Finger Picking the Guitar - Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons - Fingerstyle beginner

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  • Lemuel Connell
    Lemuel Connell Год назад

    Thank you so much bro!!!! This is so helpful!!

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    Thank you!

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    this is just what i was looking for. thank you!

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    Nice. Thank you.

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    this helped.

  • Mathew Wicksey
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    String Orders

    C: A+B-D-G-A-B-D-G

    A Minor : A+B-D-G-A-B-D-G

    G Major: lE+hE-D-G-lE-hE-D-G

    E Minor: lE+he-D-G-lE-hE-D-G

    D: D+hE-G-B-D-hE-G-B

  • Scouse Wayne
    Scouse Wayne 2 года назад +15

    haha damm I thought that was my phone I heard at the beginning, then I remembered I've only ever heard that sound from my old Nokia 3310

  • Sang Thành
    Sang Thành 2 года назад

    Wowww amazing!!!!I love that kind of FingerPicking style...Sound like Country!! I love that,hope you teach more easy FingerPicking styles like that!Appreciate it!!!

  • Tiaan Uys
    Tiaan Uys 2 года назад

    i like how you simplify it & slow it down as opposed to dumbing it down like other YouTube lessons.

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  • Dannielle Mechling
    Dannielle Mechling 2 года назад

    I have an alt. Picking ng pattern for d major. You use the d g b and e strings. The first string is d, then b then g then e. Once you play those notes ending the last note which is e 4 times through, you take your ring finger off and play the 1st and 2nd finger. You then replace your ring finger and play without your first finger and only play the middle and ring fingers.. Ending 4 times through on top e. Then you put your first finger back on the string and play without the second string, then you play all the fingers together again, coming full circle. You can use this to teach your students. Have a good 1!

  • Nancy Wardle
    Nancy Wardle 2 года назад

    This is fantastic!  Thank you!

  • hey89boo
    hey89boo 2 года назад

    Oh My God Marty!!! YES!!! I thought picking was impossible but the noises coming out of my guitar match yours perfectly now. Thanks man!!! ^_^

  • Team Johnny
    Team Johnny 2 года назад

    Would it be considered left wrong if I put down my guitar after only playing each note on tempo separately and not together?

  • Anne Russell
    Anne Russell 2 года назад

    This is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to make beautiful music with this:)

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    David D. Stanton 2 года назад

    Thank you!

  • Maurice Charles
    Maurice Charles 2 года назад +5

    Dude this is awesome. I might actually be able to learn "Dust In The Wind" before I die. LMAO

  • David Nicholson
    David Nicholson 2 года назад +1

    Thanks Marty. You have started me on the art of finger picking. Appreciate your lesson.

  • xSauriss MUT
    xSauriss MUT 2 года назад

    Is the bar code F Useful? Please awnser

  • Joie Jameson, R.N.
    Joie Jameson, R.N. 2 года назад

    guess I have just been picking a certain way for 50 years now,,,,

  • D Sam
    D Sam 2 года назад

    its just a little to fast

  • LPS silver
    LPS silver 3 года назад

    what if I don't know ANYTHING about guitar lessons, and I don't know those things he said in the beginning... I need a proper lesson for level 0. RAH!

    • LPS silver
      LPS silver 2 года назад


    • SpaceOfSoul23
      SpaceOfSoul23 2 года назад

      Not sure if it's available on android, but on iOS, he has an app with tons of lessons.
      Check it out "Guitarjamz"
      It's what I'm doing right now, and so far I'm picking it up well

  • Tihomir S.
    Tihomir S. 3 года назад

    Thanks a lot Marty :) excellent exercise!!!

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    camrynkline2499 3 года назад

    Thank you thank you thank you

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    Gabriele Kohl 3 года назад

    you made me happy. Thank you.

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    michael chapleLast 3 года назад

    This does help a lot! I will be practicing very slowly...Excellent Lesson!!

    • SuperXYZER
      SuperXYZER 2 года назад

      who needs slow when you have steriods

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    Chubby Bunny 3 года назад

    this really helps me!! thanks!

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    bennyinberlin 3 года назад

    yeah...never mind explaining the rhythm because it`s easy beginners...

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    helps with the song "marry me" by train

  • Nirmaan Aggarwal
    Nirmaan Aggarwal 3 года назад

    You're the best!

  • Manish Sharma
    Manish Sharma 3 года назад

    the best lesson on finger picking i have viewed so far. Thanks :)

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    TheDigitalNdn 3 года назад

    Thank you.

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    coldstream100 3 года назад

    Great tutorial video thanx so much

    TheGREENLEMMING 3 года назад

    haha i love the intro XD

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    Yun FuFu 3 года назад

    Thanks! Helps a lot!

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    Woodsy Owl 3 года назад

    isnt that dust in the wind by kansas?

  • Cat McGovern
    Cat McGovern 3 года назад

    Thank you ...... Keep it up..!! I learn more from you than anyone I have searched...& that is a lot .. Great instruction . I play piano, my first love, but it has to be in a storage awhile.. So.. What is available is a friends guitar..!! Love it.. But learning a new instrument is a joy as well as a great challenge . So, I want you to know Your instruction is very appreciated.. Bless you & your family..!!!

  • Sonali Sharma
    Sonali Sharma 3 года назад

    when i use left hand for chords, those string sound mute while fingerpicking!!! pleaseeeeee help!!!! 

    • Cassie Raye
      Cassie Raye 2 года назад

      Sonali I see your comment here was almost a year ago, how are you coming along with your playing?  I just started about a month ago using Marty's far, I'm enjoying the process.

    • Soso Dasme
      Soso Dasme 2 года назад

      Press down harder on the strings 😊

    • Joe Hill
      Joe Hill 3 года назад

      You are getting ahead of yourself. Practice your chords.

      THUNDERBOLT 3 года назад

      the strings should be in contact with the neck. (up against the neck) when you make chords

  • Jillian Faith
    Jillian Faith 3 года назад

    You really are an excellent teacher, Marty!! Love your vids! Thanks so very much :)

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    Edgar Mendes 3 года назад

    awesome vid :)

  • Edgar Mendes
    Edgar Mendes 3 года назад

    dude... the intro.... thats my life :0000

  • Toma Hawk
    Toma Hawk 3 года назад +1

    Looks like as good a place to start as I've seen so far, thanks Marty.  Wish I hadn't waited so long to learn how to do this, just stubborn I guess.  A ton of others have done it, and I don't consider myself mentally handicapped - it's more like Charles Barkley and golf lol.

  • Marty Shurtleff
    Marty Shurtleff 3 года назад

    hi marty, thanks for the help, picked it up in 10 minutes or less, very good tutorial.

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    Taegan Venner 3 года назад

    thanks so much :)

    • Taegan Venner
      Taegan Venner 2 года назад

      +SuperXYZER sshhhhhhh! tell no one!

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      SuperXYZER 2 года назад

      you look like voldemort

  • Dan Pearce
    Dan Pearce 3 года назад

    Cheers Pal! I've been putting my old guitar down for years but now I've started picking I'm on a mission!!! Peace! Danny P England!

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    ohh I'm Sweaty!

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  • Kristal G
    Kristal G 3 года назад

    SLOWER!!!! please change the angle of the camera so we can see which finger your using as your third finger looks like its playing a string, confusing!

    • AnOnlineLife
      AnOnlineLife 2 года назад

      I had the same problem I realised he is holding down a third string

  • Jay Chapman
    Jay Chapman 3 года назад

    we'll be back too best guitar lessons i have i have found on here yet

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    Best instructional video opening EVER! Long live the spouse! Excellent lesson, too.

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      get a shirt on dude

  • chitchit saungoo
    chitchit saungoo 3 года назад

    How do we do the F chord?

  • Lilja Grönrus
    Lilja Grönrus 3 года назад

    I've just learned to play the basic chords on the guitar (I've been playing guitar for about 2 months now) is it too early to start to learn finger picking?

  • jblack57
    jblack57 3 года назад

    Awesome lesson! I just have problems incorporating the fingers into the different things each finger is doing.I.m just so use to using my pick.I;ll keep trying.Thanks.

  • Micma039
    Micma039 3 года назад

    eddie vedder - tuolumne

  • Micma039
    Micma039 3 года назад

    one of your best lessons!!! thx marty

    DEVINA PUTRI 3 года назад

    thank you very much for the simple encouraging lesson!

  • Tips for a Happier Life
    Tips for a Happier Life 3 года назад

    HOLY CRAP i am a beginner I know so little and this amazing video is so amazing i FEEL better already! really you could not have said that any better!

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    Charles-Edouard De Rothschild 3 года назад

    The lesson is GREAT ! thank you!

  • Aizel Escoto
    Aizel Escoto 3 года назад

    its so hard to learn the fingerstyle ughh !!

  • Art Moss
    Art Moss 3 года назад

    Often, the strings are closer together on an electric than on a acoustic, so maybe that has something to do with it.

  • Art Moss
    Art Moss 3 года назад

    Fretting a G shape: pinch strings 6 and 1, then pluck, 4, 3, 6, 1, 4, 3.

  • Art Moss
    Art Moss 3 года назад

    Fretting a C shape: pinch strings 5 and 2, then pluck these strings in order: 4, 3, 5, 2, 4, 3. Count is 1, 2 and, 3 and, 4 and. Repeat, starting with the 5/2 pinch.

  • al novak
    al novak 3 года назад

    i am trying but i have a tele copy and finding its difficult.i know i know picking aint easy but is it harder on a electric or am i just a total loser?

  • Ann Harrissee
    Ann Harrissee 3 года назад

    I can´t but still practise :D

  • Kankam Prabhakar
    Kankam Prabhakar 4 года назад

    Super...I started doing it in few minutes. Earlier when I saw people doing it, I thought that it will take years to catch that. Thanks!

  • bostonbiker
    bostonbiker 4 года назад

    Marty is that a steel string guitar? I assume it is but please confirm!!

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    You are a dumbass idrek.

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    you are such a bitch

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    whats the whole pattern (in order)

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    me too :D

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    Man, Marty, you have a really cool name.

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    25 people gave up trying to be as fast as Marty ;)

  • Clarisse Sobiono
    Clarisse Sobiono 4 года назад

    Hi! Any great song for this pattern? I really loved it and I'm still learning so it might me great to practice it with a real song. This is great, Marty.

  • MrRobbani1
    MrRobbani1 4 года назад

    thank you so much

  • Argenis De Los Santos Rivera
    Argenis De Los Santos Rivera 4 года назад

    I can't get THAT fast finger-picking!! But I'm trying everyday! Thanks Marty!

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    hannahthurkettle97 4 года назад

    Literally one of the best guitar teachers on YouTube, you are an absolute saviour! Please never stop making videos :)

  • district9and34
    district9and34 4 года назад

    Good tutorial, I agree with Fkira Last. I felt a little like I was playing Simon, though.

  • Sara kennady
    Sara kennady 4 года назад

    Marty...YOU ROCK!! Thanks to you, I now play better than my brother, and my Dad is giving me his Fender Strat!! :) :) :) don't feel bad for my brother, he gets a nice guitar too...BUT, I hope you don't mind if I DONT tell him about least for a while!! ;) Thank you so much, you have taken me BEYOND what I thought I could do! <3 <3

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    BDemba16 4 года назад

    who is that pretty lady in the back?

  • Darkenn76
    Darkenn76 4 года назад

    I was able to follow up until 5:20 then he just completely changes the rhythm and or pattern to something else and doesn't say a word about what he's done.
    HOW DO YOU PLAY THIS?????????????
    Very very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1LinkEdits
    1LinkEdits 4 года назад

    Also, when I play songs that use Finger-picking (I'm more of a Pick user) I can only use my Thumb and Index finger because it feels comfortable. But when I try and use my other three fingers (Middle, Ring, Pinkie) it just feels awkward and uncomfortable and it stuffs me up. Any excercises to help me with that problem?

  • 1LinkEdits
    1LinkEdits 4 года назад

    Who else heard the weird Internet buzz thing at the start?
    Also, the start kinda heard like Tobuscus 'SAD SONG'
    Or mostly known as Dust in the Wind

  • amiller
    amiller 4 года назад

    I love moments like that when my wife interrupts me practicing. It's those moments in life that remind me why I'm taking the time to learn this instrument in the first place - for her and my daughter.

  • justbass12
    justbass12 4 года назад

    Is it standard tuning?

  • Joseph Perez
    Joseph Perez 4 года назад

    Is this the picking pattern for Just Breathe by Pearl Jam?

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    An excellent job Marty. Thanks for that. I'm rockin'.

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    This sounds like glory on a classical guitar. I'm really happy about mine.

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    Thx Marty, you are the Guitar teaching god of the Web

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    This is a good lesson on Travis Picking except when Marty slows down he hits the pattern out of sequence a few times and never completes the full sequence properly. But you can make sense of it using your ears and weeding out the mistakes.

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    My beginners-fingers hurt like crap too indeed :D

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    Every time I see a Marty video when I search for a lesson I thank the holy mother of music because it actually makes sense. Hallelujah. Amen.

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    muy buen tutoria .....Gracias

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    Thanks man. Great instruction as always

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    Great job of demonstrating

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    hey marty. can you please help learn alicia keys that's when i knew song?

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