Digging Deep For Gold In All The Wrong Places - Gold Mining Tier 3 Complete - Gold Rush The Game

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Welcome back to Gold Rush The Game. Today we buy the conveyor belt attachment so we can move some major dirt through the tier 3 gold mining setup in Gold Rush The Game. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Gold Rush, thanks for watching and liking.
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    About Gold Rush:
    Become a gold miner. Work hard, dig deep, explore the world, and you’ll become the wealthiest person in Alaska. Use a variety of specialist machines to find as much gold as you can.
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Comments • 237

  • charizard ranger
    charizard ranger 6 days ago

    Buy a Frankenstein to not spend money on a converebelt

    • charizard ranger
      charizard ranger 6 days ago

      Also buy a electric pump so when you turn it off the generator it turns all off

  • Roland Ferguson
    Roland Ferguson 11 days ago

    Use the Hog Pan with Pump at the end. It will yield more gold.

  • Salvatore De Lille Orlansino

    i recommend drae to watch his old episodes because he was missing lots of stuff

  • creator Space
    creator Space 23 days ago

    We made it well.

  • MikesPC1080p
    MikesPC1080p 24 days ago

    Man i haven't laught so hard in ages. Why don't you just watch a video on how to do things in gold rush it would save you a hell of a lot of work. Everything that you can do wrong you did wrong. I am still laughing writing this.

  • MikesPC1080p
    MikesPC1080p 24 days ago

    You also need grates in the sleuce boxes. You will lose all your gold.

  • MikesPC1080p
    MikesPC1080p 24 days ago

    You need grates for the nugget catcher box.

  • MikesPC1080p
    MikesPC1080p 24 days ago

    Yeah you needed the hog pan with pump. LOL

  • Marshall Gamer
    Marshall Gamer 25 days ago

    when you show us the hole you dug could you say how long it took you as i am very interested in this game and watching you play it had made me want to buy it, but i probably wont buy it if it is super grindy, thanks, keep up the good work :)

  • Chewydrake 355
    Chewydrake 355 25 days ago

    That intro tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tanner Toby
    Tanner Toby 25 days ago

    You could be finding actual real gold with the time you “Play” this game.

  • BEA5T379 gaming
    BEA5T379 gaming 26 days ago

    Those articulated steering dump trucks are really cool and easy to drive, I drive on in real life for my job

  • Chanel 4 Gamerz
    Chanel 4 Gamerz 26 days ago

    More Fishing : Barents Sea videos?

  • kristjan pirc
    kristjan pirc 26 days ago

    Is thia the dragest

  • Dennis 3
    Dennis 3 26 days ago +1

    Talk about a *GOLD DIGGER*

  • John Pearce
    John Pearce 26 days ago

    Hear me out.
    What if...
    Gold rush was in VR!

  • Jeremy Hoerauf
    Jeremy Hoerauf 26 days ago

    11:43 imagine someone with a huge gold mining setup walking on top of the machine and running down the pipes and troughs where the water is running lol

  • Waifu
    Waifu 26 days ago

    0:00 when the cable goes out on the tv

  • BOOM G.F.I
    BOOM G.F.I 26 days ago

    drae : fack you mother nature
    mother nature: is this kid for real he is digging in the only dead ground he have
    drae : my life is sucks 😂

  • Scwenz0r
    Scwenz0r 27 days ago

    Hi . give me more gold rush the game!

  • Evren 3DX
    Evren 3DX 27 days ago

    I just ben click beted...

    I know s.a.d

  • Michael Dalley
    Michael Dalley 27 days ago

    You can soak the miners moss more than once !!!

  • Dillon Thomas
    Dillon Thomas 27 days ago

    Different area maybe that why there thunderstorms

  • Frexie
    Frexie 27 days ago

    here we go again! :D

  • Mr Groves117
    Mr Groves117 27 days ago

    I think you should by the nuggetator and the grills for before the trommel. I noticed you seem to have a space for them and they can give some nice nuggets I believe.

  • Eli Jackson
    Eli Jackson 27 days ago

    I love this series keep it going!!!

  • Matthew Tonra
    Matthew Tonra 27 days ago

    More gold rush

  • Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighter

    Drae of all the places you had to choose to test out your new system it had to be the one with practically no gold whatsoever :P

  • Red Chetram
    Red Chetram 27 days ago


  • Afiq LOCO29
    Afiq LOCO29 27 days ago



  • General Broadhead
    General Broadhead 27 days ago

    Your excavator oil pressure is dangerously low, dangerously!

  • germinator fabi
    germinator fabi 27 days ago

    =) good

  • Kaarel Kostabi
    Kaarel Kostabi 27 days ago

    Don't leave it running. Fill everything - shaker, conveyor system (both take 1 dump truck load) and dump truck. Turn it on. Wait till its processed. Turn it off. Repeat. It's much cheaper, specially in the end game where you need the water tower.
    Biggest yield is in the matts btw.
    Yes, thunder is getting annoying, it's happening too often. Looks like in the future we cant use big generator with the thunder. I'm getting a notification every time there's a storm "big gen was struck with lightning" but can't find anything wrong with it and it works fine.
    Same with the bears that break your cables, haven't seen that happening.

  • Saikiran Samala
    Saikiran Samala 27 days ago


  • Shannon Charlton
    Shannon Charlton 27 days ago

    well you did say it was not about the gold it was about testing the dump truck and i think the mat washer you get a lot more out of the mats

  • Eagle Gamer
    Eagle Gamer 27 days ago

    One more mining sim in the next vid im so excited

  • Celine Haya
    Celine Haya 27 days ago

    Is this online game?

  • Aidan Laughlin
    Aidan Laughlin 27 days ago


  • Xxgaming ShadowXx
    Xxgaming ShadowXx 27 days ago

    Sub to my channel and I will sub to your channel

  • Dachi
    Dachi 27 days ago

    Unfortunate that you dont plan to finish kindergarten. Was hoping you wouldnwaited about a week for a new eisode

  • M. G.
    M. G. 27 days ago

    I havent watched Draes vids in a long time...when did he change his name to Drae?

  • Salvador De La Torre
    Salvador De La Torre 27 days ago

    Draw this RUclipr name “JT” who is getting terminated by RUclip please help his channel and spread the word and watch his video please.

  • bkLEGION3000
    bkLEGION3000 27 days ago

    these episodes are never long enough

  • frank galeano
    frank galeano 27 days ago +1

    Dont forget when this made had showed off besige stuff

  • amazing duckling
    amazing duckling 27 days ago

    Where is kindergarten 2?

  • Superdog 0504
    Superdog 0504 27 days ago

    And here inthought the gold rush series was over

  • G4 COD
    G4 COD 27 days ago

    Don't forget extra mats, the system has storage slots for empty or full mats so washouts aren't bringing everything to a standstill so often. Just saying.

  • James Hickman
    James Hickman 27 days ago

    Question with all that bad dirt how did u get a nugget of over 700g

  • random games
    random games 27 days ago

    Why only 30 fps

  • Thunderstrike
    Thunderstrike 27 days ago

    DRAE intro censoring my G i like it

  • Alec Mittelstadt
    Alec Mittelstadt 27 days ago

    Just a suggestion for you drae is to put 2 buckets on top of each duplex jig with water so all you have to do is turn around wash it and put it back. So much faster then carrying them all away or even to a gold nuggetator. Using the gold nuggetator actually slowed me down.

    AUSTIN COIL 27 days ago

    So recently it has been raining and having major storms and a small tornado in my area which is kinda normal and not that interesting. So i get on youtube and almost every series and person that i watch either has a-lot of storms in their or game or in their real life

  • ninjoty 87
    ninjoty 87 27 days ago +1

    I used to always like watching you play Thief simulator it was really funny. this is also cool to.i have been watching your videos for a year-and-a-half they're pretty good keep it up drae

  • Howie Hart
    Howie Hart 27 days ago

    Wash miners moss more times than 1 in the water!

  • Sinbadd The Pirate
    Sinbadd The Pirate 27 days ago

    This is what it would look like if Todd Hoffman worked all by himself. LOL!

  • DarkAssasinWolfMc
    DarkAssasinWolfMc 27 days ago

    F for gold

  • DawnKnight22
    DawnKnight22 27 days ago

    this needs multiplayer so u can have someone on a dump truck while u use the hoe

  • Vladimir Pootis
    Vladimir Pootis 27 days ago


  • Robert Blum
    Robert Blum 27 days ago

    Nice thumbnail

  • Matt Olson
    Matt Olson 27 days ago

    But that thumbnail though 👌👌