Drawing Characters from Memory w/ theodd1sout & SomethingElseYT

  • Published on Jul 2, 2017
  • this was fun
    james' video: ruclip.com/video/jkl7oSZPy94/video.html
    adam's video: ruclip.com/video/b47d34QSaq4/video.html
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ur cool, dude.
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  • Seth
    Seth 39 minutes ago

    me:*watching video at 2:40AM even tho I know I've seen it before*

  • Glaceon Umbreon Sylveon

    Your guys drawings are so good

  • Ezra Minton
    Ezra Minton 7 hours ago

    We learned that James looks like Caillou in a yellow shirt

  • Pastelcandy UvU
    Pastelcandy UvU 8 hours ago

    I ship jaiden and James sorry I can't hold it in ;-; ⬇️ like

  • ShardTheDragon 13
    ShardTheDragon 13 10 hours ago

    Jaiden just straight up drew a cereal skeksi

  • TheCharbeeClub
    TheCharbeeClub 12 hours ago

    It's funny how when you are asked to draw/describe something you know, your brain often gets mixed up and confused with the details


  • TheCharbeeClub
    TheCharbeeClub 12 hours ago

    3:33 Jaiden's brain went from, "Let's draw Bowser!" to "Let's draw ninja turt bowser!"

  • Yensen Chamorro
    Yensen Chamorro 13 hours ago

    James you say in your growing up with cable video you hated Caillou

  • Daniell Jansen
    Daniell Jansen 13 hours ago

    Same with me and the cereal thing, James!

  • Other Blood Ally
    Other Blood Ally 14 hours ago

    what, no! james!

  • historic panda /GalacticSpaceChild

    Birdo is a dude???

  • Mr Sid
    Mr Sid 16 hours ago

    *One of these things is not like the other*

    Jaiden made taylor swifts lyrics

  • Nikolai Derrett
    Nikolai Derrett 17 hours ago

    Adam won

  • Reanna Tyska
    Reanna Tyska 17 hours ago +1

    Adams count chockula looks like a jacked up version of batman

  • MasterNite
    MasterNite 18 hours ago

    Birdo is female. In Japan, she's known as Catherine, so YOSHI IS NOT GAY

  • MalakaMax
    MalakaMax 19 hours ago

    she was a boy

  • CookieCreme 101
    CookieCreme 101 20 hours ago

    All they forgot is timtom

  • Guyshu
    Guyshu 20 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure Birdo is a male who prefers to be identified as a female.

  • Ty 222033
    Ty 222033 Day ago

    Hallo everyone of 2019 lel

  • TwiceBakedPotato '
    TwiceBakedPotato ' Day ago +1

    James:im going away for a couple of weeks
    Fam:just stock pile them then
    James:YoU dOnT uNdErStAnD

  • Samdrup R
    Samdrup R Day ago

    Birdos a trap

  • Allie :3
    Allie :3 Day ago +1

    1:55 jaden turns into Taylor Swift

  • Lane Face
    Lane Face Day ago

    Nooooooo hissssss nameeeeee issssssss VIKTOR

  • Pika Gamer
    Pika Gamer Day ago

    Its a "cereal killer"

  • Draconit3 Playz Gamez

    James: The *alligator* from Sonic
    Me: *Being the easily triggered person I am gets triggered at James :O for saying alligator when he meant* *CoRoCoDiLe*

  • Jackson Moy
    Jackson Moy Day ago


  • YoungLink
    YoungLink Day ago

    All gays are bad so stop

  • Dragonfly Beast
    Dragonfly Beast 2 days ago

    Roadrunner is a male

  • Ezion
    Ezion 2 days ago

    Jaiden = Manga
    James = Anime Adaptation
    Adam = Netflix Adaptation

  • Vectors drawings YT Ruiz

    She was a boy

  • Maxim Thomas
    Maxim Thomas 2 days ago

    coyotes are faster than road runners *childhood ruined*

  • Chocolate chip! G2W
    Chocolate chip! G2W 2 days ago

    Jaiden: “Oh god he looks like the skinny kid in high school!”
    Me: ...that’s me :(

  • Nurture Your Skin
    Nurture Your Skin 2 days ago

    Ok so apparently Birdo is transgender and would rather be called Birdetta

  • Ghost Toast
    Ghost Toast 2 days ago

    You might have already said it, but i didint hear it. Or if what in the description, i did not see it. What drawing app to you use? Btw, love your videos. You're a cool pineapple (Im being awkward now, sorry XP)

  • PJ LeeJay
    PJ LeeJay 2 days ago

    Jaiden I dont know if u will see this but can u please tell me what website/app that u used to make this video

  • Lowkii
    Lowkii 2 days ago

    Adam: CTRL+Z

  • Nostalgia Corp.
    Nostalgia Corp. 2 days ago

    I am jealous of all of your skills with drawing on computers

  • Box The box
    Box The box 2 days ago

    What do you use to edit

  • Dorky Potato
    Dorky Potato 2 days ago +1

    Apparently in the USA version birdo is transexual
    A male who would like to be female

  • Mya Stankowski
    Mya Stankowski 2 days ago

    Why for the vampire Adam started drawing Batman

  • LanaLovesL15_ Studios

    Adam's are always great XD but odd1sout are cuteeee yours have the best details

  • RatRat 2010
    RatRat 2010 2 days ago

    I wish they did Vvvvvvvvvveeeeeeetttor aka vector

  • Massimo Grace
    Massimo Grace 2 days ago

    Adventure Time go grab your friends go to very destined lands Jake the dog and Finn the human fun that’ll never end its adventure time

  • Goo Fy
    Goo Fy 2 days ago +1

    Game theory:
    Ok so Jaiden is white/asian
    So I think James is actually half black and plot twist the dad is swoozie

  • LèmonTèa
    LèmonTèa 2 days ago

    Y’know, you three should do more on those :}}

  • olivia welch
    olivia welch 2 days ago

    adam lmao

  • Trinity Bray
    Trinity Bray 2 days ago

    2:29 - 2:30
    *james: Oh darn I'm drawing it cute*
    *jaiden:You draw everything cute*
    UwU sounds like Jaiden flirtingggg accidentally UwU



    This is how bad im at drawing

  • Erick Gionny Bustamante

    1:04 the f*#$ no really

  • Soul Gods
    Soul Gods 2 days ago

    Adam on the Cailou Round: *MUst make PERFECT CIRCLE*

  • Minnie A
    Minnie A 3 days ago

    James is like Shane Dawson Jaiden is Ryland and Adam is Garret, Ari is Cheeto and Georgie is Uno.

  • Deb .Davison
    Deb .Davison 3 days ago +2

    Who's watching this in 2019! Like if you are!!!

    FALLOUT BROS 3 days ago

    Chocolate marshmallow Matey's like if you know of the existence of this cereal

  • Destoroyah Doomsday
    Destoroyah Doomsday 3 days ago

    Adam... *he’s something else YT*

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 3 days ago

    Adams bowser drawing is something else

  • Ender Skull
    Ender Skull 3 days ago

    5:31 Adam just being Eleven

  • maurizio mainella
    maurizio mainella 3 days ago +1

    Viva l'italiaaaaaaaa
    Like per chi è italiano

  • Fortnite master
    Fortnite master 3 days ago

    Adam eats frozen waffles while i dont eat anything i am just thrown in the car and dropped off at school

  • Josue Moran
    Josue Moran 3 days ago

    Adam’s drawing of Cailou is a copy of James

    THAT ONE PERSON 3 days ago +1

    Jaiden: have you looked the picture up?
    Adam: ...
    Well yes,
    But no.

  • Mary Nguyen
    Mary Nguyen 3 days ago


  • Emilee Pakosinski
    Emilee Pakosinski 3 days ago +1

    I love how the prompt was Wil E Coyote and James drew Crash Bandicoot

  • Bryce Soumphonphakdy

    Jaiden Animations, tell SomethingElseYT that we don't talk about Caillou any more. K

  • Slothers
    Slothers 4 days ago

    I like how jaiden and James give a shit and than Adam is just “what the fuck is a bowser”

  • Ray Gross
    Ray Gross 4 days ago

    In six flags there is a roller coaster ride called the roadrunner xd

  • Adriah Cox-Garcia
    Adriah Cox-Garcia 4 days ago

    I BINGED wached advencher time so I know who she is.

  • whiskered•child 6205

    birdo is a trans icon

    change my mind

  • McMuffinHD
    McMuffinHD 4 days ago

    You can see, that James is More in Videogames then the others...

  • More Gameboxvlogs
    More Gameboxvlogs 4 days ago +1

    What software is this?

  • GamingWithJay
    GamingWithJay 4 days ago

    The all have a turn to have no idea what they're doing

  • Random Content
    Random Content 4 days ago


  • Jude Creeper
    Jude Creeper 4 days ago

    Jaiden pro-1
    Jame beginner-2
    Adam noob-3

  • Minecraft Kiddo
    Minecraft Kiddo 5 days ago +2

    Jaiden: Doesnt know most of the characters
    Also jaiden: Draws them the best

  • Andrew Childs
    Andrew Childs 5 days ago

    Caillou is a BRAT.

  • Andromeda Lps
    Andromeda Lps 5 days ago

    The ALLIGATOR from sonic
    Name: Vector the CROCODILE

  • Nelson Oliveros Pulido

    Jaiden is the best at drawing

  • Dominic R
    Dominic R 5 days ago

    Crocodile from Sonic his name is Victor.

  • Derpy Kerpy
    Derpy Kerpy 5 days ago

    Hey guys I DONUT do witchcraft

  • Nini White
    Nini White 5 days ago


  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy 5 days ago

    9:10 road runner in a nutshell

  • Crazy chopsticks
    Crazy chopsticks 5 days ago

    I was wearing crocs

  • Ali Said
    Ali Said 5 days ago

    Why is Adam here, he can’t even draw

  • Terrifying Blaze
    Terrifying Blaze 5 days ago

    Jadein bowser:manga
    James bowser:anime
    Adam bowser:Netflix adaptation

  • Mason G.
    Mason G. 5 days ago

    frozen eggos aren't bad

  • Sydney Harrell
    Sydney Harrell 5 days ago

    James didn’t draw the coyote, he drew Crash Bandicoot

  • Frank Irons
    Frank Irons 5 days ago

    My favourite Mario character is yoshie

  • Pokemon FanLol
    Pokemon FanLol 6 days ago

    When watching the caiiou part, I spat my gum out and it got stuck in my hair 😭

  • memes never die
    memes never die 7 days ago

    Jaiden X Adam

  • Writerz Block
    Writerz Block 7 days ago +2

    Who else heard the WII music in the background?? Also who else still has one?

  • Kelly Hawthorn
    Kelly Hawthorn 7 days ago +1

    1 HA ha ha

  • Ella Oliver
    Ella Oliver 7 days ago

    Adam says something knowing it’s going to be weird and then is surprised when he says it and it’s weird 😂😂

  • Spencer Martinello
    Spencer Martinello 7 days ago

    Yoshi island= Baby bowser
    Most other games= Bowser jr

  • Krypticcs
    Krypticcs 7 days ago +2

    Choose wisely.

    Jaiden and James in a relationship

    Adam and Jaiden

    Like for J and J
    And reply for J And A

  • junior's channel
    junior's channel 7 days ago

    what app is this?

  • Gamey Gaming
    Gamey Gaming 7 days ago

    8:31 im triggered birdo is a girl in my opinion and it makes sense

  • art biscuit
    art biscuit 7 days ago +1

    "I think im doing pretty well...oh im not"

  • Aki Petals
    Aki Petals 8 days ago


  • Fenwaypup 12602
    Fenwaypup 12602 8 days ago

    Adam I agree that frozen eggo waffles taste better than when they're cooked

  • Jude McNally
    Jude McNally 8 days ago

    Doodle doods