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  • Everyone would love to travel the world and get paid to do it, so here are 10 jobs that actually pay you to travel the world!
    1. Not technically a job but getting a working holiday visa can allow you to legally work in another country and pay for your travels!
    Check out my Australia playlist for tips: ruclip.com/p/PLiQMIxtWZ9LjcEv01fP2l9e5vlInLvb_n
    New Zealand playlist: ruclip.com/p/PLiQMIxtWZ9LhHlvzFg_YGWfKX28Em8VHu
    2. Pick up freelance work, a good site is peopleperhour where you can work from anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection!
    3. Set up your own business!
    4. Drop shipping
    5. Become a travel blogger
    6. Try travel vlogging!
    7. Teach English abroad
    8. Become a tour guide
    9. Work on a cruise ship
    10. Take a job that already involves a lot of travel eg. Cabin crew, photographer, writer etc.
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    As promised, the video on sponsored videos on YouTube is now live ruclip.com/video/DFNycDQCcZQ/ 😝

      SOULAIMA OMAR 28 дней назад

      PsychoTraveller hey I'm from Morocco i want to travel out side my country how can i please

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      can you please guide me how can i apply for cruise ships jobs?

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    That moan in the intro tho

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    I need to travel so bad

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    Travel With Richard Месяц назад

    I can't stop binge watching your channel! I booked a working visa holiday with an agency BEFORE I saw your channel - oops!
    Anyway, I'm travelling Australia on the working visa - is it possible to go straight from there to New Zealand on a working visa or do you need to go home first?

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    drop ship urself

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    I am so interested can you make money eating at different restaurant around the world too

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    love your video.

  • Precision Services
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    love your video.

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    hi medam I from India I m interested for job bat my English very bad so ani job so send mail plezzzzzz Nitish.Prajapati90@Gmail.com

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    Nice Video! Thumbs up from me but i usually use hotelhustlers.com for flights and hotels, it compare's all online agents (booking.com, trivago.com) etc in one, so i'm not trawling around the internet for hours looking. Keep it up!!

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    Love from Pakistan

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    Nice video, however I have to ask have you been baking pies or cakes or is that the style of your shirt? New sub! 😊

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    I have taught in Korea, China and Taiwan. What you need to know is hours may be long and you probably won't get much time off. The advantage is that you get a full year visa. I see Choke had a very different experience in China than I did. It sounds like the visa requirements may have changed. Good reason to get different perspectives. I'll do a blog or vlog on this soon, since it seems like a popular topic.

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    I am first time travelling in Australia. I am confused what I do or not . I am done graduate please tell which choose a carer or not . I am indian

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    Be a sugar baby, that's also an option LOL

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    Hello, I made thi svideo as a travel video. Do you think I can make this into a career? ruclip.com/video/Y-0l8C5lsuc/ Thanks for your feedback :)

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      (CDCtrips) crème de la crème trips Unless you live outside the U.S., I think it's a dying industry ☹️

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    If you don't want to work on a cruise ship, you can work for the cruise company. Granted, you won't be moving around like on the ship, however, cruise companies give their employers benefits for travel the longer you work for them.

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    Thanks fir the tips. If any travel vloggers would like to support each other please leave a comment and let's grow together. Greetings from Bangkok :)

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    Actually the only way you will travel around the world on a cruise ship, is if it is a year-round retirement cruise ship.

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    Then there's being a pilot.

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    what education do u need to get hired as an au pair??

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    I wish my country would offer Working Holiday Visa. But I doubt any good company would hire me as an English teacher. Companies/Institutes (good ones) are only looking to hire people from native English speaking countries, no matter how good your English or your teaching skills is.

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    Nonprofit organization work also allows a lot of travel if you get into the right ones as they tend to have multiple locations whether it's international or just within your own country. I've worked under a USA umbrella non-profit for a while and have been sent to various states for free and was able to easily find a few days of paid work at any local office when I go somewhere on my own. A friend of mine works with a youth hostel organization and she's traveled all over Europe, S. America, and various African countries with almost a guaranteed job wherever she goes. She does pay for most of the travel expenses herself though...

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    You can also apply for jobs on yachts, about same pay but a little less working than on cruise ships, and you get a tip. Downside is that you cant have any visible tattoos and you should be kind of fit.

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    Oh yes, you can spend a lot of money on a cruise ship. There are stores, bars, and even gambling on board. Also, staff don't get nice accommodations.

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  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James 7 месяцев назад

    I worked on a cruise ship in the youth Dept "day care" I worked 3 months was off a month then went back for another 3 months and so forth. We are able tonget off the ship and so sightseeing, shopping etc. I loved it plus we are pain in cash and it's tax free.

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    Fast forward a bit, and at one time I was traveling 90% of my time, all over the USA, and LOVED IT! Then, the project ended, my manager passed away, and I was returned to the mild-mannered work of replacing keyboards.
    Now I have moved to another company where I literally make 30%more than before, I get "unlimited vacation" and travel about 20% of my time to the smaller towns in the USA, with a couple upcoming opportunities for overseas travel.
    This new position comes from being adaptable and growing off of the base skills learned in my previous line of work, and applying them to emergency management software, and the special tools used in law enforcement. While I don't get free reign on where I go, I always explore where I go and find something interesting.