Supra Ultra New Retro Wave Compilation 2

  • Published on Dec 25, 2016
  • 0:00 - Aysyne - New Action Hero
    4:55 - Smash Stereo - Risen
    9:50 - Desired - café (Feat. Mokocchi)
    11:40 - Volt Age feat. Jakob Betke - Black Ice
    16:56 - HIMAN - Hill Valley
    20:25 - Tokyo Rose - Tokyo Burnout
    24:25 - Dreams West - Tribes
    29:00 - Phoenix #2772 - New Love
    30:35 - Compilerbau - Forbidden Challenge (Prelude)
    34:45 - Kick Puncher - They Live
    39:23 - ALEX - Demons
    44:00 - Carol - PASSION NIGHT
    47:41 - Moskva-Kassiopeya - Le Voyage
    52:24 - Vector Hold - Supercharger
    56:18 - Majestique - Empire
    1:00:05 - ESPRIT --- ESPRIT.WAV
    Enjoy ;)
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Comments • 226

  • TheDanielito7
    TheDanielito7 10 days ago

    Exelente para hacer cardio

  • -Arbyboi-
    -Arbyboi- 8 months ago


  • frank guainora
    frank guainora 8 months ago

    it's beautifull music....

  • Levelworm
    Levelworm 10 months ago

    One of the best music for Dev/BA/DA !

  • evalha007
    evalha007 11 months ago

    13:30 Future Ass

  • AncientBlast
    AncientBlast Year ago

    Desired - café. And those girls :D

  • Nostalgic Life
    Nostalgic Life Year ago +2

    None of my friends will ever understand the struggle of not being born in the 80s but loving everything about it

  • TheSasGaming
    TheSasGaming Year ago


  • TheGoodluckjonny
    TheGoodluckjonny Year ago

    44:00 definitely one of my all time favourite songs

  • tukebeard
    tukebeard Year ago

    Kick Puncher They Live is my favorite on this mix.

  • william bucci
    william bucci Year ago +1

    12:12 what pic is that

  • Fraser Mitchell
    Fraser Mitchell Year ago +1

    Sadzies, no artist credit. Would love to see more.

  • NiGGaZtcz
    NiGGaZtcz Year ago

    wallpapers man, share with us pleaseee

  • Clint Hobson
    Clint Hobson Year ago

    44:00 - Carol - PASSION NIGHT - what's the deal with that, a whole copyrighted song slowed down (from the 90's), and that's a new song apparently?

  • Velial Luciferovich

    Это "МВФ" пожератель целых государств !!!

  • Chester Clingan
    Chester Clingan Year ago

    Not 100% sure, but looks like the guy playing the flute like thing, is a Kelly f painting

  • Ben Keat1998
    Ben Keat1998 Year ago

    16:56 Wow Def Leppard!

  • J. Said
    J. Said Year ago

    Me when I'm called in to do something my underlings cannot 4:55

  • bitspacemusic
    bitspacemusic Year ago +1

    Where is the thumbnail from? The girl on bike.

    • Jorik Chamberik
      Jorik Chamberik 10 months ago

    MNSTR Year ago

    Violence Speed Momentum Get A Grip!

  • Gavin N
    Gavin N Year ago

    Forget the chicks, I want that nice ass house at 29:00.

  • J Hüby
    J Hüby Year ago

    That ass O_0

  • Jakob Strand
    Jakob Strand Year ago

    Great guitar solos as well!

  • Steve Sargente
    Steve Sargente Year ago

    If i could only find "Carol - PASSION NIGHT" it doesnt seem like thats the right ID ... if someone can confirm?

      JOEL MELO 2 months ago

      is Sweet Dreams from La Bouche

  • Devon C
    Devon C Year ago

    This is Future Love Robot D giving a stamp of approval on this mix. I've traveled back in time to say you've saved the've saved us all! bleep bloop bleep bloop.

  • Barak Sweed
    Barak Sweed Year ago

    17 WOW

  • antifrizz9060
    antifrizz9060 Year ago

    A truly wonderful selection. Congrats.

  • Babylon Reef
    Babylon Reef Year ago

    *huh neat*.

  • Thomas A. Baumann Christensen

    HIMAN - Hill Valley really sounds like an old song by Deff Leppard..!

  • skyline productions
    skyline productions Year ago +1

    hell yeah!

  • Alejandro Mello -

    where i can get this compilation for download?

  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline Year ago

    Passion Night sounds extremely creepy and cool at the same time...

  • Mr Bear
    Mr Bear Year ago

    Fucking awesome

  • Free Man
    Free Man Year ago

    I wonder if the new Blade Runner movie will be worthy of this music....

  • Zilch ­
    Zilch ­ Year ago

    Def leppard MAH MAN

  • Anogast
    Anogast Year ago

    What kind of track is playing at 17:00?

  • Ido Keren
    Ido Keren 2 years ago

    Source for thumbnail?

  • Lord Inquisitor Ninoslav

    God you made this so good. vast improvement over your first retro wave compilation, this one is more actiony, more lively. absolutely amazing. i listen to this while training, its that good.

  • jxhensley
    jxhensley 2 years ago +1

    came for the brokeback pose, stayed for the beats

  • Bo Wellejus Simmons
    Bo Wellejus Simmons 2 years ago

    Haha, TV2 Danmark allerførst i videoen :-p

  • asdrubael1985
    asdrubael1985 2 years ago

    13:00 dat fuckin ass!!!damn

  • Anders Johansen
    Anders Johansen 2 years ago

    TV2 Danmark?!

  • JWBM 2019
    JWBM 2019 2 years ago +1

    Awesome thick butt in thumbnail.

  • Test Tester
    Test Tester 2 years ago

    Keep doing these! plz!

  • Gabriel Griffin
    Gabriel Griffin 2 years ago

    Make Delorean Great Again!

  • fvaletudo06
    fvaletudo06 2 years ago

    240p flashback

  • HorrorStory
    HorrorStory 2 years ago +4

    i came for ass

  • Gaphalor
    Gaphalor 2 years ago

    the 80s seemed fun, and exactly my taste of music and art and girls and cars

  • Joseph Dalcour
    Joseph Dalcour 2 years ago

    Damn, finally, an actual "mix"

  • mummyjohn
    mummyjohn 2 years ago

    P.S. Ikarus where'd you get your avatar art of the red guy? It's seriously great

  • mummyjohn
    mummyjohn 2 years ago

    Any tips on finding that "Passion Night" by Carol song? From an SEO standpoint, Carol is a terrible choice of artist name

      JOEL MELO 2 months ago

      no, this music is from 80's - "Sweet Dreams" from "La Bouche"

  • Carlos González
    Carlos González 2 years ago

    new but retro? dafuq

  • Gianluca Boraso
    Gianluca Boraso 2 years ago +2

    44:00 is La Bouche "Sweet Dreams" Slow.....Carol "Passion Night"?

  • BBnanner
    BBnanner 2 years ago

    Just downloaded.
    Anybody want anything from any store?

  • H MAN
    H MAN 2 years ago +2

    Damn these space chicks are hot!

  • lukas zaganski
    lukas zaganski 2 years ago +1

    where do you find these wallpapers? i need some of that.

  • Dawn Kumar
    Dawn Kumar 2 years ago +5

    Butt cheeks is how you get people to click on videos today

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 2 years ago

    Ja Tv2 Styrer, Danmark er de bedste!

  • carlo giovanni gasparro


  • Jacob David C. Cunningham

    My my what lovely peaches this thumbnail
    edit: also thanks for the time positions in the description

  • FunkMastaMegaFlex
    FunkMastaMegaFlex 2 years ago +1

    12:00 dat ass!!!!!!!!!

  • eradicator27
    eradicator27 2 years ago

    A most interesting collection! Thank you!

  • Uriel Untevarin
    Uriel Untevarin 2 years ago +1

    Thumbnail Art seems to be from Hubert de Lartigue. Look him up!

  • Вячеслав Айвазовский

    К какому жанру можно отнести этот стиль?

    • Вячеслав Айвазовский
      Вячеслав Айвазовский 2 years ago


    • lol785612349
      lol785612349 2 years ago +2

      Вики говорит: "Синтвейв (англ. Synthwave), или Ретровейв (англ. Retrowave), - стиль электронной музыки, появившийся в середине 2000-х годов в США"-"С музыкальной точки зрения ретровейв вдохновлён нью вейвом, а также саундтреками многих фильмов, видеоигр и телевизионных шоу 1980-х годов[4][5][6]. В качестве источника вдохновения упоминают таких композиторов, как Джон Карпентер и Вангелис, группу Tangerine Dream[1][7]. Этот стиль преимущественно инструментальный и использует в звучании характерные элементы электронной музыки 1980-х, электронные барабаны, «gated reverb (англ.)русск.», мелодии и бас-партии, сыгранные на аналоговых синтезаторах. Всё делается для достижения сходства с электронной музыкой тех лет[7]. Несмотря на это, ретровейв-продюсеры также используют современные техники создания электронной музыки, такие как сайдчейн-компрессия, и обычно выводят бас-барабан и бас-партию на передний план, что свойственно современной электронной музыке (например, электро-хаусу).
      С эстетической точки зрения ретровейв разворачивается в ретрофутуристической перспективе, воссоздавая дух научной фантастики, боевиков, фильмов ужасов 1980-х[8]. Отмечается его родственность с киберпанком. Ретровейв выражает ностальгию по культуре 1980-х, пытается уловить атмосферу тех лет и погрузить в неё[5][9][10]."

    • Вячеслав Айвазовский
      Вячеслав Айвазовский 2 years ago

      А что, есть такой жанр музыки?)

    • lol785612349
      lol785612349 2 years ago +2

      Привет, мне кажется, что это Synthwave или Retrowave. wave-волна

  • Stefan van der Weele
    Stefan van der Weele 2 years ago

    44:00 Carol - PASSION NIGHT!

      JOEL MELO 2 months ago

      this music is Sweet Dreams from La Bouche

  • Povilas Bertašius
    Povilas Bertašius 2 years ago +1

    16:00 DAT ASS

  • Gaardian
    Gaardian 2 years ago +64

    Came for the thumbnail, stayed for the music.

  • bent540
    bent540 2 years ago +10

    when i saw pictures like this as kid i thought to myself "fuck the future is gonna be awesome"! fuck im disappointed!

  • Javier Funkierrez
    Javier Funkierrez 2 years ago

    At 41:00, wishing to hear some singing voices. Then, PASSION NIGHT...
    Loved it!!!

      JOEL MELO 2 months ago

      is a Sweet Dreams from La Bouche

  • kritikk
    kritikk 2 years ago

    I love this

  • Aliomar Ferreira da costa
    Aliomar Ferreira da costa 2 years ago +15

    Thumbnail wallpaper:

    • TheSasGaming
      TheSasGaming Year ago

      what cover is that movie or something?

  • Draco Castelviel
    Draco Castelviel 2 years ago

    super.....lest make something toguether

  • Dustin Lawrence
    Dustin Lawrence 2 years ago

    this is a sick mix. love the art.

  • Autopsy6
    Autopsy6 2 years ago

    This music makes me feel like Garth Marenghi!

  • Ukyō
    Ukyō 2 years ago +1

    @15:18 is all you need

  • Niklas Åkerblad
    Niklas Åkerblad 2 years ago +1

    But where does all the artwork come from?

  • solar moon
    solar moon 2 years ago


    • MrMarco0676
      MrMarco0676 2 years ago

      i cant find this song anywhere, can you help me out

  • m0RV
    m0RV 2 years ago

    Love the art!

  • Freedom Plz
    Freedom Plz 2 years ago

    the 44:00 WOW !!!! it touched my soul

    • UllNeverKnowWho
      UllNeverKnowWho 2 years ago
      actually this might be it

      Edit: no its not quite it

    • UllNeverKnowWho
      UllNeverKnowWho 2 years ago
      closest i could get

  • AIGO
    AIGO 2 years ago

    | trippy video | 0_o;;;

  • lautaro villarroel
    lautaro villarroel 2 years ago

    me voy a meter al agua y voy disfrutar de esta magia ✨

  • Frank J
    Frank J 2 years ago +1

    anyone have link to thumbnail wallpaper? 15:12

    • Jorik Chamberik
      Jorik Chamberik 10 months ago

  • The Autobot Patriot/Brony

    Who's the girl in the thumbnail?

  • Tristan
    Tristan 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for the song list, but what I'm after is the artist list for your images! Killer finds

  • Los copihues
    Los copihues 2 years ago +2

    can someone give the source of the pictures in this video?

  • Shorty
    Shorty 2 years ago +7

    My Dick said: Click on this!

  • Thierry Bellevue
    Thierry Bellevue 2 years ago +2

    For me...
    BEST PART: 34:45 - Kick Puncher - They Live

    • Holaaa
      Holaaa Year ago

      Do you have the song?

    • antifrizz9060
      antifrizz9060 Year ago

      Thierry Bellevue I agree with you! Monster tune.

    • Jan Longston
      Jan Longston 2 years ago +1

      For me 29:00...goosebumbs...

  • Chuck Cassel
    Chuck Cassel 2 years ago

    Like and a sub,thanks,I needed this!

  • velemir
    velemir 2 years ago


  • Lord Bravechimp
    Lord Bravechimp 2 years ago +2

    Awesome compilation!! i need help to know what is the real name of :44:00 - Carol - PASSION NIGHT, because i cant find it and i like it so much!! thanks

    • Lord Bravechimp
      Lord Bravechimp 2 years ago

      Thank you a lot!! is the nearest version that i could heard about this song! u are a nice investigator!

    • UllNeverKnowWho
      UllNeverKnowWho 2 years ago +1
      actually this might be it
      Edit: no its not quite it

    • UllNeverKnowWho
      UllNeverKnowWho 2 years ago
      closest i could get

    • Lord Bravechimp
      Lord Bravechimp 2 years ago

      i knew it but is hard to find it with that tag also :(

    • beefdlo
      beefdlo 2 years ago

      well the vocal sample is from 'sweet dreams' by la bouche

  • Midnight Project
    Midnight Project 2 years ago +2

    sadly this and vaporwave is only enjoyable with a car that matches iit.
    ferrari testarosa
    some muscle car classic ford, dodge camaro etc
    R32 skyline
    classic porcshe
    not a honda civic

    • Chuck Cassel
      Chuck Cassel 2 years ago

      MidNight Project don't forget the trucks with the big blocks!
      I.E. My gmc 0- 60 in a hundred feet!

    • Midnight Project
      Midnight Project 2 years ago

      expect type R

  • DailyFrankPeter
    DailyFrankPeter 2 years ago

    Can you name the piece of art in the thumbnail? Thanks.

  • Predman
    Predman 2 years ago

    Oh my Layd 😎🙋👌

  • Multishit666
    Multishit666 2 years ago

  • Jose A Nieto
    Jose A Nieto 2 years ago +1

    Credits for the pictures???

  • sipo sipo
    sipo sipo 2 years ago

    this music is perfect to play H1Z1 and to think about Dr disrespect how he is doing the head dance ;D

  • Donny Lurch
    Donny Lurch 2 years ago +26

    15:18 *A S S* T H E T I C

    • MRforfunable
      MRforfunable Year ago

      she is not human god

    • Yaminabototal
      Yaminabototal 2 years ago +1

      its the 80's bro, probably a super tiny oxigen pack is hidden in her butt or her boobs directly linked to her lungs, its the 80's bro, just grab a bike a handgun and get to space

    • Jacob David C. Cunningham
      Jacob David C. Cunningham 2 years ago +3

      darkmatter lungs

    • Mighty Emperor Shao Kahn
      Mighty Emperor Shao Kahn 2 years ago +1

      how can she breath air in space though?

    • Jonathan Pineda
      Jonathan Pineda 2 years ago +1

      Donny Lurch Thats called a jet city women look it up

  • thePhantomWizard
    thePhantomWizard 2 years ago +12

    artist credits would be mighty decent of ya

    • S1500
      S1500 Year ago +1

      I like his work. He really should be doing artwork for pinball machines.

    • Robert Brantseg
      Robert Brantseg 2 years ago +4

      The artist appears to be Hubert de Lartigue.

  • L_ D_
    L_ D_ 2 years ago

    Where can I find Passion Night by Carol?

      JOEL MELO 2 months ago

      is Sweet Dreams from La Bouche

  • Mic Da Funk
    Mic Da Funk 2 years ago +2

    Wooooooooow thanks for this music - best regards from Belgrade - Serbia !
    This is a magic vibes :D