6 Amazing Cheese-Stuffed Recipes

  • Published on Nov 15, 2017
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  • Lina Parsia
    Lina Parsia Day ago

    Try to make a healthy snacks,,,thats why know the recipe...

  • Avraam Iliadis
    Avraam Iliadis 3 days ago


  • tapawan kantiwong
    tapawan kantiwong 11 days ago +1

    How to kill thanos

  • Manoj Jadhav
    Manoj Jadhav 11 days ago


  • Seth Newton
    Seth Newton 11 days ago

    These recipes are just soo cheezetastic :P
    I actually find my self terrible at puns Lol -_-

  • Teds Liluwu
    Teds Liluwu 12 days ago

    Or you could just eat some cheese

  • Food and recipes
    Food and recipes 16 days ago

    Tasty is always yummy

  • Shakayah Watson
    Shakayah Watson 20 days ago

    My mouth is watering

  • Kadour Maslah
    Kadour Maslah 21 day ago


  • Kadour Maslah
    Kadour Maslah 21 day ago

    Ah ammmm délicieux

  • VAPM_Piccione 86
    VAPM_Piccione 86 21 day ago

    At Shark puppet like this video YEAH!!!

  • East Zone
    East Zone 24 days ago +1

    I'm asking my mom to make my melted cheese in a bowl.

    One of my *favourite* things to eat.

  • benu tahmina
    benu tahmina 25 days ago

    __i love cheese__

  • benu tahmina
    benu tahmina 25 days ago

    I love cheese
    _i love cheese_

  • benu tahmina
    benu tahmina 25 days ago

    *I love cheeese*
    _i love cheese_
    -i love cheese-

  • Yashvi Patel
    Yashvi Patel 26 days ago

    Why do vegetarians have to suffer in this video?

  • Abigail Curry
    Abigail Curry 27 days ago

    Is nobody going to talk about how perfectly that fits?

    • LRBLFC
      LRBLFC 26 days ago

      Abigail Curry same thickness I guess

  • Sobia Amir
    Sobia Amir 28 days ago

    I love the recipes OMG it's watering my mouth and I love the cheese foods 👍👍😋😋😍💖

  • ashvin girish
    ashvin girish Month ago

    Everytime i try like these recipies it either tastes like rubbish or plastic

  • Tanapat Anirukkul
    Tanapat Anirukkul Month ago

    Uses mozzarella. Calls it parmesean

  • extraterrestrial dooday

    *Knock knock!*
    Who's there?
    Chole who?

  • roblox is awesome i can relate


  • Its Dav
    Its Dav Month ago



    *Lactose and tolerant has entered the chat*

  • Rasa Nepal
    Rasa Nepal Month ago

    Me :cant wait to see what their gonna make
    Pickle stuffed with cheese:NO WAY

  • India Ryser
    India Ryser Month ago

    Everyone who was on a diet and watched this is eating a Red Baron pizza right know

  • datsun
    datsun Month ago

    him: grabs the puff pastry, right out of the oven, steaming hot
    also him: grabs with no struggle
    me: *what*

  • Creepystone Animations

    would you: have unlimited access to cheese stuffed foods but you have to give all your money away?

  • Nev&Frey Vlogs
    Nev&Frey Vlogs Month ago

    I lost my tastebuds i once ate a hole thing of Parmesan

  • Sobia Amir
    Sobia Amir Month ago

    Its so yummy and watered my mouth 🤤😘

  • Araceli Garcia
    Araceli Garcia Month ago

    me:See's video
    sis:were u going?
    me:I'm gonna buy all the ingredients that I need to make this stuff
    sis:......that's my sister....🙄

  • •AntiCube•
    •AntiCube• Month ago

    ... I Just Thought MeatBalls Was Called Cheeseballs..

  • pickle Squad 3
    pickle Squad 3 Month ago

    Why are uou doing this to me

  • AyaanAal Gaming
    AyaanAal Gaming Month ago

    you really shouldnt watch this when ur hungry

  • Swagsteroo
    Swagsteroo Month ago

    No one:
    Tasty: stuff that with cheese wrap it in bacon sure now deep fry yeah that’s good

  • Lps Shimmer Productions

    be honest who ate cheese while watching this ( im guilty )

  • Gaara Sandslash
    Gaara Sandslash Month ago +1

    2:20-3:11 godly

  • Sushi Man
    Sushi Man Month ago

    Who else got teary when the onion was cut

  • Linda Arnaout
    Linda Arnaout Month ago

    Hahaha😂😂😂😂😂in the end:oho yess

  • me me
    me me Month ago

    I loved the pizza thots

  • franz großenstein
    franz großenstein Month ago

    I'm a simple man, i See a fried Pickle, i watch something else and hope i never come across this Video again

  • Bon Jour
    Bon Jour 2 months ago

    emmm yummy , thanks for sharing.

  • John Cant Play
    John Cant Play 2 months ago

    any australians watching know what we call their version of hash browns here?

  • Mary Kelkay
    Mary Kelkay 2 months ago +1


  • Blue Mint Bubble
    Blue Mint Bubble 2 months ago +1

    1:35 I'm vegetarian and i'm not gonna lie that actually looks pretty nice XD

  • Corrosive G36C
    Corrosive G36C 2 months ago

    More like food but its american

  • Brownies Foreva
    Brownies Foreva 2 months ago

    I feel so bad for all the lactose intolerants out there

  • Ononna Hasan
    Ononna Hasan 2 months ago


  • Solar Artist
    Solar Artist 2 months ago +1

    Who else's Saliva dropped For The Cheese?

  • AceDoode
    AceDoode 2 months ago

    Pickles? With cheese?

    *HELLO* *THERE* 2 months ago

    The fried pickle cheese and the cheesy onions looked amazing

  • The Soviet Union Bob
    The Soviet Union Bob 2 months ago

    Okay. I'm unsubscribing

    ONLY GAMING 2 months ago +2

    R.I.P me. Not for me

    I have an alergy on cheese 🙁

    • *HELLO* *THERE*
      *HELLO* *THERE* 2 months ago

      Oh shit I feel bad cheese is the gratest thing in the world

  • GMD Code
    GMD Code 2 months ago

    Plz make cheese stuffed cheese

  • Siena Schwartz
    Siena Schwartz 2 months ago +3

    Me watching Tasty, already knowing I'll never have any of the ingredients

  • Uzaifa Rana
    Uzaifa Rana 2 months ago

    Very delicious

  • Laxmi Mallik
    Laxmi Mallik 2 months ago

    You Are An Artist Mahn!

  • blazing dog
    blazing dog 2 months ago

    I have a app it is like this

  • dabinguniacorn Ice cream sandwich:3

    At least I know how to make meatballs now!

  • ZoePaw
    ZoePaw 2 months ago

    I kinda want giant pretzels.