NEVER buy this Mystery Tech...

  • One day I won't be humiliated for Mystery Tech 😅
    We went to JAPAN for Mystery Tech 🇯🇵
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  • Nicholas Chlorox

    I'm just here to hear HEY GUY THIS IS AUSTIN

  • Logan Lasky
    Logan Lasky Day ago +1

    Robo raptor like ight I'ma head out

  • StopSign J
    StopSign J Day ago

    4:54 RoboRaptor nae nae’d himself off the table

  • Collin Bellamy
    Collin Bellamy 2 days ago

    I looked it up and it’s not a limited addition there selling it for 30$

  • Fusion Kush
    Fusion Kush 2 days ago

    I need that onesie!!!

  • Macro-Life
    Macro-Life 3 days ago

    It’s the Chord mojo

  • Prodigy Beast
    Prodigy Beast 4 days ago

    “Feeling like a MF postman”-Logic

  • Joshua Grover
    Joshua Grover 4 days ago

    So I'm not seeing a link to the wireless charger hot/cold plate combo. Seriously this looks interesting and I would be down to buy lol

  • Blaze Konopaske
    Blaze Konopaske 5 days ago

    Its an XBOX ONEsie lmfao

  • Nandiz Nandiz
    Nandiz Nandiz 5 days ago

    I think that's roborapter's father

  • の帯でファウーと

    I had that dinosaur when I was 5

  • Jacob Narra
    Jacob Narra 7 days ago

    such a Hot Nerd

  • Rob Theeuwes
    Rob Theeuwes 7 days ago

    More retardo-raptors !!

  • Noah DiBella
    Noah DiBella 8 days ago

    Austin, what's the name of those headphones you got? I wanna try and order a pair myself

  • phillip caudill
    phillip caudill 8 days ago

    I really want the backpack with the LEDs where can I get one

  • Zocs
    Zocs 8 days ago

    Bruh robo raptor hit the quan bro

  • The Dab King YT
    The Dab King YT 10 days ago

    Xbox One-sie.

    ADRIAN DREFFER 10 days ago

    I think I take him more seriously in the onsie

  • Alejandro C
    Alejandro C 11 days ago

    when you cant admit that your friend just tried to sell cloned cases and he just played like he was the victim

  • Norman I
    Norman I 12 days ago

    Every time he says hey guys this is austin Hey Google activates on my phone

  • Chris B
    Chris B 13 days ago

    That 3XL onesie fits you suspiciously well

  • Beanerboy 678
    Beanerboy 678 13 days ago

    Tell ken I watched this vid with AirPod pros Because I saw him where in the video

  • Anym
    Anym 14 days ago

    wait..... XBOX One-sie

  • williamplayz
    williamplayz 15 days ago

    Matt: He waved goodbye!

  • GlitchY_ Reals
    GlitchY_ Reals 16 days ago

    Wtf kinda music u listen 2

  • HandsomePlate40
    HandsomePlate40 17 days ago

    I actually want this onesie

  • Dark Grayson
    Dark Grayson 19 days ago


  • CaseyPlayz Roblox
    CaseyPlayz Roblox 19 days ago


  • Unnamedcarpage
    Unnamedcarpage 20 days ago +1

    All the thumbs up for Madeon !!

  • Yagizz
    Yagizz 22 days ago

    what is the song in the end?

  • Nathan Sandy
    Nathan Sandy 23 days ago


  • Bedtime Adenture Crew
    Bedtime Adenture Crew 23 days ago

    Matt is Gibraltar

  • Martin Drkoš
    Martin Drkoš 26 days ago

    You could also cool your phone and charge your drink.

  • Azure Drive
    Azure Drive 26 days ago

    I can't hear that song without imagining the ffxiv video going along with it.

  • Ron Charls
    Ron Charls 29 days ago

    What's the name of the track that starts at 4:17?

  • Sasu Attiogbe Redlich

    Willie Doo will donate something for that

  • DezzyTee
    DezzyTee Month ago

    Did... Did he just used Spotify to compare test the audio quality of the Mojo??? Austin... Are you shitting me? 320kps isn't nearly enough for a real audio test. The Mojo is awesome and worth every penny if you listen to lossless music.

  • David Masipa
    David Masipa Month ago

    If I would get a dollar for everytime he said why in a mystery tech video

  • Javier Ochoa
    Javier Ochoa Month ago

    Man what happened to this show, it used to be entertaining and somewhat informative now it’s just cringy to watch

  • Splash Man
    Splash Man Month ago

    0:03 Straight... 0:30 Gay

  • Anh Anh
    Anh Anh Month ago

    Nice intro

  • Dean Cribbon
    Dean Cribbon Month ago

    I had the grey RoboRaptor as a kid and absolutely loved him. There's also a robot thing called RoboSapien, I'm pretty sure. We had one of those too

  • Xbox One
    Xbox One Month ago

    Could u make these vids 20 mins long

  • Gantulga Gantugs
    Gantulga Gantugs Month ago

    Double AA batteries?

  • Joel P
    Joel P Month ago

    Who listens to logic lol

  • Frank
    Frank Month ago

    Every time Ken hit the back pack I heard “nuut”

  • Eric Swansboro
    Eric Swansboro Month ago

    6:23 "keeping some kind of USB dongle with you just seems like its a little bit much" coming from someone using an iphone...

  • Tacomaster09
    Tacomaster09 Month ago

    Should have started with the hey guys this is Austin

  • Yashakur
    Yashakur Month ago

    Just open the goddamn box before I skip this fucking video

  • Unclejerry50th
    Unclejerry50th Month ago +1

    yeah okay the first 10 dino toys were funny but now it's like...retire the joke, please.

  • Eliezer Peña
    Eliezer Peña Month ago

    what if you misplace and burn your phone

  • gabriel wyvern
    gabriel wyvern Month ago

    matt: 140$
    austin evans: contemplates life choices...

  • Espressoh
    Espressoh Month ago

    i love you

  • Bobby Boucher
    Bobby Boucher Month ago

    Where did Ken find the union suit in silver? Microsoft only sells green lined ones

  • mayo nizteh
    mayo nizteh Month ago


  • Hussain Albrahim
    Hussain Albrahim Month ago

    Austin:hey guys this is Austin

    Me:i am going to end this mans whole career

    Ily austin btw

  • Taeshon Vazquez
    Taeshon Vazquez Month ago

    140 dollars
    Wallet: oof

  • arcade guy and other stuff

    Are you austin powers

  • Belgian Star
    Belgian Star Month ago

    The childhood memories when I saw the real OG roboraptor

  • Elliot Thompson
    Elliot Thompson Month ago

    Roboraptor is like their child

  • Hentai_ Senpai69
    Hentai_ Senpai69 Month ago

    What is it with the motion tracking

  • Vahki
    Vahki Month ago +1

    4:54 *nae nae*

  • Bigg Vigg
    Bigg Vigg Month ago

    This video was posted on my bday. Thanks bro

  • help me
    help me Month ago

    therapist: hooded xbox headphone austin isnt real he cant hurt you
    me: 6:59 pause it

  • help me
    help me Month ago

    i love roboraptor

  • Oozy _
    Oozy _ Month ago

    4:55 he nae-nae-d bye

  • Th3Fr3m
    Th3Fr3m Month ago

    Madeon hell yah!

  • Cheapo Gamer
    Cheapo Gamer Month ago

    Lew will be so mad

  • KabarXD
    KabarXD Month ago

    stream good faith by madeon

  • George St
    George St Month ago

    What was the song he was hearing with the headphones?

  • Parminder Jaura
    Parminder Jaura Month ago

    Matt from Wii sports

  • Keegan Key
    Keegan Key Month ago

    “Like Woah” by Logic is one of my favorite songs

  • Emilio Garcia
    Emilio Garcia Month ago +1

    4:55 Robo raptor moonwalks to his death

  • Mr_MintyFresh 339
    Mr_MintyFresh 339 Month ago

    Robo raptor battle with every robo raptor

  • DarioRock
    DarioRock Month ago

    1:47 the bald canadian 😅😅😅

  • Alex Orantes
    Alex Orantes Month ago

    Roboraptor x committed suicide

  • Bigboi 360
    Bigboi 360 Month ago

    They do realise pitaca is the better original case

  • Joe monroe
    Joe monroe Month ago

    Until you cook your phone because you weren't paying attention.

  • Brendon B
    Brendon B Month ago

    I really hope Pitaka didn't pay their spot, cause that was terrible. lol

  • MrZajir
    MrZajir Month ago

    RoboRAPTOR naenaed in 4:55