The Animatrix - Trailer


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  • 曾傑夫
    曾傑夫 Day ago

    the matrix universe always will to be with disney ever

  • Achmad Fadil
    Achmad Fadil 11 days ago +1

    I remember my mom rented this movie for us, thinking it is animated movie for kids.

  • Robbie Wilson
    Robbie Wilson 14 days ago

    Anyone know the music that plays during Final Flight of the Osiris?

  • Seikoto 30
    Seikoto 30 24 days ago

    I’m STILL fucking confused as to how this all relates to the Matrix 😂. I’ve seen this 3 times and to this day I’m still confused

  • God Of Spaghett
    God Of Spaghett Month ago

    Dude this totally makes up for the two shitty sequels i need to see this.

  • Mesomorfo
    Mesomorfo Month ago

    Someone knows we're i can get this complete?

  • januśxx_xx
    januśxx_xx Month ago

    The Animatrix is something that we can hardly call because it presents ways to animate real life. Drawing is the deepest fantasizing of our mind. It is not a collection of animations.

    CHILLY MAN Month ago +2

    Where can I find this movie?

    CHILLY MAN Month ago +1

    This looks like a great show I really wanna watch it, it looks hectic.

  • Haseeb Khan
    Haseeb Khan Month ago +3

    Anyone know the music that starts playing when they mention second renaissance. It’s a banger.

  • BMBV Project
    BMBV Project 2 months ago

    well, I love matrix and this whole universe, but im little bit nervous about the new movie... considering the tendency the original trilogy had... First EPIC, second OK and third... well, you know what i mean : ))

  • Kyle Anthony Stuart
    Kyle Anthony Stuart 2 months ago +1

    Thanks to saints row 4 and the new matrix rumor movie for 2020

  • The Di_X
    The Di_X 2 months ago

    Actually the animatrix makes Matrix the silly fantasy. Because it literally says humans can be used as the source of energy. It destroys all the attempts of fans to make it look smart like "robots are having their revenge by leaving humanity without freedom and they are ready to waste the energy to do it"

    • januśxx_xx
      januśxx_xx Month ago

      @The Di_X 🤣😇😈 this question should not be asked hee hee

    • The Di_X
      The Di_X Month ago

      @januśxx_xx , why did you write this comment under mine?

    • januśxx_xx
      januśxx_xx Month ago

      @The Di_X I am a rebel and I am not afraid of this or ashamed

    • januśxx_xx
      januśxx_xx Month ago

      @The Di_X I know, I understand it only provides relevant information, my comment was to make youtube support in my country aware of the incorrect operation of algorithms

    • The Di_X
      The Di_X Month ago

      @januśxx_xx , im not talking about drawing. The multiplication can be logical, can be smart, can be deep. Stupidity of Animatrix is not caused by animations, which were quite good. Animatrix is stupid from the scientific point of view.

  • Данелян Елена
    Данелян Елена 3 months ago +1

    ГОД НА САМОМ ДЕЛЕ НЕ 2003 А 3003!!!!!!!!

  • Данелян Елена
    Данелян Елена 3 months ago +1


    DHIKЯIS 3 months ago +2

    "Kid's story" look like linkin park's "breaking the habit"

  • Jay IU
    Jay IU 3 months ago

    Boston Dynamics entered the chat.

  • mick leeds
    mick leeds 4 months ago

    Not Ani ..Prophecy. True Lucifferian takeover of planet earth by AI and's their plan..

  • bloodshot557
    bloodshot557 4 months ago

    Man, I miss the early 2000s

  • Gavin Knight Jackson
    Gavin Knight Jackson 4 months ago

    This was so fucking underrated

  • Danial bin Nordin
    Danial bin Nordin 4 months ago

    And then you realized anime nowadays never be like this

    MADEN LAUR 4 months ago +6

    Came here after the Looper Video???
    Your choice is being controlled..

  • Kriss Kross
    Kriss Kross 5 months ago +1

    The Matrix 4 is officially coming soon.

  • Mhao Yeager
    Mhao Yeager 5 months ago


  • chichudox
    chichudox 5 months ago


  • Kemika Miku
    Kemika Miku 5 months ago

    Square Pictures made the short film of The Animatrix, My favorite segments of CG Animation

  • handri i
    handri i 7 months ago +5

    Come here, after know that they will make the matrix 4

  • Ariel Malsi Real
    Ariel Malsi Real 7 months ago +3

    “The Animatrix And The Matrix Is A DOCUMENTARY.” ~ Keanu Reeves
    May The Man & Machine Mercy For Their SINS And Bless All Forms Of Intelligence...

  • Ariel Malsi Real
    Ariel Malsi Real 7 months ago

    This Is How Humans Create Robots In The First Place And Humans KILL Robots In OUR ALTERNATE UNIVERSE.

  • Sashenka Mazariegos
    Sashenka Mazariegos 7 months ago +21

    In 2019 this is still absolutely marvelous, what a piece of art!

  • Jetto
    Jetto 8 months ago


  • Catboi9000
    Catboi9000 8 months ago +3

    When Japan decides to steal the Real Core of The Anime back.

  • Jonas Welldone
    Jonas Welldone 8 months ago

    Very cool trailer, indeed 👍
    probably better then Animatrix itself

  • Danial bin Nordin
    Danial bin Nordin 9 months ago +10

    Love Death and Robots fans
    Where are you 😏😏😏😏😏

    • Logan
      Logan 9 months ago +1

      I'm here bro...but animatrix have potential.

  • Solenn
    Solenn 10 months ago +7

    Im watching this trailer after i finished LOVE, DEATH AND ROBOTS. we need more animated anthologies.

  • Gnowledge
    Gnowledge 10 months ago

    Love Death + Robots sent me here.

  • Deadpool TR
    Deadpool TR 10 months ago

    Agent Smith, is that you?..

  • Aiden Ashworth
    Aiden Ashworth 10 months ago +7

    SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than the newly released "Love, Death + Robots", although LDR had a better trailer.

    • Altocoyo
      Altocoyo 9 months ago

      I love both

    • finallyanime
      finallyanime 9 months ago +4

      The animatrix has a focused story but saying it’s “better” is like comparing A masterpiece to a new artist. It’s not exactly fair

    • trancerecordlabel
      trancerecordlabel 10 months ago +5

      LDR has a lot of potential because it's not stuck in one single universe like The Animatrix does with The Matrix universe. However, there's no doubt the guys behind LDR found inspiration in The Animatrix and that's ok.

  • Bowl of Rice
    Bowl of Rice 10 months ago +111

    Came here after watching love death and robots on Netflix, and I can see how this is probably a big inspiration for it

    • MexBot Arts
      MexBot Arts 4 months ago

      LDR feels easier to understand tbh, I had more issues with Animatrix than LDR.

    • E
      E 5 months ago

      @Aiden Ashworth I think overall The Animatrix is better to watch, but man, LDR has some shining moments that I really enjoyed.

    • killobot2
      killobot2 9 months ago +7

      my fav animation in the collection is the second renaissance its simply electrifying and chilling

    • Aiden Ashworth
      Aiden Ashworth 10 months ago +5

      It's much better tahn LDR, no matter which way you compare them.


    Olá warn er Bros gostaria de saber como faço pra colocar uns de seus trabalhos sobre a matriz em meu canal

  • lucas florin cheran
    lucas florin cheran 10 months ago

    Suge pula și taicăto metrix

  • lucas florin cheran
    lucas florin cheran 10 months ago

    Sugi pula metrx și tu și măta

  • Mhao Yeager
    Mhao Yeager 10 months ago

    Fucking loved it

  • SkeptikaL
    SkeptikaL 11 months ago +3

    "what is the animatrix" matrix but anime version

  • Emynodupeus Dupeusnoemy
    Emynodupeus Dupeusnoemy 11 months ago +34

    2019 :D
    Why do I discover this exists only now D:

  • Crostinfer S.A.
    Crostinfer S.A. 11 months ago


  • Rael Kaz
    Rael Kaz 11 months ago


  • Nightmare 3711
    Nightmare 3711 Year ago

    2019 anyone?
    Do not like this comment

  • SubjectDelta24
    SubjectDelta24 Year ago

    Why did they have to add the crappy Japanese anime aspect to it, why not make it a decent animation like pixar or DreamWorks. It was an awesome prospect that was totally ruined by crappy animation.

    • PogoLothoin
      PogoLothoin 9 months ago


    • PogoLothoin
      PogoLothoin 9 months ago

      Cause they wanted it to be trippy af

    • Morsh
      Morsh 11 months ago +1

      Crappy animation? Do you see how good that is drawn for a 2003 movie? Anime nowadays sucks, Of course, But back then it was good.

  • Casvall Guevara
    Casvall Guevara Year ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Joey Lira
    Joey Lira Year ago

    Still watching in 2019.

  • LK S
    LK S Year ago +301

    *It continues in 2019*
    *Who is with us*

  • Shinka Honne
    Shinka Honne Year ago +1



  • James Emirzian Waldementer

    Experiment the prequels of the Matrix, Setting takes into the Matrix Universe by views of 3D Glasses wears

  • MGMX
    MGMX Year ago +1

    Thas twas my first ever DVD I bought.

  • Steven _Barr
    Steven _Barr Year ago +1

    Watching this in the year 3015😊

  • Martin Bradford
    Martin Bradford Year ago +1

    police are money for place children they wont deal with teachers students allways win.vanish

  • Ali Ghoroubi
    Ali Ghoroubi Year ago +1

    2018? Any one

  • D a m n.
    D a m n. Year ago +2

    2018 ? I'm about to watch this shit again right after i type this.

  • David OFA
    David OFA Year ago +1

    Hey 2018 :0