We Trained To Be Gymnasts In 7 Days

"If it was easy, everybody would flip."

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Gymnastics Rio Gala- Olympics: Day
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day
Alex Livesey/Getty Images
Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

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Stacie Rathbone, instagram.com/staciewrath
LA School of Gymnastic, lagymnastics.com

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Автор Taylor Sandnes ( назад)
I'm a gymnast myself, and all I can say to the people who are interested in joining, you need to be aware that gymnastics is a hard and dangerous sport. You can get hurt very easily in gymnastics. You mess up in a handstand or even a cartwheel, and you will get hurt. The best way to get better at gymnastics is yoga. Balance is a big thing in gymnastics. If you're doing a handstand, you need to be balanced. Another highlighted thing in gymnastics is upper body strength. You need to be able to hold yourself up and be able to lift yourself up. If you'r interested in gymnastics, go for it! I joined when I was 11 and I have never regretted it. I hope these tips help :)

Автор Jam HOHOHO ( назад)
Is that a woman wearing pajamas at 3:39😂

Автор That'stheway Ms.J ( назад)
I love gymnastics and I think everyone did rather well

Автор SlyPoints 131 ( назад)
Think about it , I do this everyday

Автор Jenna Kate ( назад)
Please do women train as professional dancers for a week!

Автор LILLY CORYA ( назад)
They should do "men try gymnastics" like if you agree

Автор Shannon Azzif ( назад)
Jordan's always tryna be the star smh

Автор Im_Gay ( назад)
I'm actually a competitive gymnast so I was like, wow I forgot how the general public can't do this stuff.

Автор angela larusso ( назад)
can you guys maybe try dancing

Автор Laura Wojcik ( назад)
I'd love for them to swim

Автор Happy Thinking Is Healthy ( назад)
0:16 lol she got an overprotective mom.

Автор MistyHorse ( назад)
It would be awesome to see them do a video like this with horseback riding!! It'd show how much more challenging riding is than it looks!

Автор Martyna Kaczor ( назад)
i am a 9 year old gymnast

Автор Simplyy Sparkles ( назад)
They make it look so easy!!!!!!

Автор Allie Diller ( назад)
You should try training like swimmers for a week 😉

Автор Julianne Bott ( назад)
I'm a level 6 gymnast rn

Автор VyVy Bae ( назад)
Idkw but i just like Jordan so much , her face and her body are so attractive .

Автор nawin khieroe ( назад)
That instructor is hella cute

Автор Gabby Tristan ( назад)
I'm not sure about you but I'm a gymnast and I thought this was super cool!!!

Автор Kn90000 ( назад)
I KNOW RIGHT it took me weeks to do a freaking round-off 😣😣😣

Автор XxCeceTheMisfitxX ( назад)
The one with the tuck is so lucky. I'm can't get it! The furthest I have gone are back handsprings....

Автор POTATO LORD ( назад)
It would be really cool if you made them do track and field, I love track so it would be great.

Автор Gia Gonsalves ( назад)
I am a 10 year old gymnast and I am in level 7

Автор KamikoInu ( назад)
You ladies should look into and try Color Guard/Winter Guard!

Автор Lovely Apples ( назад)
I was a level 7 gymnast... and all the skills that they did were really easy to me and I'm like ITS NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS NOW IS IT

Автор VoliKnight354 ( назад)
is it me or does the blonde girls fangs in her teeth make hey looks really cute

Автор tyrokk tyrokk ( назад)
im in tunbling its kinda like gymnastics but without bars and stuff just matts arms and legs i have my bckwalkover (backbend kick over) and i can do twice in a row i just learned today!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 btw im 9

Автор Jennifer Brown ( назад)
Omg I train at this gym and nobody told me anything about this

Автор Layla Is better ( назад)
They kinda failed...........just saying .......

Автор CRYBABY ( назад)
When they did the final performance I was literally screaming at them to POINT THEIR FRICKEN FEET

Автор Faceless Enemy ( назад)
It'd be so cool if they tried to learn English Horseback Riding in a week

Автор mystical galaxy queen ( назад)
What about figure/ice skating

Автор Midori Gurinu ( назад)
Of course Jordan is good at everything 😂😭

Автор hug bear ( назад)
I want to be a gymnast but my mother don't have enough money but she has enough money to buy my baby sister lots of stuff she don't need

Автор RoundedRider ( назад)
I feel like Selorm is 99.9% of all the viewers trying to do basic life skills

Автор glitterbug4ever 1234 ( назад)
Did anyone else die when the girl said Aly Rismen it is Raisman

Автор Froyo Gaming ( назад)
They should try tennis it's one of those sports where people think you just hit a ball with a racket there is much more too it

Автор BeMyCal-Pal ( назад)
The trainer reminds me of Margo Robbie

Автор Puggy WoofWoof ( назад)
Wow! I've been taking gymnastics for 3 months and I still can't do a cartwheel!

Автор Queen Kaye ( назад)
Well hasn't Jordan done everything ever concerning athletics😅 she was probably John Cena in another life

Автор puppies rescue ( назад)
Jordan is good

Автор hopegirl518 Ashlynn ( назад)
I want to see them do ballet.

Автор Zosia Colby ( назад)
I am a level 9 and i am 10

Автор NIMgymnastics101 ( назад)
I am a gymnast and today I have state

Автор Katelyn Valles ( назад)
how did she get something somewhat near a round off back handspring so quickly with no experience? ??

Автор Kimberley-Kha Tran ( назад)
Jordan was amazing and the others as well

Автор Inumidun Lawson ( назад)
can u start ballet at the age of 13

Автор Angel-Sophie Ridgewater ( назад)
jordan is so annoying

Автор alice rose ( назад)
"Only my ego is bruised". 😂😂😂

Автор Jacob Hall ( назад)
i see this and im here like..i cant even walk

Автор Gaming Lil Monster ( назад)
good thing that im a gymnast..:)

Автор Alissa Mino ( назад)
can you do trained to be figure skater that will be cool

Автор Isabella Msp ( назад)
I was self taught... Idk how...

Автор Krysten 101 ( назад)

Автор Ellamaybelle ( назад)
You guys should try figure skating next

Автор Erza Scarlet ( назад)
I have a question internet: Is it too late to start gymnastics at age 11?

Автор AIAI GRIM ( назад)
I wish I was a gymnast

Автор grace's awesome stuff ( назад)
yes omg yasssssssssssssssssssss I needed this

Автор ChocolateChip26348 ( назад)
bahaha this is kind of humorous bc im in level 6 competitive gymnastics lolololololol

Автор Empickle27 ( назад)
Try volleyball

Автор twenty øne smøl beans ( назад)
Try competitive swimming. It's more than just splashing around.

Автор Caroline Zban ( назад)
Another gymnast get triggered when she said Aly Riceman not Raisman

Автор GRACIOUS ONION ( назад)
My school has a gynmatics program **lucky me**. Ps its the few schools in out country that has a gynmastic program (i think theres about only 7/9 schools with it in my state)

Автор Noor Tumma ( назад)
can you traine like soccer players for 7 days next?

Автор KawaiiPanda201 ( назад)
Omg I'm a gymnast and this is so funny😂

Автор Julia wu ( назад)

Автор annoying orange Fan ( назад)
I started going to gymnastics again I taught my self and my sister every thing I know how to do except bars

Автор Adrienne P ( назад)
You guys should have people do Colorguard. It's a really under recognized sport.

Автор zαrαTM ( назад)
Welcome to my world ladies!

Автор Cear ( назад)
You guys should try equestrian vaulting.

Автор Brikenzie Alexander ( назад)
try archery lol

Автор Shelly ( назад)
You should do train like swimmers for a week

Автор Mary Mansfield ( назад)
Still waiting for "We Trained Like Ballerinas For A Week" it's so hard like ugh

Автор DIY Master ( назад)
Beam is litetally my favorite

Автор Lazae Jenkins ( назад)
Coach seems tough..not a bad thing

Автор Aidan Bird ( назад)
You should make a video just like this but with guys.

Автор Mayunie Munasinghe ( назад)
How the hell did the red tank top girl round off back flip?

Автор Sionna Mekitarian ( назад)
i snapped both the bones in my arm doing a back handspring im a cheerleader .... and no we dont use pom poms.... but now i dont know if i can go back and im so sad

Автор Bushido Canino ( назад)

Автор mychaela huckaby ( назад)
i've thought about trying gymnastics (im 13) i really want to its just i dont trust myself enough to try these things im a chicken its true i'll admit it last week i finally got the nerve to do a front flip into the foam pit at sky zone before i was afraid i'd fall on my head and injure myself and i still am i cant even do a stinkin' cart weel! i dont think i'll have the nerve to do gymnastics anytime soon.

Автор Nadina Nina Mustafic ( назад)
As a gymnast and a swimmer, it's really cool seeing these kind of videos since this sport doesn't get recognized as much. I think it would be cool to see a same type of video but as a swimmer, track, or softball haha.

Автор Secretly Morgan ( назад)
I would love for them to do something like this but with drum corps

Автор suzettex33 ( назад)
This is all I ever wanted to do but I'm already 20 years old. It's too late ☹️😞😢 My father wouldn't want to pay for classes because he thought it was a waste of $300 for the classes. My mother took me one day to watch but the amount she made from working was all going to go towards it, I felt bad and so I didn't take the classes plus it was very far from my house and no one would have been able to take me there during the night.

Автор LPS Mystical ( назад)
when you can't even do a forward roll... •_•

Автор Téa Hodgson ( назад)
I do gymnastics in a high level and it's hard because of all the exercises and conditioning but I can't imagine my life without it

Автор Theatre Geek ( назад)
I am feeling kind of envious... i took a few lessons and then my mom pulled me out because neither of my parents could bring me to my lessons because of work...

Автор Kayla L ( назад)
Please have people try colorguard or marching band!!!

Автор mahalo808 ( назад)
trained to be swimmers ! I'm a competitive swimmer and would love to see them swim every stroke with other techniques (flip turns, starts, etc). Then at the end...THEY RACE!

Автор NA O ( назад)
What is Stacey's accent? She kind of sounds like Jessie J

Автор Christine Christine ( назад)
aww. I wish I could just pause my entire life and just try and learn gymnastics for like a week or two.

Автор Christine Christine ( назад)
WTF could michelle do that before???

Автор lina mina ( назад)
Does anybody know where I can get a top like the girl in 3:47 ?
Absolutely love it <3

Автор AnimeDweeb AJ ( назад)

fusion dance engage

Автор Alexia Loeser ( назад)
I'm 11 and a level 4/5/6 and this was so cool to watch!

Автор veronica b ( назад)
3 out of 4 of them are fucking gymnasts ...tf . Fucking BuzzFeed. fu

Автор xx simply avery xx ( назад)
I think they should try soccer.. I don't think anyone truly realizes the true difficulty of the sport! I would love to see them try it! It's also incredibly fun!

Автор Sabrina Martinez ( назад)
Buzzfeed should do training as figure skaters for 7 days
figure skating actually takes alot of muscle and stamina

Автор Isabelle Suggs ( назад)
I LOVE WHEN THESE GIRLS TRY NEW STUFF!!! They really need to come up with a cool group name, like ladylike and the try guys

Автор Finola Hanlon ( назад)
Can you please do training like dancers?

Автор Sophia Lee ( назад)
I feel like in every fitness video BuzzFeed makes, everyone low key hates Jordan

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