KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Gets Baby Advice From Scott Disick | E!

Should the E! star give North and Saint West a sibling? Scott gives Kim some serious words in this bonus clip from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Gets Baby Advice From Scott Disick | E!

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Автор bluevelvet333 ( назад)
RIP huge diamond ring :(

Автор panic! at the neighbourhood in 1975 ( назад)
i completely changed my whole opinion on kim after this video

Автор Iloveyou All ( назад)
What is wrong with me that i am watching this !!!!?? Reallly! Why is wrong with our world today

Автор Amirul Zikri ( назад)
Why does nowadays Scott looks like a burned prawn?

Автор Naung Thaw ( назад)
The ring is so bling!

Автор Julie Mendez ( назад)
can we all appreciate Kim's phone case lmao

Автор 0907gsapphire ( назад)
so so so glad Kim put Scott in his place about making weird face when he talked to the waiter. And yes, Kim is a lot of thing, but rude is not one of them. She's always softspoken and respectful of others.

Автор kyle nicholson ( назад)
1:25 the sound her hair makes hitting her back when she flips it. YAS!

Автор Zoe ( назад)
Honestly, Scott has always seemed like a butthole. He just throws me off...also, I like how Kim put him in his place, and her phone case, she can laugh at herself sometimes, and that's always a good trait.

Автор BLUE SKY ( назад)

Автор Racia Baptista ( назад)
Why you telling people your privacy 😅 " I have a hole in my uterus" I have blah blah that is just awkward 🤐 not trying to be rude

Автор Yester Day ( назад)
who wears their boobs out like that with their sisters husband?

Автор Doc Brown ( назад)
brain dead morons

Автор Jessica Henderson ( назад)
I love her shirt

Автор Khaya Marie ( назад)
hahah I loved this excpecially how she told the waiter to take the bread !

Автор Robin Cavicante ( назад)
Kim Kardashian is very exotic woman just look at her any man would love that with them, that body is tight and not to cheat with any other woman  all eye's on kim kardashian

Автор mlw2324 ( назад)
so they go to dumpy dinners now.

Автор jazmin perry ( назад)
A person who is nice to you but is rude to the waiter, is not a nice person at all.

Автор Maitha _Emarati ( назад)
Isn't scott disick kourtney's husband not kim

Автор Reef Torbey ( назад)
Kim matured tremendously after she got married to kanye

Автор Charmaine Soo ( назад)
I'm amazed by the number of 'like' she used in this video....

Автор First Last ( назад)
I wouldn't cry if she burned to death in a fire

Автор Ebube Okpara ( назад)
Scott looks terrible

Автор Heighton 720 ( назад)
wow scott was rude to the waiter

Автор hello hi ( назад)
who is scott disick

Автор Margaret Mosca ( назад)
Always enjoy the kardashians and Scott is always nice to look at

Автор Rarr Francis ( назад)
Kim is blinding me

Автор Controversial Mann ( назад)

Автор naomu vlogs ( назад)
Love Kim's phone case😂

Автор Hiago Basthiann ( назад)

Автор Brian Peppers ( назад)
*pulls out gun* *shoots self in head*

Автор Alain Bruno ( назад)
Kim should have more kids. She has the sweetest personality. I'm sure she's a wonderful mom.

Автор . 夢幻專家 ( назад)
Never saw a Kardashian episode. First impression of that guy: man he's gay. I think he is.

Автор . RetroWizdom. ( назад)
0:38 Scott was uhhh yeah like he was being sarcastic 😂

Автор fgxkxkm bxjkdk ( назад)
Look at 0.38

Автор Javaid Khan ( назад)

Автор Pollyanna Principle ( назад)
Kim's face actually looks beautiful. Over the past couple of years it has looked unsettled. Maybe the last pregnancy has rejuvenated her and made her face look settled and beautiful.

Автор Duaa Hanif ( назад)
please somebody tell me...

Автор Duaa Hanif ( назад)
what kind of episodes these are?

Автор Princess Angel ( назад)
Kim is gorgeous here and I love her outfit ❤

Автор Leeza Weezy ( назад)
I need that lipstick she is wearing ! Wtv it is !!

Автор CeCe Goddess ( назад)
This was like a week or two before the robbery I'm sure

Автор angle wood ( назад)
when Kim said to Scott about being rude to the waiter I was like yes Kim

Автор K.C. ( назад)
How would this idiot know? He never has his kids with him!

Автор Robbie Sharp ( назад)
"What are you a saint" well Scott your full family claim to be christians when they are full of sin

Автор Nick P ( назад)
"I'm not a hoe". but let me have my rack bobbling out of my shirt

Автор jacob bennett ( назад)
Like everyone in the restaurant is acting completely casual while Kim Kardashian is eating at a table around them ... I don't think so 😂

Автор Adam Preston ( назад)
Neither of them say please or thank you it seems to the waiter. I hate that.

Автор AngryZombie808 ( назад)
I came here for some tits.

Автор Deborah ( назад)
What a complete snooze.

Автор Catherine Florencia Candra ( назад)
can you see that kim phone case is her picture

Автор KODED LUX ( назад)
scott fucked kim
sssshhhhhhsss......its a secret

Автор Desert Rivers ( назад)
gosh Kim is ♡

Автор ariana m ( назад)
Lol you can tell Scott hates kim. he's trying so hard to act interested

Автор David Dacus ( назад)
scott has beautiful eyes.

Автор David Dacus ( назад)
honestly, was not that the most awkward greeting ever? lol.

Автор msjuicy ( назад)
Who the heck needs more than one kid anyway 😂

Автор JennJayTea ( назад)
k. all I keep staring at is the ring.....

Автор Nancy McRae ( назад)
oh ok, that makes sense...Thanks

Автор Trish Anne ( назад)
okay at least kim has basic manners

Автор Ryan Miller ( назад)
Scott Disick is such a squeeze.

Автор Andrew Felcey ( назад)
Kim and Scott are the only relevant ones Hate the rest of the family !!!!

Автор Nancy McRae ( назад)
Kim has her ring on.

Автор Carolina Alvarado ( назад)
I'll take the bread💜😛

Автор RareWarRoses ( назад)
Hopefully Trump will cancel this show so we can make Americans Smart Again lol

Автор Mrs. G ( назад)
I found Scott extremely rude too

Автор Rachael Lester ( назад)
Kims phone case 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор jenny crystal ( назад)
how the hell is Kim getting exponentially better with age??!

Автор Gracious grace ( назад)
Kim is so nice.

Автор tracks wod ( назад)
He hated being called sir. That's why he was slightly rude.

Автор savage_ boy ( назад)
Yeah the robbery was faked

Автор ChumChums ( назад)
The show would be so much more realistic if there wasn't any of that dramatic music an was real like this one.

Автор Vignesh Dhakshina ( назад)
He's such an A-hole

Автор Ayu Mashruddin ( назад)
I like that Kim asked the waiter to take the bread because she loves it. If its me, I probably finish all, hence explain why my body is not as hot as kim. 😂😂😂

Автор DarkRuins ( назад)
It's because of shows like this, that Donald Trump was elected President.

Автор Glee Fabrevans ( назад)
I hope she has another baby

Автор Asia Giusti ( назад)
that ring!!

Автор Afsha Darling ( назад)
I actually liked Kim for telling scott to be nice

Автор Mr Fish ( назад)
It would not be anymore work for her having 3 kids over 2.. The nannies take care of her children now it would be more work for the nannies though..

Автор Anthony 353 ( назад)
They were both rude. Neither of them said 'Please' or 'Thank You'.

Also why does Scott's skin look like the colour of boiled shite?

Автор BuzzBug ( назад)
I like the way she scolded him

Автор Liv Mendez ( назад)
Does Kim have a phone case with pictures of herself on it? I'm not trying to hate I just couldn't tell

Автор Nicole Mckee ( назад)
kim has been looking amazing lately

Автор Chris Walls ( назад)
Dont know why. But i dont think Kim's happy.

Автор Spunk Insight ( назад)
are they acting ?

Автор Mynymal ( назад)
I don't know why people hate on Kim she's has always been such a nice person with others

Автор Janette N ( назад)
lmao I love Scott. "Uhhhhhh medium" 🙄 hahaha

Автор ZizYoubizHERE ( назад)
kim is such a nice person

Автор Lana Del Slay ( назад)
KUWTK was so much more fun in the first seasons but now it's just boring af nothing happens

Автор Jenny Davis ( назад)
these people need to go away

Автор Nur Ervixnnx ( назад)
Is this before or after the paris robbery?

Автор Julie D ( назад)
"What are you? a f* saint?"
"I am. I'm the mom of"

lol iconic

Автор Animationexclusive ( назад)
You can say anything about Kim but she's always polite with people. I'm not even a fan but that's something I've noticed.

Автор Lana Hollywood ( назад)
Scott did a snob face while talking to the waiter. Arrogant!

Автор Maritza Leyva ( назад)
no saint is not cute lol

Автор Julija Julija ( назад)
She have a ring ? What's?!!!

Автор Jillian Kyra A. Buz ( назад)
he wasn't like "Duh, medium" hahahaha

Автор sugar hunter ( назад)
I think anything after 2 kids is really asking to be stressed ALL the time because like Scott said the parents really will be outnumbered

Автор bcj70 ( назад)
you are watching E!. god knows why

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