Taylor Swift - Love Story

  • Published on Jun 16, 2009
  • Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story. (C) 2008 Big Machine Records, LLC
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Comments • 124 779

  • 권기만
    권기만 Hour ago

    정말.. 10년째 질리지않고 듣는 노래다...
    너무 좋다...

  • Savannah Brown
    Savannah Brown 5 hours ago

    Honestly watching this in 2019 and it’s still a bop

  • Your local trash can
    Your local trash can 5 hours ago

    You know you’re in love when you’re listening to this

  • Sara Thamer
    Sara Thamer 8 hours ago

    I remember when this dude dated Miley Cyrus when she was only 16 and he was like 24😶

  • Ramnghaki lalrinfeli
    Ramnghaki lalrinfeli 10 hours ago +1

    I love it my twins

  • Septian Harta Hadid
    Septian Harta Hadid 12 hours ago


  • Ninju Vlogs
    Ninju Vlogs 12 hours ago

    anyone oct 2019

  • Livi Alison chophi Luv
    Livi Alison chophi Luv 14 hours ago +1

    My first inspiring song ❤️
    My first inspiring singer....♥️♥️

  • Candice Machella
    Candice Machella 15 hours ago

    Romeo take me away lol

  • Alessia Colucci
    Alessia Colucci 17 hours ago

    Linda 💗💕

  • It's a Joke Ian
    It's a Joke Ian 17 hours ago

    It’s 3am and I’m making a bagel

  • potato da loner
    potato da loner 17 hours ago

    The beginning sounds like you belong with me 😂🌈

  • Kritika Nadar
    Kritika Nadar 17 hours ago +1

    nice song

  • Random Character
    Random Character 19 hours ago


  • Kenny TV
    Kenny TV 20 hours ago +2

    2019 guys and still listening to this music?

  • Incredibly Lovely
    Incredibly Lovely 21 hour ago

    I was 3 when this song was out💖

  • master_ sigue ツ
    master_ sigue ツ 22 hours ago +1

    Who else from here loves Taylor Swift? 💕

  • Skylar Gripp
    Skylar Gripp 22 hours ago

    Watching this in October. Felt like throwing it back old.

  • Lucas Centurion :3


  • Daniel Vargas
    Daniel Vargas Day ago

    Great now I’m single AND crying

  • Gwen
    Gwen Day ago +3

    i had the sudden urge to binge all of taylors music vids idk why

  • wesley. mubarock

    21 October 2019

  • Tabby Aima
    Tabby Aima Day ago +1

    Who came here cause u heard the song from TikTok 🤩🤪🤪🤪 definitely only me

  • João Pedro Henriques

    Almost 2020 and this 1st hit still the one I know that I will always comeback to listen ❤️

  • Non ya Business
    Non ya Business Day ago +22

    How about
    Roses are red
    This songs not new
    If you like make this blue

  • Une sEnEgAlaisE Ndiaye

    You look so beautiful Taylor , and has a nice voice 😍

  • Jamane Quitco
    Jamane Quitco Day ago


  • Silvana Gomez
    Silvana Gomez Day ago

    middle school days!

  • pain on veins
    pain on veins Day ago +1

    This song will never get old for me 😍

  • pain on veins
    pain on veins Day ago +3

    2009: love story
    2019: lover

  • Ehtsham Shahbaz
    Ehtsham Shahbaz Day ago

    That guy ain't deserve her. She's so pretty for him... Or ... I'm just jealous..

  • Frangel Ship
    Frangel Ship Day ago

    After how many years this song is still great

  • Sapoula Siep
    Sapoula Siep Day ago +3

    Who's listening October 2019

  • Deeboi Darealest

    True beauty

  • Gabrielle Dimayuga

    October 20,2019..

  • Savannah Joyce Libay

    It's been so long I see some comments who says " who's watching this song on 2019"!! :)

  • Alina Qian
    Alina Qian Day ago +3

    im just here in 2019 reliving childhood

  • Pinkie Dashing
    Pinkie Dashing Day ago +1

    25 likes and I will say I love you to my crush

  • Safayet Alam
    Safayet Alam Day ago

    I love you Taylor Swift. 😀😀😀

  • Eli LM
    Eli LM Day ago

    the love story that never happened. because romeo eventually fell in love with juliet..

  • oopopp x
    oopopp x Day ago

    Dated a girl that looks like Taylor here in 2008... Can't forget you Becky....

  • ML Legendary
    ML Legendary Day ago

    Roses are red violets are blue and if you watching in October make this blue

  • Bindrakala Limbu


  • Canal da Ana
    Canal da Ana Day ago +1

    ela tinha cara de emo em 2009 né?

  • sai teja
    sai teja Day ago

    Who is watching this today?

  • Chio Chirio
    Chio Chirio Day ago

    Néhánz magyar "tehestég", énekel! Szuar lehet a csajnak, mert szar angolból, remélem nem énekli!

  • Anabel Ocampo
    Anabel Ocampo Day ago

    I love this song sm 💜💜

  • Katharine Ècrit

    10 years :> I'm still here!

    ATISH MUKHERJEE 2 days ago

    Megha maheswari :')

  • King Unoani
    King Unoani 2 days ago +75

    Who wants this Taylor back ?

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 2 days ago +1

    You sound like you’re 12

  • Kasyi Fatussija
    Kasyi Fatussija 2 days ago +1

    Hello I am from indonesian😊

  • Afraz Rahim
    Afraz Rahim 2 days ago +2

    I 💘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭i love slow songs

  • Jenilyn Gura
    Jenilyn Gura 2 days ago +1

    Still the best of Her for Me!💞

  •  2 days ago

    Me:So how did you two meet?

    - L♡v€ $t0ry

  • Gabriel Fiduccia
    Gabriel Fiduccia 2 days ago


  • tin tun
    tin tun 2 days ago


  • Ngoc Nhi Truong Ho
    Ngoc Nhi Truong Ho 2 days ago

    When I was four years old I listened

  • Nistha Roy
    Nistha Roy 2 days ago +1

    The best thing about TS songs are that they are like excerpts from movies.

  • Kim M.
    Kim M. 2 days ago +2

    its been 10 years already ooOOoO the nostalgia