Can you solve the famously difficult green-eyed logic puzzle? - Alex Gendler

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  • Tobias Knudsen
    Tobias Knudsen 7 часов назад

    romance stumble contact concept mind advocate racial evolution tear hardly.

  • Nuby29
    Nuby29 22 часа назад +1

    I would just push one of the green eyes person toward the guard. I mean perfect logician would know what my suggestion is

  • Layah Sloan
    Layah Sloan День назад

    If the person next to you has greens eyes then you can leave.
    If the person next to you has leaf colored eyes, you can leave

  • Sagar Jain
    Sagar Jain 2 дня назад

    Condition was atleast one of you has green eyes.

    • Sagar Jain
      Sagar Jain 2 дня назад

      No point of this logic.

    • Sagar Jain
      Sagar Jain 2 дня назад

      So basically I can see everyone has green eyes. And condition was that atleast one has green eyes. Means minimum of one guy has a green eye. So I get the hint that I am also green eyed

  • [EX] Niiue
    [EX] Niiue 2 дня назад

    is there paper? make the prisoners write the name of the other person saying that they have green eyes. the dictator ain't thunk about dat

  • Herre Noort
    Herre Noort 3 дня назад

    they were never taught what green was
    you're not allowed to give them new information
    then saying at least one of them has green eyes is new information
    and when mad dictators are involved WHY ARE YOU INVOLVED

  • Electric Titan
    Electric Titan 3 дня назад

    I mean.... It's not new information to say "you all have green eyes"

  • Steve .Z
    Steve .Z 3 дня назад

    DICKtator, perfect

  • Super Bran
    Super Bran 4 дня назад



  • Whatsthisbuttondo?
    Whatsthisbuttondo? 4 дня назад

    Just say "nobody is special"

  • A _BTS
    A _BTS 4 дня назад

    "If you see the color, point"

  • Kat Keller
    Kat Keller 4 дня назад

    I would take my chances and get out and scream to everybody else, "YOU ALL HAVE GREEN EYES!!!!"

  • Aditya Raj
    Aditya Raj 5 дней назад

    I would say "all your prisoner mate have green eyes". Since each prisoner already know others eyes are green,its not a new information.But if a prisoner think that i said it to all the prisoners which means for another prisoner,he as a mate also have green eyes.. In this way each one of them realise that they all have green eyes and become free quickly.. WHY waiting for 100 days??

  • Ahmed Elrasheed
    Ahmed Elrasheed 5 дней назад +1

    I’d just say “ You all have green eyes” and run to my helicopter.

  • Youpo1
    Youpo1 6 дней назад


  • Branko Dimitrijevic
    Branko Dimitrijevic 6 дней назад

    give my 5 min of life back

  • 이대영
    이대영 6 дней назад

    Can't they just look at the reflection of themselves in the other prisoner's eyes?

  • Zdoll Espace
    Zdoll Espace 7 дней назад

    What if they just signal the other has green eyes?

  • Clement Lemon
    Clement Lemon 7 дней назад

    Why can't you say all of you have green eyes

  • Redstone Freind
    Redstone Freind 9 дней назад

    Couldn't you just say everyone around you has green eyes and then they all could deduce that the only way for this to be true for every one is that if every one had green eyes

  • Gracie Cake
    Gracie Cake 9 дней назад

    I would have said, "every prisoner sitting around you has green eyes"

  • Propop pop
    Propop pop 9 дней назад

    I would just say you all have green eyes run!

  • Norah Evans
    Norah Evans 9 дней назад

    You could have just said "each of you see 99 green eyed people".

  • JD Black
    JD Black 10 дней назад

    I would look in the dictators sunglasses and see the colour of my eyes. If I was a prisoner.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 10 дней назад


  • Squiddy 24
    Squiddy 24 12 дней назад +1

    This riddle is wrong! Saying what she said doesnt add any knowlege to any of them because they alreaddy know that at least 99% of them have green eyes . And this methode only works for 2 people not more.think aboit it logicaly

    • Squiddy 24
      Squiddy 24 12 дней назад

      It should have been "at most 1 of you doesnt have green eyes"

  • Everything A&M
    Everything A&M 12 дней назад

    I would think that each person is an offspring... and if their parents have green eyes than they would have green eyes but oh well

  • mivin jane
    mivin jane 12 дней назад

    I could have said that they all have green eyes.

  • hAlF gAy tRAsH pOtAtO
    hAlF gAy tRAsH pOtAtO 12 дней назад

    I win I have green eyes

  • PeriPug
    PeriPug 13 дней назад +1

    I can't be the only one who mainly comes for the funny comments

  • Rob Wilks
    Rob Wilks 15 дней назад

    Just say every prisoner u see has got green eyes👍

  • Amod Patil.
    Amod Patil. 15 дней назад

    I'll just tell them that all of u are watching other 99 person with green eyes xD...all of them know this and it's not new....and they will realise more easily than this

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 15 дней назад

    They didnt know the color of their eyes was green

  • RebelThatsARoyal LOL
    RebelThatsARoyal LOL 16 дней назад

    Me: I’ll risk it. I’m not gonna stay on this flipping island for the rest of my life

  • Ramiro Branford
    Ramiro Branford 17 дней назад

    So they have no toilets!they can look into the toilet

  • Harry Is my mommy
    Harry Is my mommy 17 дней назад

    This hurt my brain 😂😂

  • Amy Tokesky
    Amy Tokesky 18 дней назад +2

    the chances of all the people have green eyes is about 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%

  • Isobel Katherine Jones
    Isobel Katherine Jones 18 дней назад +3

    I would most likely shout ‘YOU ALL HAVE GREEN EYES’ and run to my helicopter.

  • Omni
    Omni 20 дней назад

    Spill ur water, duh

  • Louisa Kanushipi
    Louisa Kanushipi 20 дней назад

    Hello weirdo scrolling down the comments...😂

  • Saiah Campomanes
    Saiah Campomanes 20 дней назад

    In there cell would they not smart enough to pour there water on the floor and see there eye colour or when it rains?

  • The Aidan
    The Aidan 20 дней назад

    This is saying that they're all really smart and keep track of all the 100 people on the island

  • Zelle Kate
    Zelle Kate 21 день назад

    Wtf they live on an island meaning there is water around them. You can kinda see colors reflect on the water.

  • Natasha Chloe Rodrigo
    Natasha Chloe Rodrigo 21 день назад

    i said this:"atleast one person here does not have green eyes"
    like me and the dictator dont have green eyes

    or something like:"you can try to leave "
    not sure if it works tho😂

  • Zen
    Zen 21 день назад

    Way to spoil it

  • Priyanshu Pansari
    Priyanshu Pansari 23 дня назад

    Simple answer would be to tell them that there are at least 99 green eyes person than it would be too simple ,just like 2 person case

    • wariolandgoldpiramid
      wariolandgoldpiramid 22 дня назад

      telling them that would be to dangerous, because Dictator would figure out our plan.

  • cool toad
    cool toad 23 дня назад

    pluck one eye and look at it with other

  • The Talking Guest
    The Talking Guest 24 дня назад


  • Ragnazipard 500
    Ragnazipard 500 25 дней назад

    I would have escaped, i got them green eyes

  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson 25 дней назад

    Everyone spits out the water into their cupped hands, sees their green eyes, and leaves the island. Sorry, but I'm Lazy.

  • Moram Mohammed
    Moram Mohammed 25 дней назад

    This is Mimi
    with every like she will do a dare.So after you give a like you write a reply containing a dare for her.She might even make a vid!

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr 25 дней назад +1

    Why not say, "Atleast 5 of you have green eyes,"? It would take less time, and it would still be using the method Ted mentioned. Its not NEW info, and everyone except you would know that, because no reflection, but others would tell you without speaking.

  • priyanka sharma
    priyanka sharma 26 дней назад

    I don't know why but I can that if I was one of these 100 green eyed prisoners then I would look at each other and will definitely see green eyes everywhere then I would say that I have green eyes as I can see every other's eyes as green. As green eyes could only see other's eyes as green.
    And left the Island imdiately

  • Player Unkown
    Player Unkown 26 дней назад

    Never skip leg day

  • Wondermass
    Wondermass 28 дней назад

    Solving logic puzzles: (видео.html)

  • It’s Tina
    It’s Tina 29 дней назад

    I don’t get it

  • Ivan H
    Ivan H 29 дней назад

    That was easy

  • احمد علام
    احمد علام Месяц назад

    actually i get nothing

  • King Aragorn II Elessar of Gondor
    King Aragorn II Elessar of Gondor Месяц назад +1

    Carl is bae

  • MrSunakochan
    MrSunakochan Месяц назад

    the logic is flawed, starting from 3 people, they cant leave the island using "at least 1 person has green eyes" statement, because they would always assume own eyes color is not green

  • Time Wisp
    Time Wisp Месяц назад

    You are all the same
    Boom done

  • Lucy Liu
    Lucy Liu Месяц назад


  • Sofia Tadeo
    Sofia Tadeo Месяц назад

    I would have said “raise your right hand if the person to your right has green eyes and raise your left hand if the person to your left has green eyes.”

  • Roger Bognanni
    Roger Bognanni Месяц назад

    i'd just say all of you have green eyes and sacrifice myself

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat Месяц назад

    Just say use the other persons eyes as a mirror and idk maybe that’d work

  • EeveeMelon 999
    EeveeMelon 999 Месяц назад

    Sadly, none can be perfect.

  • Iqra
    Iqra Месяц назад

    Issa stretch!!

  • Tooth Paste
    Tooth Paste Месяц назад

    I would look at my parents and if they both had green eyes that would mean I had green eyes and if one of my parents had blue or brown eyes that would mean I had green eyes

  • FairyHorse Rainbow
    FairyHorse Rainbow Месяц назад

    ‘No reflective surfaces’ The dictator wears sunglasses.

  • Blahblahblah 1234
    Blahblahblah 1234 Месяц назад

    The best statement is “all the people around you have green eyes” because all the people see everyone else and know that it has to be true for all one hundred prisoners

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright Месяц назад

    Me: just squirt the water out

  • ismartroman gamer
    ismartroman gamer Месяц назад

    I would say
    “You have family .”
    Why? Because let’s think about it
    Your mum has green eyes. So does your dad. So do your grandparents. So do your cousins. You get the gist.
    Eventually you’d catch on that you probably have green eyes

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic Месяц назад

    You're explanation sucks.

  • Co Throne
    Co Throne Месяц назад

    Just say all of you have green eyes

  • Spy Life
    Spy Life Месяц назад

    Dang. It must've taken a long time to birth 100 green eyed logicans

  • millie reynolds
    millie reynolds Месяц назад

    Couldn't you just think one person who's brave enough will try and when they get past, everyone will realise oh I have so and so's eye colour so more would try it? X

  • powersale 58
    powersale 58 Месяц назад

    i thought you mean like since everyone's eye color is the same and since theres only 1 green eye that must me be

  • Leon Nsengi
    Leon Nsengi Месяц назад

    Got it right in a different way which applies to any number and allows solving within the same day: 1. She can say " everyone you see has green eyes" they all know this already! Thus as perfect logicians, they can tell you were not singular but applied to each possible case. Therefore, every individual that see's other prisoners has green eyes. Since everyone can see everyone else they all have green eyes. They can all leave. 2. Assuming she is telling the truth she can also say " To leave the island, tell the guard you have green eyes" they all know this already. Considering it is redundant there is a repetition of statements they have heard, this information would not be useful unless everyone had green eyes. Note to leave the island means to survive, not to die. In the case your eyes were green you would still have to tell the guard you have green eyes to leave the island.

  • Shayda Drumgo
    Shayda Drumgo Месяц назад +1

    Solve ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺🙂☺☺☺☺☺

  • zadda Reen
    zadda Reen Месяц назад

    sign to each other

  • Milan Krajnovic
    Milan Krajnovic Месяц назад

    Each prisoner should be thinking: If I see 99 green eyed people, other prisoners either see also 99 green eyed prisoners or 98 green eyed prisoners + 1 non green eye prisoner. So each prisoner knows that every other prisoner knows that there is at least 98 green eyed prisoners, and not more than 2 non green eyed prisoners. After first night, in nobody leaves, means nobody saw 2 non green eyed prisoners, means there is at least 99 green eyed prisoners. After second night, if nobody leaves, this means all hundered prisoners are green eyed. On the third night everybody may leave. And this is possible even without the public statement from the speaker.

  • Mine Crap
    Mine Crap Месяц назад

    If I was a prisoner in there and they said at least 1 of you have green eyes I’d be like but there is like 99 people who have green eyes what?

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes Месяц назад

    Why so hard work? Even if the dictator banned any reflective surface...he couldn't have POSSIBLY ban the pupils of the eyes...
    *does a coconut dance*

  • Jovan Chua
    Jovan Chua Месяц назад

    this could've been sped up with, "at least 99 of u have green eyes" It would just have taken 2 days

    • ismartroman gamer
      ismartroman gamer Месяц назад

      Jovan Chua it will take 0 days if you just “accidentally” drop your make up mirror.

  • PIJ
    PIJ Месяц назад

    This is awesome

  • lucax tshotting
    lucax tshotting Месяц назад

    im mindblown

  • Edwin Mercado
    Edwin Mercado Месяц назад

    Unnesarrily complex. The statement, "Every prisoner you see has green eyes" is, both, not news and applies to everyone. Everyone is gone that night.

  • Teju the Unicorn!
    Teju the Unicorn! Месяц назад

    Unless...someone didn't catch on and thought you meant something else by your statement causing someone to maybe take one for the team :/

  • XxSkillKillerxX
    XxSkillKillerxX Месяц назад

    Why don’t they pour the water into their hands

  • viktor städe
    viktor städe Месяц назад

    I don't get how the statement would work even with 3 people. You know that the two other people are seeing at the very least 1 green eyed person, so surely none would ever leave knowing they could very well be brown eyed.

  • SimpleSoda
    SimpleSoda Месяц назад

    Or they could’ve just asked each other what eye color they see. Or look into the reflection of themselves in water.

  • VI VA
    VI VA Месяц назад +3

    They can act and show no?

  • Quinn Foerter
    Quinn Foerter Месяц назад

    Why not just say "You can ask the guards to leave at night" It's not new information.

  • Ask riri So
    Ask riri So Месяц назад

    Why can't you just look into someone else's eyes and you can see yourself in their eyes

  • Izwan Izwan
    Izwan Izwan Месяц назад

    no, its not adria, bill and carl...its hermione, harry and ron

  • Colourful Unicorn
    Colourful Unicorn Месяц назад

    My favourite riddle

  • HuskSky
    HuskSky Месяц назад

    gets crayon and point to your eyes then they nod yes or no

  • Muffet Life
    Muffet Life Месяц назад

    CARL!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO

  • Adventures on the internet
    Adventures on the internet Месяц назад

    I would say, "You all have all of the information you require to escape the island."

  • Steven Young
    Steven Young Месяц назад

    Couldn't they unscrew the opaque water bottles to see thier eyes? Or give each person with green eyes a thumbs up? Or because their on an island, look into the ocean? What about rain puddles? Shiny metal? Pee?