• Published on Aug 25, 2019
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Comments • 12 892

  • Andrew Knepp
    Andrew Knepp 9 hours ago

    I love how Lannan almost always finds a loop hole

  • King Of Kings
    King Of Kings 12 hours ago

    Cray looked straight up like a circus strongman

  • Dark Baby_DarkBomber
    Dark Baby_DarkBomber 13 hours ago

    Elliott looks like Elon musk in this vid

  • bryce cormier
    bryce cormier 14 hours ago +1

    At 3:47 they have the ibs wrong

  • your father
    your father 14 hours ago

    You tubers can never do full pull-ups

  • Xman Rage
    Xman Rage 14 hours ago


  • CA13B
    CA13B 16 hours ago +1

    I remember when lasarbeam did madden challenges and he was swoll

  • Ash-Leigh Vavia
    Ash-Leigh Vavia 16 hours ago

    Damn, bazz is soooo tall😉😍🤣

  • Br 01239
    Br 01239 17 hours ago

    At 3:45 it says only 108.8lb but there lifting 242.5lb

  • Demon Studios
    Demon Studios 19 hours ago

    Someone in my class can do 14 pull ups and chin ups lol

  • Minkacat
    Minkacat 21 hour ago

    Lannan reminds me of Jack Sparrow from The Pirates Of The Carribean

  • Duck Dude
    Duck Dude Day ago +1


  • Tahmeed Mazumder

    Well, I'm never doin deadlift again thats for sure.

  • Christina Dixon
    Christina Dixon Day ago

    Min )moments

  • Xy_Eric06 -_-
    Xy_Eric06 -_- Day ago


  • Eagle 53
    Eagle 53 Day ago +1

    Im wondering what lufu was doing in the background of the intro

  • Takin Playz
    Takin Playz Day ago

    jesus lannan your so pale

  • Keita Lafleur élève

    i can't do pull ups

  • Keita Lafleur élève

    i can hold a plank for 5 min an im an 11 year old

  • Aj H
    Aj H Day ago

    You guys are weak I can lift 220 lbsI’m 100lbs and 12 years old

  • dead meme
    dead meme Day ago

    I think i can do that the tire part even tho i am 8

  • Ryan Ramshaw
    Ryan Ramshaw 2 days ago

    I did the planks with you guys and i fell out a little bit after cray💪💪

  • Madmurderer666
    Madmurderer666 2 days ago

    3:14 she sounded like she doing it

  • Nebula483
    Nebula483 2 days ago

    That thumbnail made me brain dead

  • Kaseth3ace
    Kaseth3ace 2 days ago

    I was participating in the planks and I died out in third

  • Evan Pavlock-Walker
    Evan Pavlock-Walker 2 days ago

    I’m 15 and I can probably lift as much as Lannan

  • zuilxz
    zuilxz 2 days ago

    Lannans position in the tire one had me dead

  • Super Allynn
    Super Allynn 2 days ago

    How tall is bazza

  • Toxic RadioHub
    Toxic RadioHub 2 days ago

    They messed up the lbs from 100 or 110 to 120 kilograms cause it went from like 100lbs to 230

  • Typhloshion vs Pikachu

    4:10 cray looks like von keiser from punch out

  • Luke yeet
    Luke yeet 2 days ago +1

    The bar was 10kg lol

  • Bobby John
    Bobby John 2 days ago +1

    I had to hold a plank for 10 minutes at MMA, I am 13

  • Molly Michie
    Molly Michie 2 days ago +1

    MARCUS WON!?!?
    *whaaa that's so un-u-unexpected*

  • koolguy1233
    koolguy1233 2 days ago

    Remember when the sidemen didi this

  • ethan the god
    ethan the god 2 days ago

    I lifted 70 kilos at 11 ur all weak

  • Edgar Garnica
    Edgar Garnica 2 days ago

    Why is Marcus part of the team he doesn’t have a channel?

  • Adriana Salvador
    Adriana Salvador 2 days ago +1

    Good Job Lufu 😊 (loserfruit🍓) You can do anything size doesn’t matter (You to Cray ) 😂

  • Nicholas Suarez-Salinas

    110 kg 108 lbs?!?!?

  • Joker TM
    Joker TM 2 days ago +1

    I can do 30 chin pull ups

    INFINIT_BLUE`S 2 days ago

    make sure you do u do over hand grip or u can pull a tendon

  • adi Sallahi
    adi Sallahi 3 days ago

    Omg lanin

  • Luka Puizina
    Luka Puizina 3 days ago

    Lannan 1st Marcus 2nd loserfruit 3rd bazz 4th muselk 5th cray 6th in strength

  • Emma Firth
    Emma Firth 3 days ago

    Cray even looks like a strong man for 1905

  • X_999CPS 21
    X_999CPS 21 3 days ago +9

    For those that only watch for Lazarbeam

  • Ttv Memes
    Ttv Memes 3 days ago +9

    Lazarbeam: yass queen

  • The BoyZ
    The BoyZ 3 days ago

    Lennon wheezing sidemen clothing

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez 3 days ago

    Marcus's legs tho

  • Cohen Desmond
    Cohen Desmond 3 days ago

    I’ve already go a STICH IN MY BACK what do you mean
    Like if can plank for more than 10 min 50 secs my pb
    Someone plz don’t lie but also plz beat it

  • Erdzhan Gamer123
    Erdzhan Gamer123 3 days ago

    Why is lazerbeam wearing sidemen merch

  • Dumb Stuff on apex
    Dumb Stuff on apex 3 days ago

    Get it? Being "tired"... ha... ha... uhhh

  • MattyD
    MattyD 3 days ago

    What’s going through lannans brain? Nothing, and nothing has ever went through his brain

  • Kaba Virdi
    Kaba Virdi 3 days ago

    Frutery yesss me nooooo

  • Zach Timmins
    Zach Timmins 3 days ago

    I love how Lannan is wearing Sidemen Merch.

  • Taylor McKeta
    Taylor McKeta 3 days ago

    It went from 108 to 284

  • BuraKaii Gaming
    BuraKaii Gaming 4 days ago

    I would love to see yall do the (US)Army Combat Fitness Test

  • Noon Star
    Noon Star 4 days ago

    Who seen the we kick ass thing on the wall

  • Frxzkk
    Frxzkk 4 days ago +1


  • Javon E
    Javon E 4 days ago

    your videos are good.

  • Billy
    Billy 4 days ago

    What is marcus’ deadlift max? Just curious

  • animated girl
    animated girl 4 days ago +1

    Did you see what the sign says its we kick ass in here