Cooking a MEAL out of EVERYTHING I Touch // Blindfolded Challenge

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • I blindfolded Julia and had her pick 10 random items at the grocery store to make me a meal. Watch as the hilarity ensues.
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  • SeN Express
    SeN Express 6 days ago

    Jp say Joe

  • gaming dude
    gaming dude 10 days ago +1

    8:41 i have to eat your "thing" 😋😎

  • Khuyen Mai Pham (Sharnia)

    6:08 :))))))

  • Cherry Ann Antoine
    Cherry Ann Antoine 24 days ago

    I want to see the roles reversed

  • Elsa Hunter
    Elsa Hunter Month ago


  • ruixi zhang
    ruixi zhang Month ago

    You can crush the talkies and make bread out of that

  • Devin Beatty
    Devin Beatty Month ago +1

    I would have processed all the meat together and then made burgers out of it with a meat grinder and then make a spicy chocolate suace using the taki's, then a corn chowder with stuffing then i would blend the coffee cake with the remaining stuffing and taki's and a little gravy and leftover corn making a makeshift corn bread ig then rebaked it toasted it and then put my mixed burger (fullycooked) on bun added spicy chocolate suace etc. Lol





  • christopher bascom
    christopher bascom Month ago

    That fr looks good

  • Willie Riley
    Willie Riley Month ago

    I want to see jp blindfolded shopping and you etungvwhat he picked

  • Elijah Hills
    Elijah Hills Month ago

    he could've used the takis + water to make the burger buns

  • Ellie Clawson
    Ellie Clawson 3 months ago

    Please have JP do this challenge

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 3 months ago

    Julia: I'm gonna eat your thing


  • bisifnwe place and new home moulton

    I can see really will I am cisioninporeed and ticayely buland so it reallt hard for me to shoo

  • Bella Goche
    Bella Goche 4 months ago

    OMG you guys make my day better

  • Emerald Leece
    Emerald Leece 4 months ago

    I want to see the random point deductions Julia can think of in revenge.

  • DFALEO 123
    DFALEO 123 4 months ago

    do another

  • VaderFVV
    VaderFVV 4 months ago


  • Shinra Kirigaya
    Shinra Kirigaya 4 months ago

    go to t&t blind folded if thats just a cannadian then any local ashian market will do too

  • alejandro navarro
    alejandro navarro 4 months ago

    I have to eat your thing sounds do wrong 😂

  • mokaboo
    mokaboo 4 months ago

    It looks like a monster

  • Sayain Buster
    Sayain Buster 4 months ago

    7 days on bread only challenge

  • Sayain Buster
    Sayain Buster 4 months ago

    7 days only 3 ingredients challenge

  • Sunny Mulkey
    Sunny Mulkey 4 months ago

    Yes more

  • What the Flip TV
    What the Flip TV 5 months ago

    Best food content on RUclip without arguement.

  • celeste
    celeste 5 months ago +1

    You guys are the best I wanna shout out

  • xItsAz
    xItsAz 5 months ago +1



  • Maria Siliga
    Maria Siliga 5 months ago

    Look nasty

  • ESTIsLaced
    ESTIsLaced 5 months ago

    Coors is also one of my favorite beer.

  • Makeup by Pita lover
    Makeup by Pita lover 5 months ago

    Who saw the containers with coler seperate fruit loops!!!!!WHAT!!!!!CHLOE. Kardashion is SHOOK

  • Christopher Bmx
    Christopher Bmx 5 months ago

    If you’re vegan stop watching now

  • Everlygrace meza
    Everlygrace meza 5 months ago

    She said my corn will be done elote Style ...elote means corn 😂

  • Joseph Guarrasi
    Joseph Guarrasi 5 months ago

    This was so fun , I’m doing this with my girlfriend, you guys rock , love watching, try going out and try vegan food

  • Steven Sanchez
    Steven Sanchez 6 months ago


  • Akil Baldwin
    Akil Baldwin 6 months ago

    Julia: I want to make a square burger patty.
    **Wendy's has entered chat**

  • kim macapinlac
    kim macapinlac 6 months ago

    that looks fun!

  • The ultimate Saiyan 1245

    Julia makes weird stuff while Jp does not approve

  • maria collins
    maria collins 6 months ago

    i think she could’ve used the chocolate and melted it to use it to stick the taki to the corn

  • TheJojoCreepy
    TheJojoCreepy 6 months ago

    The pork looked so good. idk why you thought it was disgusting 😭

  • gira nelly
    gira nelly 6 months ago

    Should’ve made pernil with that

  • 星月夜
    星月夜 6 months ago

    Zooming in on strangers at the grocery store who did not consent to be in the video is probably exactly why grocery stores don't allow filming
    At least keep the focus on you guys

  • Bob 2019
    Bob 2019 6 months ago

    That looks interesting Julia...😅

  • lovablenikki
    lovablenikki 6 months ago

    You guys should be allowed to use seasoning it’s only fair to make food taste better.

  • Chamaine Casey
    Chamaine Casey 6 months ago

    Im so hooked, I can't stop watching y'all videos . I love y'all!!

  • Dennis Carver
    Dennis Carver 6 months ago

    I THREW UP!😝

  • Donte Ware
    Donte Ware 6 months ago

    Honestly juila did one jp needs one only fair

  • SamsonXVI
    SamsonXVI 6 months ago

    birdbox be like

  • Redsauce 57
    Redsauce 57 6 months ago +2

    When she said “I got to much corn”
    I thought she said “I got to much p•rn”

  • Snowy wolf
    Snowy wolf 6 months ago

    Julia: wat u want for dinner?
    Jp:*calls diet coke beer*

  • Tesla Cannon
    Tesla Cannon 6 months ago

    That looks like the rotten patty from spongebob lol

  • my guinea pigs
    my guinea pigs 6 months ago +1

    James Charles just kissed you 😘💋 like to undo

    • my guinea pigs
      my guinea pigs 6 months ago

      @JTrain I'll stop if u subscribe to meh 😂👌

    • JTrain
      JTrain 6 months ago

      Gaming Vasara this james charles crap

    • my guinea pigs
      my guinea pigs 6 months ago

      @JTrain stop wat

    • JTrain
      JTrain 6 months ago

      Gaming Vasara stop

  • thbass19
    thbass19 6 months ago

    I actually liked this video lol what I would like to see is taking something so simple like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and making from scratch every thing.

  • Hacking Films
    Hacking Films 6 months ago

    Please more grammar

  • Gemma Miranda
    Gemma Miranda 6 months ago

    Pig skin is delicious you know it’s delicious if you eat lechon you use mang Thomas for lechon also lechon is roasted pig shoved with a pipe up it’s ass

    DEMON FREDDY 7 months ago

    "So i have to eat your thing"

  • I am Sempre Junior
    I am Sempre Junior 7 months ago +1

    JP told Julia that’s a box of banana so she knows there’s bananas over there

    Read more

  • George Steele
    George Steele 7 months ago

    I couldn't help but notice but is that a Google home hub 6:01 I own one and it's fantastic.

  • Shannon Clements
    Shannon Clements 7 months ago

    @HeallthyJunkFood You must really love Julia because I don't know if I could've bit into any of that. Then she said she couldn't believe you ate it? Julia is evil for that one! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣