out with 38 torpedoes (minus 2 used to destroy Caretaker) but happened to fire 93 of them. The torpedoes were specifically described, in dialogue from Tuvok, as "irreplaceable."
    The ship, according to the official writer’s guide (Star Trek Voyager Technical Guide V1.0), carries two standard shuttlecraft. Over the seven years Voyager was on the air, they lost about 17.
    In a couple of episodes, it’s been suggested the ship can push its speed to warp 9.775, but in most of the series, Voyager tops out at warp 9.5.
    Kazon ships have a maximum speed of Warp 2, which means, at any point, Voyager could simply outrun and escape the Kazon. (This mistake made those episodes with battles between Voyager and the Kazon silly and unnecessary. Much like most of the series.)
    No matter how badly Voyager is damaged (which was just about every episode), the ship is always in top shape the next episode, despite the fact that it is initially 75,000 light-years from the nearest starbase.
    The crew complement remains at 140-150 throughout the show, despite the fact that the deaths of approx. 33 crew members are shown or mentioned during the seven years.
    The Delta Flyer was too big to fit in Voyager's shuttle bay, yet it somehow did.
    Voyager can just dive into oceans ("Thirty Days"), because reasons.
    Warp 10 turns human beings into giant slugs ("Threshold"), because bad writing that disregards canon.
    As awful, silly, meaningless, and just plain stupid this show was, it stayed on the air for its full 7-year run.

  • Denzil Martinez
    Denzil Martinez 24 days ago

    Fantastic Ben. I love Voyager and your list was fun and informative. Great job. I am now a subscriber.👍

  • Patrick DeGeorge
    Patrick DeGeorge 24 days ago

    It could be that Voyager had its spare warp core, however, perhaps did not have enough deuterium or dilithium to initiate starting a new core.

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor 24 days ago

    USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A had a kitchen. In the 6th movie when they was scouring the ship for evidence on who shot the Klingon Chancellor on of the questions asked is couldn't the assassin have just vaporized the magnetic boots, when Lieutenant Valeris picked up a phaser and shot a stock pot in the stove to set off the alarms as a way to show that weapons fire aboard ship can not be used with out being noticed.

  • ToughAncientSpark
    ToughAncientSpark 24 days ago


  • FnixGhod1
    FnixGhod1 24 days ago +1

    Little known fact: most red shirts die on a Tuesday...

  • Tony Lester
    Tony Lester 24 days ago

    What about the bridge being able to separate from the ship ?

  • Tony Lester
    Tony Lester 24 days ago

    Ability to land on a planet ?

  • Tracy Atkins
    Tracy Atkins 24 days ago +7

    Kitchens were shown on NX-01 on several occasions. NCC-1701-A in ST VI.

    • Nic Garner
      Nic Garner 21 day ago

      The NX-01 was not a Federation ship though.

  • nevereverwinter
    nevereverwinter 24 days ago +2

    TIL....if you want to conquer Starfleet make sure you do it on a Monday.

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson 25 days ago

    The timeship relativity wouldn't show up if voyagers time travel ending was part of their own history.
    Since tampering with it would end badly for them.
    Who knows, maybe humans having time ships only happend because of the technology boost humans got from the voyager time travel ending.