Sekiro : Speed Run

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • This is like the easy version of Dark Souls.
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  • Willie Hartle
    Willie Hartle 3 hours ago

    this game reminds me o f a game for play station where you have a butterfly net and you capture monkeys

  • Shad
    Shad 6 hours ago

    how you move and atack so fast in this game ?

  • TjsWorld2011
    TjsWorld2011 Day ago

    1:39 Song?

  • Aki Kitano
    Aki Kitano Day ago

    Awesome video man, really enjoy your content. :)

  • Charlie G
    Charlie G 2 days ago

    Dunkey went to the monkey challenge and didn't make a winston joke with the glasses monkey?

  • TurbosnipeOne
    TurbosnipeOne 3 days ago

    Sekiro: Essence of Sanic

  • Veinytriumphant barstard

    this exposes how terrible sekiro's stealth is

  • Osip Vayner
    Osip Vayner 5 days ago

    2:18 This is especially comical.

  • Vᴇɴᴜs.sᴛᴜᴅɪᴏ跳舞.

    2:43 top 10 anime fights of 2019

  • GreenBee
    GreenBee 5 days ago

    0/10 no roberts

  • kelepoify
    kelepoify 5 days ago

    Sekiro with skooma overdose

  • Just Dying.
    Just Dying. 6 days ago +2

    I wish you came with any game,swear Id pay any amount even If Its Roblox.

  • David Acero
    David Acero 7 days ago

    MORE D____Y

  • drescrubb
    drescrubb 7 days ago

    2:35 had me fucking crying bruh

  • Slaughterous Sahloknir

    Now this.....THIS is a true speed running masta piece. No glitches or meta shit. Just some simple shadows shift relatively quickly

  • Whisky Doctor
    Whisky Doctor 7 days ago

    Welp, there is Forbes easy mode, enjoy it

  • Alfrido Vildario
    Alfrido Vildario 8 days ago

    gonna go fast

  • Gomeezzzzz
    Gomeezzzzz 8 days ago

    2:33 my cat when she sees a fly

  • Olive Soup
    Olive Soup 8 days ago +1

    This is a great speed run, maybe speed running bookworm adventures deluxe

  • michael dlv
    michael dlv 9 days ago

    your the best yt

  • AceNumber2 Gaming Channel

    1:30 Takes awhile to get the 30 and 100 jumps in a row for the boss. Remember to go back to Monster Town and claim your reward prize from Chow the dog.

  • Kryko
    Kryko 9 days ago +10

    "you gotta go for stealth"

    *breaks the fence and makes the loudest noise*

  • Jensi Oquendo
    Jensi Oquendo 9 days ago

    Dunkiro: Malphite's Int Twice.

  • Jatniel Silva
    Jatniel Silva 10 days ago

    I'm glad I didn't buy it

  • Sam Harold
    Sam Harold 10 days ago

    Wait, I can just jump on the boss continuously? Da fuq

  • Mia zuki
    Mia zuki 10 days ago

    first video on youtube i enjoy at 2x speed more than normal speed

  • Mia zuki
    Mia zuki 10 days ago

    omfg how do i set this speed up hahahaha

    CH1NOSTAYCH1NKD 11 days ago

    You made me wanna buy this game now

  • DR01D
    DR01D 11 days ago

    Dying at the commentary!

  • Peterkaboomi Train
    Peterkaboomi Train 11 days ago

    2:25 Me when the pizza man rings the doorbell

  • Peterkaboomi Train
    Peterkaboomi Train 11 days ago

    1:33 What the heck is a "Long-arm centipede giraffe" ?

  • Slycraft2002 Ward
    Slycraft2002 Ward 12 days ago


  • SparkPlayzs
    SparkPlayzs 12 days ago

    4:17 when your a really high level fighting a very low level boss

  • Harry Mathers
    Harry Mathers 12 days ago

    I wish the game was this fun

  • Bruce Bell
    Bruce Bell 12 days ago

    I was crying laughing when he smoked the hell out of that monkey.

  • oyokid
    oyokid 14 days ago

    Good fight!

  • Condimment
    Condimment 14 days ago

    When the Shield Guy lasted ablut 6seconds while the other boss last 3seconds l ao

  • Smokey
    Smokey 14 days ago


  • nickiono1
    nickiono1 14 days ago

    Soooo... maybe a run with this mod, infinite spirit emblems and the axe with whirlmove for a Beyblade cosplay?

  • JMC
    JMC 14 days ago


  • SapphireFox13
    SapphireFox13 15 days ago

    Is dunkeys commentary live now or post recorded?

  • Ambitious Kant
    Ambitious Kant 15 days ago

    Omg im nearly died at laughing ,seriously

  • Bacon Bitz
    Bacon Bitz 15 days ago

    So he’s just good at all games I guess he’s funny and good at stuff I’m like the discount version of him

  • theasianinvasion
    theasianinvasion 15 days ago

    1:04 My friend who has a nicotine fiend said this to me once even though he recently told me he quit

  • ChillingInTheFridge
    ChillingInTheFridge 15 days ago +4

    2:17 *i haven't even used 1% of my power yet*
    2:24 *warms up*

  • skaifers 1
    skaifers 1 16 days ago

    "I was just here for the Juul to be honest"

  • James King
    James King 17 days ago

    Franklin, you been working on that hit?

  • The Pancake Man
    The Pancake Man 17 days ago

    2:34 sonic ‘06

  • Kota H
    Kota H 17 days ago

    Sekiro The Hedge

  • FamousKiller
    FamousKiller 17 days ago +2

    i think you can save some seconds of the run by killing every enemy in one hit like in that other game Black Souls

    • FamousKiller
      FamousKiller 17 days ago

      +chiisaiOkami correct

    • chiisaiOkami
      chiisaiOkami 17 days ago +1

      I heard the speed run for Black Souls 3 is three times longer than Black Souls cause there's three of each enemy

  • Jerry Brink
    Jerry Brink 17 days ago +1

    4:15 Every genji when their mercy dies

  • Piano Phantom
    Piano Phantom 17 days ago


  • Splashpage
    Splashpage 17 days ago

    Sekiro in the next sonic

  • WayTooAverage
    WayTooAverage 18 days ago

    can anyone point me in the direction of this mod?

  • P. Anselmo
    P. Anselmo 18 days ago


  • TheXV22
    TheXV22 18 days ago

    wtf you make shit look so easy

  • t0rpid
    t0rpid 18 days ago

    I've been using this mod up till this point to just increase my game FPS, thanks to you enlightening me I can now attempt to kill people at 999% player movement.
    Nothing has changed, I'm still dying. But it's way funnier now.

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 18 days ago

    Damn the dunks got the wr

  • Mansoor Ahmed
    Mansoor Ahmed 18 days ago

    Play speed x2 2:25

    PIKI PLAY 18 days ago

    Dude i love your fucking videos xD and i just watch 2

  • _coma_
    _coma_ 18 days ago

    This wasn't a100% or an any% just an autistic sperging

  • Doge
    Doge 19 days ago

    More d___y

    More dicky?

  • Seth
    Seth 19 days ago

    Migatte no Dunkeyi

  • TofuDaTurtle
    TofuDaTurtle 19 days ago

    well, someone's been "coding" lately

    KIRINIME Tv 19 days ago

    Legit speedruun

  • BigBoy
    BigBoy 19 days ago

    I was just here for the Juul to be honest

  • MrSucc
    MrSucc 19 days ago

    Teach me the ways of the speed.

  • Horzinicla
    Horzinicla 19 days ago


  • Duke Phinéas Barton
    Duke Phinéas Barton 19 days ago

    I legit thought that when you said "it's video game lingo", you were presenting yourself with a random madeup name, like you do usually.

  • Azrael
    Azrael 19 days ago +1

    What was the song used at the end?

  • Hugheszie
    Hugheszie 19 days ago

    The monkey part killed me

  • little cuzy
    little cuzy 20 days ago

    How does he stay attacking and they dont attack back?

  • James Carter
    James Carter 20 days ago

    tf is this game

  • mrthatguyam
    mrthatguyam 20 days ago


  • Normal Leaf
    Normal Leaf 20 days ago

    The new Sonic movie looks great!

  • jarisfury
    jarisfury 20 days ago +2

    Yo Dunkey! What's that sweet outro music?!

  • 诺手最强集锦 点我视频求订阅

    Nice skill. Only on Pc.

  • Reggie Fils-Aimé
    Reggie Fils-Aimé 20 days ago +83

    It’s great to see people competitively playing my brand new game, Luigi’s mansion: shinobis path

  • szewcu1492
    szewcu1492 20 days ago

    I almost died from laughter when he was throwing pot at the dude

  • 游尚樺
    游尚樺 20 days ago

    modo hayaku

  • gabriel leroy
    gabriel leroy 21 day ago

    The new Sonic Movie looks really cool

  • ZombiQ minajj
    ZombiQ minajj 21 day ago

    Hacking is not funny

  • Shubhrit Dhanawat
    Shubhrit Dhanawat 21 day ago

    Where is the snake part?

  • dragonball slayer326

    I beat seriko 4 times really fantastic game

  • JoeTaylor Animation
    JoeTaylor Animation 21 day ago

    You cheated not only the game...

  • Sam Yargo
    Sam Yargo 21 day ago

    Is this the new Journalist mode?

  • Isaac Moreta
    Isaac Moreta 21 day ago

    😂😂i love you man 🤣😂

  • Whack VA
    Whack VA 21 day ago

    the speedis hilarious xD

  • gamer2morrow
    gamer2morrow 21 day ago

    You got ghosts in your blood, you should do cocaine about it

  • Bubbaj001
    Bubbaj001 21 day ago

    How do I mod my game to go turbo speed

  • Jon Ma
    Jon Ma 21 day ago

    1:05 “I was just here for the juul”

  • Rene G
    Rene G 21 day ago +1


  • Lord Flacko
    Lord Flacko 22 days ago

    1:06 I was just here for the JUUL to be honest

  • e69alpha
    e69alpha 22 days ago

    This is what learning the game looks like

  • Gökhan Gürkan
    Gökhan Gürkan 22 days ago

    i never knew sekiro is the1000 stat man!!!

  • Fishy42
    Fishy42 22 days ago


  • Brolly5
    Brolly5 23 days ago

    Gotta go fast

  • debicadude
    debicadude 23 days ago

    Now this is quality content by dunksby

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 23 days ago

    Can someone seriously explain how Dunkey fought the Guardian Ape? Because it looked like he just rushed him.

  • Big Jack Gameplays
    Big Jack Gameplays 24 days ago

    Nothing personal kid.
    ~ hit's shield guy for about 30 seconds
    ~ shield guy ded