The Try Guys Make Sushi Rolls

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • The guys are rolling with the homies as they learn how to make professional sushi rolls and compete in a culinary maki battle. Who will win and be crowned Mr. Rice Guy?
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    Frank Proto, Director of Culinary Operations at the Institute of Culinary Education
    Institute of Culinary Education
    Rob Seidel
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Comments • 10 765

  • Adriana's challenges
    Adriana's challenges 21 hour ago

    I'm Portuguese and it was the soup spoon and it has broken on me ouch

  • AnimeTitanimum57
    AnimeTitanimum57 21 hour ago

    Eugene: *shoots drinks, looks at everyone else with confusion*
    Also Eugene: “I didn’t mean to shoot it I just...”

  • Gacha Lillian
    Gacha Lillian Day ago +1

    idec eugene x ned (im also in the bath)

  • Butterfly Blob
    Butterfly Blob Day ago

    I just realized that it's Frank from the 4 levels series fron epicurious😀😀😀😀😀

  • P Lestrange
    P Lestrange Day ago

    Did Eugene smoke something b4 this shoot 😂😂

  • Megan Glewwe
    Megan Glewwe Day ago

    I feel like Ned and Eugene are on something in this video

  • #TicciToby&Clockwork And Tocky

    I think zach and keith need to seperate

  • MAY7317
    MAY7317 2 days ago

    Are they doing drunk?😂

  • Joselyn Viveros
    Joselyn Viveros 2 days ago

    8:19 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ophelia Lu
    Ophelia Lu 2 days ago

    Can't relate my asian mother smacks me with a wire clothes hanger

  • - SolelyLove
    - SolelyLove 2 days ago

    Ned should have won. He never wins but he’s always the one really challenging himself.

  • Caitlyn Low
    Caitlyn Low 3 days ago

    the chef actually appeared on EPICURIOUS's 50 people makes pancakes

  • Lana B
    Lana B 3 days ago

    the rice paddle 💀

  • Maha Imtiaz
    Maha Imtiaz 3 days ago

    Is that Frank from epicurious

  • Jessica Gravelle
    Jessica Gravelle 4 days ago

    We NEED more goofy Eugene and Ned. It is Eugneeded

  • ItsMe Foox
    ItsMe Foox 4 days ago

    When the other try guys were dabbing I could feel Eugene’s pain
    It is me and my friends, they dab a lot! So I’m sitting there praying when I am not religious.

  • Anishka Senouvo
    Anishka Senouvo 4 days ago

    Oh no did Ned get 3rd place again oh no

  • Jeffrey Rooke
    Jeffrey Rooke 5 days ago

    Is it me or does Ned look pale

  • Star God
    Star God 5 days ago

    I love newgenes joy! He seems likes hes genuinely having a great time! I hope that that's truly the case XD

  • Fatima Abed
    Fatima Abed 6 days ago

    Keith looks like benedict cumberbatch

  • Hansel Finnegan
    Hansel Finnegan 6 days ago

    Wait is that the chef that from ametaur home cook and pro chef?

  • Wyatt Armando
    Wyatt Armando 6 days ago

    Eugene is very right in Asia parents use that

  • Andrea Elliot
    Andrea Elliot 6 days ago

    I love Ned more with every video... he grows on you. Fast.

  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo 7 days ago

    I love Zack 😂😂😂❤

  • Leaf Wing
    Leaf Wing 7 days ago +2


  • Sarah Gillies
    Sarah Gillies 7 days ago

    “Don’t laugh at me like I’m Zach” - Eugene

  • Gabbi / Silas
    Gabbi / Silas 7 days ago


  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 8 days ago

    Who is araida Grande

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel 8 days ago

    Who is this Cthulhu?

  • Lili Lili
    Lili Lili 8 days ago

    I wont be surprised if Eugene was drunk

  • Lili Lili
    Lili Lili 8 days ago

    Feels like Ned and Eugene were drunk 🥴 🤣🤣🤣🤪😋😋

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 9 days ago

    Oh look even during the *countdown* *Ned* has the *3* 😂

  • Sara Tek
    Sara Tek 9 days ago +1


  • KoyaLove 612
    KoyaLove 612 9 days ago +1

    Omg,Eugene is such a relatable Asian XD

  • Zoe Day
    Zoe Day 10 days ago

    I so adore Eugene in here. ♥️ He just looks so happy.

  • はちみつ -Honey
    はちみつ -Honey 10 days ago

    Ned: *Plays with rice* ouhhh YeAhhhhh
    Eugene: ok youre making this weird

  • Empress Lolo Bell
    Empress Lolo Bell 10 days ago +1

    Eugene: You'll probably think he'll win
    Everyone: Probably😗😗😗

  • Missy Llusion
    Missy Llusion 11 days ago

    Awwwwwww Ned be cool buddy you did your best

  • Missy Llusion
    Missy Llusion 11 days ago

    I am half wondering if Eugene and Ned are stoned af but not sure. I love the energy though

  • ThePianist dothiedot
    ThePianist dothiedot 11 days ago +3

    " i cleased this house"
    I find it sooo funny... Especially when eugine realized how awkward it was.. Ahahha😂😂😂😂

  • Ava B
    Ava B 11 days ago

    R u high ned

  • Goldu Negi
    Goldu Negi 11 days ago +1

    *19 minutes of eugene and ned being cute*

  • Caden B
    Caden B 11 days ago +2

    I was afraid to watch this video because I didn’t want to get hungry.

  • Stephanie Mitchell
    Stephanie Mitchell 12 days ago

    This would have been more entertaining if it was a "Without a Recipe" episode where the sushi chefs judged them. Got a little slow just watching all of them recreate the same exact things the chef did.

  • нαρρу нєανєиѕ

    So where’s the liquor-

  • Maria Aguilar-Duran
    Maria Aguilar-Duran 12 days ago

    Ned's tantrum at the end 😂

  • May Lin
    May Lin 12 days ago

    Actually would love to try Ned's sushi rolls, they look fancy af

  • Alex LeBlanc
    Alex LeBlanc 13 days ago

    Fingertips don't always grow back, but they're one of the very few body parts that medical science has developed a treatment for. Using powdered pig bladder cells as a topical treatment to severed fingers, you can regrow and/or reattach severed fingers.

  • 艾拉엘라 Ella
    艾拉엘라 Ella 13 days ago

    i dont trust this guy

  • No Name
    No Name 13 days ago +1

    Tamago is egg, tamagoyaki is sweet egg omelette

  • Yae-Ji White
    Yae-Ji White 13 days ago

    2:05 so trueeee

  • Martin Serdenia
    Martin Serdenia 13 days ago

    2:04 but it's true

  • otakubeast1010
    otakubeast1010 13 days ago +1

    The way Ned whined "Keith's roll is terribllee"...

    I got a six pack from all my laughing 😂

  • Ruby Harris
    Ruby Harris 13 days ago

    I'm really disappointed the 'judge' didn't sample the finished products!

  • Ruby Harris
    Ruby Harris 13 days ago

    Eugene's even great at losing haha

  • Courtney H
    Courtney H 14 days ago

    5:52: No keith, theyre making BISCUITS!

  • sleep. less
    sleep. less 14 days ago

    Oh yea I work for ice

  • hagar bedewi
    hagar bedewi 14 days ago

    Sorry keith but like cmonnnnnn neds rainbow roll was AMAZING cmon

  • UnWorthyKiwie
    UnWorthyKiwie 14 days ago

    Frank is also sometimes in epicurious’ videos

  • #TicciToby&Clockwork And Tocky

    2:06 yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.