Homeless Young Mums: Living In A Mother & Baby Hostel

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • What do you do when you’re young, homeless and have a baby? As homelessness in the UK reaches the highest level in a generation, for many this is an all too real predicament. With 130,000 children now growing up with no fixed abode, the government has described the situation as a national crisis.
    This film follows the ups and downs of a group of young women who, with nowhere else to go, are temporarily living in a mother and baby hostel in Luton. With support from staff, they are able to forge friendships, come to terms with the past and begin to rebuild their lives, before eventually being placed in a permanent council home.
    Katie, 19, found herself homeless with twins after her relationship with her mum and stepdad broke down and she split up with her boyfriend. Talamika, 22, has lived in the hostel for three years but can’t leave until she has cleared her £3,000 debt.
    For details of organisations which offer advice and support with pregnancy-related issues, go to bbc.co.uk/actionline
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Comments • 4 815

  • sputt100
    sputt100 10 hours ago

    i dont want to blaim him but is she diane abbots daughter they share the same brain and here we are the tax payers picking up the peices

  • Miss On Fleek
    Miss On Fleek 18 hours ago

    i feel like I know Shanice in my past life. Seriously. It's freaking me out rn

  • worldtravelgirl22

    just curious why Brits on Skint are always wearing freshly manicured nails and have cigarettes? Waste of money!

  • Husture
    Husture 2 days ago

    They all have black babydaddies 🤦

  • funny boi gaming and more

    i hope to myself if i become a father ill be there for my children

  • Team Bison
    Team Bison 2 days ago

    The sad truth is if they were illegal immigrants or refugees they would have there own own 2 bedroom flats given to them by the government in no time. And these British girls get treated like second class citizens.

  • Totally Strange
    Totally Strange 3 days ago

    he isn't ready for responsibility but he was so ready to cum deep inside knowing he giving u a baby.. Lol who ever runs with the responsibility are lazy self centered weak person

  • Angela Alvarez
    Angela Alvarez 3 days ago

    Teach boys to wrap it, teach girls to close them. This is sad it will be cyclical.

  • Angela Alvarez
    Angela Alvarez 3 days ago


  • nvm nvm
    nvm nvm 4 days ago +1

    For the people critiquing these women I just want to say LIFE HAPPENS TO EVERYBODY. IT JUST DOES. I JUST PRAY FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE DOR ALL OF THEM. HUGS AND KISSES 🤗 😘

  • Chamm Alexander
    Chamm Alexander 5 days ago

    This is really good. I wish something like this exists in Asia for young adults with kids.

  • Sashy Pooh
    Sashy Pooh 6 days ago

    Of course most od them are BLACK men. Sry not men... Boys.

  • I love no bullshit xxx
    I love no bullshit xxx 6 days ago +1

    you CHOSE to get pregnant, you chose to have a baby.
    you did not think about the expenses, and now you have to grow up very quickly.
    get a job, stop relying on the government. get out there and make a life for your kids.

  • Dove Natale
    Dove Natale 7 days ago

    They can get housing right? They should get themselves on waiting lists for section 8 public housing. At least in USA they have that...

  • Németh Lucía
    Németh Lucía 7 days ago

    One of them looks like lizzo

  • Sam
    Sam 8 days ago

    Wtf living ina hostile and they still got a better phone than me lmao 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • victoria tweetybirdgirl

    It’s glad to see the girls are happy even with there issues

  • Dennis Sutton
    Dennis Sutton 9 days ago

    I will keep you all in my prayers.

  • John Woodgate
    John Woodgate 10 days ago

    Worlds pop of females and males ages 16-24 get birth control implants and vas defrens gel shot. 1500 lbs or $2000 dollars and half that in developing countries to REMOVE BC implant and shot to DISSOLVE BC gel.

    Birth license fee of 2000 British pounds or 2500 US dollars and half that in developing countries instituted.
    Current time, pregnant woman with estranged father (proven by DNA test):
    -Father put into debt by local Gov bank (Father debt account).
    -Father pays monthly fee to bank non withdrawal account that pays the mother.
    -The 8% interest on debt split by local daycares and bank.
    Father refuses to pay:
    - Mugshot posted in city with deadbeat father attached.
    - Voluntary Public donates Father non withdrawal debt account. -Fathers wages garnished through paycheck.
    Father time period continues refusal to pay debt:
    - Fathers name put in system only eligible for low wage labor jobs.
    -Wages garnished.

    jOHN sAVOUL 10 days ago

    black men... bad fathers

  • Hedwig Pearl Baidoo
    Hedwig Pearl Baidoo 10 days ago

    Those kids are super cute

  • leeuwin1962
    leeuwin1962 11 days ago

    this women should be happy to be helped in this hostels. they made the choice to get pregnant, not finish school or not work. Wake up and do not make children if you are not prepared.

  • U.K Air rifles Hunting&Target

    so many shit men if u can call them that

  • supergirl toTheRescue
    supergirl toTheRescue 11 days ago +1

    These girls are fantastic mothers well done.

  • Димитър Петров

    All of the kids are black

  • Hanif Khan
    Hanif Khan 13 days ago

    Why mostly western world uses lady as a tissue paper and throw away. Its not fair

  • Mah Ton
    Mah Ton 14 days ago +1

    Stop chatting so much shit about the men . Like y tf are u getting pregnant at such a young age? Bruh stay in school

  • Ann TwoShoes
    Ann TwoShoes 16 days ago

    If any of the girls in this film are reading this - I think you are amazing people and doing a great job. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • Julie Mango
    Julie Mango 17 days ago

    the mother of the twins is too rough with their hair. She needs to detangle from tip to root.

  • Yako Vladdydaddy
    Yako Vladdydaddy 17 days ago

    N here i am wishing my bm would let me be in my childs life only time she lets me see my daughter is when she need a babysitter or money n lies all the time to my 5 year old bout me. I wish i had one of these woman talking bout u have to take care of your kid o god i wish .

  • Jahieem Jackson
    Jahieem Jackson 17 days ago

    I’d treat shanice right 🙋🏾‍♂️

  • Sophie Will
    Sophie Will 18 days ago +1

    why are u having kids while being homeless

  • Dog Mad
    Dog Mad 19 days ago

    Women should select better men. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Keep your legs shut.

  • OMAR
    OMAR 20 days ago

    Get a job you lazy sluts and pay some tax been working since I was 16 years old as a weekend job to full time job no excuses.

    • Bella Carey
      Bella Carey 19 days ago

      OMAR I’m sorry but I’m who’s right place of mind says that they probably have jobs but I’m pretty sure by the sound of it you have a life that is no where near benefits these girls were homeless pregnant or with a child and you say that I’m sorry but who raised you

  • OMAR
    OMAR 20 days ago

    Most Caribbean men don't take responsibility towards their kids and that's what it shows you all the knife crime, gangs etc due to no fathers in the households.

  • OMAR
    OMAR 20 days ago

    All these Sketz think they are high and mighty in the end are left with a baby or more babies.

  • OMAR
    OMAR 20 days ago

    In UK if you work hard and pay tax you don't get no help from the government even if your struggling. If you go on benefits be a bum for two or three years you can get a brand new flat or just find yourself one of these type and inpregnant them you will get a flat.
    The hard working man or woman just suffers and have to make ends meet.

  • supergirl toTheRescue
    supergirl toTheRescue 20 days ago +1

    I don't see how anyone can look down on these young woman they are doing the best thing life can give and that's raising a baby. What more does life have to offer? It's the best weather your married or single babys are a blessing.

    • Denise White
      Denise White 11 days ago +1

      Sonnys Mummy UK ...it’s usually women with no ambition that think having a baby is the end all be all lmao. It’s the equivalent to country girls getting married off at 18. Whilst most successful women aren’t settling down till late 20’s. It’s about having goals. Most of these girls have none.

    • supergirl toTheRescue
      supergirl toTheRescue 11 days ago +1

      @Sonnys Mummy UK haven't you got a ambition? I thought you were a scientist and busy traveling? Surely you wouldn't have time to insult people on RUclip all day? Oh wait ibforgot....you dont have a life u sad lonely poison fat ugly weirdo hahaha go on now hop along

    • Sonnys Mummy UK
      Sonnys Mummy UK 11 days ago

      @supergirl toTheRescue
      "The next generation could be doctors"... well not if you're involved in any of it. The best thing you've got to offer the next generation is how to change a shitty arse.
      I mean this is how small your world is you think travelling and experiencing life is sitting on a bus doing your weekly shop....
      If I were you I'd stop talking "supergirl" you're embarrassing yourself, you've already proved you have nothing of use to bring to the party...shame, bet your family had big plans for you but instead the most you amounted to was using your fanny to produce "miracles" that probably wont amount to much either.
      Your safe I wont be replying to you anymore, you've already killed off some of my brain capacity

    • supergirl toTheRescue
      supergirl toTheRescue 11 days ago +1

      @Sonnys Mummy UK breeders that are of no use to anyone??? Being a mother doesn't that mean another human being needs you? Go live your shit life with your language book and bus pass.....

  • Wande x
    Wande x 22 days ago

    The light skinned one is leng 😍😍😍

  • ElectronicPleasure
    ElectronicPleasure 23 days ago

    06:24 you chose to let a man inside you without protection, It's your body. Ok he should step up without a doubt get his lazy ass up and look after what he's help created but the buck stops at the woman only she can get pregnant.

  • firstladynana
    firstladynana 24 days ago +1

    ion even feel bad for the first one , u jsst not gone learn yo lesson like wtf🙄

  • Skyla Temple
    Skyla Temple 24 days ago

    Where do they get all that money tho (AirPods and iPhone X)

  • Rebecca Andrews
    Rebecca Andrews 24 days ago +1

    People need people. This hostel is amazing. Better than solo parent in a whole house alone, without some support or someone to relate, vent or get help from. Living like this as opposed to alone as a solo parent would be awesome. It is only the word "hostel" that carries a certain stereotypical connotation. MORE solo parents need a living situation like this. The attitudes of these ladies is awesome.

  • Miss X Legion
    Miss X Legion 25 days ago

    Don't open yours and expect shit from a man.
    The grandparents are just as mud.
    This is a cycle and these kids are more likely going to end up in the same situation

  • pusa cat
    pusa cat 25 days ago

    Shanice is so damn pretty 🌻fck the man who left her

  • Eva M
    Eva M 26 days ago

    I really admire these girls. They truly deserve alot of credit

  • Kingu 11
    Kingu 11 26 days ago

    The one who is in due to debt, why didnt she leave when she had a 26k job? And how she got that job anyways?

  • Celine C
    Celine C 27 days ago

    great clip, sending love and strength to all of you ladies

  • Daniel dore
    Daniel dore 27 days ago

    Next episode.
    Women who dont let the dads have content cus they are selfish slags?

  • den o
    den o 27 days ago +2

    Black men don't appear to want to be good dads.

  • Taylor Yasmine
    Taylor Yasmine 28 days ago +2

    I hope she leaves him she’s too smart and beautiful for him

    • Sweet Tulips
      Sweet Tulips 26 days ago

      If she had a kid with him she can't be too smart. lol

  • info Mash
    info Mash 28 days ago

    One my question what ther countibute the society or gov all ther look for free home free money

  • youboring
    youboring 29 days ago

    You can’t just chose to be somewhat present in your child’s life but not support your child and your child’s mother. That dad is selfish

  • Pato Frost
    Pato Frost 29 days ago +5

    Someone tell me how they live in a hostel but have I phones 10. And ear pods yeee

    • Kingu 11
      Kingu 11 26 days ago

      They are fully on benefits..and it that is not a small money

  • mara mma
    mara mma 29 days ago

    of course all the children are black or mixed 🤧 black men love creating single mothers like it's their jobs

    • mara mma
      mara mma 29 days ago

      I'll just marry anyone else at this rate

  • Ryan Sams
    Ryan Sams 29 days ago

    Seems to be a bit of a theme here in regards to the fathers!

  • Yt_ferne1
    Yt_ferne1 Month ago

    Luton you know 📍

  • Amy Kinville
    Amy Kinville Month ago +2

    Katie you’re amazing!!! I mean it!! It’s hard to do it alone let alone two at a you g age and at one time!! I had my children at ages 16,18,20! They are now 16,19,20. I looked at then 6 months ago and I turned to them saying I was each of your ages when I had one of you! And looked at my oldest and said I had 3 kids at your age!!!

  • Amy Kinville
    Amy Kinville Month ago

    Kychia amen sister! Hold your head high and face your responsibility!!!

  • Madeleine
    Madeleine Month ago +1

    These girls are impressive. They are shouldering all the responsibility but they have friends in the same situation, which must help.