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Автор Amanda Magana ( назад)

Автор COMMON SENSE ( назад)
So mainly a Celtic and Native American mix which is very common in the Americas. As most of the colonists were from Spain, Portugal, France and Britain.

Автор C'est moi ( назад)
she's wearing solotica contacts nice!

Автор Selene Uribe ( назад)
she looks Mexican, or Mestiza, and you are very pretty.

Автор Di Dxpeo ( назад)
But you looks so Asian!

Автор Bethany Morrison ( назад)
Native American won't show up chile or anything like that sadly. Its just indigenious since those were the first people in The Americas in general. Native american isnt just the ones in the United States. Theres thousands of Native tribes alll over the worldd so it'd be hard to pinpoint I suppose?

Автор Terry Devlin ( назад)
Hope you didn't spit to early in the morning as it would have came back large negro

Автор Truth Hurts ( назад)
native american people of canada, usa, mexico, caribbean, south america = have same blood (aboriginal-indigenous american)
that's why the map highlighted all of it

Автор phat walt ( назад)
My guess of your ethnicity is that your Hispanic...so European/Native American. Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal). Since Iberian means "Land of the Iberu (Hebrews) then you may have some Jewish DNA. and because the Iberian peninsula was a colony of the Romans for 400+ years, there'll be Italo/Greek DNA. Since it was a colony of Muslims for 700 years, then N African, Middle East, or W Asian DNA. Your Native part will either be all Native or Native/E Asian.

Автор Common Sense ( назад)
I'm guessing Hispanic or Mexican and part something else... :)

Автор Jennie Jaan ( назад)
You look native

Автор Omar Jeranamo ( назад)
Jewish I think

Автор Javiel Alvarez ( назад)
Doesn't Asia East tell you if you're Chinese or Japanese?!

Автор Javiel Alvarez ( назад)
I am proud to be mixed! I love my race

Автор bot fe ( назад)
Iberian peninsula is Portugal/Spain

Автор Jungkook belongs to Taehyung ( назад)

Автор Chanel Baker ( назад)
African native American European

Автор Raquel Velazquez ( назад)
Based on your background I'm guessing full Latina 😆😄 ok now I'm gonna watch the rest of the video ...

Автор Packo Kadir ( назад)
God damn you are beautiful

Автор Lindsey Muckenfuss ( назад)
Wouldn't being a Native American mean like from the Americas? Not from Mexico and what not?, lol i'm a native.

Автор KookiePop ( назад)
she looks fillipino

Автор Keepinitreel ( назад)
..........and you're 100% hot!

Автор OTurner91 ( назад)
The Iberian peninsula(spanish) thingy is probably mexican, since a big part of mexico was conquered by the spanish, and now a big part of mexico probably carries that genogroup

Автор Ian W ( назад)
No matter what the percentages are ---> All Roads Lead Back to Africa <------- this can never be denied or escaped ..... Thanks for sharing.

Автор Thad Jhonson ( назад)
only 53 europe?!?!?!? WHAAAA😲😲😲

Автор jchv88 ( назад)
Your 6% West Asian ancestry is coming from your Spanish blood.... Your 5% Italian/Greek ancestry also comes from your Spanish blood from when the Roman's inhabited the iBerian Peninsula. Your truly beautiful, girl. Embrace your origin. :)

Автор The Legend 27 ( назад)
I wish i can have it but i habe no money D: who can relate to me

Автор HighTechTorres ( назад)
my results said I'm 9% west African, it explains a lot

Автор Inachu Ikimasho ( назад)
Iberia Hyboria is the super old name of Ireland.

Автор Blue Blaze ( назад)
are u from California? u sound like a valley girl:)

Автор Natalia Andrea ( назад)
european, native american, african

Автор Jay Man ( назад)
hahaha why dont u admit your mex heritage? we can tell by your face, but it sounds like your ashamed. your DNA results are normal for common Mexican mestizos, although many do have middle E
astern in them too. about the African thing, clearly you dont know mexican history.

Автор Amalia Kuba ( назад)
What's the other 10% under Europe?

Автор Tuff Samurai ( назад)
Ok I'm gonna guess 40% native 40%European 10%Africa 10%asia

Автор angelANDpeace ( назад)
i guessed persian and mexican lol

Автор inthisworld butnotofit ( назад)
I think as far as Native American covering the entire western hemisphere it seems to be that way with every company doing genetics for people.

Автор Nicolas Joseph ( назад)
I thought you were Asian and white half and half

Автор Tecumseh Sherman ( назад)

Автор Alex Robles ( назад)
DUUUUDE! I'm 32% Native American, and 38% Iberian Peninsula !! HOLY SHITTT, I just went on Ancestry.com matches and it says you and I are probably 5th-8th cousins.

Автор J Deas ( назад)
Iberian Peninsula *+* Native American *+* Some Middle Eastern/North African *+* possibly a lil East Asian

Автор Joe Blow ( назад)
I heard that the DNA diversity from the Americas is pretty small. It means that almost all Native Americans are related to each other. There were only 30 or so families that crossed over from Siberia so the DNA results will cover the entire American region. It's not until you get up towards Alaska/Canada that you start seeing "East Asia" in the mix and those tribes do look a lot more like the people on the other side of the Bering Strait. "Yupik"

Автор Leafa Falaniko ( назад)
ok sweet

Автор conscious confushous ( назад)
Middle Eastern looking.

Автор Superlazerninja12 ( назад)
Iberian peninsula or Italy/Greece

Автор Marady Mon ( назад)
Found this video by looking for Hawaiian Cambodian

Автор 윤호 ( назад)
you look gorgeous...

Автор Barbara K ( назад)
Having a Spanish last name does not mean that your ancestry is from Spain. The indigenous people in Mexico (Aztecs, Yaquis, Incas, etc.) were given Spanish last names after they converted to Catholicism. A good amount of people in Mexico don't have Spanish blood despite having Spanish last names. In your case you do, but I just wanted to point it out.

Автор Anne Smith ( назад)
Waiting for my results to come in!

Автор booby b ( назад)
I was going to guess italiano. Spanish Italian same thing basically. Wasnt expecting such a high native percentage though. You don't look like the average mestizo.

Автор ew ( назад)
My initial guess is largely South Asian (Indian).

Автор Brendon McPhail ( назад)
Native American is not Mexican did you pay attention in school?

Автор James Kibirige ( назад)
Interesting results

Автор I will vomit on you ( назад)
half Pakistani half yemeni

Автор Virtuous Lady ( назад)
I guessed Hispanic, or Native American. I can't believe you are most European (white)

Автор Alyse ( назад)
Ithink you're polynesian (lmao how do i spell???) and from some part of spain

Автор Kamila M. ( назад)
I really wanna know mine. I am Iranian so wondering what else I could be

Автор Bert Karlsson ( назад)
Native Americans are not Mexicans, Mexicans originate from Spain and Native Americans from the American contenent

Автор Geraldine Magana ( назад)
i have the same last name as you and people think im filipino because of my last name

Автор Mark Jacob ( назад)
damn girl your pretty

Автор Irma Lucia ( назад)
My maiden last name is also Magana and I haven't seen anyone here with that last name! I'm also pretty sure my ancestry is from Spain. There's a village in Spain thats called Magana so I'm really keen to visit there. Great vid! I wonder if we're distant cousins ;p

Автор Rah W ( назад)
Mine said I was European. I Smashed my Laptop!

Автор GMAN634 ( назад)

Автор darkxxking ( назад)
Lol I think you forget that Mexico is diverse and most Mexicans are Spanish (European) and native. To say your native side is Mexican but not your Spanish is funny.

Автор newareafilms ( назад)
My guess 42% Europe Spanish Italian 46% Native American 6% American etc

Автор Risky123123 ( назад)
guess is native america spanish english western europe north east europe like russian

Автор Deal Wolfstriked ( назад)
I just watched like 5 DNA videos in a orw and everyone is Native American.

Автор Janna Mosby ( назад)
Greek ?

Автор DaWild bob ( назад)
Italian, Spanish and Mexican

Автор My Anthropologies ( назад)
Me thinks:
Majority West Eurasian ancestry at like 60-75% (Europe and the Middle East). Within that, I guess you being 20% Iberian, 36% Italy/Greece, 9% Ireland, 5% Scandinavia, 2% European Jewish, 1% West Asia/Caucasus or Middle East.
Then, I imagine about 22% Native American, and 3% African.

Автор Opopanax ( назад)
Asia east goes with the N.A.

Автор Chris Taino ( назад)
Before watching I expected high Native American of Mexican descent. I actually expected high Native American blood than I did Spanish.

Автор calliefive ( назад)
Blue eyes and dark hair...maybe welsh?

Автор Katieee ( назад)
My guess is 40% Native American 60% European

Автор Star buono ( назад)
Why do some DNA tests cost more than others ? Are the cheaper ones less reliable ? which is the best and more reliable one ? thank you :) !

Автор Fathmé Chmayssani ( назад)
Greece, I think...

Автор TP Power ( назад)
Why does a nation built on immigrants so obsessed with the color, nationality, and ethnicity?  It's all about power. Irish people used to be treated same as black slaves long long time ago but gradually, as they were assimilated into the U.S. mainstream, they were at the forefront of racism against blacks. Honey, you look marvelous. :)

Автор Deandra ( назад)
You're less European than I thought but I got the Native American correct lol

Автор Alti Spinax ( назад)
My god you're beautiful! A direct result of mixed genes

Автор jj jj ( назад)
Iberian peninsula is basically Arab blood. Arabs ruled for 800 years over there.

Автор random07_07 ( назад)
I think you're latina

Автор Jose Gonzalez ( назад)
The girl in the video is clearly a White Anglo.   No color in her.

Автор Elizabeth Cisneros ( назад)
when I first clicked on the video I guessed Latina, most likely mexican.

Автор ロージーユリ ( назад)
My guess is either Indian/Middle eastern and/or Italian

Автор Kim Estrada ( назад)

Автор Gordon Cannon ( назад)

Автор Mags De León ( назад)
Wow, that's amazing your percentage of Native American. I seriously thought I was going get more on mine. I only got 5%. Was a little disappointed. lol! At least I got something. My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is Cuban. The Tainos got completely wiped out by the Spaniards and Italians when Columbus invaded Puerto Rico so even with that small percentage I guess I have to be happy with that.

Автор Maricela Huidor Figueroa ( назад)
Dna changes even amongst siblings. For example your sibling might have more or less dna from Iberian peninsula or Italy/Greece. They might also get a trace region that does not show up in yours. Dna is cool but a bit complicated.

Автор M.J.MommyOnTheGo ( назад)
yesss Mexico and Spain

Автор Paolo Wisler ( назад)
Hi. answering your question about my thoughts of you ancestry before watching it all, I would guess you are Portuguese/Azorean/Latino like me. I guess that only because you look like you could be a sister or cousin of mine. We all have dark hair, caramel skin, and green of grey/blue eyes... I might be completely wrong... I will watch more to find out! Thanks for sharing! I am awaiting my DNA results too!!!

Автор Yinksy93 ( назад)
I would say:
80% european (spanish, italian)
15% native american

Автор 100tifiko ( назад)
Sorry for asking but your light eyes are natural ? I never saw a person with light eyes and dark skin it looks beautiful, most of the people here where i live have light eyes, light skin and light hair.

Автор chris pynadath ( назад)
what color are your eyes ? are they grey ?

Автор Katie Smith ( назад)
oh and Burmese came to mind

Автор Katie Smith ( назад)
thai indian Polynesian Russian :-)

Автор Christina Ho ( назад)
Iberian Peninsula is also Portugal, so you could be 38% Portuguese.

Автор Ana Freitas ( назад)
I would say american indian, maybe some Iberian Peninsula dna, maybe when the Arabs ruled this region. Actually I would also believe Bolivia or Colombia. And your surname, in Portuguese means either 1. Funny, joyful , naughty woman 2. Name for a tocata (old music played by instruments) 3. (Regional Significance) Woman considered dissolute. Real sorry about that one, just translating from the dictionary.

Автор 23 ( назад)
i guess Italian!

Автор leolopeztx ( назад)
Your results are almost the same as mine and I'm from Texas. I think most Mexican-Americans in the Southwest USA and people from Northern Mexico have similar DNA results.

Автор Chyspa Martinez ( назад)
i have the last name Ovando and Castillo and they both come from spain

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