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Hope those of you who are looking to work within the entertainment industry find this video useful! It was cool for me to be able to talk to the guys in ticketing and events planning - to see what they do behind the scenes. First gig at The O2 Arena done ;) haha! Let me know what your dream job is in the comments!

Song I was playing is my original 'Taboo' hope you like it!

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Автор Neeraj Gaghat ( назад)
hi mam I have 3 years of experience in entertainment department can you help me out to get a job .

Автор Tashie Snower ( назад)
I really want to interact with children and adults like in a theme park and wish them a fulfilling day everyday.

Автор howlingwolf125y ( назад)
Hi Hannah.. The Mars guitar sounds great and look great too. It matches your beautiful brown eyes... I wish I could buy the Mars but I can't seem to find it here in America. I will keep looking.. Sending you much love from America.. Peter

Автор Izack Lima gospel ( назад)
+ Hannah trigwell, you are very beautiful love you kisses.

Автор Nepin Hutasoit ( назад)
why do you can to be presenter

Автор Ieatutube ( назад)
Awesome idea for a video Hannah.

Автор Sam TheTalentscout ( назад)
I've been trying to get a job in the music biz for ages but the fact I live here in Italy is not helpful..there are no chances here..I should move to UK but why would they hire an italian man instead of one of the 1000000 people in London? Anyway I'll never give up on my dream..keep going! Hugs, Sam

Автор Rachel Edwards ( назад)
This looks so great, thanks! :D

Автор Izack Lima gospel ( назад)
hello, Hannah..

Автор JackMorganCovers ( назад)
I really want to be a musician! Im only 13 but i busk in town and post on youtube, If music wasnt a thing, neither would i be. I had no idea there were this many behind the scenes jobs!

Автор Hérika Vale ( назад)
trabalhar com literatura e a língua portuguesa em outros países, especialmente no Canadá. 😃

Автор Hannah Trigwell ( назад)
What would be your DREAM JOB?!

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