Kotton Grammer Testimonial | Honest Review of Kotton and OMG Machines | Watch THIS!!

Why am I leaving a Kotton Grammer Testimonial/Review? THIS IS MY STORY. Read Below ↓

I joined OMG Machines NHB 2017 in January of this year. I had no money, no credit card. I had a daughter to provide for and a burning and powerful desire to get out of the gutters and live a life I knew my daughter and I deserved.

Before NHB I was part of every type of business from multi-level, direct sales, real estate, oil brokerage, you name it – I was in it. I made money, invested and failed, failed, failed. The businesses would be a scam or there was no real money to be made, only false hopes. I let go of wanting to be part of something bigger than myself but that idea didn't settle well, it didn't feel right to settle, it didn’t feel right to just get by in life.

Then it came the news that I was pregnant and expecting a wonderful a baby girl!!! I was ecstatic! (the news still excites me :) ) Except I was also wondering “What am I going to do!?” I spent 10 years working in businesses that failed and I didn’t have an account to my name. It was scary. You could say that’s when “shit hit the fan”.

I didn’t have maternity leave because I hadn’t had an “office job” so what do I do?! Half of me was already given in and saying "it’s time to close shop in your entrepreneurial endeavors and get that job, that’s what’s important now". It made sense.

It must have been the next day, I received an email from Tai Lopez describing the power of Digital Marketing. I knew it was powerful, I didn’t know how to make it work for me. How could I serve others using Digital Marketing? Sure enough, after 10 consistent emails from Tai Lopez, I felt in my heart I could do this; I could put my trust in a group that had a template for results in a concrete and understandable platform. I took the plunge and signed up. I said, “YES”.

You can call me crazy.

The first trainer I was exposed to was Kotton Grammer. His energy, his approach to teaching and his direct language was and still is exactly what I needed to launch me at an incredible speed towards a life of financial worth. OMG gives you the knowledge of SEO and teaches you, pushes you to apply it. Follow the blueprint here and it’s not BS you will have success with the work you put into it. What OMG offers is a lot more than just SEO knowledge, it’s having the right mindset. Looking at everything differently so that everything around you changes.

I soaked every second of training like my life depended on it because in so many ways it did.

Three months later (more so 2.5 months!!) I have a working business with real growth. It was worth joining, I trusted and I took action in OMG Machines. Kotton Grammer and the other instructors have been with me every day since I’ve joined. Through live webinars, hundreds of hours of recordings, and even had Kotton Grammer call me on my cell phone when I didn’t know how to approach clients. He was there to help.

His given me honest feedback and today as of mid-March and I have two agencies up and running. I have three clients. I have income coming in and I am able to dedicate myself to growing my SEO business. That's a direction in life.

This Video is a Testimonial for Kotton Grammer who’s been my main trainer up to this point in OMG Machines. Just the fact that I’m getting on camera, as you see here is already a huge turning point for me. #ProgressOverPerfection

Please leave any feedback and/or thoughts in the comment section! My hope is that I can help inspire anyone to take a leap of faith in the direction of living a life of purpose and fulfillment. I still have a long way to go but I AM happy where I AM today, in this moment. This is my beginning and I’m thankful I could share it with you.

- Veronica :)

You can read more testimonials on Kotton Grammer’s site: http://kottongrammer.com/testimonials/
And visit Kotton Grammer's site at http://kottongrammer.com/


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Автор Jonathan Arevalo ( назад)
Awesome :)

Автор Talha Temuri ( назад)
I wonder why everyone suddenly making testimonial videos for them? What you guys are getting in return?

Автор Fernanda Navarro ( назад)
Inspiring that you took action! I know it can feel nerve-reckoning when you start but the fact that you choose to move forward is what counts! Please post where you progress in 3 months, would love to see your change and transformation.

Автор Mandritzio ( назад)
You exude a great understanding in the principles of your business, and I see that as a great foundation for your role as a leader. Not to mention that the field of SEO also seems very promising for anyone interested. Best of luck :)

Автор Danyiel Brustmeyer ( назад)
What a great video!! Straight from the heart and true success story. Keep it up.

Автор Carolyn Salazar ( назад)
Great video! I will definitely have to check it out!

Автор Rob K ( назад)
Great video, very passionate.

Автор Judy Cheung ( назад)
Great comment about SEO being able to help you achieve what you want and have time to spend with your family. It really is difficult to do so with a 9-5 job.

Автор Nicholas Howard ( назад)
@HowardsLaw - #HOWARDsLAW -
#ADHD to $100,000 in 90 days! Anythings Possible
Want to learn marketing 101 from some of the WORLDs BEST? Start here from step 1 and learn as we go. ASK ANYTHING ANYTIME. i have answers to your QUESTIONs. yes i turned science into marketing basics. this bring a new world & old development to a new level we only dreamed.

Автор Enes Velovic ( назад)
Video looks like it came from the heart. Very interested in SEO, I have to look up this Kotton Grammer

Автор Martha Zupanic ( назад)
Everything that comes from the heart is truly Success. Congratulations and continue to fire up by all the teachings of
Kotton Grammer.

Автор Ariel Viera ( назад)
Love this testimonial of Kotton Grammer and his SEO teachings. I must check him out! Thank you so much for sharing, Veronica :D

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