Leica M Monochrom, will 8,000 Dollars buy you better pictures?

  • Published on Sep 29, 2014
  • Why would a manufacturer put a camera onto the market that can do substantially less than most other cameras? The Leica M Monochrom, costs more, gives less? Or maybe this is the camera that will make you focus on your Photography with less distraction? I made my choice! I leave it up to you to decide!
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  • xyla aqsa
    xyla aqsa 2 months ago

    I have the M7 M8 M-E
    But I still dream about this camera

  • Pixie & Dixie
    Pixie & Dixie 9 months ago


  • abetterangle
    abetterangle Year ago

    I really love the idea of this! Its about time digital photographers were given this restriction (sorry) option! ..... I have the 111f and apart from the 4000/s shutter, the workings are very similar! SO I think I'll save some cash and stick with my 111f :-)

  • Pulsonar
    Pulsonar Year ago

    I am with the villagers marching with pitchforks, Leicas pricing on the MM is outrageous. They got away with a whole new product at a ridiculous price! Yet it seems like nothing more than a clever fix for the M9 sensor shortfall in poor ISO/light rendering.

  • Scott Hays
    Scott Hays 2 years ago

    Sorry, the ISO on these camera go up to 25,000; they are extremely weather sealed and the list goes on. Not sure where you got your information but you are way off base. Folks, look it up for yourself. This camera is designed to give you a true black and white experience. I'm sorry but you cannot get the same black and white experience from converting. This isn't a camera for the casual shooter. This is a camera for someone who is shooting serious black and white... or, as pointed out by other people, someone who just has a butt load of money. He says there are no electronics in the lens... nope: it is a manual focus. Listen to his review closely, he contradicts himself over and over: us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/LEICA-M-MONOCHROM/Details

  • Steven Stocking
    Steven Stocking 2 years ago

    Who cares what it hasn't got. I would get it in a blink if i had the money. I use a Fujifilmxpro2. Often with manual only lenses in manual mode. Can't tell you how wonderful that feels.

  • Marian Palko
    Marian Palko 2 years ago

    8 thousand USD well spent will definitely buy you better pictures. But this is $8000K thrown into a toilet.

    Gert VAN DER PAELT 2 years ago

    Were those sample images straight out of the camera or have they been edited? Very nice images. It takes quite some work to make a B&W image out of my fuji look that good.

  • Carl Chong
    Carl Chong 2 years ago +1

    Buy a film slr if you wanna learn 'real' photography

  • bao baok
    bao baok 3 years ago +1

    I do wonder how it would compare to foveon sensor. it does not need color interpolation and still can produce color images, it is still able to resolve more details than a state of the art 24mp apsc sensor..it could be even better than a leica ff in terms of sharpness, detail, tonality etc..

  • Michael Edward Zeidler
    Michael Edward Zeidler 3 years ago +1

    A digital camera creates an information structure about a still image. The camera is an input device for an electronic computing system. The camera is nothing without the existence of computer and software. The Leica Monochrom is just the input to a software and hardware system. In this fact arises serious questions. Suppose the Leica Monochrom photographer wants to preserve images for a long time, longer then several successive generations of computers. How can image information be saved to last 10 years, or 50 years, or 100 years? What electronic ecology system must the photographer possess? What equipment and processes are needed to use the Monochrom seriously where images are not out of date within days? It must be great to have a classy image structure, but will the great images be available in the future? And where are these very big files stored? It looks like the camera design is way ahead of storage technology that will be stable for the long haul, like ordinary paper.

    • Antonius Lecuona
      Antonius Lecuona Year ago

      I agree. I asume DNG is the best to preserve your files but I might be wrong

    • steve willard willard
      steve willard willard Year ago

      I guess that's a good reason to make prints. Many images exist for us today only as prints and that may be the answer for those who choose to use this camera.

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  3 years ago

      +Michael Edward Zeidler In fact, regardless of a specific camera, the point you are putting out there is quite interesting!
      If we look at traditional photography, it still happens quite frequently, that some real treasures are uncovered and can still be used and shown to the public.
      It is legitimate to assume that, unless the photographer keeps updating the media the photos are preserved in, many digital images are going to be lost in time!
      I suppose this is the natural consequence of progress, but it is still something that makes you think!

  • Tomasz Popielicki
    Tomasz Popielicki 3 years ago

    Yes. Get Sony 7 II R and get it modified into a b&w cam by pro adaptation into a real b&w cam.

    MASTER BLASTER 3 years ago +9

    Fuji X-T2 $1,600 blows Leica right out of the water image quality is unbelievable small light -

    • Steven Stocking
      Steven Stocking 2 years ago

      MASTER BLASTER Ditto with the x pro2. I love that rangefinder style though

    • moo
      moo 2 years ago +1

      Love mine :)

  • massivelygolden
    massivelygolden 3 years ago +6

    I feel like you'd be better off just shooting film if you want the simplicity and old style look.

  • Timppa Timo
    Timppa Timo 3 years ago

    I wonder how 3200-6400 rated exposures look like on this camera. No digital cameras compete with nicely pushed film so far (including excellent Fuji X cameras) - maybe this retrofuturistic brick does?.. The so-called noise reduction turns everything into soap with horrible tones, Fuji has grain-like noise but it is maximum comparable to a very rough, not best looking grain. What about this thing?

  • aquarius
    aquarius 3 years ago +10

    i played around a m6 briefly. I'd tell you this, the Leica is something else. You can't find it on any other cameras. I have owned canon DSLRs all my life, D20, 1d mark ii n, 1ds mark ii, 1ds mark iii, 5D mark ii, they all out performs a Leica i am sure, but none gives you the feeling of a Leica, the leica camera is very special, and its lens, the craftsmanship is simply not there in the canon. I love my canon for the long lens, but for a walk around camera, i'd take a leica any day any time.

  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack 4 years ago

    Besides the usual:doesnt make sense buy a film camera then, and the a7r will be sharper, another thing:iso 10 000. that is weak. I shot not many but some really nice black and white 12800 iso pics, and thats on apsc.

  • Farouk
    Farouk 4 years ago +6

    $8000 or a million bucks won't buy you better pictures this is an overpriced camera that will only take the same picture you take with regular camera. spending the money on education and skill will make you a better photographer the camera has very little to do with it.

  • Phone Kyaw Htut
    Phone Kyaw Htut 4 years ago +1

    I'v never seen it before and didn't even know it exists with that price. But I'm wanting it now. Thank you very much for your video.

  • Laurent Laborde
    Laurent Laborde 4 years ago +38

    I really don't like film camera. I only shoot B&W. I love rangefinder. So, of course i bought a M Monochrom ! Is it a pile of horse shit ? Do i have more money than sense ? Perhaps ? Who know ? Who care ? Sometime (more often than not) i take shitty photo, and sometime i like the result. But, in any case, i love shooting with this camera and i wouldn't be able to express myself as a photographer if the camera wasn't an extension of my mind. Just a few words haters don't understand : DIGITAL B&W, RANGEFINDER, HAPPINESS.

    Because i shoot for myself, not you, internet folk.

    • Butch Greuel
      Butch Greuel 10 months ago

      Your money your decision, but the fact that you say your pictures turn out shitty more often than not would not increase my happiness with the camera.

    • XY Zhou
      XY Zhou 3 years ago +2

      Preference on a camera is subjectif, but a review is supposed to be objective to all people, so stay calm and keep shooting photo mate

    • mark y
      mark y 3 years ago +2

      +Laurent Laborde If I had the money, I'd buy it, don't listen to the naysayers.

  • Tong Liu
    Tong Liu 4 years ago +1

    I wanna ask if the pictures in the end have been edited in PS or they just come from camera directly.

  • Zombiemettbemme
    Zombiemettbemme 4 years ago

    Kann man die Fotos nicht im nachhinein noch im RAW Converter einfärben, da es sich doch um DNG Fotos handelt?

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  4 years ago

      +Zombiemettbemme Kann man natürlich, aber der Sensor hat aufgrund des fehlenden Farbfilters eine vergleichsweise unglaublich hohe Schärfe und eine tolle Bildqualität und auch der Dynamikumfang ist besser.

  • keith plunkett
    keith plunkett 4 years ago +1

    Hey thanks for your review! They're a pleasure to watch. Question; where did you get your strap from? I really like that soft rope style strap.
    And thanks for the link to shop in Frankfurt for good deals on Leica's.

  • toocoolforu
    toocoolforu 4 years ago +1

    I think we should view this camera as a film camera with the convenience of instant electronic development.
    This camera is not meant to be compared to digital cameras.

  • minimal mind
    minimal mind 4 years ago +1

    Really enjoy your reviews and thoughts regarding Leica, please keep posting! I really love black and white photography and have been shooting with an M3 with black and white film for quite a while. From your experience with both cameras, what do u think I will gain by getting the M monochrome? If I take the exact same image with both cameras, and compare the results size by side, how do you think the final image will differ from eachother? Would love to know your thoughts!

  • dansterism
    dansterism 4 years ago

    a pile of horse shit for people who have more money than sense. I guarantee you my Nikon FE2 take just as good pictures or better

    • Najja Foluke
      Najja Foluke 4 years ago +5

      @Hoc Ly Well said! Photography is a passion, at least to most people, and it is fun, obviously. If someone has the money to spend on this camera, I say go for it because life is about enjoyment. I have the M3 and some would argue that I was crazy for spending the money on that when I have several Nikon F2's, but it is what I wanted. I work for what I want, so if I have to save to get, so be it. I don't hear people complaining when someone buys a Porsche. I guess some people are just haters, which usually stem from jealousy.

    • Hoc Ly
      Hoc Ly 4 years ago +10

      @dansterism dont be a hater, I am 21 and working full time, saving up for a used Monochrome. If you have passion and enthusiasm, anything can be justified. By the way, I have an FE2, and FM2n, an X100, and X100s, a Sony A7 and a D7000, (yes, I bought everything, because i work my ass off and set my mind to it), I have also shot with the M9 and X2, I can assure you that although in terms of image quality, it is debatable whether it is higher than that offered from the Sony A7 (i used the same lenses for the 2 set ups), the experience is completely addictive on the Leica, something that is missing in the A7

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  4 years ago +10

      I see you are a real expert ;)

    • dansterism
      dansterism 4 years ago

      I'm saying you're a complete fool fool spending $8K on a 35mm camera. That's what I'm saying mate

    • dansterism
      dansterism 4 years ago

      Yeah... that's right.... exactly what I'm saying.

  • king shaman
    king shaman 4 years ago +8

    so basically a waste of money.

    • Marty Zielinski
      Marty Zielinski 3 years ago

      BINGO !

    • king shaman
      king shaman 4 years ago

      Is that a question, comment or
      a textsclerosis flare-up?
      Better try that one again
      captain jello fingers.

    • pyotr lol
      pyotr lol 4 years ago +3

      Do you even leica m8

    SKITCH 4 years ago +1

    whats that hotshoe thumb grip thing?

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  4 years ago +2

      @morepassionfoo It's a "thumbs up" to help you stabilize the camera. Works really well!!!

  • Pepe Le Pew
    Pepe Le Pew 4 years ago +1

    Had a bit of luck to get my hands on it for a while, did not liked it exactly, my eos m raw files tweaked in lightroom is much better, but handling wise and the process is another story

  • Peter Zabukovnik
    Peter Zabukovnik 4 years ago +5

    Yes, this sensor is special. It does not have "bayer colour filter" on it. Colour cameras actually record only 1/3 of information the rest is guessed...err interpolated :-) On the other hand here we have all pixels recorded but "only" light intensity + super Leica glass and BW pictures must be great...

  • Claudio Trajtemberg
    Claudio Trajtemberg 4 years ago

    Get rid of it before the sensor goes bad on you.

  • superkonvas2
    superkonvas2 4 years ago +1

    will come back to my leica m3 !!!

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  4 years ago +1

      I guess, since the fewer features they do, the higher the prices are, I guess about 10k for the camera plus about 5k for the hole ;)

    • Olivier Auverlau
      Olivier Auverlau 4 years ago +2

      i can t imagine how much they will charge the day Leica do a PINHOLE camera !!!

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  4 years ago

      The M3 is the most iconic of them all :) Only thing I miss is light metering...

  • xyla aqsa
    xyla aqsa 5 years ago +7

    I love this camera

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  5 years ago +3

      Me too!!! Even having the M-P the Monochrom is something special!

  • helthuismartin
    helthuismartin 5 years ago +1

    Do you use lightroom 5??

    • defender667
      defender667 3 years ago +1

      +IncredibleStuffChannel have a look for capture one, it's amazing

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  5 years ago +2

      Yes, I do. I think it is the best solution for organizing your pictures and doing basic post processing. I do not use Photoshop because I do not like to overkill post processing. I also use Silver Efex Pro for B&W post.

  • helthuismartin
    helthuismartin 5 years ago

    Can you do a review on the M8???

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  5 years ago


    • helthuismartin
      helthuismartin 5 years ago +1

      That would be nice.BTW i like your videos.Keepon doing placing them on the tube.

    • Passion4Cameras
      Passion4Cameras  5 years ago

      I never used one because of the crop factor... I may still try to get hold of one to try.