We Trained To Be Gymnasts In 7 Days

"If it was easy, everybody would flip."

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Gymnastics Rio Gala- Olympics: Day
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day
Alex Livesey/Getty Images
Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

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Stacie Rathbone, instagram.com/staciewrath
LA School of Gymnastic, lagymnastics.com

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Автор Eliot T. ( назад)
Jordan's the best

Автор Selina mousa ( назад)
I love beam

Автор Rachel Manning ( назад)
Have them try competitive swimming/ training like professional swimmers. I want swimmers abs people! XD haha

Автор Panic!AtTheMelanie21 Romance ( назад)
there needs to be a video about being at band camp for a week.

Автор l M ( назад)
yes finally someone finally showed how hard gymnastics is i was a gymnast from age of 2 to 13 and only the girls i worked out with ever told me that gymnastics is hard i always hated hearing gymnastics was easy

Автор Alex Avza ( назад)
i was jealousnbeacuse one of them got there back hand spring in 7 days and i took like 3 months, but then stoped doing gymnastics and forgot my handspring

Автор Michelle Sieber ( назад)
I wish that I could do that!!

Автор muskan chouhan ( назад)
I can kick almost 6 feet high but i cant do a somersault

Автор Peacelovepuppy ( назад)
Now they know how i feel lol

Автор the phandom is everywhere ( назад)

Автор babytae5 ( назад)
Omg I was crying laughing at the end! Sorry I know it's not funny but I died hysterically

Автор JM ( назад)
These girls are my faves

Автор Iniobong Obong ( назад)
Michelle is such a role model athletically! she's always doing all the athletic challenges on buzzfeed

Автор Priya Gupta ( назад)
I would like to see them try to do acrobatic gymnastics together... Definition: Acrobatic gymnastics (previously called sport acrobatics) is a competitive gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music.

Автор Naomi Berman ( назад)
yay I got my back tuck on the ground
you dont need to like my comment

Автор Chastity Ruatos ( назад)
Omg can u do people train like Olympic swimmers?

Автор Wolfie Swifty ( назад)

Автор Rainbow Unicorn ( назад)
Selorm is me when I try to do cartwheels😂

Автор Miss Monochrome ( назад)
I wish buzzfeed would let me be in one of their videos 😂

Автор Jackson Scarlett ( назад)
Is casually in marching band and winter guard.... WHERE THE VIDEO ON THAT

Автор Kaylen Brandt ( назад)
Can they highlight dance(It's a sport guys)(It's hard too)

Автор Kaylen Brandt ( назад)
It was a good video......but I get triggered when people just forget about how Gabby Douglas is still a good gymnast and people just place Simone over her when they are both AMAZING gymnasts. AND don't forget about that almost perfect bar routine in 2016(score of 15.766/16) and in the 2012 Olympics 2 gold medals when she was just 16. They are both AMAZING,BEAUTIFUL, AND AWESOME gymnast, and just young black women in general.

Автор Hirosa ( назад)
I'm in gymnastics and we have to hold a handstand for 3mins up against a wall 🤸🏼‍♀️☹️😂

Автор Lissandra Freljord ( назад)
The coach looks like a blonde Hilary Swank with an East Coast attitude.

Автор Anaëlle Semerle ( назад)
People trying freeruning ?

Автор Kennedy ( назад)
I like how the coach was telling them to straighten their legs and point their feet when after these few days they'll never do this again 😂

Автор Hilma AndMyWeirdSoul ( назад)
I went to gymnastics for a couple of years. But my body always seemed to fail me. My wrists hurt and I was told my wrists were waaay to weak for the things I was doing so i started doing extra exercises to train them. Then my heels started to hurt and was told I had problems with my achilles tendon. My shoulders also started to hurt. And then I was told i had elongated elbow, which hurt alot. And finally my back started hurting alot so my doctor told me I couldn't continue. My body isn't built for gymnastics :) But it was fun as long as it lasted.

Автор Bbypanda Luvs ( назад)
Does anyone think the coach looked like Margot Robbie?

Автор Ron Farkas ( назад)
Michelle was so impressive! For someone without the experience, she picked up really fast!

Автор Phoebe Bailey ( назад)
When I did gymnastics our routines were mostly already coregraphed

Автор Kk MacGoo ( назад)
I like Kelsey. She seems like she would be a blast to chill with.

Автор TayDenae's Life ( назад)
i was a compation gymnast frilom the time i was 3 to the time i was 7 and i really miss it i did harder stuff then you did at 3 i got up at five am and went ti the gym until 8:30 pm i quit because of a injury i could do nothing but walk for one year i could do nothing not even run now i play volleyball and have rebulit my bonemarrow im my left ankle so i know what these girls go trough

Автор Ria Ray ( назад)
I want to see them try to learn an instrument for 30 days😂

Автор Cornelia Svensson ( назад)
Can you do compeditive figure skating (including off-ice) or compeditive waterskiing? That would be so cool😀😀

Автор Cry Baby ( назад)
try rowing! i do it and it's one of the hardest sports out there!

Автор Grace Harkins ( назад)
TRY FIGURE SKATING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Darian Renee ( назад)
Kelsey has done everything😂😂

Автор Katrina Mullen ( назад)
Maybe they try singing? I can relate a little more... 😀

Автор kayla jessica edwards ( назад)
kelsey thinks she's good at everything but she's really not

Автор Ellen Parkinson ( назад)
They should do ballet for a week

Автор Josyyymee Roblox ( назад)
That teacher was a little...yeah

Автор OrianaTulifau ( назад)

Автор ciara morgan ( назад)
Do one of these videos for volleyball?

Автор OMGITSKRA ( назад)
yes, its hard to be a gymnast.

"gymnastics isnt a sport"
bruh please, i would like u to try to be a gymnast like me

Автор Holly Mannington ( назад)
How did they manage that in 7 days, ive been doing gymnastics for 4 years and cant even do a forward flip

Автор EMMA HARGRAVE ( назад)
I'm getting into gymnastics and I'm 12.. I'm really nervous that I won't be as good as the other girls.. And they won't be nice to be because I'm starting out at 12 years old..

Автор That vlogging Girl ( назад)
I'm 7/8 and I am in the olympics for gymnastics 🤸‍♂️ but still you gias are still good at it so keep going you'll get in the olympics like me

Автор sarah ( назад)
do volleyball

Автор fangirl forever ( назад)
Make one for each sport MAKE THIS A SERIES like trying different sports with professionals

Автор SeptiplierAway :3 ( назад)
I used to do gymnastics, vault was my favorite

Автор Bella Southlock ( назад)
2007, the birth of me

Автор Enerel Manlai ( назад)
you guys learned to do back hand springs in a week, I'm a gymnast and been trying to do that for 2 years

Автор Maridel Sapi ( назад)
i hope the ladies would train Judo for a month ;) it would be a good self defense for them :)

Автор Johanna11197 ( назад)
I love Jordan 😍

Автор Iceydice Lexi ( назад)
I love doing gymnastics it's competitive and tough

Автор Naomi Gray ( назад)
I used to take gymnastics when I was 3, now I can't do a freakin kartwheel

Автор Unicorn4 Prez ( назад)
5:51 Not really, because using your brain is easy, but look at Facebook, YouTube, or basically any social media platform.

Автор dabbing ninja ( назад)
selorm sucks at things

Автор Jessica Barragan ( назад)
please do one on training like a ballerina dancer

Автор Olivia Mott ( назад)
As a gymnast this was really fun to watch, these women tried do hard and it had such a good outcome, they don't even know how good that did! It was really incredible that they did that in a week!!!

Автор MissStoryTelling ( назад)
Jordan being a gymnast makes a lot of sense

Автор Ammm Belguez ( назад)
How did she get a round off backhand spring in 7 days?

Автор taylor leslie ( назад)
Where my gymnasts at?💙💪🏾🤸🏽‍♀️

Автор Bean Fluffykins016 ( назад)
I do not do gymnastics I do a "boys" thing PARKOUR!!!

Автор Rio McGregor ( назад)
"I miss my glory days" THOSE AREN'T YOUR GLORY DAYS?!

Автор jim bob ( назад)
AHHH!! I was coached by Stacie herself! and i know both her and her boyfriend very well!!! She did trampoline as her main event for Rhythmic i think and she is NO JOKE. Trust me when i tell you, she will get whatever you need done and you will go through hell until you show her you can do it. I literally trained with her for like 4 weeks and she killed me doing certain things for artistic gymnastics on floor and vault, sometimes pbar. She's extremely cool and nice though! Very talented women.

Автор brqnna j ( назад)
I won gold in gymnastics for british columbia (canada) lol

Автор Emily Hanley ( назад)
I'm a gymnast and have been for 9 years still going on with it
Had 15 injuries
6 severe injuries most requiring surgery
Still dealing with an injury which I get another operation for soon
You only achieve what you believe
Never give up
Achieve your dream
I don't REALY want to be in the Olympics when I'm older (it would be good to tho) I just want to say I have accomplished my dream of being an amazing gymnast and pushed myself day after day as hard as I can
Going back to gym on about 8 months and did the injury last yr so it's hard to thing it's taking so long to heal 😭

Автор nlgirlgamer ! ( назад)
i am a gymnast from age 3-14 right now but i am still bad at it XD

Автор Diana M ( назад)
is there anything Jordan can't do?!

Автор Claire From Capital ( назад)
Aly Ray-sman not raz-man

Автор Isabel Gröndahl ( назад)
AHH I want to do this!! <33

Автор Celia Rain ( назад)
why put a girl that has already been a gymnast and did train before who knows what its all about in this video. and then do her flips like nothing while other girls are actualy trying to train and learn and experience how to train like a gymnast. i feel like im just watching a girl show off to other girls who are really trying. i like jordan but why put her in something she already has experience in. when its about new things to try.

Автор BellaSimms _ ( назад)
When the girl with her hair in braids did her routine and her hair moved, she reminded me of a Jedi 😂👌🏻

Автор mhreeves1 ( назад)
When the ladies where doing the flat back thing on the mat in brought me back to my old days of gymnastics at the Y.🤸🏽‍♀️

Автор Sophie M. ( назад)

Автор BooChickieGymnast ( назад)
I am a level 5 gymnast at 9 years old

Автор DiabolicalAngel ( назад)
Michelle continues to impress me. I mean she has no experience and yet she does SO well! <3

Автор Weri Biper ( назад)
I wish that I could at least do cartwheels but I can't

Автор Ellaxo ( назад)
I'm kinda jealous at the fact that Michelle got a round off back handspring within a week

Автор Claire Carlton ( назад)
Kelsey is such a doll. I love that girl ❤️

Автор BIGSHIT make my money go like POOFF ( назад)
Can u plzplzplz make a "women try to eat and train/live like physique competitors for 7days"?

Автор Asa_is_my_ aesthetic ( назад)
Why have most of them already been gymnasts like what😳😵

Автор Jonathan Soedring ( назад)
I want to Try that

Автор chichidang ( назад)
Jordan is good at everything lol

Автор Blu Lancaster ( назад)
Jordan is goals for everything

Автор Jorja Debeer ( назад)
who else is a gymnast?

Автор The cute Corner 25 ( назад)
Cheer plz

Автор Kelsey Tsopze ( назад)
How about competitive cheerleading

Автор Daelyn Branch ( назад)
When they syciled their toes it made me cringe

Автор Ich & Du ( назад)
I like michelles top and her bra 😅

Автор Nikhil Parikh ( назад)
Ayy my favorite buzzfeed ladies!

Автор Gemma Cameron ( назад)
I would love to see this over a longer time period like several moths and see the improvements made

Автор Key2art ( назад)
how did Natalie learn how to do a back handspring and a backflip in 1 week

Автор TC Fans ( назад)
oh no that god awful unlicensed music again

Автор SirXo Msp ( назад)
While there doing gymnastics I'm also doing it Xd

Автор Asohan Asohan ( назад)
Michellle looks bomb!

Автор Shirashi Kazumi ( назад)
Wow my sis name is michelle lee

Автор UnicornEmma T. H ( назад)
1:00 love your shirt

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