Glukoza - Babochki (live)

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  • Sergey Mazanko
    Sergey Mazanko 2 года назад

    Респект Фадееву ... Как он так голос вырулил ...В живую глюкоза так не звучит .

  • mario marcos
    mario marcos 3 года назад +1

    canta bien y es muy muy linda!!!!!!

  • Jeep546
    Jeep546 6 лет назад

    shes fucking sexy and her voice is beautiful

  • E. Prime
    E. Prime 6 лет назад

    много лепа девојка!!!

  • Right0202
    Right0202 6 лет назад

    @BrickGrease Natasha

  • tyab87
    tyab87 6 лет назад

    @BrickGrease Glukoza................

    QWERTYOLOGABLE1 6 лет назад

    @polishpunkoi винт, который вы

    QWERTYOLOGABLE1 6 лет назад

    Боже мой я люблю эту песню

  • Larry Concha
    Larry Concha 6 лет назад

    This song deserves to be listened by all the human race, it is really beautiful

  • Blake Shrapnel
    Blake Shrapnel 6 лет назад

    16:15 dimitri rascalov

  • Ryan Riopel
    Ryan Riopel 6 лет назад

    I have no idea what she's saying but she's saying it pretty damn well.

  • drkXwolf
    drkXwolf 6 лет назад

    Daddy would knock that out like Mike Tyson <3_<3

  • panczo107
    panczo107 6 лет назад

    красивый голос и талант во выступлениях :)

  • RustyShackelfurt
    RustyShackelfurt 7 лет назад

    @alishechka29 thanks captain obvious

  • alishechka29
    alishechka29 7 лет назад

    lip sink

  • rockbass
    rockbass 7 лет назад

    @danikabbani 10 months ago, when i made that comment, they weren't.

  • rannxz
    rannxz 7 лет назад

    Her voice sounds a lot different than in one of her studio recorded songs. Sounds much better live I think.

  • William Chumpkins
    William Chumpkins 7 лет назад

    @wictor1999 sniff, how touching.

  • Виктор Владимирович

    Разрешите бабочки в животе, и в голове не умирают!!!

  • MrAnderson1985
    MrAnderson1985 7 лет назад

    IT's different .. I just started and paused at..52; hearing a heartfelt song coming from an actual war torn nation.. Thats all.. okay BYE>..

  • honeybunz171236
    honeybunz171236 7 лет назад

    omg i jus fell in love wit dis songg !! shes soo pretty

  • hugslyh
    hugslyh 7 лет назад

    @TehNoobPwnsU i have no idea im crap at it new really listen
    and if you read the comment about i say "makes no fucking sence"

  • hugslyh
    hugslyh 7 лет назад

    @Anniekynz haha i thought i was crap at languages
    what is she saying?

  • Konstantine Baranov
    Konstantine Baranov 7 лет назад

    @hugslyh Haa Ive been talking it for 13 years Im thirteen and I still Have problems.

  • hugslyh
    hugslyh 7 лет назад

    ive been learning russian for 6 months
    still makes no fucking sence

  • rockbass
    rockbass 7 лет назад

    @atticuscorleone no need to be rude. of course you can find torrents and shit, but i wanted to buy them and support the artist.

  • legoman05
    legoman05 7 лет назад


  • ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​

    thumb up this comment if you think she's as sexy as i do!

  • Hugo Figueroa
    Hugo Figueroa 7 лет назад

    muy bonito video

  • Hugo Figueroa
    Hugo Figueroa 7 лет назад

    Muy bonito video

  • Hugo Figueroa
    Hugo Figueroa 7 лет назад

    Muy bonito video

  • Martin Espinoza Alonso
    Martin Espinoza Alonso 7 лет назад

    beautiful... n i'm not talking about the song lol :)

  • oscar guillermo paiva
    oscar guillermo paiva 7 лет назад

    Es realmente presiosa! ! y muy buena musica. Desde Argentina. Saludos ! !

  • agile52
    agile52 7 лет назад

    She's hot

  • James Bateman
    James Bateman 7 лет назад

    @rockbass try Itunes

  • James Bateman
    James Bateman 7 лет назад

    @rockbass a bunch of her stuff is now on itunes

  • homonovus6
    homonovus6 7 лет назад

    Her best song, beautiful.

  • R3tronomics
    R3tronomics 7 лет назад

    damn she look good in this video

  • Arthur Kannibal
    Arthur Kannibal 7 лет назад

    wow i can't decide which European singer is my favorite now...Glukoza or Portishead!

  • Gloria Stefanie
    Gloria Stefanie 8 лет назад

    Glukoza :D

  • Russki08
    Russki08 8 лет назад

    @steverocks11784 She was very popular for several years. Now she doesn't sing much 'cause she has a baby.

  • matizzy
    matizzy 8 лет назад

    @Kanji234 not really, glukoza is so much better.

  • guitarbass95
    guitarbass95 8 лет назад

    @ViperDoomer and is a lot better looking

  • Kevin Maside
    Kevin Maside 8 лет назад

    que linda O.O

  • Kanji234
    Kanji234 8 лет назад

    its the russian lady gaga

  • rockbass
    rockbass 8 лет назад

    thanks, i'll check it out. :)

  • rockbass
    rockbass 8 лет назад

    other than schweine, i can't seem to find any glukoza tracks to buy anywhere...anyone have any ideas how to get these albums?

  • OzzyOscy
    OzzyOscy 8 лет назад

    Just like the rest of the world then.

    Heck, in USA/the west we have Britney Spears, who doesn't even sing on her albums.

    The vocalizer is stretched so hard that it's pretty much the vocalizer singing her songs.

  • AlexSZ241
    AlexSZ241 8 лет назад

    ohhh yeah^^ i love russian girlsXD^^

  • JPR300
    JPR300 8 лет назад

    lol putin

  • Uthuriel
    Uthuriel 8 лет назад

    i like what i see

  • JesseLee08
    JesseLee08 8 лет назад

    Is a great musician

  • SimpleFire
    SimpleFire 8 лет назад

    she is hot

  • Jennifer Andrews
    Jennifer Andrews 8 лет назад

    я так люблю эту песню =)

  • sleepless inizmir
    sleepless inizmir 8 лет назад

    married with children :)

  • Алекс Андер
    Алекс Андер 8 лет назад

    Learn russian! many people hear russian song and know russian....who dont know russian...its a shame

  • Rimes
    Rimes 8 лет назад

    she is drop dead gorgeus

  • Human Resources
    Human Resources 8 лет назад

    GTA 4

  • sneijder023
    sneijder023 8 лет назад

    she needs girly moves

  • KoLisDwaLL
    KoLisDwaLL 8 лет назад

    i hate the day i found this girl!!!!!!! Ya tebya lublu bolshe vseh!!!!!

  • Ryan Diver
    Ryan Diver 8 лет назад

    god thats gd - so different to shwiene (soz cant spell, its late!) that song makes me want to learn russian

  • wknnkw
    wknnkw 8 лет назад

    whatch her performenc at the vidio 123 schweine

  • zahir12344
    zahir12344 8 лет назад

    That my new friend is something to drink to

  • wyzarme
    wyzarme 8 лет назад

    I'd hit that like the fist of an angry god!

  • Ari Nousjoki
    Ari Nousjoki 8 лет назад

    Only little know russian language but this band is one of the best.

  • elfboi523
    elfboi523 8 лет назад

    Slavic girls are often hot. My first gf was half Russian half German, my last one (I still miss her ;__; ) was half Russian half Lithuanian... some of the hottest women alive are Czech, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak...

  • jay brolanos
    jay brolanos 8 лет назад

    Yeah it does even know i cant understand a thing what they are saying i love it lol

  • groag123
    groag123 8 лет назад

    she's hot!!

  • sneijder023
    sneijder023 8 лет назад

    interesting language

  • sneijder023
    sneijder023 8 лет назад

    i hate it when she shouts at the end 2x

  • kallem10
    kallem10 8 лет назад

    Russian sounds strangely good when sung.

  • FloMonKish
    FloMonKish 8 лет назад

    she clearly mastered life

  • Ryan Diver
    Ryan Diver 8 лет назад

    I no what ya mean - same feelin lol

  • SeudonaK
    SeudonaK 8 лет назад

    sounds like the same chord progression as every tatu song

  • Wildan
    Wildan 9 лет назад

    Eins, zwei, drei, schicki schicki Schweine. :)

  • Tobias Rotten Boy Persson
    Tobias Rotten Boy Persson 9 лет назад

    Those are probably the most sensual and seductive eyes I've ever seen!

  • armoredchicken
    armoredchicken 9 лет назад


  • InstantMix
    InstantMix 9 лет назад

    the only german she sings is the ein zwei drei and the shicky chicky schweine thing from schweine

  • Crighton howard
    Crighton howard 9 лет назад

    sounds cool i guess but no idea whats she is saying, TOTALY HOT!!!!!!

  • onlikedk
    onlikedk 9 лет назад

    hahaha, sugar

  • Henrique Guedes
    Henrique Guedes 9 лет назад


  • Henrique Guedes
    Henrique Guedes 9 лет назад

    she is so fucking hot!

  • William Fox
    William Fox 9 лет назад

    Glukoza is Simply fucking amazing!!!!!!!

  • Francesco Abbiati
    Francesco Abbiati 9 лет назад

    she's beautiful

  • DJFarchnaught
    DJFarchnaught 9 лет назад

    She makes me question my sexuality.

  • schehofa1
    schehofa1 9 лет назад

    I want to understand the russian language

  • schehofa1
    schehofa1 9 лет назад

    when i hear schweine first time i never thought she would be so hot

  • greg phile
    greg phile 9 лет назад

    suck my nuts greets from america

  • derdiggehund
    derdiggehund 9 лет назад

    holy damn she's really hot!
    i would quite do her.

  • sekone1
    sekone1 9 лет назад

    another PLAYBACK at "live performance" - pffffffff LAMERS. hope not all russians can`t sing live....

  • flooww pii
    flooww pii 9 лет назад

    Yeahhhh ja tebja lublu xD

  • Héctor FdMa
    Héctor FdMa 9 лет назад

    you could be her manager and tell her personnally? You want to much!

  • Russiavsall
    Russiavsall 9 лет назад

    Omg )) i never see so much greeting to Russia :DDDDDDDD

    Greetings to all adequate people from RUS!!

  • Thomas Ramsøy
    Thomas Ramsøy 9 лет назад

    Long live russia! Greetz from Norway!

  • Wladimir Shubinskyi
    Wladimir Shubinskyi 9 лет назад


  • curtis joseph
    curtis joseph 9 лет назад

    So whats keeping you here? Please leave at once for a wonderful life in russia, that shit hole awaits you.

  • Porabany
    Porabany 9 лет назад

    Long live russia! Greetz from poland!

  • De_Casibus
    De_Casibus 9 лет назад

    A wonderful song.From a wonderful artist.

  • Rheanna O'Connor
    Rheanna O'Connor 9 лет назад

    Russian music is awsome. the language is beautiful.

  • Toldor12
    Toldor12 9 лет назад

    This is russian, not ukrainian....