What Exactly Happened To B.J. Novak?

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • B.J. Novak played Dunder Mifflin employee Ryan Howard during The Office's long network run, but he hasn't latched onto an equally high-profile project since the series left the air. That doesn't mean he's been sitting idle, however. This is what B.J. Novak has been up to.
    While he definitely isn't appearing on TV quite as much, B.J. Novak never left television. The year after The Office ended, Novak had a cameo on the comedy Community and a recurring role on Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom playing Lucas Pruitt, the owner of the company airing News Night. Along with a bit of voice work for the animated show Arthur, Novak enjoyed a recurring role as Mindy's ex-boyfriend Jamie on The Mindy Project and played a satirical version of himself on two episodes of the musical romantic comedy series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
    Novak is also doing a lot more work behind the camera, particularly in terms of his work on The Mindy Project. Just as he did for The Office, Novak has worked as writer, director, and producer on The Mindy Project, which isn't surprising considering his long history with the show's creator and star, Mindy Kaling.
    Watch the video for more about what exactly happened to B.J. Novak!
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    Small screen success | 0:15
    A budding film career | 1:05
    Jack of all trades | 2:22
    Ryan & Kelly 4ever | 3:46
    Meat and greet | 4:41
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    Who was your favorite character on The Office?

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    This video is just a major shoutout lol

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    The Dictator play Sacha Baron Cohen, not B J Novak

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    He's a writer, tho.

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    This guy is awesome, huge fan of him specially in the office

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    No one noticed "Variety fair" at 4:09?

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    It'll all be goat.

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    Ok so a fair bit ago my parents went to a passover seder with B.J Novak and apparently he was cool and whatnot, but was also just super what you would expect the actor for his character would be like.

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    So it doesn’t seem like anything happened to him!?

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    Take a shot every time he says quote

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    Imagine being named BJ

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    I literally saw the “Book with no pictures” on a shelf and was like wtf.

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    Little did those kids know, they had met Ryan Howard from The Office

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    He says he has been to Thailand all this time.

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    He left his toast in the toaster... RYAN STARTED THE FIYYAA!!!

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    Are they making another office or what? I keep seeing theyre youtube channel upload clips and other channels on here talking about it in different asspects

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    I hate this dude. Too smug.

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    He moved to Thailand

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    My English teacher handed me his book one day and told me to read the rematch and I learned a very good lesson that day

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    Let’s be real, he’s just a soft actor. He doesn’t have a dominant on screen presence. Hollywood fame just isn’t made for everyone.

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    Boy have you lost your mind cause I’ll help you find it!!!

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    "Don't try to church it up son, don't you mean Joe Dirt?"

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    Bro.... a Novak and Keling show based on their relationship would be hilarious

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    What happened to BJ Novak? He got even uglier than he already was

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      Campbell Stewart id say Rainn Wilson would be the one who breaks the norm, BJ isn’t ugly lol

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      WTF are YOU talking about? Dude looks like Elijah Wood if he was a Martian. His eyes are really far apart. All in all, he breaks the stereotype that you have to be handsome to make it in Hollywood.

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      Campbell Stewart dude was always good looking wtf you talking about man

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    *Any actor not starring in 20 blockbusters*
    Looper:what the fuck happened to that dude

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    Stopped the video immediately after hearing about his kids book,(the book with no pictures) went straight to Amazon, purchased for delivery tomorrow and I’ve come back to finish the video... what a dude 🤘🏻

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    He is gonna be invisible because he used kelly as an object

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    Fire guy

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    Bro BJ Novak was never meant to be on screen, he was an associate producer on The Office and decided to enter as Ryan since they lack of such a character originally. You have your head up your ass dude.

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    He was my first ever crush UWU

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    Blow Job Novak.

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    Well his name is 'Blow Job Novak', never expected him to get anywhere with that name

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    @Looper why can't the title read what's BJ upto instead of what happened to ..

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    Who gives a shit🤣

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    Looks more like b j Novak contacted Looper himself and asked him to make this video

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    I never once understood Ryan Howard's character, and still don't. Someone explain?

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    the obvious answer was he was down sized

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    Wait he did voice acting on ARTHUR?! *_WHO??_*
    Edit: Ok I found it. It's Arthur the last day and the video is on RUclip. His part is at 5:20 and he voice acted a cool random teacher.

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    Why’d they call the Tarantino movie a bloodbath? I’ve heard that it was pretty good, does it not have to do with how good of a movie it was?
    Why was it called a bloodbath?

    • ashley naughton
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      They called it a bloodbath because many people died, not because it's bad! It's actually one of Tarantino's best!

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    Ryan started the fire

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    He wrote a book called ‘One More Thing’ and it’s really good and interesting. I really recommend it :)

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      It's a really great read. I second the endorsement!

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    He went to the gas station in Carbondale and never returned.

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