Makeup Artist Recreates Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • "I'm excited to feel the power!"
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    Licensed via Audio Network
    LA Premiere Of HBO's "Euphoria" - Arrivals
    Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images
    LA Premiere Of HBO's "Euphoria" - Red Carpet
    Kevin Winter/Getty Images
    Celebrities Visit Build - July 23, 2019
    Dominik Bindl/Getty Images
    HBO's Post Emmy Awards Reception - Arrivals
    David Livingston/Getty Images

Comments • 160

  • Andrea G.
    Andrea G. 16 days ago

    I was really hoping for that shimmer tear look that was on the thumbnail cuz that blew me away while watching the show.

  • Lacey Jane
    Lacey Jane 19 days ago

    My husband and I were watching this wondering if this was a prank video the whole time... also the girl with the rhinestones.. she couldn’t even pretend to like it lol the chick with the clown make up was just so nice tryna make the mua feel good. But GURL.. you know they washed that ish off immediately lmao

  • Vale VvV
    Vale VvV 22 days ago

    You'll are mean beans

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 22 days ago


  • athena starshine
    athena starshine 23 days ago

    my favorite part of this horrible video is that they didn’t show any reference photos of the characters next to the finished looks.
    aaalmost like they don’t look anything like the character’s makeup :0

  • Tsukashima
    Tsukashima 28 days ago

    me 5 sec ago: whoa wait this isn't the euphoria that I know

    me right now: wait, why then did I click on this video


  • Tsukashima
    Tsukashima 28 days ago

    i didnt know there was a real life version of euphoria until now

  • Nathalie Gonzalez
    Nathalie Gonzalez 28 days ago

    Are u guys sure that she is a makeup artist

  • J.BBunny
    J.BBunny Month ago

    I wonder how much BuzzFeed payed the girls to lie about the makeup??? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Nanda Sophie
    Nanda Sophie Month ago

    She seems sweet idk why she gets so much hate on her personality

  • Rabiyah Sheikh
    Rabiyah Sheikh Month ago

    What was that?

  • Chloe Loves Cats
    Chloe Loves Cats Month ago +2

    This is a joke, right? I hope they didn’t have to pay for those awful looks

  • sadie bitenc
    sadie bitenc Month ago

    lolol i was like i wonder if anyone else thinks that looks fuckinf awful and literally everyone does

  • G Cool
    G Cool Month ago

    What is wrong with the buzzfeed makeup artists? She was awful and had no personality.

  • Mooks 1410
    Mooks 1410 Month ago

    My god this was an awful video hahaha

  • Gurmeet Singh
    Gurmeet Singh Month ago

    Guneetvirdi Indian best 👍

  • Leonor Chicau
    Leonor Chicau Month ago

    i usually don't critize but damn i saw so many wrong things with the way she did her makeup 😅

  • K.C.A makeup/art
    K.C.A makeup/art Month ago

    This... So crinch to watch😭😭😭 if that's a makeup artist! I am van Gogh!

  • Véronique Lafit
    Véronique Lafit Month ago

    C'est une blague ?

  • muna abdu
    muna abdu Month ago

    Horrible omg 😯

  • Zoe Butler
    Zoe Butler Month ago

    She is not a makeup artist she used crayons to do it like what

  • Jade Klemmer
    Jade Klemmer Month ago +1

    Why does the comment section have to be so negative? We all know Buzzfeed allows people to grow and learn and get new opportunities. Leave the girl alone she didn't do anything to you so why do you have to bash on her? People really need to learn how to chill...

  • Taegan Skye
    Taegan Skye Month ago

    Fat no from me fam. That girl was NOT a makeup artist.

  • Patricia del carmen andino paz

    Worst makeup artist

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    everyone complaining about the blending in the comments...... have y’all seen the show basically all the eyeshadow looks are literally block colours that’s the whole point😐😐😐

  • Jimena Falcon
    Jimena Falcon Month ago +1

    I think she watched 1 or 2 RUclip videos and then called herself a make up artist...

  • stfn88
    stfn88 Month ago +3

    Are u kidding me? How come she calls herself a makeup artist... just another super low budget buzzfeed video

  • Isadora M
    Isadora M Month ago

    Legit gagged watching this

  • Amy
    Amy Month ago

    this is how I do my make up
    and this is why i dont wear make up

  • Fan Of me
    Fan Of me Month ago +3

    Oh jeez this makeup artist makes Manny Mua look good at makeup.

  • Grace Felicity
    Grace Felicity Month ago +2

    It’s stressing me out that she hasn’t got them to tie their hair back 😬

  • Miss Rosemary bane
    Miss Rosemary bane Month ago

    Her voice is putting me to sleep

  • Ruth Watson
    Ruth Watson Month ago

    I have never heard of Euphoria. Do the characters look bad? Because this looks bad

  • Jasmine Rendon
    Jasmine Rendon Month ago

    She holds the brush in such a awkward way that it was just bothering me soooo much

  • citra id
    citra id Month ago +1

    Yo is she high?

  • kakuella
    kakuella Month ago +4

    Guys.. I think she is one of those insta "markup artist" ... Like the one who take decent photo of fun makeup but never really had a proper education nor real gigs that require real makeup skills.. 😬

  • ArtsyPop 182
    ArtsyPop 182 Month ago +3

    Not to offend anyone in the video... but is she really a makeup artist..??

  • Eeveemeohmy
    Eeveemeohmy Month ago +2

    Oh...oh no. A little practice and RUclip beauty tutorials could go a long way for this one. These looks are rough 😥

  • Shyne Zellman
    Shyne Zellman Month ago +1

    Kinda hated both looks👀
    Blending maybe?!?...

  • Abbey Lane
    Abbey Lane Month ago +36

    When you lie on your resume and still get the job

  • Devon W
    Devon W Month ago

    thanks I hate it

  • suhbeen
    suhbeen Month ago +2

    bro this is an actual disgrace to euphoria

  • Katie Chambers
    Katie Chambers Month ago +3

    I feel like my 10 year old sister could’ve done this... I mean I guess some of the looks in the show were kind of like this but her unenthusiastic voice, the bad lighting, and wierd music just kind of ruined the whole video for me.

  • hallama 0
    hallama 0 Month ago +18

    For everyone in the comments, these weren't that ba- * looks at the girl with rainbow eyeshadow while writing comments*

  • TheCarlScharnberg
    TheCarlScharnberg Month ago +22

    This reminds me of the "I went to the worst reviewed makeup artist in my city" videos.

    I don't want to offend the MUA, but did BuzzFeed just get conned, or were they trying to con us?

  • paloma
    paloma Month ago

    oh honey........

  • Elita Niad
    Elita Niad Month ago +17

    If she's a makeup artist, I'm Mahatma Ghandi. Damn, that was painful to watch...and awful

  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt Month ago

    is this Refinery29?

  • mikayla jackson
    mikayla jackson Month ago +2

    I dont get all the hate for this girl

  • Ana Sanchez
    Ana Sanchez Month ago +5

    Why is everyone being so mean, she was not that bad

  • Meltem yasar
    Meltem yasar Month ago +6

    Is Euphoria a joke to you as/is ???!!!

  • Alexis Frohlich
    Alexis Frohlich Month ago +7

    There are schools that teach makeup. Maybe they should start looking for graduates from those because the makeup artists that graduated from makeup school are certified.

  • Samantha Castillo
    Samantha Castillo Month ago

    Some of the eye makeup from Euphoria was pretty wild and crazy so 👐🏼👐🏼

  • Ghetto Barbie420
    Ghetto Barbie420 Month ago

    W h a t

  • Jimena Falcon
    Jimena Falcon Month ago +1

    And what Is with her hair

  • Annie-Rose Francis
    Annie-Rose Francis Month ago +3

    Anyone else actually like the makeup?? The style is meant to be unblended and it’s super creative!

  • Moonessence1
    Moonessence1 Month ago +12

    ThE bLeNdInG tHo....bish do you even watch the show or seen the looks 😂😂😂 these comments omggggggg

  • Stephanie Vincent
    Stephanie Vincent Month ago +7

    What in the Dollar Tree....? 🤨😳

  • Mari A.S
    Mari A.S Month ago

    This is a way better tutorial with a better MUA

  • Emmalouisefivefive
    Emmalouisefivefive Month ago +60

    Makeup artist or some random girl from the office? Sorry girl, but no.